Imagine, if you will, your otp sat around “studying” in one of their houses, and one of them is playing video games and trying to beat their own high score after the other got bored of winning so much. Of course, the person playing the video game is moving around waaay too much and no matter how much the other moves away from them they still end up getting hit in the ribs. It gets to the point where the other can’t take it any more and they grab their wrist and try to tell them to quit it but the person is only like “woooooah you looked so scary for a minute!” and so they get pushed over bc wow that was pretty rude of them but they pull the other with them ((bc I mean what were you expecting)) but they can’t stop laughing at the glare from the person on top of them so they just wrap their arms around their shoulders and pull them down for a kiss 

Can you do a stiles imagine where the reader is Scott and stile’s best friend and she’s secretly in love with stiles and Scott hears her heart beating really fast when stiles touches her and how sad she gets when he talks about Lydia and Scott tells stiles one day when he’s complaining about Lydia not liking him back?  

i sort of took this a different direction i hope you like it!

You were standing next to your locker with stiles, one of your best friends, joking about guys “Gosh stiles, shut up!” you playfully hit him in the chest and you laughed, your heart beat going a mile a minute as you joked around. He told you that some guy on the lax team had a thing for you and you played it off. You didn’t care about any boys other than stiles, but you’d never let him know that. All he cared about was Lydia Martin. You didn’t know how he could still like her after she made out with Scott a few years ago.

“No really y/n. he really does… wait. Eyelash.” He reaches up to your face and your breath catches in your throat. He was so close to you. That is when Scott decided to walk up. You take a step back and your face flushes “Scott!” you notice the look on his face, you knew he knew how you felt about stiles and you were grateful he never told stiles. “make a wish” stiles says to you, unfazed by Scott’s presence. You close your eyes and think ‘I wish Scott keeps my secret’ and then you blow the eyelash away.  

Stiles turns to Scott “did you see Lydia today? She almost looked at me. Damn she wants me so bad” stiles basically whimpers the last sentence. You feel lightheaded, sick to your stomach, your heart physically hurt every time he talked about Lydia. You looked up to see Scott’s eyes on you, he looked concerned. You quickly grab your stuff from your locker and run, calling out behind you asking them to save you a seat at lunch, hiding the pain that was obvious on your face. You made your way to your English class and found your seat in the back. Praying that Stiles would be done talking about Lydia by lunch.  

When lunch time came around you begrudgingly made your way to your table, sat at your spot next to Stiles, and then proceeded to cringe as you heard what Stiles was saying “Scott I need you to talk be up to Lydia, tell her how amazing I am. Tell her how funny I am. Tell her anything.” Every day it was a roller coaster for you, with stiles you were high and happy but when he brought up Lydia it just reassured you that he would never feel the same and then you would crash and feel nauseous like you had just been punched in the gut. Scott could tell, he felt bad for you, which made you feel worse, you didn’t want to be pitied. This was t, you have had enough. You had felt awful every day for the past year and now you couldn’t take it anymore.  “Yeah Scott, tell Lydia how much she deserves our beloved Stiles here” you stood “I forgot that I have to do something” you left your friends and your lunch and leave. Stiles watches you go “what’s her deal?” he asks and Scott just looks at him annoyed.

*two weeks later*

You have been avoiding everyone, you didn’t want to feel pitied and overlooked when you knew you were better than that. You were grateful that you didn’t have classes with anyone. You didn’t respond to texts or calls and you didn’t eat lunch in the cafeteria anymore. You had a routine down that would make sure they could never confront you. The only one who knew why was Scott and you didn’t even care if he said anything anymore. You cut all ties, you deserved someone better than Stiles who couldn’t even notice how you felt.

You slipped up, you were late and as you were running down the hall you crashed straight into Stiles and Scott, knocking you to the floor as they still stood “Dammit! Watch where you…” you looked up into the face of Stiles your heart beat fluttering and you cursed yourself for still feeling for him “oh so now we are speaking? What is your problem anyway? You have been completely ignoring everyone for weeks!” Stiles was yelling at you and Scott looked shocked. You stood, forgetting about your backpack and books, your phone in the mix somewhere. “you! you are my problem! You walk around pining for a girl who will never feel the same. Someone who made out with your best friend I might add! Yet you don’t care! You just want her anyway, because she looks good. It makes me sick. You make me sick Stiles!” before he can respond you run, you run out of the school and you run home, burying your face in your pillow and breaking down when you get there.

