BTS Teacher!AU- Jimin (part 3)

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He pushed you against the wall harshly, your back hitting the hard material, as his lips attacked yours roughly. You felt his teeth nip at your bottom lip, making you gasp. Jimin took this as an opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth. His hands slid up and down your sides, before he managed to slide them into your top, caressing your bare skin.

You moaned into his mouth, eyes fluttering shut, as his hands made their way to your bra-clad breasts, and played with them, pulling the material down so he could tease your nipples.

“Jimin… Stop… We might get caught here…” You replied with a loud moan into his mouth.  He smirked into the kiss, before pulling away, his fingers still teasing you expertly.

“You should have thought about that before you teased me like that…” He whispered, his eyes dark and lustful as they stared at your expression. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. He wanted to, he knew it was risky, and anyone could see you, but how could he stop himself when you looked so tempting, so beautiful?

“Jimin… Can we not go to your car?” You asked him, as one of his hands travelled down to your butt, and grabbed it tightly with one hand. He chuckled.

“Naughty girl… I doubt I can make it that far… I need you now.” He whispered into your neck, as he kissed it and bit it, and you felt your heart skipping a beat at the same time as your whole body heated up immediately. The things that man did to you.

“We’re going to have to make this quick…” he whispered into your skin, and you nodded, as a soft whimper escaped your lips. Your hands dove under his shirt, and the pads of your fingers felt the precious skin of his abs. You lifted the material slightly, so your eyes could catch a glimpse of the godly torso, and you moaned once you saw it. How could this man be so attractive? Surely it had to be illegal.

“Like what you see?” He asked with a smug expression, and you nodded, biting down onto your lower lip.

“Well, if you are a good girl, maybe next time I’ll let you lick chocolate of them.” He whispered into your ear, making a shiver go down your spine. Your whole body was pulsating with an unquenchable need for him. You needed to feel his body against you, his breath on your skin, you needed him, on you, in you, around you. You needed HIM.

“I’ll be good…” You groaned, your voice becoming thick and husky. You felt an ache between your legs that would only be alleviated by Jimin, and he knew exactly what he was doing to you, building the anticipation.

He looked around quickly, checking for people or security cameras, and then turned to you with a smirk on his lips. He grabbed your body, and flipped you around so your chest and hands were pressed against the walls, while he pressed himself against your back. You could feel his excitement.

Jimin slid his fingers around your body and unbuttoned your shorts, bringing them and your underwear down just slightly, but low enough so that the necessary area was left exposed. You hissed at the sudden coldness hitting your skin, but he merely pinched your butt cheek, before unbuttoning his pants, and sliding them down slightly with his underwear.

You heard him rip a packet open, and the rolling of rubber material, and you bit your lip expectantly, your eyes fluttering shut.

“Ready?” He growled into your ear, before pushing against you. You felt him slide inside you slowly, and hissed at the suddenly sensation of his large member filling you up completely.

“Ah… Mr. Park….” You moaned, trying to keep your voice as low as possible so you didn’t get discovered. He thrusted his hips into you harshly, pushing you into the wall, and groaned.

“Call me that again…” He growled into your ear. And you repeated the name, making him begin pumping into and out of you quickly, his hips picking up speed with every thrust. You bit your hand, trying to contain yourself, avoiding any loud moans or screams that could give you away, but it was difficult, for Jimin was hitting you in all the right places, causing a small ball of pleasure to form in your lower stomach.

“Jimin I’m…” you stuttered out, feeling waves of heat and pleasure course through your body. He smiled, his thrusts becoming sloppy and uneven, you could feel him twitching inside you.

“I know. Me too.” He whispered-growled into your ear, and just as he thrusted into you one last time, you came undone, panting heavily as you tightened around him, pleasure blinding you, your knees feeling weak, and you were glad Jimin was using his body weight against you to keep you upright.

The tightness around him, caused him to let go, shooting his white hot load into the condom, before riding off his high, and although it had been fast, and unexpected, you had never felt so good before.

He pulled off the condom, giving you time to get dressed again. He slipped his pants up, and fixed them, before looking at you with a wide grin. You started giggling.

“Well so much for romance.” You teased, pushing his shoulder lightly. He stuck his tongue out.

“It’s your fault for teasing me like that, next time it will be better I promise.” He joked, as he slid his hand into yours, and intertwined your fingers. You smiled at him.

“I’m not sure there can be better.” You told him, as he led you back to the car.

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Could you possibly do some kind of Scenario where Ghoul!Seidou starts messing around and purposefully trying to bother Ayato.

Poor Ayato. 

A speck of blood hit Ayato on the cheek, and this usually wasn’t a problem, because he often found himself in bloody situations. But right now it was too early in the morning, and he was trying to drink his damn coffee, and Takizawa was playing with his food. Not eating it, like a normal person, but playing with it.

“Isn’t it funny how human intestines can also double as a jump-rope?” he asked.

“No,” Ayato grumbled.

“Why don’t you ever smile?” Takizawa crept closer. “Is it because Hina-chan isn’t here?”

“Shut up.”

“Hmm. Intestines can also be like a belt.”

Ayato closed his eyes. “Go away. It’s too early for this shit.”

For a moment, he thought Takizawa had listened. Until something unpleasantly moist and warm slapped against his neck. He felt liquid start to drip down his shirt, and he didn’t want to open his eyes. He gritted his teeth, and hissed, “What. The fuck?”

“I thought a scarf would make you happy,” Takizawa said.

