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Not Safe

Something that concerns me lately are the amount of people that try to claim their blogs or their communities are ‘safe spaces’. These statements either come from people that are good natured but naive and genuinely feel they can make a space safe for everyone, or those that are arrogant and believe they have found the perfect formula for what makes something 'safe’. (I always hope it’s the former rather than the later) The fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as a safe place, in the terms of a some over-arching format that makes a place literally safe for every possible person.

I am not a safe person. Yes, there are people that know me that consider me a safe person. That is because they have determined based on my actions and words, that I act in a manner that is within acceptable bounds of interaction that they can consider safe for them. Additionally, this status of 'safe’ is not permanent, it can be revoked at any time. It is not a title that can be claimed with any permanence, if someone has decided for any reason to revoke their decision to consider me safe, they are allowed to do so and owe me no explanation for it. safety is not a yes or no checkoff, it’s a case by case consideration one makes to determine how comfortable they are with interacting and how much they personally want to be involved with a person.

What constitute for safety, varies. Just because you choose your words carefully, screen your submissions, or don’t touch on certain topics, doesn’t automatically make you or your space, safe for everyone. Lack of feeling safe for another person doesn’t always mean you did anything explicitly terrible, some people can’t handle some things that the rest of the community might consider innocuous, simply because their personal experiences made that particular thing difficult to see or interact with. Don’t try to convince people why your place is safe, why you are safe, or why a friend is safe, that is quite possibly the most insensitive and decisively unsafe thing you can do.

If you yourself try to run a 'safe place’, remember not to take it personally if someone tells you it’s not safe for them, and maybe consider re-wording how you present yourself or your places, so that it doesn’t sound like you assume to know what is safe for everyone. Also, do take into consideration what they say, instead of throwing it out and assuming it’s something not important, just because of this post I made. (cus that’s definitely not my goal) I can’t give a clear guideline for what to take in stride and what to actively seek to change based on said criticism, so I won’t, but you will have to learn the difference between truly concerning criticism, and critical incompatibility.

Everyone determines for themselves what is safe for them. No one outside of that gets to make that choice for them.

Why not

Hey, any of you watchers out there happen to have Transformer OC blogs you wanted to dumb pal around with? I figure if I got ‘em, might as well make the most of them. I’ve only got two characters right now.

Ridir - Autobot Motorcycle - Posts nice gun images. Projectile weapons and firearms are kind her 'thing’. She’s also a rather 'young’ bot.
Klick - Decepticon Cannon - Posts things related to fusion cannons, some guns, mechs/femms he likes, and TF 'clang’. Sort of a TF clangblog har.

Reply or Reblog with links to yours if you want Tumblr TF character interactions or something, could be entertaining.

note to self to draw a human Dinobot that is war torn, grizzled and hook nosed to combat the amount of bishie dinobot out there.

not to self to also draw TFP style Dinobot

have I mentioned my favorite BW character is Dinobot?

So on the way to work I briefly scanned my thoughts for any possible word, term or description that gets used in a gender neutral sense that was derived female terms. I mean, there must be at least a few right? At least one? 

Oh hey wait! There is one!

Derived from, Sister, actually.

Wanna guess what it is?

Do yah?

Well the word is:


*mile long stare*

I hope you all see my point.

people are upset that DA said that art theft is only theft when it’s physical and they are absolutely correct. Of these people complaining about DA I’m pretty sure many of them pirate software and probably defend that it isn’t theft whiiiich would be pretty hypocritical :U When someone misuses your work you make copyright claim, you don’t make a loss of property claim.

It’s not theft, it’s copyright infringement 

Ps yes, it’s not theft if you nick some of DA’s Css for your tumblr so I don’t know why people are so excited by that so really it’s not even a comparison or a victory. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. (and falls under fair use when used as a parody or blog layout. if you were to make a clone of DA and claim to be DA it’s still not theft, it’s misrepresentation and trademark violation)

CrashCourse on Copyright and IP Law

a thought

A refusal or dislike to wear traditionally ‘feminine’ (feminine as defined by western society in this case) things is not always a rejection of femininity. For some it might be and that’s fine, but the act is not inherently rejection in and of itself.

Sometimes instead, it’s redefining femininity, to the shape that that person see’s the most accurate to themselves and to the word. This can also apply to masculinity.

Because at the end of the day words like Feminine and Masculine are merely concepts. You can define what they mean to you as you wish. However, whether others will agree with you, see it the way you see it, or even understand, that’s a whole other issue…

With all this talk of Disney maybe buying Hasbro, and my fearing of Transformers Prime falling into a Third Season Curse (Beast Wars ended after 3 seasons, and it’s sequel was made with an inadequate new writing staff, Transformers Animated got lopped off 3rd season when it should have been 4 due to rights exchange. Oh yeah and we’ll never see a season 3 DVD release.) And considering other excellent shows have fallen due to Disney’s take over (Spectacular Spiderman). I’m sincerely hoping it stays a rumor because I fear all current shows from Hasbro on the hub will just collapse after Disney gets their paws on it.

Fandom Type Thoughts: The Divide

Something I just kinda considered recently… When you have a very clear antagonist or ‘bad guy’ person/team in a series or game or any other media, there are usually 2 main groups of people that will identify with said group. ( Obviously there are more than ONLY two ways/reasons to identify with a group/character, I think these are just the most distilled versions )

1. People that identify with the context and set up that lead them to being an antagonist, and/or other sympathetic attributes
2. People that identify with them for the sake of aggression and power, rebelling for the sake of rebelling, or something that is 'cooler’ or 'edgy’

When I gave it more thought, I also noticed there is a very similar divide that can be said about people that more strongly identify with the 'heroes’:

1. People that identify with heroes for the inclusive, virtuous ideals, and earnestly believe in compassionate power
2. People that identify with heroes for it’s power and it’s priority in narrative, using the 'hero’ brand as justification for actions

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After fussing around, I did a voice test. Voice acting, that random thing I like to do at times and kinda wanted to get into but never aaactuually tried.

So all of tumblr gets to listen to me being dumb before I go to sleep. It’s just me doing a very rough range test

at 5 am


Honestly, I’ve always considered Dinobot’s true allegiance to be Decepticon. While yes Predicons are a descendants of Decpticons, there is likely still a significant cultural difference. I think Dinobot has become more than a little irritated at the current frame of mind of the current Predicons and the ‘oh, we’re just waiting’ attitude most have given. 

He is likely one of the few Decepticons of his time.

Joy of Joys. Someone threw away the food I left in the fridge at work. So I get here, thinking there’s food already here and I can eat it… and it’s gone. Along with the container it was in. Wow. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I left it there.

Thank goodness for parents that live 5 min away. Otherwise I wouldn’t be eating tonight.

(and with the AC not working, and spending most the time waiting and loosing sleep over an AC repair person that never showed up, I never ate at all so YAY. Sleeping in 80-90F heat sure is great.)