let me just say something real quick because i’m pissed.

you’re all about that “idols’ health is more important than their weight” but the very same second a fit idol shows some skin he/she gets oversexualized. i can’t even begin to say how much of this shit i’ve seen about jeongguk ever since fake love came out and he showed his stomach. you claim to care about their health, you say they should eat more, but it seems like it can only apply to those idols who are skinny/fit. y'all already forgot how much shit jimin got when he gained weight? the funny thing is that he wasn’t even chubby, just his face got a little round and some people called him out on that and made him feel like shit to the point where he starved himself just to lose weight. i’m sure he’s not the only one, we all know how strict their diets are.

if you really care about their health, stop oversexualizing them because that only pushes this “perfect” image onto them and makes them feel like they have to look a certain way to be loved. if you really care about their health, stop telling them they shouldn’t eat that much (during jeongguk’s vlive some fans told him he shouldn’t eat this much so late because he’ll gain weight and what the fuck??? with their schedule when is he supposed to eat? he could’ve done that instead of a vlive but he wanted to talk to us and he got that instead). if you really care about their health, stop looking only at skinny idols, appreciate the chubby ones, tell them they’re beautiful and they don’t have to change. let them know their looks don’t matter as long as they’re healthy and happy, that’s what fans should do.

stop !! oversexualizing !! idols !!

they’re human beings, too, and they’re beautiful the way they are.