Chloe - They killed Rachel ! Those bastards !

Max - Chloe, we need to call the police. 

Chloe - No ! We need to finish this….. ‘breaks out gun’

Max - ‘grabs Chloe’ No Chloe, I don’t think you understand. We’re the only two people who know about Rachel right now, which means that whoever did this has a really good reason to shut us up. We need to report this so the police can secure the body, and gather evidence against the Prescott’s before they hurt anything else

Chloe - ‘starts laughing’ ‘puts gun away’ Yeah you’re right Max, could you imagine what would have happened if you didn’t stop me ? One of us might have died !

Max & Chloe - ‘hearty laughing’

You know what really sucks about being short is that you’re never taken seriously. All I hear is “oh you’re so cute when you’re mad” and “you’d never do anything you’re as harmless as a fly” and then they pet your head. wow thanks now shut up I’ll kill a bitch I’ll stomp on your foot and kick your leg so hard you’re going to be my height for weeks. I’ll tie your shoelaces together when you can’t see hmmm

Shut Up or I’ll Kill You, Purple Edition
by Niagara

signed and numbered limited edition 4 colour silkscreen print

(edition of 130)

Measurements: image size: 35.5 x 35.5cm (14 x 14"), paper size: 40.5 x 43cm (16 x17")

I blogged this in April I really wanted to buy it but never did but have not been able to get it out of my mind when back to the gallery and they said that they still have it just moved it to Melbourne brought it in a heart beat…

Forbidden Places

Title: Forbidden Places

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,704

Please read “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” first

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Angry Sam

A/N: I’m really sorry Sam, please forgive me!!
I regret nothing…. I hope y’all enjoy it!


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It was seven o’clock on a Friday night. You and the boys had just gotten back from you hunt in Kansas City. After a long two days of hunting the witch that killed the guy in the church, then ganking her on in the middle of an alleyway and almost getting arrested. You finally got back to the comfort of your bed.

Sam had seemed to be okay with your relationship with his older brother. You hoped he wouldn’t feel like a third wheel, or feel like he’s being left out when you and Dean spend time together. After all, Sam was your family as well. It was understandable why Dean wanted to keep it hidden for a little while.

 You were extremely happy that you didn’t have to hide your relationship with Dean anymore. You felt bad for keeping it a secret, but now you could kiss him whenever you wanted, and he could touch you without it being weird. Now you didn’t have to sneak into Dean’s room in the middle of the night so Sam wouldn’t catch you. It was like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders.

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You were running to the Great Hall as soon as you heard that a Weasley had been killed. You hoped that it wasn’t Fred. You had been dating Fred since your fifth year after you plucked up the courage to talk to him. You were in Ravenclaw house and was a Chaser for their Quidditch team. However, you were quite a shy person but Fred brought out the best of you. That’s partly why you loved him so much. He had stuck by your side through tough times and great times. He made you laugh everyday and he made you feel like you were on the top of the world with his random but kind and thoughtful gestures here and there.

When you entered the Great Hall, you were instantly heartbroken to see people you knew lifeless or really injured from the battle. You started to panic when you caught George’s eye. He shook his head, his eyes were full of tears. When you saw Fred’s lifeless body on the floor, you felt like your heart spiralled into a deep abyss which was shattering the warmth and confidence you felt from within, and the feeling of security was diminished. The pain in your chest was excruciating. It hurt just like a bruise or a deep gash. It hurt to breathe, swallow, chew, look around the room, move your arms and legs. It took all your energy to keep breathing. It was like there was an aura of grey around you. It was a mist that wouldn’t rise. A state of depression that you couldn’t see yourself through. You felt a terrible weight on your shoulders. It was as if a giant boulder was laid on you and you couldn’t straighten up or catch your breath entirely. You should have been crying, but you were too numb to even think about crying. There was a giant hole in you heart and you knew nothing would ever be the same. As George let you go, you collapsed down next to Fred and placed your hand on his freezing cold cheek. As you laid your head on his chest, you felt something hard in his trouser pocket against your hip. You raised yourself and pulled out a small black box and a scrunched up piece of paper from his pocket. You gasped as you opened the box to reveal a beautiful silver ring. You started to cry. Mrs Weasley put her hand on your shoulder, she was thinking what you were thinking.

