I just had to summarise this because Sakura + Saiyukkin moment are two of my favourite things in the world, hahahahhaha. Summary after the break.



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First SPN + Destiel + coda (12x09) Fic

A few notes before we proceed:

I haven’t written fanfic in 15 years so…be gentle with me. This is also my first SPN AND Destiel AND coda (12x09) fic. Needless to say, all those “firsts” make me super panicky. 😎 This fic started out going in an entirely different direction, but then I started drawing on some personal feelings and the look on Cas’ face took on a whole other set of emotions for me. Also, this feels to me like a WIP, so we’ll call this Part One. I’m waiting on my AO3 invite, but didn’t want to go another week without posting this.

I also didn’t realize how much I love dom!angry!Cas, after writing and rereading this a million times. OMG.

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Coda for 12x09

The angel blade pierced Billie with a blinding resonance and she fell, with a thud, to the pavement.

Sam and Dean stood up from where they’d been knocked back by the Reaper.

“Cas…what have you done?” Dean stammered.

Sam and Mary looked on, equally as stunned.

Cas stared at the three of them. The weight of the world written all over his face. He breathed deeply. “What had to be done. You know, this world…this sad, doomed little world…it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get. And I won’t let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves, you mean too much to me. To everything. Yeah, you made a deal. You made a stupid deal. And I broke it. You’re welcome.” His voice was rough with emotion.

The Winchesters stood silently, looking at one another, grasping at what to do or say next.

Cas held his ground, his eyes locked onto Dean. He was surprised at the rage that he felt burning through every nerve ending in his body. He could normally keep his emotions in check, but this was so immediate and intense that it felt like lightening shooting through his blood. He had saved Dean’s life so many times and he was just done trying to prove how much he cared for him. He clenched his jaw and narrowed his gaze. Cas finally caught Dean’s eyes, when they shifted back to him. He noticed that they were glistening with tears.

Fuck this.” Cas growled.

Not taking his eyes off of Dean, Cas dropped his blade and crossed the space between them.

“Cas, I…” Dean was visibly shell shocked by the turn of events.

“Shut up, Dean.” Cas replied gruffly. He reached up and put his hand on the back of Dean’s head, fingers gripped in his hair. He leaned forward, lips inches from Dean’s, close enough to feel his friends hot breath. “I went to Purgatory to save you – gripped you tight and saved you from perdition, remember? I’ve taken on souls inside of me, I’ve banished every angel from heaven, I’ve been killed by Leviathans and Lucifer…” Cas brought his other hand down to Dean’s waist and firmly pulled their bodies together. “And now I’ve killed a Reaper. What else do I need to do, Dean?”

Cas could feel Dean’s breath hitch when he brushed his lips against his.

Dean cleared his throat. “Do for what?”

Cas immediately crushed his lips against Deans. The rage that was still pulsing through him surged and he bit down hard on Dean’s bottom lip, probably drawing a little blood…Cas really didn’t care. Meanwhile, he thrust his tongue into Dean’s mouth, which elicited a primal grunt from the Winchester. Dean tasted like demon hunting and forests and sex and mother fucking guns and cars and everything that Cas had dreamed of. Cas grinded his hips into Deans.

He moved his mouth to his friends ear. “Fuck you.” Cas whispered, as his teeth grazed Dean’s earlobe. “Fuck you for making me work so hard at this.”

At that, Cas immediately pulled away and turned towards Mary, who wore an inquisitive smile on her face. Though he could see the redness in her cheeks, indicating some probable embarrassment at what she just witnessed. He glanced at Sam, who had his hands on his hips and eyebrows raised.

“Let’s get this cleaned up.” Cas motioned towards Billie’s body.

As he walked towards her, he looked back at Dean, who was leaning against the side of the car, staring out into the darkness.

Checkmate. Cas thought. Your turn now, Dean. I’ve given you all the proof you need.

