German terms to call your significant other:

  • Du Gesicht
  • Erdbeerkäse
  • In Leberworscht sind Vitamine drin
  • Bio ist für mich Abfall
  • Hannibal Lätta
  • Warum liegt hier überhaupt Stroh rum?
  • Pfodse
  • Rindfleischettikitierungsüberwachungsaufga­benübertragungsgesetz
  • Döner mit extra scharf
  • Läuft bei dir
  • Brot kann schimmeln was kannst du
  • Der Bass muss ficken
  • Apfelschorle
  • Babo

i was re-watching the final agni-kai between zuko and azula and i noticed something

throughout the entire match, zuko and azula are throwing straightforward, linear attacks at one another

and they deflect with the same kind of movement

but then when zuko does his firespin breakdance thing, its in no way linear, its completely circular

up until that point, theyd been doing classical firebending movements, but this one isnt really seen in firebending. but it IS seen in airbending

point is, zuko was learning from aang at the same time aang was learning from zuko

when we were about to take the photo, I asked Jensen whether i could go on the other side since it was my better side. After the photo was taken i started walking off but he grabbed my hands to pull me back. He looked me in the eyes and told me that I didn’t have a better side, I had two great sides.

And that my friends is why Jensen Ackles should be protected at all costs.