And with that...

I’m finished.


Wukong the Pansear
N~ the Tympole
Jaq the Samurott
Maka the Darmanitan
Kuro the Zekrom

…most Nuzlocke deaths I’ve ever had.

Going into this, I knew it would be tough.

But I managed to build a great team of Pokemon, most of which I had never used or thought to use before! I just love the team that pulled me through all the way. And the ones I lost along the way won’t be forgotten. aND HAHA let me just be cheesy about fictional stuff some more. because oh gosh Jaq and Maka were with me the longest of the rest of them and sobs quietly.

Uh. ahem. anyway.

I don’t think I’m going to do the post-game stuff.

At least, not for a while. Shit is brutal. 

So for now, consider my Pokemon White Nuzlocke…complete.

Final team:

External image
Lilli (level 53)

External image
Reneko (level 56)

External image
Archer (level 55)

External image
Clara (level 53)