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[So glad DS9 & Voyager solved the many problems of the shuttle craft. Most shuttles have no obvious toilet, beds, replicators, showers, or even potential places to hide such things! The runabout & delta flyer finally at least provides potential places to tuck such places away. How regular shuttles are to be taken seriously for flights more than an hour or two is ridiculous. ]

So I think this is my first time writing real fanfic? I don’t know but it’s a post-Rogue One everyone lives AU where Bodhi settles into base life on Yavin and ends up adopting one of the Jedhan refugee children–because happy single dad Bodhi– also the rest of the crew shows up to help too–

2262 words ll Rated G ll fluff it’s just fluff ll AO3 Link

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The Princess - Star Trek

“For your requests. I for some reason really like the secret wife trope. So how about secret wife with Kirk and only bones knows. But somehow the rest of the crew finds out. Hopefully that’s not to vague.”

The Enterprise was running through one last checklist before they could depart one of Starfleet’s resupply bases. Everything was routine, some things from the vault were offloaded, some non-replicated supplies were loaded, and the munitions were restocked. Everyone on the bridge was sitting patiently, waiting for the go ahead to depart, when Uhura sat up and held a hand to her ear piece. She mumbled a few things in response to whatever message she had received and turned slowly to face the captain’s chair, confusion very evident on her face.

“Uh Captain there is a small shuttle craft requesting permission to dock in the shuttle bay.” She said

“Ok…Who is it.” Captain Kirk asked slowly, unsure why you had such a weird tone.

“She says…” Uhura paused. “She says she is your wife?”

Kirks eyes went wide and his face froze.

Dr. McCoy, who had been standing next to him let out a low whist.

“Holy. Shit.” Bones chuckled to himself.

“The captain is not married… IS he?” Chekov whispered across the console to Sula who responded with a shrug.

Kirk stood abruptly, shaking himself back to reality.

“Permission granted.” He stated without emotion. “Bones, if you would please accompany me.”

“Oh I wouldn’t miss this for the whole galaxy.” The southern doctor said, a grin spreading across his face.

When they were both in the turbolift Bones turned to Kirk.

“Bet you never thought this would come back to bite you in the ass did ya?” He said, words laced with pure humorous joy.

“God. She was supposed to stay on that planet. We were never supposed to even see each other again!” the Captain groaned.

“I believe this is why they tell you not to sleep with alien princesses on strange planets before checking their law books.” The Doctor said, stepping off the lift.

“They don’t tell you that.” The captain mumbled.

“They should” They rounded the corner to the shuttle bay entrance where you were being helped out of the shuttle by a random redshirt.

“Son of bitch. She’s still gorgeous.” Kirk breathed.

“It’s only been a year, you were expecting her to change?” The Doctor chuckled.

Kirk ignored him and walked up to you.

“Y/N, don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see you…but why are you here?” He asked.

“Straight to the point hmmm James? I see you haven’t changed a bit” you said grinning.

“I thought we…I thought you wanted us to go our separate ways.” Kirk looked at you questioningly.

“Maybe we still will. But I thought I would let you meet her and then we could discuss what to do now…” You said.

“Meet who?”

You gestured to a woman behind you who stepped out of the shuttle craft carrying a bundle of blankets.

“Your daughter.” You said grinning.

Back across the room Bones saw Kirk go white as a sheet.

“What is the situation Doctor?” Spock asked as he and Uhura stepped into the bay.

“You remember last year when we stopped at that planet with all the waterfalls? Well Captain-Ladies-Man over there managed to sweet talk his way into that woman’s bed. They got caught and he found out she was a princess and apparently that planet doesn’t take too kindly to random men sleeping with one of their royals. By law both she and he would have been executed…unless they got married.” Bones explained.

“No.” Uhura said, a hand flying to her mouth.

“And it appears we have a Kirk-ling to deal with now.” The doctor motioned across the room where Kirk was being handled the bundle. The terrified, pale expression of fear was slowly giving way to pure adoration.

Uhura’s other hand flew to her mouth as she tried to conceal a squeal of delight.

“Fascinating.” Spock said bluntly.

