shutting the screen

silly ml idea:

  • pre-reveal, adrien and marinette are dating
  • ladybug and chat noir are on patrol one night. it’s a dull sort of night (as it has been for them lately) so they both brought their phones to play with during patrol
  • adrien decides to shoot marinette a text since hey, he wants to talk with his gf, see what the girl he loves is up to!!! maybe he can make her smile or something. he’s pretty good at that
  • he notices ladybug’s phone light up after he sends the text and sees that her lock screen is a picture of him. adrien agreste. one he isn’t sure how she acquired since that definitely isn’t from one of his shoots and he’s sure he never laughs like that unless he’s around his friends
  • teasingly he asks if she’s a fan, because he is really curious where that picture came from, and without thinking, ladybug blushes and shuts off her phone screen and gives him a tiny scoff
  • “i’m more than a fan,” she says, “i’m his girlfriend!”
  • cue excited/shocked chat screaming
Tomorrow - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

can i request a jughead imagine with the prompt, “i think i’m in love with you, and i’m terrified.”

Originally posted by evenstoast

I’m sorry it’s so short, it’s more of a drabble than an imagine!

“C’mon, Y/N, you know I didn’t mean it like that,” Jughead said, but you were too busy looking around the diner, looking anywhere but at him. He had taken it too far, almost getting into a fight with Reggie, then just making a joke about it all. “It’s like you don’t care about your well being,” you said, finally looking back at him and seeing his greenish-blue eyes. He shut his laptop screen and lean forward, across the diner table. “Can we go outside and talk?” His voice was surprisingly calm, so you nodded and he packed up his belongings. When outside, Jughead turned, pressing you against the wall of Pop’s diner. “You’re right, I don’t care about myself, because I know that there’s a killer out there and I’m worried about you.” You stared up at him and you could see the sincerity in his eyes. The arm that had caged you against the wall, fell to his side. You reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers. “Jug, I’m going to be fine but I need you to look out for yourself too.” He pulled his hand out of yours, rubbing his palms against his face. He turned his back to you and you could see his back heaving. “Jug-” you started, but your friend turned around and you stopped upon seeing the tears in his eyes. “Y/N, you don’t get it,” his voice was quiet when he spoke now, “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

His words left you speechless. All you could do was walk towards him a wrap your arms around him in a tight hug. You felt his arms wrap around you as well, and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. Despite the fact and you Jughead having been friends for many years, you had never seen such a blatant show of emotion like this. You were used to his dry humor that always made you smile, but sarcasm would have never been able to hide these feelings. You felt his hands at the small of your back, pushing you closer to him. At some point during the hug, it started to rain. Little droplets fell against your hair and Jughead’s hat. You felt his shoulders shake and you pulled back to see if he was crying; but it was a smile that graced his lips instead of a frown. “Why are you laughing?” You asked, smiling at him, but he just slumped his head on his shoulder. “This is just…” he moved his head, looking into your eyes, “I tell you about how I feel and then it started to rain.” You reached up, the back of your knuckles stroking his cheek. His hand reaches up to grab yours, pulling you a little closer. You eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and you blushed when you realized he was doing the same. “Are we really gonna kiss in the rain?” His voice was a whisper, but you smiled at his tone. “I think we are,” you replied with a grin. The tips of your noses brushed as your faces grew closer. You lips met his in one quick movement and it was a flurry of emotions. His hand found your waist and yours landed on the back of his neck. You felt the rain start to fall heavier as he deepened the kiss.

You finally pulled back for air, you left him panting. You studied his face with somewhat swollen lips and you giggled at the expression in his eyes. “That was…” you nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him under a rain guard near the diner. “Cliche?” You asked, taking his soaking hat off his head and running your fingers through his hair. He gave you a grin before he started to lean down again, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

You stayed in the diner until the rain stopped and then Jughead started to walk you home. The walk was quiet for the most part, it wasn’t until you reached the edge of your driveway when someone spoke. “Y/N, I know that all of that,” Jughead raised his hands, “but if you don’t want to date I unders-” You cut off his rambling by pressing your lips to his once more. His hand instinctively reached for yours, holding it loosely. You backed away with a smile, “I think I love you too, Jughead.” The smile he gave you was breathtaking, but you had to go inside. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, walking towards your house. His fingers were still tangled with yours, but as you pulled away, he let go on your hand. “Tomorrow.” He whispered to himself as he walked away. He would see you tomorrow.

Opening Texts in an LDR
  • Me: *Opens Skype with shaky hands* *sees 6 new messages from dominant*
  • Me: *Talking to stuffies* Okay guys, we can do this. I'm gonna read all these messages without getting worked up! *Opens chat*
  • Sir: Hi baby doll.
  • Me: *Shuts off phone screen* *Screeches happily, wiggling about* Gahhh he called me baby doll. *Grabs pillow and hugs it close* *Turns screen back on and continues to read*
  • Sir: I liked that outfit you showed me. You're so pretty.
  • Me: *Shuts screen off again* *Grabs every stuffie on my bed, heart pounding* Lord, I'm such a coward, but I'm gonna need all of you to read these messages. *Opens messages again*
  • Sir: I miss you like crazy.
  • Me: *Screams into my pillow*
  • Sir: I love you to the moon and back darling.
  • Me: *Falls onto bed exhausted and happy before replying with way too many emojis*

The Saga of Seungri’s shower scene [Subbed Video].


oh okay one last thing before I get off the internet–

I’ve been thinking lately about tumblr, and how its mostly-female users appeal to over-the-top emotional language (e.g., my feels, i can’t, cries, ARGH, and variants thereof.)