I don’t actually deny the crucial points and importance to different people that historical 20th century struggles held, but the reason half the time I play the ‘it doesn’t matter’ card is cos in my experience folk literally can’t shut up about these events. Like they hold them as the crucial formative events on their own politics and it’s like… Stuff has changed, we live in a different time, with different technologies, economic monopolies and political cultures


From today on I will accept scenario and headcanon requests that fit into the theme of

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Halloween / Horror (Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Witches, etc)
  • and Zombie Apocalypse

I figured some sentence starters or prompt ideas could be helpful, so I’ll list a few of those under the cut. Feel free to leave your own suggestions in my inbox though, you’re not limited to the ones below!

So send in some asks! <3

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Summary of the Apple Event:
  • Apple: We invented a tablet with a keyboard!
  • Crowd: You mean like a Surface pro?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.
  • Apple: We invented a TV that you can use apps on!
  • Crowd: You mean like a smart TV?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.
  • Apple: We invented live photos!
  • Crowd: You mean like videos and GIFs?
  • Apple: No we invented this it's totally new shut up.

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Imagine playing Monopoly with Castiel 

“Oh Cas, that’s three doubles in a row, off to jail for you !” You laugh as you place Cas on the jail square. He tilts his head at you in confusion.

“I do not understand why I must go to jail for rolling a double a third time.”

“It’s the rules Cas. Roll a double three times in a row and you get sent to jail.”

“I do not like this game very much, Y/N. Haven’t I suffered enough by landing on all your properties, which I do not understand why you get to build hotels on yours but I can’t.” You laugh even harder as you go to roll. You land on a chest and look at the card. You frown. 

“Go directly to jail.” You read. Cas smirks as he takes your piece and puts it on the jail square next to his. 

“Well, what a turn of events.”

“Shut up Cas.”

Preference #47: 'Accidental excitement' (PART 2)

A/N: Requested by many lol. You can read part one here: Preference #46: ‘Accidental excitement’

Niall: After a week, the vacation had ended, and it was indeed time to get back home. Everyone had seemed to forgotten about the incident that had happened on your way here, that is, until everyone got in the car. Harry claimed his spot in the drivers seat while Zayn occupied the passenger seat, like before. The other three boys dived in the car while you stood outside, hesitantly. “What’re you waiting for (Y/N)? Get in!” Louis said. “Where am I gonna sit…?” “Where else? On….oh….oh yeah” Louis chuckled, recalling the past events. “Shut up..” Niall mumbled. “You can sit on my lap this time (Y/N)” Liam offered. “Yeah, I think Liam can control himself” Zayn joked, leaving a red-cheeked Niall. You let out a soft chuckle before gently taking your place on Liam’s lap, allowing Harry to drive off. The ride was similar to the last one- you just couldn’t hold still. “(Y/N)…” Liam sighed. “Hmmm?” you asked. “S-stop moving so much” he said weakly. “Why? I can’t help it, it’s so tight here!” you whined moving a bit forward. He let out a groan. Your eyes widened when you realized why he was asking you to stop fidgeting. “Oh….” you quietly said, forcing yourself to remain still the rest of the ride. Luckily the ride ended within half an hour, and you were quick to get off. Upon looking at Liam, you were embarrassed, just as much as him, too see that the same thing that happened to Niall had now happened to Liam. The other boys were shocked. “Wait, again?!” Harry asked. “Are you kidding me?!” Zayn laughed. “No one can control theirselves around her, I swear” Niall mumbled quietly.

