today i wore a perfume that i used to wear about two years ago and as soon as i smelled it i got hit with so much nostalgia and it was terrible

this time two years ago was such a good time for me in many areas of my life, i was still playing/streaming pathfinder and i was on good terms with all of my friends and my relationships with certain people were a LOT better back then and i was actually involved with things that mattered to me

i can’t believe time has gone by this fast and here i am, stuck in an endless loop of school and work, able to count my true friends on one hand with nothing to lift the depressive lows that keep hitting me one after another

so yeah, nostalgia can be deceiving but sometimes it’s all i have.

My favorite thing about sharing Hamilton with other people is that if you know them well enough you can nail the song that is going to make them fall in love with the show and you get to see their reaction to it.

When I chose a song to play for my sister I did Helpless/Satisfied and she listened to it while browsing the web but the moment the “Rewind” part hit in Satisfied she very slowly turned to me, furrowed her brows, and shut her laptop so she could pay attention.

When I chose a song to play for my father I chose Right Hand Man and he likes history so I could tell he was enjoying the story element of it but when Washington said “Dying is easy young man, living is harder” his eyes got wide. We wound up listening to nearly the entire album on our road trip (which says a lot since he claims musical theatre was ruined for him because he saw the original cast of Phantom of the Opera live and nothing will ever beat it, haha)

Wowza!  I didn’t really ever expect to hit this number of followers playing a side character that ain’t too popular even with the fandom.  BADA BING!  I’m glad you guys are enjoying my shitposting/art/roleplay WHATEVER IT IS.  If I made even one human being appreciate Kittan even a smidge than I feel it’s a major victory for bananakind.  ALRIGHT.  

There like ain’t no reason for me to keep kissin’ my own ass so here’s some assholes that tradition dictates I gotta shout out here:

                                 TEAM DAI GURREN:

@humaneradication: Actual Viral and should shut up.  HahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHA your hands are gross!  Get a clue!  Not even human!  BLEH!  You can be in the team or whatever but get a haircut!

@kickingreasontothecurb: You make me actually want to kiss Kamina on the mouth and have Kittan do gay things so that’s a major accomplishment.  I hope they goddamn cuddle in a goddamn BLANKET FORT AND BE HAPPY.

@drillcommander: Stop making me work and also give me your work out secrets, you got swole in like two days.

@paralleledfate: You’re too nice, what gypsy did you make a deal with to extinguish most of your rage?  Also, be my wife.

@spiralxhime: How about you ditch Simon and get with a REAL MAN?

@bodaciousgunslinger: Please give up on Kamina and let’s make a happy life together.  You know I might not be packin’ the drill that will pierce the heavens but it’s better than loneliness!

@whothehxll: What happened to our macaroni dates?

@kinonbachika: This here is my sibling, my real BUDDY PAL and sometimes we date because of the mutual loneliness.  This is a theme.  I’m pruney you know.  Been in that shower a WHILE.

@deriision: Honorary Team Dai Gurren because you’ve accepted the seed of more than one man here.

@destinycombining: Actually sounds like Viral and I’m excited for his DAMN LIZARD MAN.  He is actually Goku.

@theyoungestblacksibling: BABY SISTER


@chiefadvisor: Probably should make out with my sister so she can smile and face the day

                                        TOP BANANAS:

@godrobe-freshblood @killerhuntress @waterkeee @ask-the-busty-redhead-yoko @ridiiiculous @burmecias-protector @nakedmohawk @vespa-space-officer @puckish-rogue @majormeilani @howtotrainyoureren @askladykoikie @sausage-fist @lone-rabbit @beefy-lump @punishedv @holiv @i-just-want-a-username-i-like @calcxlating @i-junketsu @kamina-official

Sorry if I missed anyone!  I’M A NIMROD!  Anyways, hella hella, hopefully we keep GOIN’ ON HERE runing a PERFECTLY DISRESPECTED ALREADY CHARACTER!

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/Vani/ Whoops~

13 – Wake up in bed with your muse @vanitasunbreakablechains

    Something was rumbling.

    Dark blue eyes, hidden behind heavy, tired lids, squint irritably in response. They remained tightly shut, allowing the comforting darkness to protect her sensitive pupils from a bright light. The light hit her eyelids and tinted her sightless vision, warning her that opening her eyes now would result in a painful over stimulus. Instead, she rolls onto her side, burying her face into what she thinks is her pillow.

