What if Vanellope is a rep of the real world communicating with the princesses?

Anna: My sister just sang her problems off, and said it helped her cope with her inner conflicts

Vanellope: Nah honey, in the real world we either complain about it on tumblr, or make jokes about loosing our will to live.

Rapunzel: How do you like my hair?

Vanellope: Nice! You just need to be on the L'Oréal commercial

Tiana: I kissed a frog and we both turned into humans

Vanellope: That’s cool! Some of us could have been rushed to the ER

Moana: The ocean calls me for a reason

Vanellope: So does my mom….for the most unecessary reasons

Jasmine: ….and he showed me the WHOLE WORLD on his magic carpet!!

Vanellope: You’re lucky as fuck you didn’t have to board United Airlines

Merida: I don’t need a man

Vanellope: I’m pretty sure most men would say the same thing about you

Pocahontas: Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Vanellope: Idk, does MsPaint count?

Mulan: I saved China

Vanellope: gosh damn! so much wow! hero of men and women and the children too…!!