-          Back at school -

“What the hell is wrong with her?!” Stiles asks Scott. “Dammit Stiles! Are you completely blind?? She has basically been in love with you since you guys met!” Stiles doesn’t respond. He stands there staring at Scott, in shock, his jaw dropped.

-          You    -

You were lying face down on your bed. You hadn’t moved for a few hours. Someone knocked on your door and you assumed it was your mother “not now mom” they knocked again “mom please. Not now” your voice broke and you feared you were going to cry again the door opened and you sat up quickly and instead of seeing your mom …

“Stiles” you say and quickly wipe your eyes “what are you doing here?” you tried to sound mad but it came out weird. Stiles set your backpack down by the door and sat down beside you on your bed. “I didn’t know I was hurting you. I never wanted to hurt you. you are my best friend- don’t tell Scott- I have missed you so much these past few weeks.” He brushes your hair out of your face and smiles at you “Scott told me how you feel. Y/n, you are right about Lydia, I’m sorry for how I have treated you. I would like to try this” he gestures between you both “if you want to” you grab his hand and lace your fingers together and you blush “I missed you too Stiles”  

��+�f�� >5

The Elevator (Hypnoscene Log from Charmed, Perspective 2)

           It was really Noelle’s idea.

           I’m not sure where it came from, exactly. Maybe it was the stories that she, Liz and I wrote a few weeks ago. Maybe it was because Noelle believes the hotel was haunted. Or maybe it’s just because she’s a creative genius. Whatever the reason was, she pulled me aside, quite early in the weekend, and told me she had this idea for playing with Sleepingirl.

           “We put her in the elevator, and as the doors shut, she drops into trance, and she goes deeper. Then when she reaches the bottom, she wakes up, and hits the seventh floor button. As the doors shut again, she goes back into trance… again. And she goes still deeper as the elevator goes up.”

           I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I knew Sleepingirl would be up for it. The question was, when? And how? That can be a fairly complicated suggestion to pull off.

           I mulled it over until Sunday night rolled around. Noelle and I grabbed SG from the party. We had given her some broad outlines but hadn’t given her the details. On the way to the elevator, it hit me. Of course!

           She and I had set up a consensual non-consent trigger keyed to… well.., keyed to one word.


           I had used it earlier in the weekend, and she nearly ran away. She said her heart went into overdrive and based on how flushed and frightened she seemed, I believed her. I held my hand on her heart as I said it again, in a sing-song, Tennant-as-American kind of way. “Jessica!” Her heart accelerated to hummingbird fast.

           Don’t tell me triggers don’t work.

           So there we were in front of the elevator.

           I looked her in the eye as Noelle looked on. “Jessica!”

           She blanched but hung on my gaze.

           “Here’s what’s going to happen. In a minute, you’re going to summon the elevator. When you enter, you’re going to be compelled to hit the ground floor button. As the door closes, so will your conscious mind. You will fall with the elevator into a deep, deep trance, remembering nothing. When the door opens, you will have no idea why you’re there, just knowing that you missed your floor, and you have to hit the button for the seventh floor. As the doors close again, so will your conscious mind. And as the elevator rises, you will fall deeper. And when you reach the seventh floor, you will wake up, no knowing how exactly you got there. The only thing you know is that you missed your floor, and you have to press the ground floor button. Do you understand?”

           She nodded slowly. Carefully. As if she didn’t want to disappoint me.

           Noelle smiled. Her smile reflected my feeling—predatory and alert.

           “Good. Then begin.”

           Sleepingirl moved slowly, to the button. All at once, we weren’t there. Our predatory smiles turned to glee.

           The doors opened. We walked in behind her. She pressed the button going to the ground floor. She took a position in the middle of the car. As the doors closed we watched in thrilled reverence while her whole body slouched into trance.

           The elevator doors were mirrored, so we could see every inhale and exhale of her trance.

           I started whispering in her ear to reinforce the effectiveness, that as she felt the drop of the car, she would feel herself dropping even more deeply.

           We quickly reached the ground floor. The doors slid open and we watched as she woke up, groggily shaking her head and looking around. Then she smirked, as if she remembered something, and reached out to press the “7” button. She watched with trepidation as the doors closed, and she dropped.