Harry: It had already been 15 minutes and Harry still hasn’t returned. Curiosity got the best of you so you quietly excused yourself and left the boys to scavenge for Harry. You checked all rooms and he was still out of sight. You sighed and went back down but your name being called caused you to turn around. You followed the voice that belonged to Harry’s, which led you to the bathroom. He called again and when you opened the door your eyes widened. His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly agape. His pants were scrunched on the floor, while his hands furiously rubbed himself. “Oh my god” you gasped, shielding your eyes. “Shit! (Y/N)!!” he yelled, quickly pulling his pants up. “I-s-sorry I was. I’ll go now” you stuttered, keeping your eyes closed as you groped around, looking for the handle. You quickly left the bathroom, running downstairs. Upon arriving, the boys all gave you curious and confused stairs. You faked a smile and took your seat. Ten minutes later and Harry made his way down, awkwardly taking a seat next to you, claiming his original spot. “(Y/N) I-” “Its okay. It didn’t happen” you whispered. “This is why we’re best friends” he smiled.

Louis:  The next day, you were at the dance room again, running over a new routine. This time, Louis came in, and it was only him. You stopped the music and smiled. “What’s up?” you said, hugging him. “Not much. I was bored so I thought I’d visit you” he grinned. “Oh that’s great! Considering the fact you left early last time! Why?” you asked. He started looking around, avoiding eye contact. “Nothing. I just got a call. And I had to…leave” he said. You squinted your eyes suspiciously. “You’re lying to me” you concluded. His eyes fell to yours, slightly widened. “W-what? No. No I’m not” “Yes you are” “No” “Yes” “Nu-uhh” “Uh huhh!” “No!” “Yes.” “(Y/N), please just drop it” he pouted. You let out a long sigh. “Fine. You suck. Anyways did you want to learn the dance that you missed yesterday?” you chuckled. “Yes please” he laughed. You sat on the floor. “Great. Now let’s start off with some stre-” “Ummm. Let’s not stretch today. Let’s just dance”

Liam: After enjoying the salty beach water with the boys for what seemed like fifteen minutes, Liam had finally returned to join you all. Luckily for him, no one brought up the past events and all went well. You in lingered in the water for a little, while the boys returned to the sand. It took you a while to notice that the boys’ eyes were on you when you surfaced from the water. While approaching the dry land, the boys all stared until you were seated. “…..are you guys okay? You’ve been staring at me like a piece of meat for the past minute or so…” you asked, your eyebrows rising. Niall was first to swallow, then speak. “Mmm. Yeah. We’re fine” he said, turning to look at Liam. Liam then proceeded to look at Harry, who looked at Zayn, who looked at Louis, who looked back at Niall. They were communicating without the use of words. “We get it now…” Harry mumbled. You furrowed your eyebrows. “Yeah…” Zayn agreed. “What? Get what? Why am I not apart of this?!” you asked. “Nothing….don’t stress about it” Liam smiled. “Just….here….wrap this around yourself” he chuckled, handing you a towel. You did as told. “Saved all your butts” he whispered to the boys, leaving you in curiosity.   

Zayn: The next day, you had woken up to a text from Zayn. “Hey! Come to my house today ASAP, I need to talk to you” it read. “I’ll be there in ten” you replied. While driving, you thought of all possible reasons why he needed to see you. You hoped he was okay. Like promised, you appeared at his doorstep in ten minutes. As soon as he opened the door, you engulfed him in a worried hug. He chuckled before wrapping his arms around your tiny frame. “What’s wrong?! Is everything alright? Are you okay?!” you panicked. “Calm down (Y/N), everything’s okay….I just needed to talk to you about something…” he said quietly. “Oh. Alright. What’s up?” you asked. “About…yesterday….” you suddenly blushed. “Oh umm…can we just….can we forget about it? Because like…okayyouknowthatsunfairconsideringthefactthatimverystubbornandyouknowidontlikebeingchallengedsoijusthadtoprovethat-” his lips suddenly crashed on to yours, instantly halting your blabbering. He pulled away after a short while. “I know. I know. But I don’t want to forget it. Yesterday made me realize something” he said. “What…” you asked, still slightly thrown off. “I love you” he said softly, a small smile appearing on both your faces.

A/N: For the anon that requested the preference where “he gets sick and you’re the school nurse”, I’m working on that next; I’ll try and have it up asap :)