Why is Guang Hong Ji x Phichit a rare pair.

I mean Guang Hong has a flippin crush on Phichit. It is on the official website.

“He yearns for his friend Phichit a little”


They are two of the cutest characters and they seemed to get along in the Cup of China and they hung out a lot.

“In the result he often uploads his selfie pictures on SNS”

Do I have to talk about this selfie alone together. I bet they do this all the time. 

I don’t know. I can see Guang Hong talking to Leo about Phichit 24/7 and Leo being like “I know Guang Hong I was there I saw it”. Leo is the best wingman. Fight me.

Feel free to add more cute things about them because I will never shut up with this ship and the lack of content makes me super sad.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Jaxcon - Destiel

Guys you done fucked up asking Jensen about Destiel, and especially phrasing it like that. I personally love Destiel because of the backstory (Cas basically fell from heaven for him) but I would never mention that to them. Like guys you have to understand, shipping characters and writing about them being together is only for the fans. Please don’t start attacking Jensen just because he gave his opinion on the show.

PS- To the people who are like ahaha destiel shippers got crushed today by Jensen lol, why would you ever take happiness in that? People are obviously pretty sad about it and the least you can do is shut the fuck up about it.

We are a family everyone. Don’t attack each other because of different opinions :)

To spend together the last week of Lucifer winter hiatus, I’d like to celebrate our devil and detective. The week of January 9th to January 15th will be Deckerstar Appreciation Week!

You can contribute in any way, with gif, edit, graphic, video, music, fanfiction. Every type of art you want to do!


  • Jan 09th • Day One: Deckerstar (the moment I started to ship them)
  • Jan 10th • Day Two: Just, shut up (the scene that ripped my heart out)
  • Jan 11th • Day Three: Detective! Lucifer! (favourite little things)
  • Jan 12th • Day Four: Don’t, please (favorite moment of physical contact)
  • Jan 13th • Day Five: Like you said (favourite quote)
  • Jan 14th • Day Six: I love these people (Tom and Lauren appreciation)
  • Jan 15th • Day Seven: What’s your deepest, darkest desire? (free day)

It would be nice if you tag your posts with #deckerstarweek in one of the first five tags so all the works are collected together!

Have fun! :)

ok but

  • Blue Pearl & Yellow Pearl running away together to abandon their Diamonds because they wise up and are tired of being used
  • The two of them exploring the galaxies
  • Cute nicknames for each other, “sunshine” and “sky” respectively
  • Yellow can never shut up, Blue’s the quiet one
  • After they escape, each one of them poofs and their regenerations are so drastic from the designs they were given, much more of themselves… Yellow still kept the thigh highs, though.
  • i just think they would be very nerdy
  • and in love

anonymous asked:

I'm screaming because I saw that you have Thomas and Angelica fics. They are so amazing. I thought I was the only one who shipped them. I know you're requests are closed but I was wondering if you could give me some headcanons?


some previous ones were here!

