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Felt Like Hope

working title of space!felicity and space!diego bang in between that big fight about her dad and the council meeting where Jyn quoted Cassian in an epic speech like goddddd how extra can the two of them be???

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special shoutout to Rachel and Rebecca 

Jyn leaned against the wall. There was a perfectly good bunk, she was sitting on it. It was much nicer than anything she’d had in awhile, but lying down on it didn’t seem like a good idea. For starters, it wasn’t hers.

The minute Bodhi had put down the Imperial cargo shuttle, Jyn was running to find General Draven or Mon Mothma, desperate to get someone to listen to her.

She’d been brushed off and told to wait for the Council to convene. Irritated and brimming with energy, she had paced the halls of the facility until she started checking open doors and slipped into this room. Someone’s living quarters, but who, it didn’t matter. Jyn only wanted to sit instead of pace.

Closing her eyes wasn’t going to happen. Every time she did that, she saw her father’s body, wet, crumpled, but losing warmth and he looked exactly the same. She’d become a soldier and he was the same. She got him back just in time to lose him again.

The slide of the door startled her out of her thoughts. “Yes?” she asked, looking up to see Cassian, exactly who she didn’t want to speak to.

Cassian stood there in the doorway and hesitated a second, he looked down at her and then over his shoulder. There might have been someone with him but she didn’t see, didn’t care enough to check. He came in, just far enough that the door shut, and stood with his arms folded.

“I thought you’d gone.” HIs voice was gruff, she guessed he wanted to start another fight or maybe just pick at her.

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Zion National Park, Utah, Part 1

Stop #3 USA

Zion National Park is truly one of the most incredible national parks I’ve ever experienced.  It’s HUGE - 593 sq. km. huge & so diverse in it’s flora & geology.  Zion has something for everyone, alien red rock landscapes, massive white sandstone cliffs, dense forests, waterfalls, hanging gardens & fields of flowers.  

Like all national parks in the US, it’s well equipped for visitors with shuttles that run around the park & excellent varied hikes, from easy (wheelchair access easy) to challenging (too scary for Vi Lu challenging).

For those who know, Zion is the site of the infamous all you can eat taco incident which meant we didn’t see anything the last time we visited. Thank god that happened because we had only planned an afternoon in the park & the incident meant that we came back.  In our 3 full days in the park this time, we barely scratched the surface.

Some stats:

- Distance from Vegas: 2hrs 43 minutes
- Cost for a vehicle entrance: $30 USD for 7 days
- The Zion cliffs were formed over 250 million years from what was once a shallow sea
- There are about 18 common hikes which range from 30mins to overnight and countless more which you can do. Some of the hikes you can easily reach from one of the 9 shuttle stops in the parks and others you would need your own car to drive to.  
- There’s a scenic drive you can do which includes two tunnels which were bored through the sandstone cliffs - both terrifying and extremely cool.

I can’t express how much I loved Zion in one post - the variation in landscape, the ease of getting around such a gigantic region, the hilariously quaint accommodation in Springdale (the closest town) & attitudes of locals (we waited for ages to pay at the local supermarket because the only attendant was outside looking at the sunset) & so I will do a couple of posts.

I also took over 1000 photos (not a joke) - these are all from day 1.


Take away - Zion is massive, beautiful & I took lots of photos

P.S. We’re safe & sound in Toronto - I’m just catching up!!

All we’ve learned about Toronto so far is that the subway system is very strange - you use tiny coins and then take a ticket to prove you’ve used your tiny coin… Canada ay

Jumps and deadlifts // 5rm back squat // not failing terribly at HSPU

20m shuttle run before each couplet
12-9-6 box jumps 30/24"
6-9-12 bodyweight DL
Rest 3:00

7:30 total work time (3:31 and 3:59) at 26" and 150#

Weighed in at 146. My training partner was rounding up. And (my fault for bringing it up) was giving me a hard time about 24" not really being the equal male/female equivalent* for 30" jumps. So I did 150# and 26". And I rebounded those bitches. Only missed two. No shin damage. Just that hard hand slam when you kick the box and fall forward.

*I mean maybe it’s the right equivalent, but for me to go from 20-24" isn’t that bad. But I feel like for men to go 24-30" is a lot harder. I mean it is 2 more inches.

STRENGTH: 6x5 back squat

I think this is the heaviest I’ve ever done for 5. Also did these in Nanos with no knee sleeves. I could maybe do 5 more pounds but this felt heavy.

SKILL: HSPU practice
5-5-7 unbroken sets :) no more kicking off the wall between reps.

Good WOD day. (And yes I am more than obsessed with these compression pants - as you can tell I think you’ve seen me in these 3 times this week.)


TomorrowWorld stopped running shuttle buses, stranding many people at the end of night 2. Thousands left sleeping on the sides of roads, hiking for miles, left in the middle of nowhere without no food, water, shelter and many not properly dressed or equipped to spend the night outside in cold, wet conditions.

The festival will go on Sunday for its last day, but only for the 40,000 people camping out on-site at what’s called DreamVille. Others are being turned away

I really have no words for this and its so unacceptable to put these people through this. All the stories that I am reading and pictures that have been sent to me are so heartbreaking. My thoughts are with these people <3 .


