Shut Up or I’ll Kill You, Purple Edition
by Niagara

signed and numbered limited edition 4 colour silkscreen print

(edition of 130)

Measurements: image size: 35.5 x 35.5cm (14 x 14"), paper size: 40.5 x 43cm (16 x17")

I blogged this in April I really wanted to buy it but never did but have not been able to get it out of my mind when back to the gallery and they said that they still have it just moved it to Melbourne brought it in a heart beat…

It started with the dishes.

            Shion washed, and Nezumi dried, an unspoken agreement that really should have been spoken, as maybe then Nezumi would actually have stuck to it.

            “Hey,” Shion objected, reaching out with a sudsy hand to catch his companion’s sleeve.

            “Watch it, you’re getting me wet.”

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I have so much to say but I choose not too

Because I don’t want to argue and make you run away, I just want you to listen to me… Let me see what I have to say just so I don’t feel like the anxiety of me not speaking my mind is killing me… I want to talk. Just talk… You might act like you don’t care… That’s another thing I don’t like. But I guess I gotta deal with that huh? Actually no I don’t. I wanna say fuck you just because how shitty you make me feel sometimes, but I see so much potential in you… In us that I try to draw it out… Make something from nothing. Try to turn the smallest grain of faith into a morsel of trust into an efficient amount of a relationship. Just something But more and more it seems less and less worth it. I wanna to you how small you’ve made me feel… How betrayed I feel because I’ve been trusting you. All my life on and off it seems. I’m honestly just tired of ending up feeling numb to everyone who I love the most. Like its so much easier for me to be numb than express myself to people because I’m sick of the people I’d do anything for treating me like shit. It sucks so bad yo
I’m stressed. Idek who I want to say these things to but this is barely all… If I ever try to tell people how I feel I get angry because they act like they cannot SEE how their actions affect me. Then I get angry and no longer articulate my feelings but channel my anger… Idk goodnight