what I personally took note of the update

*at the very least, Kanaya still has feelings for Rose. they could very well be dating/in a matespritship
*Meenah is trying to regain the wealth she had before she died
*prescratch Sufferer (Kankrit) is a social justice nut who won’t shut up and doesn’t think gender is worth talking about
*this is not something prescratch Dolorosa (Porrim) agrees with
*he’s vowed celibacy but /clearly/ has feelings for prescratch Redglare (Latula)
*said Latula is a gamer grl and has been matesprits with prescratch Psiionic (Mituna) for a long time
*Porrim made a red turtleneck for Kankrit because his fondness for high pants was driving her crazy
*Pantskat 3: Pantskan
*Karkat misses Jade
*Karkat and Terezi are still a thing, as commented on by several of their kidcestors
*Kankrit was sort of surprised by his postscratch self’s choice of romantic partner
*it’s now fully confirmed that Lord English is Caliborn and that Dave is more or less destined to battle him
*whereas Kanaya auspictisizes /everyone/, Porrim is more interested in the other quadrants, which she apparently shifts around fairly frequently
*Porrim and Kankrit do have sort of a vaguely dysfunctional mother/son sort of relationship, rather like their postscratch counterparts
*Calliope is technically dead, and is believed to be somewhere in the dream bubbles. Aranea plans to seek her out.
*Kankrit is trying to take Karkat under his wing. Karkat is speechless, presumably at the realization that the other Vantas is even more of a chatterbox than himself
*Kankrit’s blathering, while largely a satire of social justice bloggers, seems to also contain a perfectly valid (if difficult to read, or maybe that’s just me; it was 10 PM when I played the update and I’d just woken up from a two hour nap after a mentally exhausting day) analysis of the underlying problems in Beforan society
*speaking of that, we now know what the prescratch ancestors’ planet was called
*Dave has made little bubbles that spit out random lines of his past dialogue, in the vein of Twitter sensation “horse_ebooks”
*Bro (and presumably the other kids’ guardians as well) is just plain dead, and does not exist in the dream bubbles (although some of Dave’ memories of him might, seeing as how we’ve seen memory-echoes of Spidermom and I think also John’s dad?)
* Latula lost her sense of smell instead of her vision
*Meenah apparently accidentally dropped an immortality potion on someone (this could prove to be significant, or just a one-off joke)
*Aradia has dimples that are just slightly too prominent to be cute
*whereas the Alternian session’s Vantas and Pyrope were/are Knight of Blood and Seer of Mind, the Beforan session’s Vantas and Pyrope were Seer of Blood and Knight of Mind
reasons Calmasis is awesome (as told by Tumblr user L1BR4)
  1. I’ve always loved androgynous characters (and bishounen, more commonly)
  2. …especially ones with white hair. (0u0)
  3. there’s just something attractive to me about that when it comes to fictional characters.
  4. antiheros and villainous protagonists are hella cool too. there’s just something that really excites me about morally gray characters.
  5. speaking of gray, s/he is literally gray - probably grimdark, which is p sweet
  6. wizards are kickass
  7. tailcoats and bowties are also great
  8. mysterious characters are also kickass
  9. Calmasis is like an androgynous grimdark wizard Kira it’s not possible to be any more awesome than that
  10. there is the fascinating possibility that s/he is secretly really freaking important and there’s a lot of potential for theorizing about this
  11. there’s a fuckton of great fanart of them because lots of other people agree with this stance that Calmasis is fudgeking awesome even though they’ve gotten less focus than fedoraFreak so far


I’ve been thinking of starting to set up a pixel family
I might not really have the time to do it until Saturday depending on how much homework I get but hey
let me know if you’re interested so I won’t forget
tagging some people I think might be interested (and by that I mean any mutual followers who’ve ever talked to me as far as I can remember off the top of my head dhakbdka)

my estimations for Hiatusstuck

1. Hussie said he’s probably going to finish this first upcoming flash by the 11th. I don’t doubt that.
2. he says travelling will eliminate a week’s worth of time to work on the second flash, so there’s that. I’m guessing it’ll probably get posted two or three weeks after pause two begins.
3. no clue how long Hussie’s actual break from working on Homestuck is going to last. I mean, if you’d been doing pretty much nothing but making a ginormous, intricate, and wildly popular webcomic for the past few years, how long of a break would you need? maybe a month…? at any rate, he says it’ll probably be the longest pause of the three. I…honestly don’t mind. as long as Hussie doesn’t actually quit doing Homestuck, any breaks he takes only lengthen the amount of time we get to enjoy Homestuck Not Being Over. personally, I plan to amuse myself by imagining Hussie doing various chores, as he described it. I might draw him in a maid outfit if I’m feeling particularly silly.

tl;dr I think we’ll get these two flashes by the 11th and then two or three weeks later, and I’m guessing Hussie will go back to his regular update schedule maybe a month after that. I’m not marking my calender or making countdowns, and neither should you.