shut your facehole

more important klance things to consider:

  • the way lance will come up behind keith and wrap his arms around his middle, rest his head on keiths shoulder and ask if he’s okay
  • keith scooping up a sleeping lance to carry him back to his bunk and tuck him into bed
  • the soft way lance will sometimes mumble keiths name in his sleep and keith glances over at him and smiles all fond
  • their casual cheek kisses before they’re about to run off and do something
  • shiro teasing keith about how deep his little brother feels for lance
  • “you don’t have to lie to me, keith. you loooove him.”
  • shut your facehole
  • klances first ‘i love you’ being after they near enough lose each other on a mission and are reunited again
You know what would be cool as fuck?

If a strong, streetwise autistic female character was introduced to the show, maybe next season

A strong autistic girl who becomes Shaun’s unofficial bodyguard at work, tearing any ableists new ones

A strong autistic girl who hates loud noises and needs to wear earplugs at work, though she can still hear well thanks to her hypersensitive ears

A strong autistic girl who initially doesn’t trust Melendez because she heard how he treated Shaun at first

A strong autistic girl who understands what it’s like to be abused for not being “normal”

A strong autistic girl who becomes the sassy little sister in Shaun and Aaron’s little makeshift family unit

A strong autistic girl who acts as emotional support for patients, because her hyperempathy and abusive past gives a sixth sense for emotions 

A strong autistic girl who shoves her hands in the pockets of her scrub pants to keep from wringing them

A strong autistic girl whose fingers are covered in callouses from wringing her hands

A strong autistic girl who offers to do lessons together with Shaun, because she can tell it embarrasses him a little to have a life coach appointed to him, it would embarrass her too

A strong autistic girl who loves children and is always there to comfort pediatric patients, probably to compensate for her shitty upbringing

A strong autistic girl who jumps up and down when she’s excited

A strong autistic girl who winds up becoming the yin to Shaun’s yang, them both compensating for each other’s weaknesses and enhancing their strengths like a well oiled savant machine 


Strong autistic girl, please

Make it happen, abc

hey-there-buddy-pal  asked:

Classic Sans date headcanons? :)

Dude yes


•Sans just freaking calling you the most silly names ever

•him also sending you dank memes all the time


•because he is needy

•you two always pranking people because its funny

•having really deep conversations in 3am in the morning

•just having debates on your favorite shows

•"love, Robb is better than Jon Snow"

•"shut your facehole, sans"

We're Back: A Rainbow Story

I heard on my Wish Radio that you all want to see more Rainbow Dad.  So I decided to bring him back into the Middle Future just for you.

Haha!  But seriously, I will be posting new Rainbow Dad soon.  The reason for the unannounced break was well… I have no good reason.  I really don’t.  And that is why I suck.  But you know what doesn’t suck?  This new house I’m living in!  Woot woot!  I finally got to move in late last month.  Didn’t have internet for about a week or so, and I failed to save any pictures of your questions so I had nothing to do while going cold turkey for the past week or so.

Except for painting the walls, putting in new floors, gardening, replacing window screens, buying new lightbulbs, and moving our stuff inside.  But that isn’t fun.  It’s work.  Not even the fun kind.

So yeah.  Beat it you freak'n kids.  I need to go make pictures now.