You then opened up the scrunched up paper and smiled slightly at the sight of Fred’s handwriting. You were surprised to see that it was a letter addressed to yourself. It read: “Y/N, if you’re reading this then I’m not here anymore. If that’s the case, I hoped I died laughing. I’m guessing that you would’ve already found the ring in my pocket in that box. You’re thinking correctly, I was going to propose to you after this battle was over. Seeing as I’m not here, I can’t do it, so I’m sorry. But I guess you would want to know what I would’ve said to you if I survived this? I’ll tell you, because I know that you’re probably needing something to make you smile right now. I was going to say this. Y/N, for the past three years you’ve made me so happy. George could soon tell you about how much I talk about you on a daily basis. When I saw how beautiful you looked at Bill and Fleur’s wedding last year, I remember telling George how I was determined to marry you one day and here I am asking you to be my wife. I want to grow old with you, I want to laugh at you when you get your first grey hair even though I’d probably already have more grey hairs than you. I want to have annoying children with you. I want to hear your laugh everyday of my life. I’d be proud to have a wife like you. So please, marry me because, I love you. Y/N, I still mean every word of what I was going to say to you. I hoped that you were going to say yes. You’re the only girl that could ever break my heart. Please don’t lose yourself because you’ve lost me. I want you to continue to be happy. Besides, we’ll be together again, one day. In the meantime, I’ll be watching over you and laughing every time you trip over because you do that a lot. I love you Y/N, I’m sorry the battle got the better of me. P.S: Look after my family. Yours, Fred.” Tears were spilling down your cheeks, but as Fred wanted, you were smiling. You kept the letter close to you and put the ring on your finger. You kissed Fred’s forehead. “I love you too Fred. I miss you.” You whispered before hugging Mrs Weasley whilst thinking about all the happy memories you had with Fred and the amusing things he was probably up to up in the sky.

If you want a one shot, let me know. I’m sorry if I’ve hit you right in the feels.

  • Friend:Hm.
  • Friend:*cups hands around mouth to form a megaphone*
  • Me:*somewhere in the distance* *cries and moans* Oh gaawwwd noooo, why?!! WHY!?! Someone please, PLEASE put me out of this misery and kill me right away!! OH GAWD PLEASE I can't, I'm not ready for more tears and sorrow... *lies on the ground*
  • Friend:ah, there she is, that piece of trash
Imagine Auditioning To Be A Performer At Oswald’s And Him Falling In Love With You

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“And I’ve always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now, I have sworn to myself
That I’m content with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk
Well, you are the only exception”

Oswald was enraptured by your voice, your beauty, the kind smile you gave him when you first walked onstage for the audition. He’d barely even looked at the resume you’d turned in.

“Mr. Penguin?” Gilzean nudged him, “What do you think of them?”

“Beautiful,” he whispered.

“So? How did I do?” You asked a bit awkwardly after you finished. Your potential boss just stared at you, and you raised an eyebrow, “Mr. Cobblepot?”

“What?” he snapped out of it, feeling a bit embarrassed that he’d lost his composure, “You performed excellently.”

“Does that mean I got the job?” You grinned.

“Of course,” he nodded.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Cobblepot,” you said happily.

“Please,” he said, giving you a shy smile as he approached you, “It’s Oswald.”

Song: “The Only Exception” by Paramore

So… I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda upset this didn’t show on the tags at first so here I am posting yet once again. 
(It feels like I’m grabbing for attention but like, it’s rare enough I write and actually post something. I want people to see it :/ )

So yeah, based on by mintleaftea  (i don’t know how to shorten links -.-)




His shoulders were killing him. You’d think that fighting monsters all his life would make his body prepared for pretty much anything but apparently four hour lectures weren’t one of them. Jason stopped by the foot of the stairs of the building they lived and sighed. Why were they living on the sixth floor again? He could just fly up, but the last time he did that the cat lady on the third floor opened her door just in time to see him passing. He didn’t know what the mist showed her but it took them forty five minutes to calm her down and she always looked at him weird since them. He was sure he heard her mutter ‘clark kent’ once to one of her cats when he passed her on his way down.

