Ubisoft is releasing an RPG game in 2014 called Child of Light, featuring a female protagonist. Like most games with female protagonists, it’s getting almost NO marketing and therefore no hype! Check it out, share it around. It looks really cute and I think we ALL want more video games with female protagonists to succeed!

When told that having a lesbian sleep with a man is one of the most overused, homophobic tropes on TV, this is Bryan Fuller’s reply. I suppose lesbians don’t count, according to him. Also, I fucking HATE when people with influence do this - he directed the full force of his 78k followers on that person for calling his shit out. I didn’t bother to censor their twitter because it’s already been deleted. What a piece of shit.

What oppression is: being tortured physically for who/what you are, being treated differently/unjustly for who/what you are, being forced to do what others want you to do because of who/what you are. Having acid thrown in your face for speaking your mind. Being starved for who/what you are. IE having no control over your life because of who you are.

What oppression isn’t: somebody saying a word you don’t agree with/don’t like/are offended by.

The problem with Tumblr users in regards to issues of misogyny, transphobia, ableism and sexism as I see it is a simple one: people let slip something insensitive without realizing and are instantly labeled as prejudiced. There is no middle ground. There is no ignorance. There are no mistakes, only hate.

This is completely the problem with blogs such as FeministRoosterteeth, Raypologists or whatever other hate blog you so choose. They toss around these labels and call people prejudiced for simply having a misguided vocabulary (arguably). By throwing around these terms with such ease, they are making them a complete joke and are hurting the very causes they espouse. By labeling so many people as prejudiced with such ease, there is nothing to separate those who genuinely are prejudiced to those who simply need to expand their vocabulary.

Someone who lets slip something offensive does not automatically belong under the umbrella term the way that so many Tumblr users so love doing. Being prejudiced is a frame of mind, a state of being that extends beyond what they say but also to what they think. Does someone letting slip a slur of some kind automatically mean they view that group as inferior? Of course not. I know myself to have made the mistake of referring to someone as ‘retarded’ in the past. Was it wrong to use that term? Probably. Was my using of the word sufficient for me to be considered ableist? Probably not.

This is why all of you who lose your shit at the faintest mention of a slur are not taken seriously by anyone outside of the enabling environment of Tumblr - It doesn’t make any logical sense.

For those that understand formal logic: the use of a slur may be necessary to be prejudiced, but it is not sufficient to do so.

I like....

I like roosterteeth and achievement hunter. They are my “Saturday cartoons” if you will. I enjoy watching them, I enjoy lidtening to them. Everything from Lets Plays to podcasts and everything in between. Watching this company grow so rapidly was exciting and makes me happy to have caught this train early. Yes this company’s content has changed, but the laughs haven’t, and seeing the fan base grow to what it is, is both endearing and disheartening. Blogs like Feministroosterteeth really grind my gears with their constant berating of what they claim triggers other people. I have been observing this blog for over a month and have realized they are one of the most hypocritical blogs on here. But I digress. This community is amazing and thank you RT/AH for the laughs.

Okay, so I’ve done some testing. The 5 tag rule no longer applies for this new tumblr search (it used to be that after 5 tags, everything after wasn’t tagged into the search). Also, if you tag something:

#i’m super happy about roosterteeth

It will now appear in the ‘roosterteeth’ tag (or the 'happy’ tag, or the 'super’ tag, you get the idea). This is actually really bad news for trigger warnings, because it means that if you write 'tw blah’ or 'blah tw’, it will still appear in the 'blah’ search.

Tracked tags (as long as you click them and don’t type them in) still seem to function the same as before.

Also the tags still work the same as before if you search as follows (rather than using the search box):

EDIT: Also, apparently if you use a hashtag in the search (i.e. #roosterteeth) then ONLY posts that use that specific hash tag will show (the same way as old search worked). If you search without the hashtag (i.e. roosterteeth) then any post with a tag containing the word 'roosterteeth’ will show.

It’s also explained by staff here.

The ‘WHY LABELS THO WE’RE ALL JUST PEOPLE’ thing like fucking everything has a label, that’s basically what language is. And some people just have no idea the sincere relief in realising that there’s a name for how you feel, and that other people go through this and there’s a place where you belong. And differences & identities should be celebrated, not erased or ignored. 

I just cannot comprehend the amount of self-deception it takes to think that ‘female privilege’ genuinely exists. Is their reality really so warped that they look around and genuinely think that? It’s just incredible to me that MRAs and anti-feminists can have that little awareness of the world around them. If they were lying about it, that would be one thing, but they genuinely believe this shit.