           I whispered to Noelle to see if she wanted to help out with the suggestions on the fly. She said she would jump in at the end.

           As the elevator went up and down over and over again (I think we completed 15 circuits in all) I kept up as much of a patter as I could. Here is what I can remember (more or less):

           At the beginning: “As the doors close, you find yourself falling. And you may ask yourself, haven’t I done this before? This isn’t the first time this has happened, is it? Or the second? Or… how long have you been here?”

           “As the doors close, you find your eyes stay open, Jessica. You stare at the woman in the mirror. Look at how deep she’s going. Maybe you find yourself pulled along with her.

           “Can she decide what is real? How deep is she going?”

           “Maybe, Jessica, you’re not actually in an elevator right now. Maybe you’re at home, sitting at your computer reading mcstories. Maybe you’re reading about a girl trapped in an elevator, going up and down over and over and over again.”

           “Maybe you’re at that computer, masturbating, and your imagination has made it so real that you’re writing that girl into life in your mind right now”

           “So are you there, willing yourself into being here? Or are you here, willing that masturbating girl into existence over there?”

           “”And what is that doing to you, Jessica?”

           “Are you more disturbed at how turned on you are by this than you are turned on by how disturbed you are?” At this point she started being visibly turned on, breathing heavily as she stared, slack jawed and vacant, at herself in the mirror.

           “How does it feel to have no control over this? As you are compelled to repeat this dance over and over and over again?”

           “How does it feel to be in this state, alone, and at the mercy of the trance?”

           “What sort of person allows herself to be in this state?”

           “How long can you keep going? Until there is nothing left? Until you explode? Until you disappear entirely?”

           After a certain point I nodded to Noelle and she leaned in and started whispering in her other ear. Together we whispered about how deep she was. About how much deeper she was than before.

           This time, on the seventh floor, we each grabbed her by the arm and shoulder and led her out.

           We led her in front of her elevator.

           We led her to her knees.

           We asked her if she was ready for it to end.

           We asked her if she was ready to beg for more.

           We asked her if she wanted to be released.

           We asked her if she wanted released.

           We told her she was building to something. Some release of all the pent up energies of the weekend.

           We asked her if she was ready.

           I looked at Noelle and saw that she was as flushed as I felt.

           We told her there was only one thing she had to say.

           One word. And it would happen.

           More. Less. Release.  

           It would stop.

           It would keep going.

           Somewhere, from some hidden reserve, with an effort that took everything out of her, she started repeating, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

           One word.


           “Say it.”

           She gulped for air as the effort to change from “I don’t know” to “please” overtook her.

           “Just say…’please.’”

           With a final break of will, she said it, in a hoarse shouted whisper.


           Noelle and I glanced at each other, ensuring our timing was perfect.


           She moaned a delicious, breaking, submissive moan as all the tension poured out of her.

           We held her as she shook in her place, kneeling on the ground.

           Finally, the convulsions ended.

           We waited a beat for the last echo to fade.

           “And- awake!”

           She started. The sense of crashing unexpectedly into the waking world that passed across her face was delightful.

           She grabs us and we help her slowly to her feet.

           She is laughing. We are laughing.

           Topspace, much like power, as the prophet said, is delightful.  

           She thanks us.

           We thank her.

           She can’t stop shaking. She is vibrating in the cold night.

           She asks us what she did to deserve it.

           We tell her.

           She is a willing and perfect canvas.

           A maiden waiting to be broken.

           She wants us to win.

           We tell her the truth.

 “You’re you.” We say.

It explains everything.

We lead her away, arm in arm in arm.

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Wowza!  I didn’t really ever expect to hit this number of followers playing a side character that ain’t too popular even with the fandom.  BADA BING!  I’m glad you guys are enjoying my shitposting/art/roleplay WHATEVER IT IS.  If I made even one human being appreciate Kittan even a smidge than I feel it’s a major victory for bananakind.  ALRIGHT.  

There like ain’t no reason for me to keep kissin’ my own ass so here’s some assholes that tradition dictates I gotta shout out here:

                                 TEAM DAI GURREN:

@humaneradication: Actual Viral and should shut up.  HahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHA your hands are gross!  Get a clue!  Not even human!  BLEH!  You can be in the team or whatever but get a haircut!

