shuttle wired


Imagine working with Matt as a fellow radar technician and teaching him the basics.

If his extraordinary entrance didn’t make him stand out, his hair and glasses certainly did. 

His eyes were scanning the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria where they landed on the bright orange of the engineering and technician uniforms of the First Order. Their tables were pulled together, making it easier for friends to talk over the length of the benches and food trays. 

Once with his tray of food, “Matt” made his way over to their tables, constantly looking down to make sure nothing has spilt out of its bowl or cup and finally made it to the head of your usual bench. 

“Hi, I’m Matt. I am a radar technician.” He recited, his glasses were starting to slide down his nose but both of his hands were full that he couldn't reach up to replace them. He scanned over the faces seated, and was surprised at the gentle and friendly smiles that were freely given his way. 

If he was Kylo, no one would even dare to look up. 

A chorus of hellos and introductions were fluttered from the different people in front of him. He couldn't help but feel his stomach drop. 

If only they knew. 

“There’s a spot free here.” Your close friend, Zack, moved to the side so that “Matt” could have a seat. 

As they both got acquainted you smiled and spoke your name, “I’m a radar tech too, maybe we can work together.”

And Kylo was faced with a brief memory of seeing you exiting his own shuttle, tools and wires carried over both your arms as you hastily removed yourself when you saw the shadowed figure of himself. He noticed you then. But close up, you were even more exquisite than he would like to admit. 

“It’s nice to meet you,” his voice coated with nerves, “I have a job near the shuttle bay, maybe we can head down.”

You released an airy laugh and nodded enthusiastically. “I would love that Matt. I’ll show you the ropes in no time.” 

He breathes in suddenly through his nose and snaps his head down to look at his plate. Kylo’s ears were tinged with a rosy pink that travelled up his neck and across his cheeks. 

Suggested by my dude friend