And it’s interesting, because most of us exist in societies that see excessive emotion as worthy of ridicule, an indication of irrationality, and “hysteric.” Feelings have become feminized, and what is feminine is deviant, Other, lesser. Pathos used to be a valid argumentative strategy–now, an argument rooted in emotion isn’t just bad, it’s invalid. And what is invalid can be dismissed without thought. (It’s unworthy of thought.)

But on tumblr, emotion is linked to power. Explicitly so. Feels can kill, feels can hurt, feels drive the creation of graphics/meta/fic and fierce battles over canonicity or interpretations. Feels are the currency with which you buy your right to fannishness.

Our reaction to a society that dismisses emotion as baseless is to crank that shit up to eleven and make it the gate through which you must pass to enter the community.

we’ve weaponized emotion.

how cool is that?

Running Late

Word count: 848
Rating: T
Warnings: none

A/N: something sweet and a bit saucy, kinda like Dan

I jolted out of sleep. My phone was blaring Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho and I fumbled to shut it off. The dim screen read 10:45 AM. My alarm had been set for 8! I ran fingers through my hair. How many times had I pressed snooze? The sun shone through the curtains, casting faint light on a sleeping Dan’s shirtless body. He was snoring softly, a leg kicked out from under the sheets. Adorable, like a big sweet bear. Still, we were behind schedule. Louise’s party started at noon and it was halfway across the city. I sighed in exasperation.

Leaning over Dan, I felt bad for what I was about to do. He really was so cute when he slept. I grabbed his arms and shook him hard. “Dan!” He jerked up breathing hard. “What?! What is it?! Who’s dead?!” I shook my head. “We’ll be if we don’t get the fuck up! We’re two hours late!” Dan’s eyes widened. He was out of bed in an instant. “How the fuck did we sleep until 2-?” Dan saw the  time on his phone and set his eyes on mine. “Babe, it’s literally an hour before we’re supposed to be there.”

“I know but we always take long to get ready and you’ve gotta do your hair and I need to shave so I can put that dress on and-” I rubbed my eye and gaped at the black smears on my fingertips. “-and I fell asleep last night in full makeup. I need to add that to my routine now and-stop laughing at me you dick!” Dan was chuckling at my meltdown. He got back down on the bed. One of his hands grabbed at the sleeve of his oversized shirt I slept in. He pulled me to him and I couldn’t resist. Warm arms came around me. I could feel each puff of breath he released against my neck. “I forget how sexy you look in nothing but my clothes,” he whispered. “I’m wearing more than your shirt. I’ve still got underwear on, remember?” He fingered the lacy band for a second and let it snap back against my skin.

I pushed his chest and put some distance between us. “We’re late. None of the sexy sex can happen right now. Keep it in your pants.” I turned away from him and went to get up and search for my clothes. Maybe if I kept some of the gunk on my face I could save some extra time to shave without nicking myself. Or I could just put jeans on and not shave my legs and have time to scrape this shit off to put a fresh layer on.

“…You’re doing that over thinking thing again.” I rolled my eyes. He gripped my hips and pulled me back to him, fingering my panties. “We’ve got time.” He kissed my shoulder, exposed from his shirt collar falling. “I mean you’re dealing with the king of getting ready in 5 minutes here.” I laughed along with him. “We’ll figure it out, get ready on time, get there and see Louise doing something completely awkward,” he murmured. He was tugging at my underwear. “Dan, we’ll be la-”


He continued with my underwear and I let him. His cold hand pushed at my chest gently, urging me to lie back. I watched his face drop until it was out of sight. My back arched when I felt him just barely kiss me. Despite my best efforts, I could feel my eyes slipping closed. He ate me slowly, letting me feel every lave and suckle as he brought me higher. “Dan-” I gripped his wavy hair as he got me with one of those pearly teeth. “Dan,” I sighed, “Baby we need to g-oh my goooood.” He laughed at me. A middle finger slowly penetrated me, “You need to unwind first.” I gave out a couple more halfway attempts at stopping him, all of which he used his knowledge of my body to silence, before giving in to the feeling.

When I came, gripping his hair and back arched away from the midnight sheets, he squeezed my thighs and smiled into my flesh. Peeling my eyes open, I saw his head lift and a familiar twat-like smile settled on his face. I rolled my eyes and he laughed at me. “Oh shut the fuck up, we’re so gonna be the last people there,” I said. I did feel much more easy going. The trouble was that I also didn’t feel like moving. Dan must have known that. In one of the rare shows of his true strength, he picked me up by my waist and put me over one of those broad shoulders. “Think we can cut even more into our limited time and have a bath?” I could only laugh feebly. We were probably going to arrive by the time Louise was giving out party favors. Being held up by the man who’d just given me an orgasm, I didn’t really care.

i’m watching the newest shadowhunters episode and seriously clary is getting on my nerves

she’s like 100% worse than elena was later on tvd

like who the fuck do you think you are to basically tell alec to come out in front of you, a girl who he neither knows or likes? you might think it’s easy to come out to people but hey news iT’S NOT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP


I was tagged by the wonderful @ivelostallcontrolofmylife (they’re the best !!!) to post my lock screen, home screen, and last played song! Lots of voltron (who would have guessed lol) and my favorite band! Seriously if you like chill rock, go listen to these boys they’re great!!

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