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Little frypan post because frypan isn't recognized enough

-frypan cooked 3 meals a day, everyday for the whole glade for probably about 3 years

-frypan is his nickname, his name given by wicked is Siggy after sigmund freud

-in the books he had a beard apparently

- he got his memory back so he remembers his mom being taken away and his dad teaching him to cook

-he survived. Throughout the whole series. So many people died but frypan made it to paradise and it’s completely overlooked

-he doesn’t know that Thomas killed newt

- he probably started looking for food as soon as he got to paradise despite being so shaken, just to help

-idk about you but I think frypan is a great character that isn’t noticed enough

Percabeth is one of those ships where they’re cute af together and you ship them hella hard but at the same time you’re hella jealous of both of them bc you yourself want to be with both Percy and Annabeth.