Chulu as shuttle craft officers in a lost shuttle craft
  • Sulu: Hello, passengers, this is your pilot speaking. I believe we have gotten lost. And I have no idea where we are. Hold on and remain calm. Sulu out.
  • Chekov: *baffled* Hikaru, vhy did you do that? *screaming and panicking is heard in the background within the shuttle*
  • Sulu: People have the right to know.
  • Chekov: I don't think people vant to know that.
  • Sulu: *shrug* Just a couple thousand miles away from the nearest starbase. We can get back into federation space within a day.
  • Chekov: That's the difference. A day to a few hours. The passengers are going to lose their minds!
  • Sulu: That's an exaggeration.
  • Chekov: Ve are in unknown, deep space.
  • Sulu: I'm the best pilot in the galaxy and the only thing they'll lose their minds over is my abs or meeting an admiral. Every man and woman will be kissing my boots when we get to their destination.
  • Chekov: Vhy did I agree to pilot vith you?
  • Sulu: Because you can't stand not to be with me.

so i got inspired by THIS drawing from @toastybumblebee and decided to make a story of it

NOTES: i do not own star trek or any of its characters, i love feedback so i can improve my story’s. i also take requests

It was an early morning in San Francisco, the city was starting to wake up. The sun began to shine over the city, although there was already one man wide awake. James T Kirk was lying in bed reading a book. He was waiting, waiting for his bondmate to come home. Spock had been on Vulcan for the past two weeks to negotiate about a distribution deal between Vulcan and Risa. While Spock had been gone, Jim had missed him greatly. Ever since his katra had been restored the two of them had become inseparable ‘till this negotiation. He could not wait for Spock to come home, this was also the reason he hadn’t slept this night. He didn’t eat last night as well, he was nervous. Nervous that something would happen to the shuttle craft that would bring him home. He never wanted to be parted from spock in such a way ever again.

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Fic Idea, Keith and Shiro are on a diplomatic mission to a densely populated planet.  They arrive by shuttle craft because the city they are in is too tightly packed to let even the Red Lion land in the streets.  Politics on the planet are tenuous. There is real and open debate in the planets government and populace on if they should become allies of Voltron or if they should throw their hats in with the Galra.  Things are going mostly fine, Shiro is making good progress on getting the planetary leadership to see that the Empire can be stood against, and that siding with Voltron is the best thing for their people in the longterm.

Then things go very very bad. While Shiro and Keith are attending a diplomatic party with most of the heads of state in attendance, the pro-Empire faction stages a coup. They set off a canister in the main room of the function that is lethal to local alien’s biology, killing most in attendance. Through a stroke of luck, Human biology isn’t much effected by the gas. There is a lot of choking, coughing, and eyes stinging like crazy, but Shiro is relatively unharmed once he and Keith get out of the room. Keith isn’t so lucky. His eyes have always been one of his least human features, and whatever the chemical was, it has had a nasty reaction. His vision begins to rapidly deteriorate.

Shiro and Keith are stuck on a suddenly hostile planet, they can’t call their lions in without risking structural damage to the tightly packed buildings and innocent civilian causalities, and Keith is rapidly losing his ability to see.

The Stowaway (Closed Starter for khanfanrp)

Cat leaned against the wall of the narrow alley. She’d lost her sunglasses, and now, with her yellow-green feline eyes making her mutation obvious, she just couldn’t afford to be seen. The streets were still too crowded. Most people wouldn’t notice if she kept her eyes downcast, but a few would. A few always did, and out of the few, at least one would be willing to start something, and…it wasn’t that she couldn’t defend herself. She could defend herself exceedingly well. But that would only make it worse. Someone would get an image or a vid of it, and there would be another “dangerous mutation.”

No one knew why the mutations had started, people born different, with strange powers. They were a young colony planet, barely getting on their feet. Was it something in the atmosphere, the water, the soil? Scientists were searching, but it didn’t much matter to her. What mattered was that she was one of them, and people didn’t much like mutations. So she would wait until just before dusk, when the streets were clear. After dark was even more dangerous. Her eyes glowed green in the moonlight like an Earth cat’s.

It was while she was waiting that she caught the scent. She couldn’t place it. Human, male, lavender soap, calm demeanor. But something underneath it. Different. She could sometimes scent other mutations, but then it was usually obvious, someone with fur or something like that. This…she didn’t know what it was.

She leaned out from where she was hiding and watched the man pass. He looked ordinary, a bit tall, dark brown hair. Perhaps he walked a bit quicker, more purposeful that the rest of the people strolling down the way. But that was it. Different. She slipped out of the alley and followed, keeping behind, moving almost silently. It was something she was good at. She could track him mostly by smell without getting close enough to be noticed. He was heading for the docks. That was interesting. Was he from off-world?

It was harder to stay hidden inside the docking bay, but she kept to the shadows, behind the shuttles and smaller craft that lay waiting there. The man was headed for a medium-sized ship, just small enough to be docked planet-side. Was he leaving? Who was he? What was it about him that was just that tiny bit of different, but impossible to place.

