I'll Make A Companion Out of You
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Doctor Who meets Mulan: I’LL MAKE A COMPANION OUT OF YOU

Let’s get down to business,
to see time and space
Welcome to the TARDIS
You should see your face!

You’re just a gawping human girl
But you can bet before we’re through
I’ll make a first-rate companion
out of you.

All of the credit goes to shutupandgetinthetardis for writing these lyrics. As soon as I read them, I knew I had to.

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Ship: Nine/Rose

Oh, guh. I have way too much to say about Doctor Who ships in general, but anything involving the Doctor will be paragraphs. I will try to control myself.

Well, let me first say that I absolutely love Nine. He’s my Doctor. And what makes Nine/Rose amazing to me is how much he absolutely adores her. In the beginning, he was just rude and harsh with her, which is understandable, considering all Rose really did series 1 was get herself into trouble which the Doctor needed to save her from (but she was young and inexperienced so I’d be surprised if she wasn’t at least a little jeopardy-friendly). 

Regardless, in the beginning, he was damaged. He didn’t really care that much about staying alive, since he never expected to survive the Time War anyway. If Rose hadn’t saved him from the Autons in Rose, then he would have just died there, since I didn’t see him even trying that hard to escape. But she did and when she traveled with him, he started seeing the universe through her eyes and that - that is why I ship Nine/Rose so much. Because I honestly believe that Rose saved him just by being so passionate and curious about everything. Things that he had seen a billion times before took on new meaning, simply because he was seeing them with her. Most of the time, when Rose was watching the universe, the Doctor was watching her. Before Rose, Nine was simply just existing. After Rose, though… Through her eyes, I think he relearned how to live again. She fixed him.

Not only that, but it is dead clear how much they truly care about each other. I mean, even if we ignore the whole fact that every time a “pretty boy” even came near Rose, the Doctor would scare them away, it’s obvious in the way that the Doctor looks at her: with so much adoration and love, its ridiculous. Honestly, I think one of the most important Doctor/Rose episodes is Father’s Day. Rose wanted be there for her father while he died so the Doctor let it happen, but when she missed her moment, the Doctor did something he would usually never, ever do - he crossed his own timeline for her. That goes against every rule in time travel. He risked (and got!) reapers, just to make Rose happy. At this point, he would deny Rose nothing. Even after all the yelling and chaos, all he even asked Rose for was an apology. I mean, come on: even the Dalek knew how much the Doctor loved Rose.

And of course, it wasn’t one-sided. I don’t think by Father’s Day, the Rose was in love with the Doctor yet, but she definitely loved him. She was certainly changed and matured by him. I don’t think the Rose in Rose would have been making the same choices as the Rose in World War Three. The fact that the Doctor says that he has a plan but he save the world but lose her (don’t even get me started on that!) and she just accepts it without question - just guh. She trusts him, fully and completely, and is willing to give up her life to save the world. Not a lot of people would have been that ready to accept their potential death. I don’t think it’s until Bad Wolf when Rose truly knows how much she cares about the Doctor. And she ripped apart the TARDIS in TPotW just to get back to him. She was willing to give up her life to get back to him, even though really, she could have let him go. She could have let him die in the future, could have let the Daleks take over the universe (why should she care? She’d be long dead by then) but no. She looked into the heart of the TARDIS, knowing full well that she probably wasn’t going to survive it. She did it, and all she wanted was to keep her Doctor safe. 

Even though I sobbed my eyes out at Nine’s regeneration, I feel like it really wasn’t that sad because he accepted his death. He welcomed it, really. As much as Rose had helped, he was still drowning in guilt. But he was gladly willing to give up his own life to save hers. The Doctor has let companions die in the past (even though he loved them, because he loves them all), and he could have let Rose just die too. I mean, come on. The guy only has 12 regenerations here and he was already on his Ninth body. But Rose meant enough to him that he was more than willing to save her, even if it meant killing himself.


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