Bring it in.  Bring it in close.  We’re all friends here, after all, and I have something I must share with you.

You need to go see Magic Mike XXL.

Never has a movie more perfectly understood what women actually find sexy.  This is not the spoon fed garbage concocted by middle aged white men in suits.  No, this is the message sent straight from the deepest, sexiest places in your mind and spread by the savior of female sexuality - Channing Tatum.

What will you get if you go see Magic Mike XXL?

  1. Two hours of beautiful men talking about how women are beautiful and sensual beings that need to be worshiped and appreciated
  2. Two hours of Jada Pinkett Smith calling you a queen
  3. Channing Tatum telling his strippers to strip from their hearts
  4. Matt Bomer singing D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” while wearing a sequined thong

Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but you you deserve to love yourself.  You deserve to see Joe Manganiello doing a stripper dance while using Cheetos as a prop.  You deserve to see Magic Mike XXL.

Crystal Grumps Songs: Game Buddies (Jam Buddies)

Arin: the TVs on, the game is set,
The mic is up and ready, you see, come on and play this game with me.

Danny: Battle Kid, Kirby, Link, any one is fine, buddy, come on and play this game with me.

Danny: I’ll do my best, to beat a level’s hardass twists and turns.

Arin: and I’ll keep things fresh, by making jokes and being a perv!

Danny & Arin: Hey we’re Grump and not so Grump, playing games and being chums, come on and play this game with me!

(Yay another one of these! Based of the Crystal Grumps from alligator-jigglin-fever )