Happy 23rd anniversary to everyone’s favourite hedgehog!!

I’ve mentioned it before, but that quote up there is my most favourite Sonic quote ever - I think it sums up Sonic himself really well. The quote also means a lot to me, simply because it reminds me that even if no more Sonic games are made, the adventures and stories will never end. I will still have fond memories of these games, no matter how good or bad they were considered to be. With that in mind, I thought it would be appropriate for his birthday picture.

Sonic means a lot to me, and I am so happy that he has been going for 23 years, even if I’ve only been a fan for 10 of them. Hopefully he will last for many more!!

Whenever I put a lot of stock into what you say, and I value you as a person, then you just kind of say “Shut up faggot”, even jokingly it really fucking hurts and makes me not want to talk to you.

At all.

I’m busy crying over this, just. Don’t.