me, a latina: *is happy because of el diablo, one of the best things about suicide squad, the first major latino character i ever saw in a superhero movie, and who is an amazing character, a former gangster who couldn’t control his powers, but regreted that life and is shown in a very humanized way, has a tragic backstory, loved his family and accidentally killed them, which made him give up on crime life, and at the end found another family and even became a hero*

someone who is not even latinx: “ but,, he’s a stereotype!!!!! you shoudn’t enjoy him or this terrible movie!!”


Headcanon that the reason Maine and Wash were so close was because Wash was one of the few who didn’t act fearful when with him. Just about the entirety of the Mother of Invention shit their pants at the mere knowledge of sharing a spaceship with him, and with it being the norm to warn rookies about crossing him when they first come aboard, I seriously think he appreciates Wash being dorky and lively enough to start joking around with him, begin carrying out conversations even though he himself doesn’t contribute, and even the eventual childish lobbing of stuff and insults at him when he’s being a butt because it gives Maine a sense of normalcy and of being something else other than the scary guy.

Bonus: No one realizes this is just Maine and Wash being friendly and all the other Agents think Wash is just really dumb and doesn’t understand the thin line he’s walking on and it is just a matter of time until Maine rips his head off.

Super Bonus: They try to give him an intervention.