  • okay, so you put the two most intelligent people together and what to you get
    • a power couple that’s right
    • you have lafayette to thank! he finally got thomas to ask angelica
      • laf: “mon ami, it’s clear that you love her”
      • thomas. embarrassed: “shUT UP LAF” 
  • thomas and angelica like to cook for each other! a lot!
    • he knows more than just mac n cheese. 
      • he knows a couple of french recipes + some southern style meals!
      • angelica,,, loves it so much
    • angelica doesn’t cook a whole lot
      • there’s a few dishes that she’s really good at
      • she’s a better baker
      • when thomas is really stressed, she makes him sweets
      • thomas is a sucker for cupcakes
      • angelica learned how to make peach cobbler + thomas almost cried bc it was just as good as his mom’s
  • thomas plays the violin + piano!
    • angelica likes it when he actually sits down at the piano and plays
      • he doesn’t always have time too
    • angelica sings when he does
    • thomas smiles so wide when she sits beside him on the bench and hums along to the melody
    • she knows a little bit of piano because eliza taught her a few songs so she’ll do the occasional duet with thomas
    • if angelica asks nicely enough, thomas will play a song for her on his violin
      • he has written her a song. it was beautiful.
  • thomas gets along with peggy the most out of all the sisters
    • their friendship is really cute
    • having alexander as a brother in law is about as awful as you’d expect it to be
  • thomas’ siblings love angelica
    • his mother was harder to convince
  • angelica (when she’s really tired) will face plant onto the bed
    • thomas is always concerned
    • he fits himself around her though and she always curls up around him
  • he knows she’s really tired/upset when she doesn’t talk as much
    • thomas: “how was your day?” angelica, throwing her bag on the floor: “fiNE”
      • if she’s downright exhausted, she’ll start crying
      • thomas makes her sleep
  • thomas (when he’s really tired) will cling onto angelica
    • she’s always like “thomas, go to bed” 
    • he doesn’t…at least not without her
    • angelica knows he’s tired when he starts making no sense
      • his sentences get all jumbled and he kind of slurs his words
      • her eloquent boyfriend is loooooong gone + needs sleep
  • if thomas gets sick, angelica makes him stay at home
    • if he refuses, she glares at him
    • he quickly shuts up + gives in
      • he likes it when she takes care of him
      • thomas, high on medicine: “we’re like those couples … in those movies”
      • angelica, laughing: “yeah, except we’re not married” 
      • thomas, probably: “oh my god we’re not married yet?”
  • when angelica is sick, she tries to do everything
    • she talks faster, moves faster
    • and thomas is like “babe, you gotta rest” 
    • she gives in when she realizes how out of it she is
    • that and thomas picks her up and swoops her away from her piles of work
  • they’re really good at reading each other’s body language!
    • they can look at each other from across the room and know what the other is thinking
    • it comes in handy when they’re both networking + need to get out of a conversation
  • they go to a lot of parties together. big fancy galas.
    • when angelica sees thomas in a suit she is weak
    • when angelica’s all dressed up, thomas is like “how did i get so lucky oh my gosh”
    • they (obviously) look good together
      • they like to coordinate
    • they throw some of the best parties too. 

that’s all i can think of right now! i’ll continue the list though, haha!

Is this what having an otp is like? Constantly thinking about them doing cute shit together, barging into people’s messages to yell about said cute shit, crying at all the fan art/fanfics? You guys are probably thinking damn shut up izuqu, but okay listen I can’t, okay maybe I can, but I don’t want to. I’ve fallen in love with a damn ship. Good god I’m a mess.

Tidbits about Aggie and Hope and the Siren
  • Aggie is stronger in Sea Magick than Hope. She calms the seas while Hope fills the sails with wind
  • Aggie makes the Ouroboros ship flag that the Siren bears
  • Hope and Aggie had matching Ouroboros tattoos on their left wrists
  • Hope wears her head red around Aggie so much that people think they’re sisters
  • Hope and Aggie are co-captains of the Siren
  • They’d probably be content sailing the seas together
  • It takes them a few years to clean up the Siren for sailing
  • “I’m just saying there’s something poetic about only girls being on the ship” “Shut up”
  • Aggie could never be sick of eating fish
  • (Depends on the fish for Hope)
  • Hope looks the most the part of the pirate
  • They always introduce themselves as Nelda if anyone asks their name when they come into port, because they’re nerds furthering the legend of the Sea-Witch Nelda Slytherin


@ people complaining in my allydia gifset about how i called them “brotp” shut the fuck up already oh my god i don’t ship them romantically that’s why it’s a brotp for me it doesn’t mean i think they’re strictly heterosexual and there’s not a possible chance that they could’ve been together romantically get the fuck over yourselves holy shit

For The First Time In Forever Reprise: Jason Grace
  • Nico: Jason, I'm not going to talk about this with you.
  • Jason: Nico! Please don't shut the feelings out again,Please don't slam the door. You don't have to keep your distance from Percy anymore.
  • Nico: JASON NO
  • Jason: Cause for the first time in forever, I finally understand, For the first time in forever, you and Jackson can be hand in hand. We can set you two up together. You don't have to be gay in fear. 'Cause for the first time in forever, I will be right here
  • Nico: Jason, Please go away, your life awaits. Ship people on the Argo 2 and make them go on dates.
  • Jason: Yeah, but -
  • Nico: I know, You mean well, but leave me be
  • Yes, I'm alone, so stop this OTP. Just stay away, don't mention the son of the sea God around me!
  • Jason: Actually I can't
  • Nico: What do you mean you can't?
  • Jason: I get the feeling you don't know
  • Nico: What do I not know!?!
  • Jason: I will go down with this ship... Bro
Nekoma And Karasuno React To: Kurostuki.
  • Kuroo: Wait, so people 'Ship' Tsuki and I? Wait- What is shipping?
  • Tsukishima: Don't call me 'Tsuki', and also. Please stop. I don't want to be associated with a man who cares way too much about his hair.
  • Kuroo: SHUT UP OKAY?
  • Kenma: Okay, calm down. 'Shipping' is when people think two other people go good together. There fore they 'Ship' them.
  • Kuroo: Ah, that makes sense I guess.. Tsuki, wanna be a ship?
  • Tsukishima: Absolutely not.
  • Kuroo: But why?
  • Kenma: Wait calm down-
  • Sugawara+Daichi: Called it.
  • Tsukishima: Wait what?-
  • Hinata: So, Tsukishima and Kuroo-san are dating?
  • Tsukishima: No-
  • Kageyama: I think so.
  • Kuroo: I mean oka-
  • Yamaguchi: I never knew Tsuki was gay-
  • Tsukishima: AM NOT-
  • Kuroo: Shh baby, let it happen-
  • Hinata+Kageyama: I ship it.
  • Tsukishima: I HATE YOU ALL.

