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What is this crazy ass post???

Well, let me tell you my fine creatures. This is a network for Moriarty lovers (I am one such species). It is for those who have incredibly insane emotions regarding Moriarty. Who ship anything involving Moriarty. Who cannot live another minute without this blessed character. IF YOU LOVE MORIARTY, THIS WILL LITERALLY BE A PLACE TO YELL ABOUT YOUR LOVE OF HIM!! BECAUSE I DONT SEE ENOUGH OF US AROUND OKAY


  • Must be following supreme Moriarty-girl (that’ll be me for those of you who didn’t guess)
  • I would prefer it if you did blog some Sherlock (especially Moriarty) but basically you just have to be passionate about him as a character
  • you can fill out this form if u want (its a gr9 form i swear it) yeh so i highly recommend u do that
  • reblog to enter (i will skin you and make you into shoes if you like this)
  • Must reach 50 notes
  • be really really evil 

If accepted:

  • Promo when accepted because i will announce it
  • Friends to talk about moriarty with :)
  • what more could you wish for in life i mean jeez 
  • idk how many members yet i am a very disorganised individual. i will have you know however that it is my only flaw

Yeah and the tag will be consultingcriminalsnet wow its such a long name, but i mean alliteration??? yeah thats right i thought so. alliteration ftw

Reasons why Jon Walker is the best person ever

He has a great beard

He’s not afraid to wear flip-flops

He’s not shy to talk and remember panic’s good old days

He’s sa super talented photographer

He’s a super talent filmer/camera man

He’s a super talented Bass player

He’s a super talented guitarist

He’s a super talented singer/song-writer

He’s a super talented drummer

He’s a loving husband

and he’s probably going to be the most rad father in the world

Basically he’s better than you and everyone else ever. bye.

hmm imagine cas getting all loving and fuzzy, hugging dean and smushing his face into dean’s shoulder and kissing his neck and then BAM sexy sex god on the loose pushing dean against the wall and fucking him hard and rough ☆♥☆♥☆♥☆