She watched him open the airlock and step through, and waited until the last second to sneak through, moving faster than an ordinary human could, hopefully giving herself enough time that he wouldn’t notice her behind him. As soon she was through she hid behind a bulkhead.

She didn’t know who he was, or where he was going, but she couldn’t imagine it wasn’t better than here.


I wonder what the driver’s test is like for a Skycar. Because sure they may be automated or whatever, but there is probably a manual override for emergencies, so you need to have a license.

You need verification or licensing for all air crafts, shuttle doesn’t sway the way a Skycar does.

Are there sky motorcycles?

Southern Comfort

The day had gone just about as unpredictably as ever. The landing party had beamed down to an unknown planet tasked with reconnaissance, which failed spectacularly. Apparently the natives weren’t in the mood for making friends, which the crew had desperately attempted to do once their cover had been blown thanks to an ion storm. Several of them had just barely made it back aboard the Enterprise alive, while the rest had managed to escape with a few broken bones and moderate lacerations. Ah, yes. Just another day in the Fleet. Leonard certainly had his work cut out for him. Fortunately, no lives had been lost. At least, not yet. Leonard was slumped in his desk chair sleeping with his eyes open when Chapel approached and roused him out of his stupor. Bloodshot eyes took longer than usual to focus on her, but he got the gist of what she was saying. The critical patients were stable and holding. Time to call it a night. Leonard didn’t need to be told twice.

He trudged down to his quarters, expecting to see his bondmate meditating. To Leonard’s surprise, he was instead greeted by the sight of Spock curled on his side atop the bed, fast asleep. It was quite unusual for Spock to fall asleep before he did. Must have been a rough day for everyone. Leonard quietly stripped down to his boxers and carefully eased into his side of the bed. He surveyed his lovers face, marveling at the stark contrast between Spock’s sleeping expression and his usual stone faced one. Spock’s face was slack with relaxation, the most relaxed Leonard had ever seen him. His breaths were coming out shallow and even. Occasionally Spock would even sigh softly. Leonard was just about to put a stop to this weird voyeur moment he was having when he noticed Spock’s eyelids. There was movement underneath. He was dreaming. Leonard felt his eyebrows shoot up his forehead in surprise. He always figured Vulcan brains were too logical to waste any time on something as trivial as dreaming.

Either he was staring too hard or Spock had picked up on Leonard’s racing thoughts because, to his horror, the Vulcan cracked his eyes open and looked straight at his lover. Leonard was mortified that he’d been caught. His embarrassment quickly subsided as he felt Spock push gentle waves of amusement and adoration through the bond. Leonard grinned impishly. “Hey there darlin’.” Predictably, Spock raised a brow at the term of endearment. “Leonard,” he replied levelly. “Didn’t know Vulcans could dream,” Leonard commented casually. The tips of Spock’s ears took on a deep green tint but otherwise he didn’t react. “Aren’t you going to tell me what you were dreaming about?” Leonard prompted after a prolonged silence. Spock hesitated for a moment, but lifted a hand to Leonard’s face. Long elegant fingers hovered over his meldpoints, stroking gently over the skin there. “Perhaps I can show you instead.” At Leonard’s short nod, Spock transferred the images in his mind into Leonard’s.

What he saw was so far from his expectations. Leonard was sure he was going to be shown the red hot sands of Vulcan, but instead he was transported to his own backyard. The back porch of his family home in Georgia was unmistakable. Leonard saw himself sitting on the worn steps beside Spock, a mint julep in hand. They were both out of uniform. Leonard in a pair of jeans and a well loved T-shirt and Spock in something similar to his meditation robe. Spock had his palms cupped around a steaming mug of tea, looking serene as ever. They sat in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company as they watched the sun dip below the horizon and stain the sky with brilliant colors. The moon was beginning to show itself and fireflies flitted around the unmowed grass of the back lawn. As they reveled in simple southern comforts, Spock lifted two fingers to Leonard, who pressed his own against the sensitive pads in a Vulcan kiss.

After a few seconds the dream began to fade away and Leonard felt Spock pull away from his mind. “You want to go to Georgia?” He asked after a moment of silence. They’d never gone together and Leonard surmised that Spock must have taken a peek at his memories of the old place after they first bonded. “I’ll take you to Georgia. We could steal a shuttle craft and go right now.” Spock graced him with a small smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. He set a hand on Leonard’s chest, guiding him down into the mattress. “Goodnight, Leonard.” Spock closed his eyes and waited for the soft sounds of Leonard’s breathing before he slipped back into sleep.

anonymous asked:

but what would a real, genuine, heartfelt hug look like between leonard and spock? whose head on whose shoulder, where are the arms, how tight are they holding each other, are the hands gripped in the shirt, where are the chins, how long does it last, these are the real questions

Depends on the situation. 