    The rumbling continues.

    At first, she wonders how she got back to her dorm. The last thing she remembered clearly was playing a drinking game. Going to a first of the year frat party sounded like a great idea when Roxas had suggested it, but the blonde slipped out of her vision and vanished into the crowd after several minutes. She then met an entirely new group of friends to hang out with: friends that were bigger, older, and very nice. They had even included her in a game of beer pong, and a second game that she couldn’t recall the name of, but had resulted in drinking a very large amount of whiskey from a silicone foot-shaped cup. Xion had won.

    Somehow, she was back in her bed. I had to have walked home, she tells herself. She yawns, nuzzling her face into a soft warmth that has the faintest scent of cinnamon. She can’t convince her body to move from its comfortable nestled position, and her pounding head feels too heavy to lift. She lets out a defeated groan.

    The rumbling goes on.

    It dawns upon her that her roommate doesn’t snore, and neither does she.

    Her eyes bolt open in a jolt of panic and fear. Her arm is not stretched limply across her mattress, it is draped across the torso of a boy. Her cheek is pressed lightly against the fabric of a t-shirt. Who…?

    Curiosity settles in and her eyes skim upward, until they meet messy raven locks and a sharp jawline. Xion’s lips fall apart and she sucks in a breath of air. The boy who is snoring… the boy whose arm is settled across her waist… the boy whose chest she was cuddled up against…

    … was Vanitas Neo.

    Xion’s lashes flutter several times before she starts to sit up, pushing the lightly tanned arm away from her side. “Hey,” she hissed through gritted teeth, squinting her eyes in the harsh sunlight. “Wake up!” She wasn’t in her room at all. She was in Vanitas’ room. But how did she get there? More importantly, why was she in his bed? With him? “You better not have tried anything funny,” she mumbled, blocking her eyes from the sun.

    It was chilly sitting upright, and Xion quickly realized, in the absence of his warmth, that she was missing her shirt. If her head wasn’t pounding so badly, and if the taste of bile wasn’t in her throat, she would have been more concerned of where her shirt disappeared to. For now, she was just… very confused.

So I’ve queued through the end of week 4 of Starryfay, which is incredible and exciting for me, and I’m going to start up Week 5 here soon! I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far! I’m going to keep saying this like, every time I ever hit milestones so you’re gonna be so sick of hearing this. By the time gen 3 is arriving in Starryfay you’ll be like SHUT UP ASHLIE!!!

But anyway I’m just extra excited cos, as usual, I’ve been playing way ahead and we’re in Week 6 in Starryfay and half the normal families are already completed (this excludes the ones who have spun off the families by moving out) and like… we’re reaching the point where kids are growing up and moving out? :’( Heirs are being selected. Engagements are happening?!

There’s so much happening and I’m wildly excited and nostalgic about it lmao. (whispers the first gen 3 baby has actually been conceived. or gen 2 if you count the founders as gen 0.) I’m just disgustingly pleased about seeing my town grow. But I also hella need to start throwing in new townies, age up some current ones, and maybe make some more lmao :333 

(possibly soon introduce a new family cos we gotta keep fresh blood in here as inbred as everyone’s trying to be)

Goblin Noises from the Void

So~, yesterday my PC decided to play peek-a-boo with me. (A.k.a. It shut it’s screen of temporarily once every ten minutes) Meaning, instead of the writing I intended to do yesterday, I got nothing done. Whoop me! That’s why I have to declare today an OWD (Offline Writing Day) where I won’t be truly available online. I’ll be busying myself to get as many drafts done and queued as possible. You can hit me up via IM, but don’t be surprised, if replies come slow or not at all.

That being said,

Live long and prosper.

One moment, they were at war. The next? There was stillness. Bodies fell to the floor, seemingly in slow motion. So did Maya, her knees crashing harshly into the cement of the floor, but she felt no pain. Her skin didn’t sting or bubble, the way it once used to. Everyone else’s did. Their faces turned different shades of harsh reds, anguished cries ringing out and echoing off of the walls. Music still played long after the screaming and the clanging of forks hitting plates had ceased. 

