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I NEED A VICTURI WEDDING!!!!! I don't care what you do I just need their wedding! (Though if I could ask for something Yuuri could have a little to much champagne again and there could be another dance off)

(So sorry about the wait! Christmas and New Years has been insanely busy. But I should be a lot better at getting these done sooner starting next week! So keep them coming! I hope you enjoy this one! <3)

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this. Why did I think I was ready for this and could do this?”

Yuuri was shaking in panic as Minako and Yuuko flitted around him, trying to put some finishing touches on his tuxedo and hair.

“Shut up Yuuri. You’ve been dreaming of this day for years. Ever since you first saw Victor skate. Right Yuuko?”

Yuuko laughed as Yuuri turned bright red.

“Admit it Yuuri. You would never back out of your own wedding to Victor Nikiforov. Remember when you were fourteen and made me officiate a pretend-”

Yuuri cut Yuuko off quickly, but the damage was already done as Minako started howling with laughter.

“You guys aren’t making me feel any better you know. And if either of you bring up that story during the reception, I’m going to die of embarrassment, and then come back to haunt you.”

Yuuri was still shaking a little, incredibly weak in the knee as Minako forced him into standing up straight instead of slouching like he had been doing.

“Relax. You and Victor love each other. You’re getting married. I’m sure he’s just as nervous about this as you are.”

Yuuri snorted and pushed his glasses up a little on his nose.

“Right. Victor, nervous? The only time I’ve seen him truly nervous was when Makkachin almost died and when Yurio broke his arm last year.” That had been a time and a half. They’d been at the rink when Yuri fell hard and Victor had refused to leave his side at the hospital until they assured him that he was fine, other than the broken arm. Yuri had been pretty unhappy until the cast came off though.

“He may not look it, but Victor is freaking out on the inside. He just doesn’t like to show you because I think he thinks he has to be the strong one or something. Or has to be the one that will be there when you inevitably panic.”

Yuuri could feel himself turning red again as Minako straightened the flower that was pinned to his chest.

“Now. It’s about that time. Go out there and get married, you lucky shit.” Minako and Yuuko stood back and appraised Yuuri, who had to deflect a hand reaching out to take his glasses off (“I want to see my future husband thanks,”) and jumped when he felt an arm loop through his.

“Oh Yuuri. I’m so happy for you.” His mother patted him on the arm she had taken and started pulling him out of the room he had been getting ready in. Yuuri couldn’t help but smile even though his heart was racing at the thought that he was about to get married.

Of course they were getting married in Hasetsu. Victor had refused any other place, not that Yuuri had complained. His parents had insisted on them having it at the Inn, which was also not met with many complaints, other than Yuuri not wanting to inconvenience them, particularly since they wouldn’t really be paying for much since his parents owned it. In general, the wedding was small (if they didn’t count the numerous reporters who hadn’t been allowed in that wanted to cover the wedding), just their friends and Yuuri’s family.

They were almost to the door that would lead to everyone, and Yuuri had to stop for a moment to try and catch his breath. The panic was taking even more hold as his mother tugged at his arm again. It was now or never (and obviously Yuuri would never pick never when it came to Victor).

The doors opened and they were greeted with the sight of more people that Yuuri remembered inviting (even though it was still the same amount as it had always been) and he froze up entirely.

“Yuuri, come on. Victor is waiting for you,” his mother whispered and tugged one last time.

Victor. Right. Focus on Victor. Yuuri’s eyes flicked up to where his soon to be husband was waiting, smiling wide, looking happier than Yuuri had possibly ever seen him. Just seeing the smile on his face made Yuuri feel lighter, quirk his own lips into a smile that grew as he started walking with his mother down the centre of the chairs with all eyes on them. Including Victor’s. Their eyes didn’t break contact the entire way, except when Yuuri leaned in to kiss his mother on the cheek before she went and took her seat.

This was a good choice. The best choice. The panic had melted away as Victor took his hands and the wedding started.

It was only the beginning of the rest of their lives and Yuuri couldn’t have asked to be happier.


The wedding itself was a success and went off with only a minor hitch of Makkachin the ring bearer getting distracted and using one of the decorative bouquets as a toy for a good five minutes before Mari and Yuri managed to wrangle him down the aisle, bouquet still in mouth.

