I had a visitor from the other side of the planet this week, and we had two adventures; one was travelling to see Carl Honore talk about Slow Everything but especially education and the role of the arts, and the other was a trip to the seaside with a flask of tea, a box of butties, two tomatoes, two tangerines and a dog with his ball. It was fun. 

I have been here so very many times, and this time I noticed the coloured strata in the rocks.  The tide was low enough for us to sneak between a gap in the rocks to the beach called Porth Twr Bach to find a brilliantly multi-hued outcrop, with an amazing mixture of colours and textures, christened “mélange” by Edward Greenly, the geologist who first described them.  These are dark green lavas, bright rose pink quartzites, purple manganese rich shales, blue-black intrusive dolerite dykes and honey coloured limestones. The geology of Lllanddwyn Island is quite a thing.