Short angst fic

//since idk how moisty’s mom died im just going with the assumption Arthur offed her

Alfred bristled angrily at the sharp insult Mystery had just made, “Shut the fuck up!” The canine snapped angrily, Mystery sharply turned around, “Fuck you, mutt.” The feline responded, ears flattening angrily. “Fuck YOU! You’re just like your fucking dad!” The canine snarled, Mystery growled angrily, “Well atleast mine isn’t in a fucking grave!” The feline responded, watching Alfred flinch.
“WELL ATLEAST MINE DIDN’T OFF HIS FUCKING WIFE!” The canine yelled angrily. He watched Mystery freeze dead-still, and weakly say, “H-He didn’t..” while starting to shake a bit. Alfred realised he’d hit a deep vein with the insult he’d made, but said nothing. Mystery turned around again, bristling angrily, “F-Fuck you!” He snapped back, despite his voice cracking. Alfred paused for a second, “Are-Are you crying?” He asked. The feline stopped and wiped the bottom of his eyes, “N-No.. Now f-fuck off!” He growled, his voice wavering as he was obviously trying not to sob. Alfred felt a few scraps of sympathy for the feline, but turned and left without a word.

tillatheseasgangdry  asked:

I just saw a link on Pinterest to 'Derek's Australian Shepherds" So now all I can think about is Derek Hale raising puppies.... *heart eyes*

Oh god.

Derek getting attached to an orphaned puppy at Deatons.

Derek taking it home to the newly renovated Hale house because it’s post-christmas and Deaton’s clinic is filled to bursting with unwanted animals.

Derek setting up a little outdoor enclosure for the puppy and realising that he may have over compensated and made it about ten billion times larger than Bruce (no, Cora, I’m not calling him Bruce - Finding Nemo is not a baby name website) really needs.

Derek deciding he may as well put the extra room to use and take all the other dogs from Deaton that need fostering.

Derek rationalising that it’s just temporary, just until they all find homes.

Derek not putting up too much of a fight when Erica and Cora give every single puppy a name.

Derek making sure all the puppies are wormed and vaccinated because it’ll be easier to find them all homes that way.

Derek finding absolutely no one worthy of adopting any of his little pack.

Derek huffing as Cora makes fun of him all, “they didn’t smell right is not a reason, Derek.”

Derek scowling as the latest family to brave the trip out to Hale’s Puppy Reserve rocks up in a death-trap of a Jeep. 

Derek already deciding that that’s enough to ensure they won’t be leaving with a puppy (shut up, Cora, safe canine transport is important).

Derek feeling affronted when Bruce takes an immediate liking to single dad, Stiles Stilinski.

Derek being grudgingly impressed when Stiles’ little girl meets every dog with perfect form, one hand down, letting them come to her. 

Derek finally finding one family worthy of Ginger, the rottweiler because Stiles’ daughter imprints on the puppy so hard it’d be sacrilege to split them up.

Stiles offering Derek visitation rights to Ginger, “anytime, seriously Dude - I think Maddy likes you”.

Derek grinning dopily into Stiles’ hairline six months later when visitation turns into joint custody.