Spock has been physically missing and injured, but in contact on an alien planet. Leo has had to nurse him back to health by explaining procedures to him over the communicators. When they reunite it involves Spock holding onto a rope as he’s pulled onto a shuttle craft as they fly past. Leo catches him and holds him close as they fall, surreptitiously checking his pulse and temperature as he does so. Spock is just desperately holding onto Leo’s shirt, so entirely relieved to hand his well being over to someone else. Leo doesn’t let go until they get back to the Enterprise.

Spock and Leo have been married for years and while Spock was away on a diplomatic mission their pet tribble/poodle cross breed (technically illegal) dies and Spock comes back just in time for the funeral where Leo greets him with a desperate hold, burying his face in Spock’s shoulder. 

Leo has had an awful week on board the Enterprise and when he gets to his quarters Spock has arranged dinner and a glass of bourbon and Leo nearly cries at the sight of it. Instead of sitting down to eat, he and Spock hold each other for five minutes straight, the embrace full of whispered thanks yous and mentions of bad moments during the week, followed by amusing moments. By the time they sit down Leo is already feeling more like himself.

Some dignitaries are tearing into some of Leo’s more steadfast beliefs and he simply can’t respond how he wants to, but Spock rolls in and in three quick sentences politely and subtly tells them how they’re wrong, but in such a way that they think they’re right. When they leave Leo turns to hims and gives him the most joyous, extreme hug ever, lifting his feet off the ground in his exuberance. Spock claims to regret getting involved, but he continues to defend Leo as the dignitaries visit rolls on.

A shuttle craft is returning with three of the six that left on it, no one knows which three are returning, Leo was one of the six. Spock is professional but not ok. When the doors to the shuttle open and two red shirts walk out he feels himself wither inside. Then an exhausted and crying Leo climbs out. Spock walks forward slowly, barely letting himself believe it. He quietly assists Leo’s dismount of the shuttle before smoothly drawing him into the tightest embrace Leo’s human body can stand. They grip each other like letting go will mean the other’s loss.

(If anyone wants to use these as a prompt, please feel free and link me!)

mckirk AU, with powers

AU headcanon where Bones is a telepath, and most strongly he has the power to read moods and emotions, and that’s partially why he went into medicine, because he wants to help those he can feel are in pain.
Sometimes it’s awful because he can sense their bodies’ pain before they can, meaning he has to be the one to break bad diagnoses again and again to shocked and tear-stained patients and families.

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So this is reverb 2.5 for 2016, a SoMa Star Trek AU inspired by the adorable art of @chaoticlivi.

Thanks go to @bendandcurl, @therewithasmile, @ilarual, and my awesome artist partner livi again for being clutch with the betaing and helping make this so much better.

Summary:  Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, recent graduates from Starfleet Academy, have both been assigned to the new flagship Resonance. Expecting to learn the ropes, they get more than they bargained for when the terrorist group Arachnophobia targets the ship on its maiden voyage. As everything falls apart around them, can two rookies really make a difference?

Word Count: 12K

Pairings: Soul x Maka

Read on FFN or AO3.

Art by @chaoticlivi can be found here.

She feels nervous, which is both strange and undeniable. Why should she be nervous? Taking a shuttle craft is nothing new–she had toured the ship months ago as it was being worked on–she’s about to be reunited with her closest friend. That part gives her butterflies, though, fluttering wildly in her middle like she’s ten again and watching her mama go off on yet another mission, which is just silly. She’s a fully vested member of Starfleet now, top of her class out of the academy, assistant to the Chief Tactical Officer of the new fleet flagship Resonance. She is Ensign Maka Albarn and she does not get butterflies.

Except today, apparently, she does.

And why, because of Soul? Soul of all people? Soul, who she’s known since they started together at the academy years ago? Soul, who she had loathed for months on sheer principle before getting stuck as his partner? Soul, who had managed to worm his way underneath her unrelenting drive to become her closest friend? Soul, who she knows better than she knows herself? Soul, who she has missed like a phantom limb these past months, desperately and achingly?


Such questions do nothing to quell the rampant butterflies.

The characteristic clang and jolt of the craft docking pulls Maka from her thoughts. As she collects herself to disembark, she idly wonders how long it will take to see the Concensio. It is a question as silly as her increasing butterflies; Maka might have known that she would see an unmistakable mop of white amidst the crowd, might have predicted the wide grin he quickly, futilely tries to stifle.

She throws herself into his arms before she even knows she means to, protocol be damned, basking in his warmth as he returns the hug.

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