I’m exhausted doing this board and the comic alongside work, but I’m enjoying it so much I might just keep going and do the next scene too! But if I don’t manage to this is something that happens


Brianna Phasma | Arkanis Modelling Agency

The Force Awakens AU → Nicknamed ‘The Captain’, Brianna is known for figuratively and quite literally towering over her competition. Scouted young and trained with an almost militaristic regime, she has continued to intimidate and dominate the fashion industry with her commanding presence.


Normal Fight: For True Story - Sonic vs. Shadow

Shadow’s Advantage: All Hail Shadow (Crush 40 Version thank god)

Sonic’s Advantage: Live and Learn


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everything I wanted in a (sub)boss fight with Shadow - a goddamn tribute to SA2.

What you said: I like metal

What normal people hear: I like to worship satan. That’s all I do everyday. Hail satan.

What metal heads hear: I listen to Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, I know nothing about metal and I’m a poser