Here’s your Shutter #8 Tumblr-able preview! Written by joekeatinge, drawn by me, colored by Owen Gieni, lettered by John Workman. Variant cover by the delightful mooncalfe, a back-up short by Rafer Roberts, a Tiger Lawyer page courtesy of rferrier and @felipecunha, and a phenomenal pin-up by rondanchan.

Kate, Chris, and Alarm Cat are in Cambodia with Kate’s jerk-face sister. Or is she really that much of a jerk-face? Find out tomorrow when Shutter #8 rests itself on those comfy comic shop shelves.

Here’s the opening spread of Shutter #6 by leiladelduca + Owen Gieni. 

We’re putting the issue to press this week and man oh man this spread. #6 wraps up our first arc before we break until #7’s release in December. As you can see, some fish and a turtle are featured, as well as threads we haven’t connected yet getting tied together in a fairly bloody fashion. Plus, Alarm Cat. 

Well, look here! The complete Shutter Vol. 1 cover, trade dress and all. Big thanks to the fine folks at imagecomics​ for getting this one together.

This is coming to you November 12th – 136 pages collecting the entire first arc. Still preorderable by Diamond code ICSEP140652. Only $9.99. 

(And if you’re remotely near Annapolis, MD, come hang out with leiladelduca and me at thirdeyecomics on November 15th for the TPB release!)

Shutter Volume 4, collecting issues #28-#22, is now officially available for your reading pleasure. I’m super proud of this arc and all of the hard work and skill that Joe, Owen, and John all contributed to make this book so special. In this installment, we get to meet ALL of Kate’s siblings. Pick it up and let us know what you think! Send your letters to and say “okay to print.”

Shutter Vol. 1 is out in comic shops today! My very first collected trade paperback!

I’ll be signing at Portland, Oregon’s Cosmic Monkey this evening from 5-7 with my partner-in-crime, Joe Keatinge.

And for those of you who want to dig a little deeper into Shutter, here’s an interview with Joe and I over at Comics Alliance. Patrick asked some great questions and I found myself having a great time reflecting on the work we did for this book. 

“We wanted Kate to be everything we wanted more of in comics….I gave her a lanky build because I was tired of seeing over-idealized female figures. I made sure she was posed in realistic ways instead of with stereotypically sexy body language. I drew her face with a wide range of emotions that I could relate to. I wanted her to be a perfect balance between hip and dorky, confident and insecure, someone who can make great decisions but also screw up massively at times (which she does)…All of these elements make her character realistic to me, even though it’s set in this ridiculous version of Earth, her motives and actions are believable and relatable.”