Last night was so much fun at @calicosteelpaw ‘s Murder Mystery RP party!  That was such a blast, thank you Calico Steelpaw, @raven1165 (Raziel Bloodbane) @gamer-redr (Red Ripperdragon) @foreverconfused-anenqui (Tekkiet Anenqui & Kasr the lost) @lynxrose (Torez Flintlock & Graz Panzerfaust) @canadianthiefshu (Shutensou) !  You are all awesome!   I loved all of the fun interactions between us players and the NPCs, etc. There were funny jabs, clever investigations, quick puns, etc.

And the party after the mystery was solved was fun too; dancing, bobble heads and a “Charrberus” as Foreverconfused or Lynxrose called it (sorry I don’t remember which one of you guys said it)

Yeah! Can’t wait to role play again with you guys some time!

Charr sketch commissons!

The amount of reblogs on my charr sketchies kind of overwhelmed me, so I figured I’d open up a couple of commission slots for these! I hope there’s interest :3 ♥

Perhaps later I could open up some ‘real’ commissions for my art, but at the moment I’m lacking the time! ♥

Portrait Sample:

Fullbody Sample:


  • portrait sketch: 25g (excl. armor) 
  • fullbody sketch: 50g (incl. armor when preferred)

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