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Guitars and Scarred Hearts 5/?

A CS Rockstar!Killian AU

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“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit!”  

Emma scrambled to get herself back to rights in order to help Henry. The sundress she’d stripped off was tossed five feet away and even in the dim light, she could see it was inside out. Killian was holding up one half of her bikini sideways, clearly trying to determine whether it was the top or bottom. As another heave and telltale splatter came from the rear of the boat, he all but threw them at her, quickly doing up the three bottom buttons on his shirt and stuffing the tails down into his boxers, jostling his hand a little to try and clean himself off. 

“Swan, I’ll go see to Henry.” He was already on his feet, moving away from her. “You take a moment.” 

“Killian you don’t have to-“ Cursing under her breath, Emma found the two halves of her bikini and made quick work of tying the bottoms back on, stretching to reach the last piece of discarded clothing as she heard him speak to Henry.

“Come on. We’ll hit the head and see if there’s anything left in that stomach.” 

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Kiss Me, Then

A little something inspired by this lovely art by @yuutayo :)


Gabriel ran across the narrowed hallway, panting after the climb up the flights of stairs. His heart pounded harder for every gunshot he heard and every second his agents didn’t respond to his calls. He could feel the earth shaking under his boots with every stomp he made. He hope the enemies approaching his agents could hear them too. He jumped through the piles of broken desks and shelves blocking his path and sprinted with the momentum. He slammed his body against the door and his bones rattled to the impact. He hissed, but tried again and again until the planks of wood nailing it shut split and he was trough.

The smell of blood and death hit him like a punch to his nose and his heart clenched. The smoke in the air almost made his eyes tear up and intoxicated his lungs to the point of coughing. There was a small light from across the room and he saw shadows between the piles of chairs, more desks and archive cabinets.

“Kimura!” He called with dusty voice. “Rainer!”

“Commander!” His pulse beating so loud in his eardrums didn’t allow him know who had called. He just ran towards the source, shotguns ready to fire at any hostile.

He heard shuffling and flinched his aim towards the shadows.

“Commander!” Kimura’s eyes flashed in light as Rainer’s arm rested around his shoulder. Rainer winced to the movement and Gabriel spotted the blood over his leg. Kimura sported cuts over his face and his tactical vest had been ripped open.

Six lifeless bodies laid around them, their weapons scattered as they had fallen. Gabriel’s own shotguns lowered to rest by his side and that’s when he noticed the third figured on their feet by Kimura.

“McCree,” he said as he walked closer.

Jesse stood with legs firm, but his arms shook by his sides. One of his hands held on to his six-shooter and a line of smoke was almost missed by Gabriel’s gaze. He sent McCree and Tomson to scout the lower floors, yet there he stood.

“He came out of the vents and pounced on one of them before they even realized what was happening,” Rainer explained with a weak voice before he coughed. “Killed them all. I don’t think he missed.”

“I missed once,” Jesse mumbled.

One corner of Gabriel’s lips twitched into a smile as his gaze landed on McCree again. The younger man smiled at him and tilted his head back. The little light in the room allowed Gabriel to see a trail of blood coming from his agent’s nose.

“Get Rainer out of here, the path down is clear.” Gabriel approached the trio. “You should meet with Evans and Valle on the way.”

“Yes, sir,” Rainer and Kimura reply together as Kimura straightened his body.

Rainer moaned in pain. “Careful.”

“How about I just let you roll down the stairs?” Kimura said as they passed Reyes.

“Would hurt less by the way your manhandling me.” He heard Rainer counter as they left and he closed the distance between him and Jesse as he sheathed his weapons.

McCree could hardly form a word through his weak lungs. A drop of sweat had trailed down his temple and another had met with the blood below his nose. The crimson line had crossed his lips and touched his chin. Gabriel’s fingers twitched in urge to clean the blood away. Jesse’s eyes had fallen dim and he was suddenly avoiding Gabriel’s. Probably to hide his fear from his commander and the doubt he had in himself after Gabriel had thought him to always steady his hand when aiming. But Gabriel saw it over Jesse’s shivering lips and felt it when his hands made contact with Jesse’s neck. Even through the gloves, he felt the younger man trembling and then tensing to the touch.

“You’re fine, Jesse,” Gabriel said as he smiled, looking at Jesse while he still ignored his gaze. “They’re fine. You did great.” He made sure Kimura and Rainer came out alive after the ambush. They could have taken down a few of them, but six against two was a tight battle. Still, McCree made one man feel like a whole team with Peacekeeper in hand. Jesse’s talent with his gun was something that made Gabriel’s skin crawl and his legs weak. There’s pride in him when he captures the moment Jesse takes aim and fires. He always tries to keep his eyes opened and follow the bullet to its target without a blink. He shouldn’t feel proud of seeing his youngest agent covered in blood, yet it was an addicting sight. There was an afterglow that surrounded Jesse. Gabriel could make out the carved veins on his arms, filled with adrenaline.