@kickingreasontothecurb: You make me actually want to kiss Kamina on the mouth and have Kittan do gay things so that’s a major accomplishment.  I hope they goddamn cuddle in a goddamn BLANKET FORT AND BE HAPPY.

@drillcommander: Stop making me work and also give me your work out secrets, you got swole in like two days.

@paralleledfate: You’re too nice, what gypsy did you make a deal with to extinguish most of your rage?  Also, be my wife.

@spiralxhime: How about you ditch Simon and get with a REAL MAN?

@bodaciousgunslinger: Please give up on Kamina and let’s make a happy life together.  You know I might not be packin’ the drill that will pierce the heavens but it’s better than loneliness!

@whothehxll: What happened to our macaroni dates?

@kinonbachika: This here is my sibling, my real BUDDY PAL and sometimes we date because of the mutual loneliness.  This is a theme.  I’m pruney you know.  Been in that shower a WHILE.

@deriision: Honorary Team Dai Gurren because you’ve accepted the seed of more than one man here.

@destinycombining: Actually sounds like Viral and I’m excited for his DAMN LIZARD MAN.  He is actually Goku.

@theyoungestblacksibling: BABY SISTER


@chiefadvisor: Probably should make out with my sister so she can smile and face the day

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Sorry if I missed anyone!  I’M A NIMROD!  Anyways, hella hella, hopefully we keep GOIN’ ON HERE runing a PERFECTLY DISRESPECTED ALREADY CHARACTER!

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My favorite thing about sharing Hamilton with other people is that if you know them well enough you can nail the song that is going to make them fall in love with the show and you get to see their reaction to it.

When I chose a song to play for my sister I did Helpless/Satisfied and she listened to it while browsing the web but the moment the “Rewind” part hit in Satisfied she very slowly turned to me, furrowed her brows, and shut her laptop so she could pay attention.

When I chose a song to play for my father I chose Right Hand Man and he likes history so I could tell he was enjoying the story element of it but when Washington said “Dying is easy young man, living is harder” his eyes got wide. We wound up listening to nearly the entire album on our road trip (which says a lot since he claims musical theatre was ruined for him because he saw the original cast of Phantom of the Opera live and nothing will ever beat it, haha)

Next time you come to Bulgaria, add “getting trapped in a tiny abandoned mountain village” to your list of cool things to do!

I finally managed to get up to the beautiful Kosovo Houses Bulgaria, an hour from Plovdiv, and no sooner had I arrived than a massive snow storm hit the village. 40cm dumped overnight, shutting off electricity for two days and closing the roads. Besides Svetlana and Christo, the affable owners of the accommodation, only 8 other people live in the entire town! If there is anywhere that you want to be temporarily stuck, then Kosovo Houses is the place to be!

Being without internet or power meant that I simply wandered around the place, played in the snow, sat by the fire, drank lots and lots of tea, conversed, and, for the first time in a long time, actually got to read a book! Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that make all the difference :)

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At the end of the Vampire Lestat in a nutshell.
  • Lestat's concert has gone to shit
  • Gabrielle:*rolls up in a Porche*
  • Lestat and Louis:O.O
  • Gabrielle:Come with me losers if you want to live!
  • Louis:Dude is that your?-
  • Lestat:Shut up Louis!
  • Lestat and Louis get into the car. Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation plays on the stereo.
  • Gabrielle:I thought you boys would like this tune!
  • Gabrielle puts on some sweet shades, revs the car's engines and hits the pedal to the metal, the car screeches away leaving wheel stains on the road and smoke in the air.

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/Vani/ Whoops~

13 – Wake up in bed with your muse @vanitasunbreakablechains

    Something was rumbling.

    Dark blue eyes, hidden behind heavy, tired lids, squint irritably in response. They remained tightly shut, allowing the comforting darkness to protect her sensitive pupils from a bright light. The light hit her eyelids and tinted her sightless vision, warning her that opening her eyes now would result in a painful over stimulus. Instead, she rolls onto her side, burying her face into what she thinks is her pillow.

    The rumbling continues.

    At first, she wonders how she got back to her dorm. The last thing she remembered clearly was playing a drinking game. Going to a first of the year frat party sounded like a great idea when Roxas had suggested it, but the blonde slipped out of her vision and vanished into the crowd after several minutes. She then met an entirely new group of friends to hang out with: friends that were bigger, older, and very nice. They had even included her in a game of beer pong, and a second game that she couldn’t recall the name of, but had resulted in drinking a very large amount of whiskey from a silicone foot-shaped cup. Xion had won.

