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I was tagged by @fallencasifer thanks so much I love music ones <333

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play, then tag 10 people! No skipping songs!

1) Lego House by Ed Sheeran

2) Bravado by Lorde

3) I’d hate to be you when they find out what this song is about by Mayday Parade

4) Drive My Car by the Beatles

5) One by Ed Sheeran

6) Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

7) Calypso by John Denver

8) I’m Not That Girl from Wicked

9) I Won’t Say I’m in Love from Hercules

10) Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift

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Prince Michael knew that it was wrong.

He shouldn’t have been sneaking away with his chambermaid three times a week. Yet he couldn’t help it, seeing the way your curves were so perfectly accentuated by the dress you wore, the sweetheart neckline giving Michael plenty to think about when you were off tending to the garden.

It was casual at first. He hadn’t been able to resist you, and you’d ended up with your lips connected in a broom cupboard, his wandering hands unable to be still. You had just looked so inviting, your body swaying as you dusted off furniture in the palace for the royal ball that night.

It had happened the same day at the aforementioned ball. You’d been wearing nothing special, being only a servant, but of course you’d been required to shrug on a dress somewhat fancier than what you usually wore. And though there were several princesses at the event that night, all trying to woo the prince, he only had eyes for you.

And since then…well, you’d lost count.

But all you knew was that the prince was getting bolder, winking at you subtly whenever you served him dinner as he sat at the table with his parents or giving gentle squeezes to your ass when no one was looking. You couldn’t help but to blush and stutter, and Michael only smiled down into his food.

He also kept you longer at night. What had usually been a quick escapade—you leaving his chamber as soon as he’d finished having his way with you—had quickly turned into him holding you close at night, his soft breaths on the back of your neck, his arm wound tightly around your naked midsection.

And slowly you found yourself falling for the blonde boy with piercing green eyes. You had no idea if he felt the same—he wasn’t really experienced when it came to talking about his feelings, though he evidently wore them on his sleeve. You would simply have to wait until he was ready to talk about whatever was happening, and whatever he wanted to happen between you both.

And if you could continue to do this in the meantime—sharing secret, hasty kisses with him and murmuring sweet nothings into the other’s ear late at night…well, you had a feeling you wouldn’t really mind waiting at all.

For spaghettiluek and seriousluke’s blurb night!


I had the privilege of watching someone pray today.?? like he had the mat out, and shoes off and all that. even saw him kneel and all that, and like. I work at a wal-mart sooo, i mean it’s not the friendliest place but still/ in Texas, I watched a muslin observe his religion. and he got no dirty looks or anything and like. I can’t overstate in Texas he was allowed to pray in peace??? it just- I mean I’m not a religion person myself but seeing someone allowed to practice their religion in peace was just. I feel my pores clearing and years younger tbh. it was

like it was so nice. 

Guys. Guys. GUYS. is this a sign? Is renner trying to tell us something??? Is Hawkeye finally going to appear in AoS???? Guys. Im freaking out.

It might not be anything.



Brianna Phasma | Arkanis Modelling Agency

The Force Awakens AU → Nicknamed ‘The Captain’, Brianna is known for figuratively and quite literally towering over her competition. Scouted young and trained with an almost militaristic regime, she has continued to intimidate and dominate the fashion industry with her commanding presence.

ok so

one of the weird things that seems to be recurring in the dragon age games is that some things are just weird and shiny and shouldn’t be

like, hair looking like plastic and such

but during the gauntlet in Origins I noticed something else unnaturally shiny

……unless alistair’s undergarments are meant to look like silver lamé?


Normal Fight: For True Story - Sonic vs. Shadow

Shadow’s Advantage: All Hail Shadow (Crush 40 Version thank god)

Sonic’s Advantage: Live and Learn


External image

everything I wanted in a (sub)boss fight with Shadow - a goddamn tribute to SA2.

Lowkey have a crush on Quirrell from AVPM