Other than that, everything had gone smoothly, at least until the reception. Of course alcohol was going to be served, and Yuuri had told himself he would just have a glass of champagne for the toast, but people kept handing him glass after glass and he couldn’t just say no without being rude, right?

At least he wasn’t the only one, because Victor was a little tipsy after a certain point as well, though he could hold his alcohol better than Yuuri could ever hope to. A thought had crossed his mind that people were doing this on purpose because they knew exactly what happened when either he or Victor got drunk, but there was just no way he could say no when everyone was congratulating him, and they’d come all this way to be a part of the wedding.

“Vi-Victor, did I ever tell you about the t-time that I got fake married to my biggest poster of you when I was fourteen? Yu-Yuuko helped and it was a beautiful ceremony. Not more beautiful than this one obviously.”

There was a lot of laughter from around them but Yuuri was too drunk to care at that point. He and Victor were dancing and losing articles of clothing at an almost alarming rate. Victor twirled him before looking mock upset.

“Well I hope you divorced it, otherwise we’ll have a scandal on our hands. I can’t be with a man who lost half of his belongings in a legal battle with a poster of me.”

Yuuri snorted loudly with laughter before dipping Victor, whose bowtie fell onto the floor in the act, and gave him a small kiss on the mouth.

“Are you jealous that I was in a long and healthy relationship with you before I met you? Because that’s what it sounds like, Mr. Nikiforov.”

“Oh, no, not at all, Mr. Nikiforov-Katsuki. I’m just wondering how many half poster children you have running around.”

The laughter of everyone else who was listening in was lost on them as they laughed at each other.

Their wild dance continued until the song changed to something slower, so they were able to catch their breath and sway in place together.

“You know, I really love you Victor.”

“And I really love you too, my beautiful Yuuri.”

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile wide and nestle his face into Victor’s neck while they danced.

After a minute or so, Victor huffed in laughter.

“Looks like Chris has decided to make the bar his personal strip club.”

Yuuri perked up immediately and twisted around to see, a wicked grin spreading across his face.

“Well, it would be a shame to let him have all the fun.”

Victor laughed as Yuuri pulled him over while stripping out of more of his clothes. This was the beginning of an absolutely beautiful life.

Keith and Lance have a big fight. At lunch Keith is ranting about it to Pidge who isn’t even pretending to give a shit.

After Keith is done Pidge suddenly bursts into a rap, “come on bro, don’t you know, that I’m a hoe, and you two go, waaaaaay back!”

Keith just comments on how white she is and walks off to his next class. Lance then comes out from under a nearby table.

Pidge: Told you the rap wouldn’t work.

Lance: Yeah, well, maybe if you got on the table and did that dance like you were SUPPOSED to-


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

Jesse Tuck nearly got hit by a car while trying to catch a Pokémon, pass it on

I don’t know if this has been done before but

Bionicle movie bloopers

Everyone just goofing around on the set having a good time

Vakama is having the serious talk with Jaller and Takua leans into the frame and quietly says “hey little mama lemme whisper in yo ear” Jaller snorts and breaks down laughing

Jaller, Hahli, Takua and Hewkii are inspecting the kohlii stick props when the mallet on the one Hahli is holding breaks off. They just stare at it for a moment before Takua grabs it and places it back into the box like nothing happened

Metru Onewa, Whenua and Nuju badly singing Kung Fu Fighting in their prison cell

The Matoran in Vakama’s vision after they look up at him reaches out and says in a zombie like voice “braiiiiiiiins”

Metru Vakama reciting his motivational speech in the beginning of WoS and screws up multiple takes one time he screws up he spits the longest raspberry

And last but not least, Hordika Matau pronouncing Keetongu’s name on camera correctly and during a brief break he says finally says it incorrectly. he is so done at that point he throws up his hands and falls flat on his back

Canon vs Fanon
  • Canon Iceland: You know what, I don't really care.
  • Fanon Iceland: tumblr addicted meme brony
  • Canon Denmark: Energetic and has a taste for alcohol. Also, really funny.
  • Canon Finland: I'm delicate, talkative and care for others. Merry Christmas!
  • Fanon Finland: *death metal screeching and gunshots accompanied by blood* pERKELE
  • Canon Norway: I'm your big brother, might as well call me it.
  • Fanon Norway: Denmark can die and I have no emotion.
  • Canon Sweden: Cares a lot for Finland and has a sense of rebellion.
  • Fanon Sweden: H'll' 'm B'rw'ld 'x'est'n'' 'nd 'f y' t''ch m' w'f' y''ll b' s'nt'nc'd t' d''th b' 'K''.

