shute amuro

Relation Ship Status: Single

Captain and Shute are bro’s for life, they have been through thick and thin! Unconsciously they both of them have bonded through Shute’s love in his heart and Captain’s love in his Soul Drive, making their relation as a mixture of lovers and bestest of friends.

 Even when Captain left to the Dark Axis, Shute still loved him and supported his actions. He finds it very adorable that the Captain and Sazabi are in love, and accepts their relation, even going as far to giving them ‘Alone time’ and distracting the others….


Shute admires and respects Chief Haro, and even when the he revealed his identity as Shute’s father,RP posts Here 

Shute accepts it-though it has made a good dent in the way shute acts around him now.

Knowing the Chief has made some bad mistakes in the pass, he did it to protect everything he loves and Shute tried to defend him. Though Shute is still iffy on becoming the next Chief, as it runs in his family…


Shute and the Commander are on good terms, the human supporting the relationship/bond between Sazabi and Captain.

Being the ever friendly young man, Shute tries to keep Sazabi in the group ,despite other’s,maybe, un-acceptance of him. 

With the bond Sazabi has with Captain and the bond Shute has with Captain, Shute and Sazabi have also a sort of bond of the same.

  • Clue, the curious Zako Soldier

The little Zako soldier and Shute are very good friends, the young human finding her very intriguing and cute. Always with an infatuation with the Zako soldiers, to meet one with such a curious demeanor was a great day.

Whenever Clue is human, Shute can;t help but fawn over her as an older brother would; she’s just so cute he wants to hug her and protect her all day. 

 Shute and Sayla are childhood friends, just living in walking distance. They always played together and were glued at the hip. But as they grew, Shute got into mechas and being in his shed as Sayla got into baking and became very popular; the two stayed best friends, but hung out a bit less. 

Knowing Sayla is a smart woman, even tutoring him in things as math and English/Language arts, Shute respects and always had a crush on her.

Currently he and her have gotten into a relationship, the both of them hiding a crush for each other. As chronicled in The Question RP and Date Night RP