Ayato swiped his coffee off the table and heard the satisfying sound of shattering ceramic. He lunged out of his chair in Takizawa’s direction, yanking the rest of the intestines away from him and pinning Takizawa to the ground. “Leave me alone or I’ll choke you with this.”

Takizawa pouted. “Someone is not a morning person.” Before Ayato could respond–with violence–he grabbed the intestines, rolled out from under Ayato, and skittered out of the room.

Ayato looked at his broken coffee cup, the brown liquid pooling around it on the floor, and got to his feet with a long-suffering sigh. That damn Takizawa had left him to clean up the mess.

Shut Up and Dance: Walk The Moon Live in Manila

Cincinnati-based indie-rock band Walk The Moon, composed of members Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman and Eli Maiman, recently took Manila by storm after performing a string of shows at Ayala Malls throughout the metro.

Produced by Ayala Malls in partnership with Music Management International (MMI) Live, Walk The Moon played their hits Anna Sun,Shut Up and Dance, and Aquaman for their scores of fans, both old and new, during their visits to five Ayala Malls (Alabang Town Center, UP Town Center, Trinoma, Market! Market! and Glorietta) from August 18 to 20.

Here’s a peek at Walk The Moon’s Glorietta show:


He sings, jumps, plays the guitar, dances, talks, orders the crowd to shut up, he does it all. The resemblance with the Lizard King is astonishing. Father John Misty gave a brutal concert at Vodafone Paredes de Coura, and proved that he knows how to give a show. Opening with “I Love you, Honeybear” where everyone sung, and his massive hit “Bored in the USA”. Everything was perfect except the amount of time he played (just 1 hour), maybe he could have played a bit more. In my humble opinion, this was the best concert I have seen in this festival. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to watch FJM live you really should.

Below I give you a couple of links, one with the full concert and another with one of his albums:


Michael Clifford: I've had therapy

5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford has opened up about his mental health issues.

The singer and his bandmates Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin are in the midst of their Rock Out with Your Socks Out Tour, last night hitting Michigan.

While introducing one of their songs, Michael took the opportunity to tell fans about some struggles he’s been facing.

“I was fixing some problems with my mental health… I just saw a therapist real quick on the break we had,“ he revealed to the crowd, before adding: "Anyway, I’m going to shut up now… We’re going to play another song, is that OK?”

Prior to last night’s show, 5 Seconds of Summer hadn’t played a concert since Texas on August 8, giving Michael some time to focus on his needs.

A clip of his speech was posted on Twitter by a superfan and the news quickly spread across the social networking site, getting the hashtag #WeLoveYouMichael trending.

Fans have been supporting the star and thanking him for being so open about mental health.

“i can’t even talk to my mom about my mental health issues and michael is brave enough to tell all of us. my idol. #WeLoveYouMichael (sic),” one Twitter user wrote.

Michael hasn’t responded to any of the tweets yet, but did post about the show.

“Detroit rock city went hard. loved tonight (sic),” he commented.

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Out of curiosity I checked out the Leon Chapter on the Hoshido path via youtube, and I remembered your translated lines about Leon saying 'it was a lie' and that he says that vocally. I lined up with video with the lines and WOW the way leon speaks is full of emotion. And the deep breath before speaking made it feel like he was building up to an emotional release. That was some A+ stuff right there.


Here’s the link for the rest of you:

Also if you start a few minutes before that and work up to it by listening at Leon growling at you to shut up and stuff I think it hits a lot harder.

Actually, you know what?

Here’s my translation:

Here’s where that starts in the video:


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Send a symbol to have your Muse touch my Muse in a certain way and see how they react!
  ➜ Play with mine’s hair

Pamela laid her head on Zack’s lap she was warn out from working today, she physically was exhausted. She had hit the gym came home and laid on his lap after NXT today, as she felt his fingers run through her dark curls she smiled. “’ou gonna put me to sleep if you keep up.” She muttered eyes shutting as he began to play with her hair.

Rules: Go on your music and hit shuffle. List the first 10 songs played without skipping. Tag people!

I was tagged by the lovely catlady31! Thank you!!

1. If I Loved You // Delta Rae
2. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye // Train
3. Just Smoke // Mumford & Sons
4. Kids // Mikky Ekko
5. Last Kiss // Pearl Jam
6. Shut Up And Dance // Walk The Moon
7. Fifteen // Taylor Swift
8. Mess Is Mine // Vance Joy
9. The Hills // The Weeknd
10. Girls Like You // The Naked and Famous

I tag panic-at-the-goalline ivanprovolone eat-sleep-leafs jakediekman jakegards-flow captaintoewsbooty (you guys don’t have to do it lol)

In all my time playing Splatoon, I think I’ve probably only ever had one person use Burst Bombs against me, and I feel like it’s because people undervalue it since it’s not a one-hit splat like the other subs

So whenever I succeed in splatting or at least zoning people out with them, I feel very proud to be proving their efficiency

and if I get an excellent KD, I also feel very frightening and powerful on top of that


No no no! It’s nothing like that! I just had a tennis match and one of the girls me and my partner were playing against kept calling things wrong (she’d say that hits that were in were out, stuff like that) and after about five times we asked her to please watch the lines more closely and she got all defensive about it. “Do you want to challenge me?!” Like yeah, actually. Eventually we got someone to come over and be our caller. It’s astounding how many games we began to win once the calls were actually fair (extreme sarcasm). Nothing big, or anything! Sorry if I worried you!