Okay, you guys see this man, right? This remarkable, extraordinary, one of a kind man, right? Well, his name is David Tennant and he’s an actor a brilliant actor. And this is a friendly reminder that this man is not the characters he plays. Who he plays on screen is his profession and nothing more. He isn’t Kilgrave for example; he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything or purpose. One he’s exceptionally kind to his fans which can’t be said about a lot of famous people out there. And he is downright humble and sincere to all those he works with and then some. So, there is a reason why I as a fan love him so much because he isn’t some pompous, rude, thinks he higher than thou celebrity twat; he’s everything opposite of that and then some.


You know what… I’m not even questioning it.
          I’m just gonna ahead and assume that this is a perfectly normal day in the life of Markiplier…


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When people talk about how many relationships they’ve been in