I was tagged in the twenty beautiful people selfie thing (me? lmao) by my bab blurryjoshua so here you go, pls enjoy my face

I’m tagging some of my tumblr buds and fav mutuals: duns-and-roses, aircatchvr, joshuadunstrumpet, sweaterdun, swallow-the-cheese, toppunks, alltimetess, bumlikestars, des0late-spirit, areyoudun, nophunintendun, goshjoshdun, anythingindie, initiatribute, emo-with-a-caprisun, polariiize, joshondadrooms, justoneyssterday

you don’t have to do it ofc and sorry if you already have or you’ve already been tagged<33 </p>

where’s that daredevil headcanon that after foggy finds out that matt is daredevil he regularly throws things at matt and and matt always catches them until foggy throws something at him in front of karen so matt just lets this giant book just hit him in the face and karen gets mad at foggy???? i need it for reasons