    Somehow, she was back in her bed. I had to have walked home, she tells herself. She yawns, nuzzling her face into a soft warmth that has the faintest scent of cinnamon. She can’t convince her body to move from its comfortable nestled position, and her pounding head feels too heavy to lift. She lets out a defeated groan.

    The rumbling goes on.

    It dawns upon her that her roommate doesn’t snore, and neither does she.

    Her eyes bolt open in a jolt of panic and fear. Her arm is not stretched limply across her mattress, it is draped across the torso of a boy. Her cheek is pressed lightly against the fabric of a t-shirt. Who…?

    Curiosity settles in and her eyes skim upward, until they meet messy raven locks and a sharp jawline. Xion’s lips fall apart and she sucks in a breath of air. The boy who is snoring… the boy whose arm is settled across her waist… the boy whose chest she was cuddled up against…

    … was Vanitas Neo.

    Xion’s lashes flutter several times before she starts to sit up, pushing the lightly tanned arm away from her side. “Hey,” she hissed through gritted teeth, squinting her eyes in the harsh sunlight. “Wake up!” She wasn’t in her room at all. She was in Vanitas’ room. But how did she get there? More importantly, why was she in his bed? With him? “You better not have tried anything funny,” she mumbled, blocking her eyes from the sun.

    It was chilly sitting upright, and Xion quickly realized, in the absence of his warmth, that she was missing her shirt. If her head wasn’t pounding so badly, and if the taste of bile wasn’t in her throat, she would have been more concerned of where her shirt disappeared to. For now, she was just… very confused.

Goblin Noises from the Void

So~, yesterday my PC decided to play peek-a-boo with me. (A.k.a. It shut it’s screen of temporarily once every ten minutes) Meaning, instead of the writing I intended to do yesterday, I got nothing done. Whoop me! That’s why I have to declare today an OWD (Offline Writing Day) where I won’t be truly available online. I’ll be busying myself to get as many drafts done and queued as possible. You can hit me up via IM, but don’t be surprised, if replies come slow or not at all.

That being said,

Live long and prosper.

So I’ve queued through the end of week 4 of Starryfay, which is incredible and exciting for me, and I’m going to start up Week 5 here soon! I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far! I’m going to keep saying this like, every time I ever hit milestones so you’re gonna be so sick of hearing this. By the time gen 3 is arriving in Starryfay you’ll be like SHUT UP ASHLIE!!!

But anyway I’m just extra excited cos, as usual, I’ve been playing way ahead and we’re in Week 6 in Starryfay and half the normal families are already completed (this excludes the ones who have spun off the families by moving out) and like… we’re reaching the point where kids are growing up and moving out? :’( Heirs are being selected. Engagements are happening?!

There’s so much happening and I’m wildly excited and nostalgic about it lmao. (whispers the first gen 3 baby has actually been conceived. or gen 2 if you count the founders as gen 0.) I’m just disgustingly pleased about seeing my town grow. But I also hella need to start throwing in new townies, age up some current ones, and maybe make some more lmao :333 

(possibly soon introduce a new family cos we gotta keep fresh blood in here as inbred as everyone’s trying to be)

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Sung Joon was really sweet in Can We Get Married, anon. Check that one out instead. There are some awesome ladies in it as well!

In that one, the female lead was such an incredibly annoying selfish bitch that I almost broke my screen 10 minutes into the drama. I felt like the guy should’ve hit her with a chair and ran for his life, not married her and ruined his life. Even my love for Jung So-min couldn’t make me tolerate it. I think the best role I’ve seen Sung Joon in so far was the 2nd lead in Lie To Me. His devilish looks were adorable, the character was interesting and well played. He was also super cute in I Need Romance 3. I didn’t particularly like this drama, but I enjoyed it. As for Shut Up Flower Boy Band, I couldn’t get over the death in the very beginning, so it ruined the thing for me. I think he was good in it though.