So he sighed again and started to make his way up, by foot. He thought about today’s lecture and how he had to contain himself half the time not to correct something. Why was he majoring in history? Half the information mortals had were incomplete since the fact most major international happenings had to do with the fact the parties were egotistical demigods. Probably his brothers and sisters he thought with a shudder, remembering Heracles. Really, how was he related to that guy?

He finally reached their door and the moment he opened the door he knew something was wrong. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing and he mentally cursed the fact he couldn’t take his gladius to campus. The one time he managed was also the time he almost lost it to the drama department that wanted to use it as a prop. Ivlivs was so much easier to manage.

He closed the door and put his backpack down as quietly as possible. Looking around the living room gave him nothing, everything seemingly on its place. But then again, that didn’t mean anything; he once came home and got as far as the shower before noticing there were two aurae on the ceiling following him and giggling. He almost relaxed remembering about it; he had screamed and Nico had laughed at him the rest of the day.


Jason went completely straight thinking about the smaller boy. Nico had been acting strange yesterday. He said he was tired from studying and went to bed early; Jason had understood. For any normal person it should be hard to catch up to the high school curriculum but for them with ADD and all it was really a pain. But Jason liked to think that after two years he knew Nico pretty well to realize that it wasn’t all that was bothering him.

So he made his way to the bedroom expecting the worse and that was what he found. The room was swimming with shadows despite the fact the sun hadn’t set yet. The only source of light was a sliver that managed to pass the curtains and the tablet that was across the floor. Jason looked at it and frowned. Leo was manufacturing electronics that demigods could use without worrying about monsters. Chiron was against it and Jason quietly agreed; but Nico actually really liked the thing. He said it was nice having information at the tip of his fingers, Jason said he liked it because of the games. Nico trew the pencil he was holding at his head.

He made his way into the room quietly and even as he walked to pick up the tablet he didn’t take his eyes off the figure on the bed. The son of Hades had huddled on the corner the bed met the wall and curled into a ball; his back to the wall, head on his knees and hands on his hair. It was bad then.

Jason picked up the offending gadget and unlocked it, what was on the screen making him gasp involuntarily.

Benito Mussolini  

Jason felt his blood leave his face as he saw that there were multiple tabs opened.

Italian Fascism                       concentration camps                          Italian concentration camps               Genocide                            Holocaust                   pink triangle               Auschwitz

                                                              Adolf Hitler

The last one was an image tab and Jason hesitated before looking at it. It wasn’t anything really new, everyone was aware of how thing were back then. But Nico…

Jason put the tablet down on the corner of the bed, took off his shoes and carefully made his way towards the bundle that was Nico, who seemed to go into himself even more at his approach. Jason towered over the other boy and simply hovered his hand over the dark curls and waited. After a long moment he saw Nico relax the tiniest bit and then he finally touched the dark hair. The response was almost immediate and he was caught off guard when Nico actually went forward and buried his face on his shirt. Jason’s other hand went to Nico’s back and his throat clenched when he noticed the younger boy was trembling.

They had been living together for a little over six months and it had all been good until then, but he couldn’t say he never seen the son of Hades like this. And it was always painful, for both of them. 

Jason didn’t know how long they stayed that way, him threading his hand trough dark curls and rubbing slow circles on Nico’s back. The son of Hades hadn’t looked up yet, but Jason was nothing if not patient.

“He was a son of Hades.” Nico’s voice was small, but on the quiet room it resonated anyway. Jason’s breath hitched and he understood there was more to it than it showed. He remembered his earlier thought.

 How was he related to that guy?

“You are nothing like that. You could never be like that.” Nico’s shaking grew but Jason just held him tighter. Later when the night had finally fallen, they were both intertwined and asleep. And if Jason’s shirt was wet, neither of them was bothered by it.   