Prompt: We hate each other but apparently our teachers ship is and make I partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of God if you not shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and sNOG THE HELL OUT OF YOU

Remus cursed under his breath as he made his way next to Sirius Fucking Black. That was the third time this week that a teacher thought it would be funny to make them sit next to each other. And it was only Tuesday.

It was clear that the teachers thought it would be funny to make the sit together. Some shipping wars going on in the staff room and here Remus has to bear the blunt of it and sit next to that pain in the arse. And he hd the audacity to smile at him. Smile! Honestly, if he do not gave about his marks that much, Remus probably would have a few words o choice to say to both the English teacher and Sirius Black.

And yet, he would not do that. Because as much as that annoyed him to no end, he had been sporting a huge crush on him since some time now. That wanker was lounging his chair like it was a fucking couch, gave Remus an-honest-to-god once over and smirked at him. He resisted the urge to kick something because how dare him look so cool and beautiful in that plain classroom.

Remus simply rolls his eyes and took the chair next to Sirius.

“Why, hello my pretty moonbeam.” Remus cringed at the use of one of the many derivatives of the nickname the black-haired boy gave him when he noticed his moon phases tattoo on his underarm.

“Good morning Black,” he said tensely.

“Oh don’t worry your pretty face love-” he said close to Remus’ ear. Remus felt his face warming up from the closeness but tried to maintain his composure.

“Black, for the sake of everything that is holy, just shut your big mouth.”

“Make me,” Sirius answered in a low voice, that went straight to Remus’ groin and smirked.

The tawny-haired boy simply glared at him until his shoulders sagged forwards and he nodded.

They would be discussing ‘Candide’ by Voltaire in the first period and then, partner up for creative writing. They’d do only the outline in class and work the rest of the essay together at home.

Once they completed Voltaire, they got to work. Well everyone else got to work while Remus got to deal with a petulant Sirius. Though, in the end, they managed to complete the outline and were now packing their things away.

“So Moony, I finally get to see your bedroom now?”

Remus took a deep breath, willing himself to not give I to the desire to kick or kiss that bastard. Either option was fine with him, though he was rooting more for the first on right now.

“Here’s my address. I’m expecting you at seven. Don’t be late.”

“Oh, don’t I at least get a good bye kiss?” Sirius pouted and Remus nearly let out a whimper. How can him look so bloody gorgeous?

“No you don’t. There’s only the standard hand shake I’m afraid.” Remus extended his hand.

Sirius took it and instead of shaking it, he placed a hot opened-mouth kiss on Remus’ knuckles. He felt desire pooling in his belly and wanted nothing less than to have that same kiss but on his mouth  instead now.

Sirius shot him a smug grin and winked at him before making his way out leaving Remus staring at his back.

He was so gone right now. So smitten.


Remus was pacing nervously around the house. He was a ball of nerves. How will be deal with a gorgeous Sirius Black in his room. Probably on his bed.

He heard an engine roaring in the distance and seconds later the other boy was getting off his motor bike looking like a bloody sex god. Cursing under hi breath, he made his way to the door and opened it to a smirking Sirius.

He was looking gorgeous as ever with his dark locks pulled into a high bun at the back of his head, strategically ripped jeans, a leather jacket over a light white t-shirt. Remus was staring  and clearly Sirius noticed judging by the smug look on his face.

“Hello love.”

“Sirius. It’s upstairs. You want something to drink.” His manners caught up with him.

“Nah I’m fine.”