Imagine Michiru taking her daughter out in the snow. Michiru, who got rare hours off from being a show pony when the roads were shut down, who has precious few memories of actually playing in the snow but has always loved it anyway. Imagine her taking her little daughter, who Haruka has bundled up like the kid in A Christmas Story, out and teaching her how to build a snow man, letting it be a lopsided and messy piece of art for once. Imagine Haruka’s theatric betrayal when Michiru gets in a rare playful streak and teaches their daughter to not only make a snowball, but throw it at Haruka. Imagine Haruka then getting too serious about “No sweetie this is how you throw you gotta follow through” and going over it until her own fingers are numb with cold. Imagine them all cuddling inside after with rosy cheeks.

One moment, they were at war. The next? There was stillness. Bodies fell to the floor, seemingly in slow motion. So did Maya, her knees crashing harshly into the cement of the floor, but she felt no pain. Her skin didn’t sting or bubble, the way it once used to. Everyone else’s did. Their faces turned different shades of harsh reds, anguished cries ringing out and echoing off of the walls. Music still played long after the screaming and the clanging of forks hitting plates had ceased. 

There was a barrier between her ears and what she heard. It was like being submerged in a warm bath, but Maya felt no comfort. No warmth. From deep within her chest, all she could feel was a cold kind of emptiness. They’re all gone.

The music stopped ( someone shut it off, mid-melody ) and, finally, she came up for air. She could hear, now, the sounds of her own sobs. Her breaths were gasped and stopped short again and again, until her lungs were on fire. “No…” she managed, her words much softer than the cries that wracked her body. A numbness took her over, whether it was from shock or grief, Maya couldn’t decide.

She should’ve moved— she wanted to move. She wanted to run until her legs couldn’t carry her any more. Fear kept her still. With her tear-clouded vision, she could hardly see what was right in front of her. What if she disturbed the scene? What if her foot nudged a friend? What if they weren’t quite gone, yet, and they tried to pull her back down?

Her eyes closed, squeezing so tightly shut that uneven patterns appeared in her vision. When she opened them again, her vision had cleared. There was no beam of light, but the scene before her wasn’t all too different from the painting that she’d always classified as a favorite. But, she was far from the second circle of hell. 


She’d been dragged much deeper down.

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2 Commerical Recap

-Just a warning I’m trying to do my english hw while I watch so ye

-Tbh I love all the Sinning and Devil songs they got

-Shut up priest

-Lucifer loves to fuck with people I love it

-Lucifer is also going to therapy. There has to be sex involved. I mean did you SEE last episode?


-is Luci insecure? Awww poor bab

-and there’s the implied sex scene

-there’s our detective again. Someone give me her name please.

-Personally still love the fact he can play the piano

-”What part of my face?” how about the overall sexual tension

-Lucifer wants to hit that so badly and she keeps fuckin’ teasin’ him.

-Tbh my guess is that she- DECKER- is like part angel or demon or smth supernatural



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the waiting room I’m sitting in has been playing nickelback songs for the past 45 minutes I’ve been here

just when I finished typing that the song ended and EVANESCENCE’S HIT CLASSIC BRING ME TO LIFE STARTED PLAYING. WHAT YEAR IS IT

“But you promised you’d teach me something if I fixed your phone!” Felicity leaned across the couch toward Oliver, her bright pink lip protruding into a dramatic pout, “It’s not my fault you didn’t ask what it was!”

“But I assumed it’d be something, well, um, a little more risqué?” Oliver finished, a guilty smile tugging at his own lips as his eye’s focused on Felicity’s.

“Well it’s not my fault your mind is always in the gutter. Plus, you think you have something to teach me?  Now shut up or pay up,” Felicity countered. After half an hour of bargaining, which had started as light hearted but somehow shifted into serious debate, Felicity was done playing.  Oliver had made a deal, and he sure as hell wasn’t teaching her anything new upstairs until he followed through on his promise.

“What about shooting the bow? I can teach you to hit the target?” Oliver bargained, leaning in as Felicity shifted away, her arms crossing in front of her.

Felicity’s lips drew into a line, “Like your psycho ex-girlfriend? No thanks.”

“Fine,” Oliver took a deep breath, casting a worried glance behind him before continuing, “what are we learning to make? An omelet?”

Felicity bit her lip in concentration before her eyes suddenly lit up, “Pigs in a blanket! I need something I can make when we have people over!”

“Ok…” Oliver began counting items off on his fingers, “Pre-packaged dough, mini-hotdogs, and only one appliance.  It all cooks at once.  Difficult to undercook and easily identified when overcooked.” Oliver drew another deep breath, allowing his hands to fall into his lap, “I think we can do this.”