They drifted closer, pulled each other without a thought until their foreheads touched. Jesse let go of his breath in a sigh and his eyelids softly fell closed. His muscled relaxed while Gabriel held him and his commander saw him unravel before him. He was going softer as he realized he came out alive yet again. Gabriel sees how his lips shiver to a smile and how light Jesse feels. It’s almost as delicate as if he was made of glass, yet sharp if he snapped.

Gabriel sighed, warm breath sweeping over Jesse’s face. “Fuck, I could almost kiss you right now, you know…” Gabriel thought out loud, eyes behind lashes tracing Jesse’s opened mouth.

Jesse opened his eyes to finally meet Gabriel’s. His pupils blackened the honey from his irises, looking like a possessed man.

“Kiss me then,” Jesse said in a vulnerable whisper. His tongue brushed his chapped lips, taking away the crimson line. “Please.”

Gabriel couldn’t break away from the spell Jesse put him under with his whispers. His own tongue caressed his lips to prepare himself without his control. He softly shifted even closer to Jesse and watched how the younger man’s eyes closed in anticipation. The scene made Gabriel’s eyelids go heavy and his vision darkened shortly before their lips touched.

It started with a simple contact of their lips. Then it built a new stage around them. The numb bodies disappeared and flowers bloomed from the dark, stained floor. The moon went to rest and the sun warmed their skin. Gabriel didn’t hear gunshots, but he felt the thrill of being in the middle of the battlefield, of coming alive between smoke and wreckage. There was the sensation of fireworks starting in his stomach and prickling through his skin in goosebumps. Flames blazed in his chest, surrounding his heart in a heat that suffocated him.

He pulled away and Jesse licked his lips again. The tip of his tongue touched Gabriel’s lips, causing the man to shutter, almost losing full control. “Jesse,” he whispered close to Jesse’s mouth. “Are you su—?”

Before he could finish, Jesse tugged him by the neck of his hoodie and linked their mouths again. Gabriel gave into the heat and a moan escaped. Jesse inhaled it and chuckled against Gabriel’s lips. It was a messy kiss; sloppy and desperate. Their teeth clashed together and their tongues weren’t in sync, but it was enough to cause both to get lost into each other. Jesse placed Peacekepper away and used his hand to cradle the back of Gabriel’s head. His fingers crawled under the beanie to dig into Reyes’ scalp. Jesse became frantic for Gabriel; wanting to devour him and drink his breath away.

“Commander.” The buzz of Gabriel’s comm broke the silence. “We got Kimura and Rainer.” Valle talked while Jesse and Gabriel drifted apart. Their eyes slowly opened to face the reality: it happened. Jesse smiled, which made his commander smile, knowing it was fine. Being sure Jesse is content of their moment. “Waiting for orders.”

Gabriel cleared his throat and stepped back. His hands fell away from Jesse, but Jesse’s hand gripped to his hoodie for a few seconds longer before parting. “Inspecting bodies with McCree. We’ll be down in five. Tend to Kimura’s injury and we’ll head out once we’re down.”

“Roger that,” Valle finished and Gabriel turned away to prevent himself from losing control. His knees felt weak under his weight and his lips cold. He ignored the hollowed feeling in his chest the further he walked away from Jesse. Their gazes met after two minutes and Jesse smirked with a promise to pursue when they find themselves in secrecy again.


get to know me meme

favourite actors [1/5] - Leonardo DiCaprio (There is absolutely no other actor that I adore more than Leo ♥)

I don’t think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of.


Animedia July 2016 Issue

Pictures are incredibly bad but this is the best I can do for now since I don’t have a scanner. 

The Animedia issue has 

1. An interview with Hoshino-sensei (the colour spread)

2. A special interview with the director of the anime and Allen’s seiyuu. (sketches of OT4 + Link)

3. A joint artwork by the director of the anime and the character designer (Allen in a hoodie.) + a list of the merchandise that will be available.

4. The last one is a fanart sent in to the magazine wwww (Lavi’s asking someone to save his soul)

Photos belong to me (rielity), please do not repost.


‘Shutter Island’, Martin Scorcese (2010)

— You know, this place makes me wonder. 

— Yeah, what’s that, boss? 

— Which would be worse - to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?