This took way longer than expected but I’m glad it’s finally DONE

This is Perri (whether that name is permanent or not I don’t know). She’s Taiya’s rival. While she may look a little nicer than Taiya… she’s not.

Perri is manipulative as hell and constantly cheats in extreme gear races. Taiya cheats and plays dirty occasionally, but for Perri it’s basically the norm. And she rarely gets caught. And that pisses Taiya off to no end. So basically, Taiya hates her guts and wants to throw her under a bus. Perri hates Taiya too and finds it highly amusing to make Taiya angry and throw a fit. She looks down on other racers and derides them. For example, Perri uses a board and looks down on people who use other gears such as skates (the gear that Taiya and the rest of Team Clash just so happen to use).

That one time Taiya got disqualified from a race for starting a fight with another competitor? That was Perri.

Happy 23rd anniversary to everyone’s favourite hedgehog!!

I’ve mentioned it before, but that quote up there is my most favourite Sonic quote ever - I think it sums up Sonic himself really well. The quote also means a lot to me, simply because it reminds me that even if no more Sonic games are made, the adventures and stories will never end. I will still have fond memories of these games, no matter how good or bad they were considered to be. With that in mind, I thought it would be appropriate for his birthday picture.

Sonic means a lot to me, and I am so happy that he has been going for 23 years, even if I’ve only been a fan for 10 of them. Hopefully he will last for many more!!