• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:finnick and annie were so close to living a beautiful and peaceful life together with their son after years of torment and abuse but finnick volunteered to help bring down the capitol so everyone else could have a better life including annie no matter what happened to him and now annie has to go on without him and she's strong as hell but imagine how perfect they'd be as a little family with their son in district 4 free from the capitol's oppression and free at last to just live their lives and do what they want without the fear of more violence and cruelty and they really could've had it all at last because they just deserve all the happiness in the world
  • me at the beginning of until dawn:everyones a dick except for these like 2 characters who are kinda ok i guess
  • me at the end of until dawn:my precious 8 children i love them all so so much they're all cinammon rolls and i must protect them