Just Breathe (Pietro x Reader) pt. 2

A/N: Hey again! This is part two of Just breathe. I really enjoyed writing this and I might even make a part three. Again I used Romanian as the language (courtesy of google translate) anyways I hope you like it.

Warnings: Family is killed. Fighting?

Word count: 2564

It had been about 5 months since you joined the Avengers. Training was going well. You were always one to pick up things quickly so when Natasha or Steve showed you a new move in hand to hand combat you would mimic it perfectly.

“Try that one on for size” Natasha said to you, gesturing to Clint who had joined in as your human dummy.

You smirked as you got into fighting stance, ready to spar with Clint. “Go easy on the old man. Come on (Y/N), I have kids.” He pleaded putting his fists up.

You made the first move, throwing a roundhouse kick at Clint. He dodged the attack and retaliated, trying to punch you square in the jaw. This is when you decided to put the new move Nat taught you to use. You swiftly grabbed Clint’s arm, avoiding the punch and slid between his open legs, pulling his arm through. Nat explained the move to you as basically tying a knot. The force from you pulling Clint’s arms through his legs caused him to flip onto his back. You quickly moved to pin him to the ground.

Clapping echoed throughout the training room. You turned away from an exasperated looking Clint to see none other than Pietro Maximoff walking towards you applauding the work you had just finished.

“That was so amazing (Y/N)” he said approaching you. You smiled wiping the sweat off your brow. Turning your attention away from Pietro you turned to Natasha and Steve who had been watching the events unfold. “Time?” You asked breathing heavily.

“One minute and forty-seven seconds Steve replied reading off the time from the stopwatch, “A new record”

“Sweet” you said, offering a hand to Clint who was still on the floor trying to contemplate what had just happened.

“You’re done then, (Y/N), you can go get food or whatever” Nat gestured throwing you a smirk followed by a wink. You knew what she meant. You had grown close to Nat once you officially moved into the tower. One night you got totally hammered and spilled your feelings for the resident speedster to her. Every time she could, she would tease you. You felt your face flush and your ears turn pink as you sent her a death stare. She just smiled and turned away.

“So, (Y/N), did you want to grab some food? It is about lunch time.” Pietro said trying to regain your attention. You were glad your face was red from the workout so he wouldn’t be able to see the blush creep onto your cheeks. You had grown pretty close to Speedy. Him definitely Fu filling the position for ‘Best guy friend’ you of course, wanted it to be more.

“Please, I’m starved” you replied following him to the door.

You couldn’t exactly explain your feelings for Pietro. He was your best friend. After your family passed you vowed you wouldn’t get close to anyone or anything ever again. At least not in a romantic sense. You weren’t going to give HYDRA the ability to take away another part of your life. Yet, you couldn’t help falling for the older Maximoff. Ever since your first day at the tower you guys had become fast friends. He did everything for you. Whether it be cuddling with you after you had a nightmare, or getting you food because you were too lazy to get up and get it yourself. You hated to admit it but each day your romantic feelings for Pietro grew even more.

“That was such a cool move” Pietro said as you walked down the hall towards the kitchen. You looked at him taking in his features. His icy blue eyes stared at you and you blushed. Again.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun to do. I will definitely use that one again.” You chuckled.

“Well as long as you do not use it on me you can use it however many times you would like” Pietro replied.

“I think that is an invitation to use it on you Maximoff” you said smirking in his direction.

He was stubborn. Just like you. Ever since he met you he had immediately grown fond of your gorgeous (E/C) eyes and the way your long (H/C) hair cascaded down your back. He loved the way you laughed so hard that tears would begin to form in your eyes. He loved the way you would blush at everything, no matter what it was and turn away, embarrassed. He especially loved the way that you weren’t afraid to tell him how you felt after you had nightmares. But he still wouldn’t admit he had feelings for you because he was positive you didn’t reciprocate them.

