Shadowhunters Fan Logic

Innocent Fan I really like Clary and Alec together. I ship them.

Annoying Fan #1 NO he is gay!

Innocent Fan okay

Annoying Fan #2 hey, Annoying Fan #1, isn’t Saphael so cute and real!

Annoying Fan #1 OMG yes! I really think they will be together

Innocent Fan But isn’t Raphael aromantic/asexual? And isn’t Simon straight?

Annoying Fan #1 & #2 Shut up you idiot, they’re in love

Innocent Fan *Looks into the camera like on The Office*

yru3  asked:

If you had your own TARDIS and could go anywhere in time and space, where and when would you go first?

Probably back to the golden age of Pirates in the Caribbean. Around 1665 long before the navies started banding together to shut them down. I’d blag my way onto a ship, probably dressed as a man and learn to sword fight and make enough in treasure to live a double life so sometimes I could wear the swishy skirt dresses. I’d avoid the corsets though.

Or I’d go back in time in my own country to fight side by side with the men I grew up hearing about for a free Ireland. I’d become a part of that story.

Or the Roman age of decadence.

Or to Gallifrey to scold some uppity time Lords for being so mean to my Doctor!

Or to the planet of the Ood! I love the Ood!

Okay this question is a lot harder to answer than I thought! I may have to hold onto this TARDIS semi-permanently…there’s an awful lot of running to do.

RM EP 313

here goes nothing. it’s been a long time since my running man rants so lets go

this is definitely a monday couple episode planned or not planned. shut up haters, they’ve been laying low for months it hurts.

so who says monday couple is over? LOOOOL.

but goddamn, once they are together there’s like nothing that could go against them. i mean apart from jaesuk matching them up, they are technically fated to be together actually. and jihyo looooooks really darn happy to be paired up with her “oPPPAAAAA”. like wow gurl, we can see you are excited from your face to your tone when you scream “OPPA”.

also, they work reallllly good together everytime they are on the same team. they either win or win. no in between. i dont recall any episodes where they are a team & losing actually (if there’s one, pls enlighten me becuz i might forget)

ok im sorry for this fangirling but its monday couple & its been awhile. but nevertheless, i realllly love it when they invite middle age noonas on set because they rule the entire episode. especially noh sayeon WHO’S A FRICKIN QUEEN. i loved it whenever she makes an appearance bcuz gurl she real. shes funny, witty, non forgiving & incredibly sporting. the appearance of both moonsook & sayeon totally overpowered the 2 young girl guests. not to forget, that ha jaesuk is also a great guest!!!! love her! she could come back anytime man!

then ok, lets go to the mission, the mission was scattered so ill just dive into mc moments then. i fuckin love the nonsense acting THAT WAS HILARIOUS. YOO JAESUK’S FACE WHEN THE THING WOULDNT BREAK ON HIS HEAD AND JIHYO BEING CONCERNED HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Not to mention how unforgiving gil gang is towards the nation mc LOOOOOL.

Then we have MC topping everything. their acting was great actually. gary could potentially become a mediocre actor if he wants to take a part time job. ok sorry.

Let’s go to the billiard part, when they were up against sukjin’s team. i personally don’t like the idea of blowing onto someone’s face because god knows what they smell like so i was cringing a lil throughout that part. but like i told you, mondaycouple are uber powerful whenever they are together. that hug jihyo gave gary after winning was longer than expected eh, jihyo? must be fun hugging that tight and all ;’).

but i won’t forget the cheating between kwangsoo & yjs, like goddamn where are the referees HAHAHAHA. this duo will totally be blacklisted from rm in the future eps HAHAHAHAH.


LIMBO TIME: the last time they did that was in 2013 i think where sayeon noona also came down for the ep. and they did it again. and it was the same pairing of jongkook + sayeon, gary + jihyo. perfect. i laughed out loud during jongkook’s part BECUZ HE COULD LIFT SAYEON BACK THEN AND COULDNT NOW AHHAHAHA. AND JAESUK YELLING AT HIM FOR DROPPING HER ON THE GROUND OMYG.


ok then monday couple was like smashing for this game because no one could pass through 65cm height LOOOOL. this is why a 6 year coupling is always good becuz you are more likely to be more comfortable with the other & able to do such a game easily. not to mentioned that i think gary’s face brushed again jihyo’s boobs at one point of time??? (during the part where his head has to go through).

i dont know man, they were killing it at all the games its amazing. from the photo zone where gary automatically carry jihyo onto his shoulders (i’m always a lil apprehensive abt this action bcuz your private area is near af to the other person’s head like erm nope for me).

then the very fated thing to happen, them winning the revival card like WTF SUCH LUCK. I know they have like 8 running balls. but THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY COULD EASILY WIN THE REVIVAL CARD EASILY BCUZ YOU ARE COMPETING WITH THE OTHER BALLS TOO??!??!?! So this was definitely a fated shocker.

and truly the ending is remarkable. the monday couple truly going all odds to be the powerful couple in running man history and winning all missions whenever they are together. match made in heaven kthanksbye. the end. i hope sayeon and ha jaesuk will come again bcuz they are amazing sporting guests.

also, no one could share the greatest tightest hug like what jihyo gave gary ever. (front hugs)

p.s: ive seen some hate comments on mc couplings on this episode and im reallllllly so done with this fandom like dude chill the hell out. you stay in your lane i stay in my lane. there’s no need to hate anyone. also, chill down on your delusions like im not kidding some of them go over the line of even pointing out the smallest trivial detail of people standing side by side LOL. major absolute lol. you know who you are.

Fandom Critical: Shipping

What I’m Here For: Shipping together characters that have never interacted before because they look cute together. Shipping characters in a poly relationship of headcanoning them as whatever they want. Shipping healthy relationships built on trust and respect and love.

What I’m Not Here For: Shipping siblings or fucking family members. Shipping an unhealthy/toxic/abusive relationship. Shipping two characters that hate each other. People who refuse to acknowledge that some relationships/people/feelings can change.

Relationships can be complex without being abusive. You can add drama to a relationship without it being unhealthy. Couples argue. They disagree and misunderstand each other. Sometimes circumstances force stress and drama into a relationship.

If you think the only “complex” or “interesting” relationships are based on abuse or other toxic principles then maybe you need to reevaluate what exactly an “interesting” relationship is.