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lucya replied to your post:RE: Art Theft

unfortunately what dA says at the bottom is true - when you change enough of an image it’s no longer copyright infringement, just really shitty behavior. Your work has clearly been referenced, but she moved shit around so there’s no legal angle.

I understand that completely The ‘legal jargon’ put in at the end as the copyright holder & claims under penalty of perjury are put in specifically because deviantart said that they will not delete the copied artworks unless I put it those phrases specifically, rather than because I wanted to take legal action of any kind.
What I’m upset about is the clear lack of interest deviantart has towards artists even though it claims to be a 'artist community’ It’s gotten to the point where I’ve lost so much energy fighting this for a week that I don’t even care about getting an apology from her or from DA.
Am I mad? Ofcourse. furious.  Do I understand/accept that DA won’t be any real help at all? I’ve understood that.
I’m using the platform that I am fortunate to have to at least let the other artists aware that their artwork is being used without permission because if artists don’t stick up for themselves, no one else will.