Here’s the opening spread of Shutter #6 by leiladelduca + Owen Gieni. 

We’re putting the issue to press this week and man oh man this spread. #6 wraps up our first arc before we break until #7’s release in December. As you can see, some fish and a turtle are featured, as well as threads we haven’t connected yet getting tied together in a fairly bloody fashion. Plus, Alarm Cat. 

Well, look here! The complete Shutter Vol. 1 cover, trade dress and all. Big thanks to the fine folks at imagecomics​ for getting this one together.

This is coming to you November 12th – 136 pages collecting the entire first arc. Still preorderable by Diamond code ICSEP140652. Only $9.99. 

(And if you’re remotely near Annapolis, MD, come hang out with leiladelduca and me at thirdeyecomics on November 15th for the TPB release!)