There was a barrier between her ears and what she heard. It was like being submerged in a warm bath, but Maya felt no comfort. No warmth. From deep within her chest, all she could feel was a cold kind of emptiness. They’re all gone.

The music stopped ( someone shut it off, mid-melody ) and, finally, she came up for air. She could hear, now, the sounds of her own sobs. Her breaths were gasped and stopped short again and again, until her lungs were on fire. “No…” she managed, her words much softer than the cries that wracked her body. A numbness took her over, whether it was from shock or grief, Maya couldn’t decide.

She should’ve moved— she wanted to move. She wanted to run until her legs couldn’t carry her any more. Fear kept her still. With her tear-clouded vision, she could hardly see what was right in front of her. What if she disturbed the scene? What if her foot nudged a friend? What if they weren’t quite gone, yet, and they tried to pull her back down?

Her eyes closed, squeezing so tightly shut that uneven patterns appeared in her vision. When she opened them again, her vision had cleared. There was no beam of light, but the scene before her wasn’t all too different from the painting that she’d always classified as a favorite. But, she was far from the second circle of hell. 


She’d been dragged much deeper down.

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2 Commerical Recap

-Just a warning I’m trying to do my english hw while I watch so ye

-Tbh I love all the Sinning and Devil songs they got

-Shut up priest

-Lucifer loves to fuck with people I love it

-Lucifer is also going to therapy. There has to be sex involved. I mean did you SEE last episode?


-is Luci insecure? Awww poor bab

-and there’s the implied sex scene

-there’s our detective again. Someone give me her name please.

-Personally still love the fact he can play the piano

-”What part of my face?” how about the overall sexual tension

-Lucifer wants to hit that so badly and she keeps fuckin’ teasin’ him.

-Tbh my guess is that she- DECKER- is like part angel or demon or smth supernatural



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the waiting room I’m sitting in has been playing nickelback songs for the past 45 minutes I’ve been here

just when I finished typing that the song ended and EVANESCENCE’S HIT CLASSIC BRING ME TO LIFE STARTED PLAYING. WHAT YEAR IS IT

new tumblr bug

if you pause a vine after watching it and scroll away like you always do, it’ll start playing if you play another video and you’ll never figure out where the hell the post is to shut it up because it’s a thousand posts back up the page.

so, hit mute on them instead of pausing for now I guess

should i role-play as :

a ) sun wukong

b ) lavender brown

c ) cho chang 

d ) shut the fuck up ada you need 2 be doing ur homework

please keep ur eyes on ur own paper students. quizzes are ten percent of ur daily grade. any questions ?

Shut Up And Play the Hits 2016/01/29 17:24:42

Shut Up And Play the Hits

External image

A look at the last days of LCD Soundsystem - one of the most celebrated bands of its generation. New York Magazine called their final concert “a marvel of pure craft” and TIME magazine lamented “we may never dance again.”
Starring: James Murphy, Chuck Klosterman
Runtime: 1 hour, 48 minutes