They worked pretty fast and quite well. Sirius still blatantly flirted with him and Remus continued having his insides turned into mush each time and keeping on a stoic face. But it did not happen that much.

They were indeed working on his bed. Remus was formatting the whole document and looking for grammatical mistakes, when Sirius raised his hands to redo his bun which got loose. The issue was that his shirt raised as well, revealing a sliver of skin which Remu could not unglue his eyes from. And apparently, that encouraged Sirius to show off his seemingly unending knowledge of cheesy pick-up lines.

As always, Remus ignored him for most part. Well at least tried to.

“Okay if you don’t shut the fuck up, I will make you. Believe me I will snog your stupid face off.” Remus growled at him.

Sirius’ breath hitched and he licked his lips. “I will not stop you. That’s for sure.”

And then, Remus pounded on Sirius, effectively knocking him down and he was straddling his gorgeous classmate. He brought their faces so close that their noses were touching. Sirius licked his lips again and Remus closed the distance between them.

They were both panting slightly when they pulled away.

“If I knew all I had to do was talk to have you kiss me like that, I’d have done it ages ago.”

Remu rolled his eyes but he had a smile playing on his lips. “Shut up” he said fondly.

“Make me” Sirius said after a beat ad Remus did as he asked.


i just made a new dan and fil fanfiction on wattpad! x33 i’m 10 so shut the fuck up mom you don’t know about my secre t life😩😩👌👌💦i love dan and ph il and i ship them 100%! they are so together like have you seen the pha n proof vid s?? dan howell is my husband lmao rawr xD i’m so relatable and the “hipster” kid in our class😂😂😂👏👍 i’m so random and emo lmao LOL XDDDDDD

Thoughts that are keeping me going today:

  • Bruno buying Yuusei a bunch of candy and stuff and then exchanging cards with a bunch of really cute and sappy stuff written in them with him and crying when he reads Yuusei`s (Yuusei ofc had to call his other friends to get them to help him since hes no good with expressing emotions)
  • Yuusei taking Bruno stargazing about a lovely meal that Bruno prepared with love and that tasted like love too bc Bruno is an amazing cook tbh
  • Yuusei and Bruno just being together at all tbh
  • Crow trying to be thrifty while also giving Seiichi a great Valentine`s day and kinda failing???? Crow worries that he ruined the whole night but Seiichi had a great time just bc he got to spend it with Crow and that ofc makes the bird man cry

  • Yuuya having his mom cook pancake sandwiches for him and Mimi and then taking her out to You-Show`s duel field and putting on a really pretty Action Field to hang out in bc Mimi gets rly uncomfortable actually going out on the town and Yuuya wants her to be as happy as possible

  • Shingo having his dad throw a whole big Valentine`s ball just so he can invite Seika and dance with her bc he`s such a dork??? (ofc he just HAS to one-up Yuuya and whatever he had planned for him and Mimi so theres that too) And then when Seika shows up in a suit Shingo just can`t take it bc she`s just so good at covering every base by their self

  • Jack taking Mika out for a dinner Team 5D`s definitely can`t afford and exchanging equally expensive gifts and then later reading really terrible poems to each other and laughing at each other for being bad writers

  • Placido trying to surprise Paradox but making him dinner but it`s awful so Paradox ends up cooking anyways and they just eat in silence bc Placido is Salty™

  • Ruri and Minori going on a double date with Shun and Yuuto that`s rly awkward bc Shun won`t stop glaring at Minori…so Ruri and Minori end up breaking off from the group and taking a trip to the observation floor of Heartland Tower and watching the sun set as the city lights up and it`s rly romantic and ugh i love these two…..

Okay you guys know I go hard for big gooey romantic love confessions from the idiots, but consider the following:

Platonic “I love you.”

Maka casually calling out I love you as they’re both heading to bed at night. Soul saying a gruff love ya at the end of a phone call when they’re separated for a few days. Hugs and love when they’re going to be away from each other for the day, something Maka started because she knows too well that you never know when the last time you see someone could be the last, because life is unpredictable and she never wants the last words she says to her partner to be anything other than that. Continual, easy reassurance that they are cared for, that they are first in each others’ lives, that they are loved, unconditionally.

And perhaps over time those I love yous take on a different connotation. Perhaps they blossom into romantic love as well. Perhaps they don’t. But they are sincere and absolute, and they both know from the bottom of their souls that they are cherished beyond anyone in their partner’s heart.