Swinging the door to the kitchen open for you, you both entered. You were greeted by Tony’s face staring intently at a file sitting on the island. His cocky attitude was not present. You frowned not used to the different side of the avenger,

“Whatcha looking at?” You asked him as you and Pietro said across from him.

Tony didn’t reply. You and Pietro looked at each other and you gave him a knowing nod. You felt a gust of wind and seconds later Pietro stood over you flipping through the file.

“Sonic give it back! Now.” Tony said. There was a mixture of fear, tension and anger in his voice.

Pietro had been skimming the file when his eyes grew wide.

“Piet?” You asked, ”What is it?”

“Stark, what the hell is this” Pietro said, fear and anger also evident in his voice

“We don’t know for sure if it’s him” Tony replied his hand outstretched for the file.

“What is it” I said again getting a bit annoyed being ignored.

“Who else knows?” Pietro says stepping closer to Tony, giving the file back to him

You had no idea what was going on. Who was ‘he’ and why was it such a secret that nobody knows about him.

“Fury wants it to be top priority, so everyone now except (Y/N).” Tony replied not breaking eye contact with Pietro.

“Hello,” you said again, “I am right here guys, what’s going on”

Pietro broke away eye contact from Tony and stared at you. You searched his eyes for some form of information but the only thing etched on his face was worry. You turned to Tony. “What is going on” you said again. You weren’t going to be kept in the dark about possible missions. You were ready for the field. You had control over your elemental powers and could use them quite nicely whether it be for combat or for use around the tower.

Tony stood up straighter and coughed, “It is classified for you”

You were seriously pissed now. You were part of the team. You had already gone on simple missions why was this one being kept a secret from you? “What the fuck tony! Why am I being kept in the dark! I’m as much part of this team as anyone else!” your voices echoed through the kitchen.

“I’m sorry (Y/N)” Tony began, “If you knew who the target for rescue was you would be emotionally compromised”

You contemplated the answer and cooled down a bit. That didn’t necessarily mean that you wouldn’t be able to go on the mission. You just couldn’t know who the target was.

“So, I can go on the mission” You replied smiling Tony sucked in a breath but before he could reply you had left the kitchen shouting a, “Thanks Tony!” over your shoulder.

You skipped down the hall to your room and hopped onto the bed grabbing your phone so you could spend some time scrolling through your favorite social Medias. That’s when you felt a familiar rush of wind and heard the door slam.

“Hey Piet” you said not looking up. When he didn’t reply you sat up and shut off your phone. He stood awkwardly by the door. You looked at him waiting for some type of response in your presence.

“You cannot go on that mission” he said quietly after a few seconds.

“What, why not” you said standing up, moving closer to him.

“Because I do not want to see you to get hurt, draga mea” he said rubbing his neck stepping closer to you.” If this target becomes violent we will have to” he struggled trying to find the proper English, “Put him down.”

“All the more reason for me to come!” You replied crossing your arms, staring at the Sokovian. You smirked. You knew you would win this one. “I have total control over my powers now, see” you opened your palm and allowed flame to dance in it. You closed your hand smothering the flame just to reopen it to find a small twister in your hand. You watched Pietro’s face as he stared in amazement.

“See Speedy? I can take care of myself.” You said smugly

He stood a foot away from you, speechless. He shook himself from the trance and began again. “No (Y/N) you are too, er, small, young” he said, his eyes lighting up. Then the idiot smirked. He actually thought that was a legit reason why you shouldn’t be allowed on the mission.

You closed your eyes, pursed your lips, and stifled a laugh. You inched closer to him placing your hands on your hips. “Pietro” you said smiling, “I am literally a year younger than you.” He frowned and you chuckled. In that instant Pietro gained liquid courage. He reached a hand out, wrapping it around your waist pulling you closer to him and allowing him to smash his lips against yours. You couldn’t say you weren’t surprised. Pietro Maximoff was currently kissing you. And you were too scared to kiss him back. You didn’t want something bad to happen. Unknowingly tears started streaming down your face as you pulled away. He looked like a sad puppy the way he was looking at you. You could not let yourself fall for this guy. You promised yourself you wouldn’t. You couldn’t let what happened to your family happen to Pietro.