hi today has been a long day and i haven’t been able to be online but i really wanted to say this. today’s the birthday of im jaebum and i’m sure that many of you know i love him with all my heart, for all his done with and for got7 that has helped me through some tough times in my life. i love this man so much and i hope he keeps doing as he does because m'baby is doing amazing

I think you are right, with your earlier post @miraculouscim….. They have done this on purpose!!! we are being spoilt rotten!!! 🗼🐞🐱😍 @skaylanphear@insanitysscribblings@siderealsandman@imthepunchlord@thelastpilot This has been a good week! =^_^= Sorry just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your work especially as I have no way of contributing to the Fandom besides leaving faves, kudos and screaming into my pillow cause these dorks are so adorable and why won’t season two get here already ?!!?!

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sorry bro but remaking a movie with simply a younger cast is not the same as remaking a movie with a cast thats never been seen before like buddy we already know what the white het cis male character will do and already has done in literally every situation ever i dont need to see it again with a different dude named chris either but i wanna know what the woc and the lesbian gunna do in that same situation so kindly shut the fuck up and go watch your “classic” vhs tapes in your mamma’s basement while the big girls go to the cinema tnx

so I’m really just

very glad that superheros have becomes such a huge thing again?

everyone including myself knows I’ve pretty much always been into anime, but lately with all the superhero stuff being uploaded onto sites like hulu+ and netflix, and shows like Supergirl and The Flash (plus of course the ongoing MCU) I just

it’s finally hit me how much I’ve kind of always been a superhero nerd?

like I used to rush through my snack when I got home from school, to make sure I’d be done in time for Static Shock to come on

I watched tf out of Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond every single chance I got (which only 90′s kids remember those of you around my age probably remember; both were on a LOT, with the new BB episodes, their encore airings, and just how often BtAS was on in general)

Teen Titans? hell yeah

X-Men: Evolution? holy shit yes, geek out about that non-stop on the bus

Justice League? now that I’m rewatching it and CW’s The Flash, I am DEFINITELY remembering looking forward to Wally sassing the crap out of people on a regular basis. Especially if it was Batman. (I mean hell, a friend of mine was confused as to how I knew Wally West as THE Flash, when Barry has kind of been the most popular and well known one, and it turns out this was why.)

But just

somehow I literally forgot how much of this stuff I used to watch. and because all this stuff is becoming popular again, I get to rediscover it, and it’s almost like watching it for the first time, but still getting to experience the joy and nostalgia. and yes, some of it’s cheesy, and some episodes aren’t well written, but it just

it makes me so happy


My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 4

Chapter 1 2 3

I know you’ve been waiting a while and I’m so sorry that this has taken a long time, but its here now so :) enjoy my beautifuls xx I don’t know why it doesn’t seem that long to me but it’s over 2,000 words. 

Recap: I just lied to Tom Hiddleston, my best friend, the man that my heart truly belonged to- shut up, it’s never happening - but that night. God what have I just done?


It’s been almost two weeks since I walked out the door of Tom’s house, I never even went to go see my ex, I just went straight home and cried until my eyes were so swollen I could barely see and was walking in walls. Without Tom my life feels so dull as if theres no excitement, nothing to look forward to. I’m surprised I’ve even lasted thing long in not crawling back to his apartment and begging for his forgiveness - pathetic, I know. 

I’ve been doing better now though, I open the door to my own apartment and see several empty liquor bottles laying on the floor, clothes hanging on furniture and take out laying on the table from two nights ago. Okay, maybe I haven’t been doing better, maybe it’s time to go back and apologize. Pulling my apartment door shut and locking the mess behind it away from me I hear footsteps come up behind me, figuring it’s a neighbor I mumble “good afternoon” cringing at the raspiness of my voice from barely talking these days. I turn around after pulling my key out and am met with a large bouquet of red roses, my eyes narrow, those aren’t real. They’re chocolate roses! I look up and my breath hitches as I make eye contact with a disheveled yet overly handsome Tom. “Good afternoon” his deep voice rumbles and my mouth parts open slightly. “I-I…I was just going to uhm see you” I clear my throat as I take in his appearance, simple jeans, a black shirt and a blue hoodie. 

