shut up justine

Griffin McElroy in ep 68: brings back old lovable characters, references loose plot threads and ties them up, kills it with the npc one-liners (“no dogs on the moon” OMG), not only confirms every gay taz couple but ensures blessed cinematic moments between them, turns the bury your gays trope on its head by BRINGING BACK a dead gay ship, basically is not fucking around in the slightest


i just had a dream that i left my boyfriend for griffin mcelroy. 

i don’t remember all the details of it, but i know it was during a long road trip that my boyfriend was also on, and so it was me sitting in this van with both griffin and my boyfriend and for some reason terry crews was also there (but that’s irrelevant). the main point here is that it was awkward as fuck. 

anyway, the only thing i vividly remember from the dream is i was the one driving, and griffin was in the passenger seat, and at one point in the trip he just s l o  o o o o o o o o  w ly (like painstakingly slowly, like you’d think there was a glitch in the matrix slowly) turns around from the passenger seat to look at my boyfriend like this 

and the only thing that escapes his mouth is this weird singsongy 


and that’s it. that’s literally all i remember from the dream. i wish i could physically recreate the tone and cadence of the “victorious boy” i just heard come out of Dream Griffin Andrew McElroy’s lips, but i cannot. I have been awake for two hours since that dream and it is haunting me. 

i want a joaquin terrero spinoff series where he becomes our world’s casual superhero. like he’s exhausted 24/7 and still makes tacos and plays overwatch and goes to school and anytime something mildly inconveniences him he’s like “listen i saved the world i do not deserve this”