shuttered glasses

Bleh. This is bleh. But it’s out of my head now which means I CAN SLEEP. Spoiler warning for episode 61 of Critical Role!

“I don’t know what I was expecting,” says Vex, bending at the wait peer through a pair of tiny, dust-stained, but perfectly shuttered glass windows. “It really is just a dollhouse.”

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So the Foxglove Farm filming location was used as Cinderella’s house in S1 (note the blue shutters, the round glass on the door, and distinctive windows behind Rumple and the leaf lady pics of the lane) and since this episode is bringing back Cinderella there is no way that’s a coincidence. That house exists in the Enchanted Forest not Storybrooke, Maine but Emma, Killian and Leroy were filming in modern clothes. 

Given this I am going to go ahead and plant my flag on the speculation I have been tossing around that in order to solve/save the Untold stories our heroes will be taken into their stories via Author powers. So each episode will have mini book/story AU’s. Which is like the next level for Emma embracing her heritage and a really amazing way for them to do flashbacks this season.  

Hat tip to @mindyourhelm for getting a clear pic of the location and saving me from messing with the fuzzy BTS pics.