The corners of his lips tilt up in a ghost of a smile and tilts the bouquet towards me looking at me expectantly. I slowly take them hesitantly, “t-thankyou” I curse myself for stuttering like a complete nincompoop. “Uhm” this is the part where I invite him inside and show him how perfectly fine I’d been living on my own except…well, I can’t. “Are you going to invite me in? So we can talk..” Tom finally says seeing my hesitation and I turn around looking at my door unlocking it, I peek through and hold back a groan. “Maybe we shoul-” I get cut off by Tom pushing the door open from behind me and the mess of my apartment revealed. I walk inside ashamed and he closes the door behind him glancing at the bottles on my floor and empty packs of cheetos stuffed into an empty ice cream bucket. 

I purse my lips and quickly grab a loose hanging bra hiding it behind my back just as Tom turns to look at me. A frown taking over his handsome features, “Y/N…this is…” “Yeah, I know…I’ve uh, been busy” I say moving around to pick some bottles up. He pulls my arm back noticing the bra in my hand and lifts an eyebrow. I toss it behind me and he pulls me closer looking at me seriously. We both stare at each other silently, simply reading the flashing emotions in each others eyes. He sighs and looks down rubbing his lip with his thumb. I gulp “so, how have you been doing” he looks up at me with a slightly amused glint in his eye but it diminishes quickly. “I’ve been better” he says looking at me with those intense blue eyes. God damn him. 

“Can I get you something to drink…water…I’ve run out of…anything else” I say pausing as I walk towards the kitchen. “Y/N.” I hear Tom say behind me and I turn around again looking at him once more. Our awkward glances lasting longer than before, until my bottom lip starts quivering and tears build up in my eyes. His expression softens before we step closer and grab each other in a tight hug. (gif) I wrap my arms around his neck burying my face against his neck as well as I can with my height taking in his scent that I missed so much. I choke out a sob when I feel him stroke my back then pull me tighter. I run my fingers through his curly hair and we stay like that breathing each other in for what seems like ages. My toes begin to ache from tip toeing to reach not even his height and I slowly begin to pull back. He reluctantly releases me and brings his hands up to my face stroking my cheeks and under my eyes, wiping the mascara that has leaked down. He holds back a chuckle as it smudges even more. I stare into his blue orbs and our faces inch closer slowly…RING RING! Mother Fucker! 

We jump back at the sound of Toms phone and he sighs clenching his fists but pulls it out of his pocket looking at the caller. “I have to take this” he says looking up at me with sad eyes and I nod “I’m going to…pee” I say running to the bathroom locking myself inside and Tom answers the phone. I let out a deep breath and  I look into the mirror. What the fuck just happened. I rub my temples gently and pace back and forth rethinking my whole life. Yes, I’m dramatic. “Get yourself together” I hiss to myself and take in a deep breath. I turn the tap on and cup some water in my hands splashing it on my face. I gasp at the coldness of it and look up seeing my makeup leak down my face worse than ever. I groan, this is not like how it happens in movies. I grab some makeup remover wipes and clean my face scolding myself for being ridiculous. 

What if the phone call was Toms new girlfriend? Does he have a new girlfriend? Was he about to cheat on her?! I let out a frustrated sigh and feel like a crazy person scolding my brain for thinking such things, Tom isn’t like that. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and sit on the edge of my bathtub, unfortunately, me being the clumsy little shit that I am. I fell in. I groan as my head hits the wall as slowly pull myself up. ”Y/N?” I hear quick footsteps and a knock on my door, before Tom even says anything more I yell out “I’m fine, just…I’m fine” I rub the back of my head and open the door looking at a worried Tom. “What was that?” He grabs my head and turns me around examining it. “I just fell Tom, I’m fine…I’m fine” I say slowing down. Toms hands fall from my head and wrap around my waist pulling me close. “I missed you so damn much you have no idea.” 

