Tumblr Crushes:

I approve everything… omg I love Antonio and his blog so so so much, thank you for everything :)

Andrea, i fucking love you… what more can i say? 

shutupandletmego1, tell me your name babe  i absolutely love your blog.

This lovely bitch of dearmothermonster… Y DO I LOVE U … SOO MUCH! and your blog is okay~     sfhsdk just kidding i love it.

Suzie, you look like a hooker in your icon, but that’s ok, because your blog is beautiful, I mean it. and take care babe

Oh Jordan, I followed you today… and here I show my eternal love for your blog.

d0ntcrysayfuckandsmile, I don’t really know your name, but I’ve been watching you for a while, your blog is SOOO fucking funny dear, loving it ~

To the other blogs that aren’t run by one specific person, let me tell you that I adore you, so fucking funny, it makes my day, everyday.