“I- I am very sorry” he said turning to leave.

“I think I love you” the words fell out of your mouth and you grabbed in front of you hopelessly trying to get to words back in your mouth. Great you pull away from a gorgeous guy who was kissing you, crying- totally a major turn on- and now you let it slip you love the guy. Fan-freaking-tastic. “Fuck” you mumbled looking down at your tattered sneakers. In a split second you felt Pietro’s lips against yours once more. This time you kissed back, letting your mouths move in unison. Your arms rested around your neck and his on your waist. He pulled away after a minute and rested his head to yours.

“You do not know how long I have waited to hear you say that” he whispered kissing your nose.

“You know this means I have to go on the mission to protect you now don’t you?”

“Dragă, you should know I will be the one looking out for you” he smiled down at you.

You released yourself from his arms and smirked, “You’ll have to catch me first” you said running out the door in a fit of giggles.

Pietro smiled. This was the girl he knew he would be with for the rest of his life.

*Time skip*

You sat next to Pietro on the quinjet. Everyone undoubtedly was staring at you. You didn’t know if it was because you were holding Pietro’s hand or if it was still because you didn’t know the target’s name and wanted to go on the mission.

“Okay people,” Cap said standing up, “This is a search and rescue. Clint, you have the rooftops. Nat, you have the east wall with Wanda and (Y/N). That is where the entrance is. You have to help Pietro get in and get out with the target. Vision, I, and Tony will be going around the back to see if we can’t get any files on HYDRA’s bases. Thor you keep watch make sure there won’t be any attacks from the forest line.” You all nodded simultaneously.

Cap then proceeded to come sit on the opposite side of you.

“(Y/N), whatever you do you cannot go into the building for any reason. Let Nat or Wanda do it. “You nodded. You weren’t going to protest to Steve. You already had to beg him to go on the mission. You weren’t going to jeopardize it. The Captain moved back to his seat for the landing.

Pietro leaned into your ear. You felt his stubble scratch your ear.

“Just breathe” he whispered. You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in. You gave him a shaky smile. You knew you were ready for this but you were still nervous. This was the first real mission you were doing. Pietro grabbed you around the waist and stole a kiss from your lips as you exited the quinjet. He smirked and sped ahead of everyone. You followed Nat and Wanda to the entrance.

“Looks like there are about eight guys covering the entrance and as soon as Pietro opens the door more are going to come out” Nat said above a whisper. “(Y/N), you need to distract them with an air flow. “, you nodded. You created a tiny twister stirring up leaves and old papers around the side of the building gaining the men’s attentions.  “Now”

You heard Nat say the word and you were moving. You swept the legs out from one of the guards, swiftly punching him and knocking him out. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Pietro speed through the open doors. “I’m in” you heard him say through the coms. You smiled as you took out another man throwing a fireball at him.

You threw up a Rockwall in from of you causing the two men running at you to forcefully slam their heads into it, knocking them unconscious.

“Located the room” you heard again through the com. “oh no” Pietro said.

“Baby what’s wrong?!” You questioned blowing two more men into a fence. “Pietro” you said again, this time louder. There was no answer and the com went dead. You started breathing heavily. Natasha realized what you were going to do even before you did.

“(Y/N), No!” she yelled shooting multiple guards. You didn’t listen. You ran through the doors killing every guard that stood in your way. Through the doors you ran down the hall, calling Pietro’s name over and over. Tears had begun to stream down your face as you pictured the awful things that could have happened. You heard electricity crackling at the end of the hall and you ran towards the room. What you saw inside the room you couldn’t comprehend.

Pietro looked as if he was slammed up against the wall. He was unconscious. At least that was what you hoped. You attention then focused to the middle of the room. A boy, no more than 11 years old sat chained to a chair, electricity crackling at his feet. The problem wasn’t that you were surprised by the energy. It was the person sitting in the room. The person who was supposed to be dead.


A/N: If you don’t remember- Sawyer is the reader’s younger brother who was thought to be killed in the first part. Requests are always open J