5.0 out of 5 stars
Beat the document
This 3 disc set is Oscilloscope release #45. Inside is the documentary feature about LCDSSs’ final performance at MSG. The movie has whole songs from the concert which emphasize the quieter and meditative tone of the interview segments and over the shoulder next morning footage. There are extra extended interview segments with James Murphy if you didn’t get enough during the movie. The main feature really is the double disc set of the concert, which features 2.0 stereo and 5.1 mixes both sounding rich and clear. The near 4 hour show is documented in its entirety including backstage breaks. While it can be exhausting to sit through everything this set offers, you will find a greater understanding of yourself and the band if you listen close and loud. My speakers were buzzing by the finale and I was fine with it. ☞Go to Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
my favorite music documentary!
I have to admit I had heard a few random songs from the band before watching this doc, but I wouldn’t even go so far as to call myself a fan. I was told by a friend that this is worth watching. Now that I’ve seen it probably 5-8 times, I can’t help but kick myself for not listening to the band years earlier. I wish I could go back and see this concert live. Short of that, I’m ecstatic that we have this film to rewatch for eternity.The concert footage is incredible, and the interviews and footage between songs is really fascinating. It’s not overdone. A perfect balance between the two. It’s really a unique story, of a band choosing to go out on top.We get to gaze into Murphy’s thought process and get front row tickets to one of the best MSG concerts in recent memory. You really should buy this! ☞Go to Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazing film but buy it on DVD.
I love this and have watched it twice in the week since I bought it. With that said, the DVD comes with the full concert whereas the Amazon Instant video does not, so spend a few more bucks and get the DVD. ☞Go to Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Wonderful And Joyous Concert, With a Sad Ending.
I’ve been interested in electronica music and the Amazon computer suggests a lot of things that it thinks I might like. About five years ago it suggested a CD by LCD Soundsystem titled “Sound of Silver.” I took the suggestion seriously because I’d read a review in “Rolling Stone” and I’d already decided that this would probably be a disc I’d enjoy. I bought and I indeed liked it very much and followed up later by also purchasing (and reviewing) “This is Happening” and “London Sessions.” This was just a very good band and I loved their music and James Murphy was a terrific singer! Excellent recordings!Well, LCD Soundsystem quickly and easily worked it’s way into my list of a half-dozen favorite musical acts (including deadmau5, Daft Punk and Matthew Dear) that were the highest on my playlist. Then the notice came out that they were shutting the band down. Quitting? How can this be? This is one of the freshest and best bands around and they’re quitting right as they reach their peak? Say it isn’t so! Well, unfortunately, it was so and they gave a final concert at Madison Square Garden (a very large boxing arena) to a near-capacity crowd last April in New York City. The 3 ½-hour concert is now available on DVD. Well, if you’re a LCD fan this package is a must-have! They call it “Shut Up And Play The Hits” and it makes for an outstanding three-disc DVD package. The first DVD presents selections (highlights) from the concert together with assorted scenes and interviews with James Murphy and other band members. It’s quite an interesting and well-done DVD. Be sure to look over all the extras. The second and third DVDs present the entire concert. The total package is just overwhelming and is probably the best concert DVD set I own (out of about 25) ☞Go to Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars
excellent blu-ray
I don’t really do concert films, but this is an exception. The energy of this show, and the movie goes back and forth between the interview and the concert footage really hold my attention. When I put this on the big screen, crank the stereo and turn the lights out it feels like a party at my house. Great film! ☞Go to Amazon
4.0 out of 5 stars
4.5 stars… Must-have for any LCD Soundsystem fan
Music: 4.5 stars; visuals: 4 stars; extras: 4.5 stars; bang-for-the-buck: 5 starsLCD Soundsystem gave its last live performance at the Madison Square Garden in early April, 2011, in one of those rousing “last-concert” sending-offs, not unlike, say, The Band’s “The Last Waltz” all those years ago. You know it’d only be a matter of time before the entire experience would be released in DVD and/or CD format. Turns out that it’s in the DVD format only (without a CD co-release).“Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Loud Ending of LCD Soundsystem” (3 DVDs; 290 min.) brings a whole lotta music, and then some. Let me comment on what I know: I saw the movie when it was screened at selected theatres in the country a few months ago (July, 2012), here in Cincinnati at the Contemporary Arts Center, and what a great evening that turned out to be. We get to relive and spend the last 48 hrs. of James Murphy, brainchild behind and singer/songwriter of LCD, leading up to the actual MSG show itself. You may recall that in early, 2011, LCD released a live album called “London Sessions”, which in all-but-name served as a Greatest Hits Live set. Now that we have this new release, “Shut Up and Play the Hits” should carry a tag screaming “the really, truly, all-inclusive greatest and not-so-greatest hits live” as the movie has all of the songs of “London Sessions” and then some! Beware: if you are concerned that the editing would be too “MTV-like” (if MTV would actually play music videos anymore), I had feared the worst, and while there certainly is plenty of angle-changing editing, it is not as bad as I suppose it could’ve been. As to the sound quality, it is nothing short of pristine. It sounded fantastic at the CAC screening, and yes it was LOUD ☞Go to Amazon
Shit Talk

It’s funny how people get so worked up online about losing or how you play that they try to call you out on some random shit they are mad at. I’ve been called a “camper” when I’ve killed the entire team in about 4 different locations on the map or a hacker cause they think its impossible to do better than them. What is even better when I shut them down with extensive detail in why they were either 1. just less of a player than me 2. how what they are arguing about is completely wrong in terms of the game we are playing 3. I don’t take them seriously because they message me like a middle school kid that got mad at a video game. I have yet to have someone argue with me and win the argument over a video game.