shutup and love me


i was tagged by @milklattaes to do the 10 most played songs tag,, love u <333

1. save me - bts

2. shell across the tongue - drowners

3. mama - bts

4. dope - bts

5. interlude: wings - bts

6. cypher 3 - bts

7. russian roulette - red velvet

8. 7th sense - nct u

9. silver spoon - bts

10. ginger - the front bottoms

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yoosung hasn't stopped playing LOLOL for two days because of an event
  • MC: Yoosungggg I miss you
  • Yoosung: yeahillberigjggthere
  • MC: YOosUnG
  • Yoosung: Iloveyoutoo
  • MC: that's not w... I didn't..
  • *mc tries hopping onto his desk to block the view*
  • *sits on his keyboard*
  • *falls onto him, he falls off his chair*
  • Yoosung: MC WHAat aRe yoU DOING
  • MC: I wanted to be smooth I'm so sorry are you okay
  • Yoosung: how was that,,, being smooth
  • MC: Well... when I got on your desk and you ask why I'm blocking the screen I was gonna say "I am the view"
  • Yoosung: MC oh my goodness
  • MC: I love youuuu
  • Yoosung: I can't believe I'm dating a bigger dork than me- I lOVE IT

@tinyjinjins introducing fangirl cassie not over text :)

I don’t care what car he drives, if he can even afford a car, I dont care what job he has and how much he makes, I don’t care who his family is, and where they came from…I just don’t. What am I supposed to do with that? I would walk miles barefoot with a man who’s religious, over sitting in a comfortable car with a man who’s not. I’d sleep on the floor with a man who’s God fearing over sleeping in a big comfy bed with a man who isn’t. I can sacrifice and compromise easily with someone who has a strong imaan. I can fall in love easily with someone who I know loves Allah more than they will ever love me.

husband yoongi would include...

married + getting married to yoongi be like…

▪ him playing with his ring subconsciously
▪ you being on his mind 24/7
▪ getting a nice small comfy apartment
▪ getting a built in studio for him
▪ fucking in the studio to make it feel at ‘home’ lmaoooo
▪ meeting his grandmother
▪ serious min yoongi
▪ telling you he loves x10 more
▪ “i knew you were the one”
▪ him not sleeping the day before the wedding
▪ going to the studio to calm down
▪ gummy smile 24/7 the day of the wedding
▪ tearing up when he sees you in your dress
▪ but he’s not going to cry bc he’s min yoongi -_-
▪ saying his vows in a shaky voice
▪ he might have a little rap in his vows lol
▪ “you’re mine…you’re really mine”
▪ “im all yours min yoongi” teARSSS
▪ showing you all his affection when yall are alone
▪ kissing you all night and not caring if bts teases him bc he’s so happy
▪ you playing with his ring when you play with his hands
▪ feeding him the wedding cake
▪ rapmon making a corny speech for you two
▪ “yah yah yah sit down namjoon”
▪ him saying mrs. min with his gummy smile goodbyefuck
▪ sexy honeymoon
▪ “aren’t you happy you found a man like me?”
▪ “shutup and make love to me”

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a follow up to that story of Niall and his daughter with one when Niall gets back and him saying to his wife about trying for another baby! Thank you xx

Part One

“Your daughter wants a brudder.”  Niall announced as he walked into the bedroom.

He’d put Tierney to sleep after returning home from the dance and apparently a stop for ice cream by the looks of her chocolate smeared face.  

He reached up to loosen his tie as you set down the book you’d been reading.  You took your glasses off and set them on the night stand, folding your legs Indian style on the bed while you watched him get ready to turn in for the night.

“She what?”

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False Love Part 9.5

Y/N’S P.O.V.

I sat on the couch in Nate’s living room, his head in my lap.We were currently watching an episode of Ghost Adventures while I ran my fingers through his wavy hair.

“You actually believe this shit?” I gasped dramatically and stopped running my fingers through his hair.

“How can you even ask me that? Of course I do!” I stated. He rolled his eyes. “And I mean Zak Bagans is kinda hot, so it just makes the situation a whole lot better.” Nate rolled his eyes as he mumbled something under his breath.

“Nate?” He ignored me and kept his eyes on the screen. “Nate”

“Are you seriously jealous?” I asked. He glanced at me and continued to ignore me. I sighed and kissed his nose.

He wrinkled his nose and I saw the smallest glimpse of a smile on his face. “You don’t have to get jealous. It’s only a small crush and besides you’re the only one that gets to have all of this.”I motioned down to my body and he lout out a loud laugh while I giggled along with him.

“You’re right.” He grabbed my neck and pulled me down. He pecked my lips and I sat back up. He grabbed my hand and put it on his head. I laughed and continued to run my fingers through his hair.

“You’re so needy.” He looked up at me and back at the screen before letting out a small satisfied moan. A small smile made its way onto my face as I massaged his head, him letting out little sounds of content as I did so.

“Can I ask you something?” I looked down at him confused.

“Of course you can.” He sat up and grabbed both my hands in his. I started to get worried as he scratched the back of his neck, something he did when he was nervous or uncomfortable.

“Christmas is coming up and my I was wondering if you wanted to come home with me?” I was frozen in place. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“I do! I just.. what if your family doesn’t like me? Or what if I make a fool out of myself? Or what if-” Nate crashed his lips on mine, successfully shutting me up. I broke away and looked at Nate, “That was the nicest way to get me to shutup.”

He smiled at me and grabbed my hands. “My mom practically loves you already, she was actually the one that brought the idea up.” I smiled nervously and pulled on my ear.

“I would love to go.” He grinned and brought me into a hug. He kissed my forehead as I nuzzled my head in his neck.

“I love you.” The words left my mouth before I even realized what I had said. Nate’s arm stopped rubbing my back and I looked up at him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to it just-”

“I love you too.” I looked up at him, and he had a smile on his face as he looked down at me.

“You know, this is the second time you interrupted me.” I joked. “I can’t say I mind though.” He laughed and pecked my lips.

He pushed me on the couch cushions and attacked my face with kisses. I giggled as he mumbled “I love you” every time he would kiss a spot on my face.

He laid his head on my chest and intertwined our hands together. “I love you.” I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair, “I love you too.”

A/N: Kind of a filler chapter but, BEWARE! Drama coming real soon ;)