The baby muskoxen are getting bigger and bigger every day! Yesterday they were playing tag in the field. Wonder what #moxantics they’ll be up to today!

Want to see the babies for yourself? Come hang out at our Birthday Bash on May 30th from 12-5! The shuttle bus will be running from the Taku Lot on campus, as there isn’t much parking here at LARS!

Imagine when the shuttle arrives though.

Bitty running around, collecting his bags, while trying to string together a last-minute speech. Jack just watches him in awe, smiling and silently walking him out the Haus and to the shuttle, as Bitty attempts to string together fragments of “goodness…you just….jack…i…” and “well…you’ll visit and..there’s so much i want to say… and “jack, i….i-” and Jack, once again, just murmurs “Bitty.” And Bitty shuts up, just standing there outside the shuttle and looking at this beautiful boy and relishing the way his name - that name - sounds coming from Jack’s mouth and oh lord he must be dreaming. 

But he’s not. He feels it in the way Jack looks at him like he was the world. He feels it in the light touch at his elbow. He feels it when Jack kisses him again and it takes him everything to not just send the shuttle away. He’s not dreaming. He doesn’t think he could ever dream up someone as wonderful as Jack.

And they pull away and Bitty could feel like he could cry because he loves this boy so much, but he laughs and mumbles, “Now you really are making me late for my flight.” And Jack just smiles and whispers a goodbye that sounds like it’s full of promises and im just so emo bye

118 (6/20/2012)


SW 215

CW 183

GW3 170

So I finally reached and broke my low weight after a few weeks of gains from stress and family. That was fucking hard, but it does give me hope about the potential of Crossfit everyday. I’m going to look and feel really fucking good after this summer.

So I started working with my new team. It was not quite as fun. Everyone is very nice and I organized a drawer that they had been complaining about and they were very excited. No designing today, just technical, clerical work. Whatever, I’m sure it’ll get better and if not I’m with Rebekah and Katy again next week so I can just jump back in with some actual creative work.

Crossfit shortly after work. It was a fun one:

Warm up: 2 rounds
100 m run
10 squats
10 spidey lunges
10 squats
100 m row
10 GHD hip ext or 20 supermen
10 push ups
10 ring rows

Timed shuttle run x 2 with 1:30 rest

Tabata: 4 cycles each x 2 with :30 rest during transition
-mountain climber
-slam ball
-lunge jump or quick lunges
2:00 rest before round 2

I actually really liked this one. Especially the shuttle run because it was a chance to compare myself today with myself 4 years ago, breathing hard and struggling to reach the baseline during basketball practice. I’m so much different and so much better than that person that I can’t think back on him without cringing. I’m an entirely different person and my blog is going to start reflecting that. This weekend I’m going to make some changes to the blog, including a new title and some better bio information. If I can work up the courage I might tell you guys what I’ve been so cryptic about these last few days. I did tell Sean and Meghan and as long as I have their support I don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On Monday I sent a text to Sean. I said something about how much I missed him and it was a shitty day and I just wanted to eat dinner with him and Caleigh and then spoon with Hadley as we watched a movie. He responded finally and asked what I was wrong. I told him it was kind of a big deal and I needed to Skype with him and Caleigh. A few hours later he called and we talked and he made me laugh about the bullshit and made me remember why we were such good friends and made me want to move back to Savannah. I fucking miss them and I love them more than ever. I called Meghan afterwards and we had a good laugh about my neurosis and how much I’ve grown. It’s been a weird two weeks.

Small Victory: Lost a pound 32 overall! Reassuring crossfit workout, catching up and receiving the support I need with Sean, Caleigh and Meghan. 

Allow me to share a thought

In addition to being absolutely horrifying, I think this episode is actually going to mark a turning point for Eiffel. Eiffel’s always been the member of the crew most opposed to murder, no matter the situation. And up until this point, Team What’s Wrong With Handcuffs has always been able to win out. Hilbert’s still alive, Lovelace isn’t stranded, Maxwell isn’t frozen.

And up until this point, he’s managed it all by talking. Talking and luck: luck that the people he was trying to convince (usually Minkowski) were reasonable, non-murderous people. Luck that certain plans (getting the shuttle running and leaving Lovelace behind) didn’t work and other plans (rebooting Hera instead of building a dummy program) did.

That’s not what happened this episode. What I believe, and more importantly, what I think Eiffel believes, is that both Jacobis were somehow real (I have my theory, but that’s neither here nor there) and that Lovelace therefore murdered him. And he couldn’t stop it. Even after it seemed like he and Maxwell had overruled Lovelace and Jacobi, it wasn’t enough.

So next time the someone starts feeling a little murder-y on board the Hephaestus, what is Eiffel going to do? After this episode, will he still have the same faith in reason and communication? My guess is that he might be ready to take more drastic action next time, in the name of people not getting killed. The writers of this show being who they are, my other guess is that this would not go well. (Of course, Eiffel’s character development has been going in a lot of interesting directions this season. We shall see.)