My heart basically leapt out of my chest and ran up the stairs to heaven because this man just killed me with a single sentence. I lean against him and mumble “I missed you too.” He pulls away and turns me around, “that was Luke…it’s a bit-” “urgent?” Tom looks at me guiltily and I give him a small smile, “go Tom…I’ll be here waiting, we can talk about it later, just go” I say rubbing his cheek and he kisses my forehead making my skin tingle with desire before giving me one last tight squeeze and leaving. I look around my apartment sighing, well while he’s gone I might as well clean up a bit. I bend down starting to pick things up. 

Later in ze evening

I lounge on my couch scrolling through netflix movies sighing as I realized I’ve watched almost everything that I like. I click onto the Sherlock series watching it for a seventh time. Hugging my sausage shaped pillow as I stare at Benedict Cumberbatch’s gorgeous face. Giggling at him and Martin Freeman. I hear my door unlocking and I tense up before I remember that Tom has my spare keys. I relax back into my couch as he walks in and glances at the TV. “Again?” he lifts an eyebrow and I grunt attractively in response. He kicks off his shoes and walks towards me sitting on the other end of the couch placing my feet on his lap. His large hands wrapping around my ankles and squeezing them gently. I look at Tom and he’s already looking at me. 

He grabs the remote and lowers the volume to like one, and I glare at him. “Y/N…you know we need to talk about what happened.” I sigh and look up at the ceiling dreading this conversation. He pauses and I whisper “I never went.” “What?” “I never went to go see him.” I say looking back down at him and I see a flash of happiness or relief in his eyes, “oh, where did you go?” he says looking confused. “Home” I smile and he squeezes my calf. “I see…Y/N I’m sorry I tried to control you…I didn’t intend for-” as soon as I heard a crack in his voice I stopped him and crawled over to his side snuggling against him. “It wasn’t your fault, you were looking out for me, can we leave it behind?” I say as I hug him and nudge my way onto his lap.

 His muscular arms wrapping around my waist comfortably he pulls me against him and kisses my temple appreciatively. I also accepted it appreciatively. “Sure love.” I smile and stay leant up against his chest as he turns the volume of sherlock up. “You should watch a different series, like…The Night Manager” I feel Toms lips curl into a smirk against my head and I scoff. “Puh lease, like I’d want to watch my best friend humping his brains out with his butt hanging out…I see enough of that plastered allover tumblr” I snort. No but really, I didn’t need to see that, not the butt part, I enjoyed that but I don’t need to see Tom grinding it up and thrusting into another woman - though it’s fake, with Tom’s acting it all feels to real for me. 

“It’s more than that Y/N” Tom says cupping my chin making me look up at him. “I know, I’m kidding, maybe I’ll catch up on it sometime but for now I need me some of that Cumberbatch.” I grin and look at the screen. Pretending to squeal and fan girl over Benedict’s long curly hair, I feel Toms arms tighten around me. “I have curly hair too, and Loki’s hair is longer.” “Ew, but it’s you, Mr smelly socks” I grin cheekily up at Tom and he narrows his eyes in mock anger, “Mr smelly socks?” I nod enthusiastically. Big Mistake. He grabs me and pins me on the couch, as he straddles me and digs his fingers into my side causing shrieks and giggles to escape my mouth. “S-Stop” I scream as he tickles me and lets out an evil laugh. Dear God he just turned into Loki.

 I laugh uncontrollably and squirm beneath him accidentally managing to hit my arm against his…area. I hear Tom groan loudly before pulling away holding his crotch. I gasp “Tom oh my god I’m so..sorry” I can’t help giggle a bit, yes I know it hurts, but I’m that person that laughs before helping you up if you fall. “Are you okay? I know I’m laughing which makes me seem like a huge arsehole right now but I’m genuinely worried about your baby maker” I bite my lips trying to stop the giggles from escaping and Tom glares at me. I shriek as he lunges for me and scramble off the couch running towards my table. I get around one end and Tom is at the other following my every move. I laugh hesitantly, “now now Tom…think about this.” He smirks and runs around the left side and I squeal trying to get away running into my bedroom where he tackles me and we land on my bed. 

“Oof” I huff out as Tom pins me down once more, “You’re heavy” I scrunch my nose and he grins down at me “it’s all muscle darling.” I roll my eyes and I scream as Tom raises his fingers threateningly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I say out loud as he wiggles his fingers in the air. “I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything I promise please!” I beg as his fingers inch closer. “Anything?” he raises an eyebrow. I nod quickly and he smiles leaning forward. I see the hesitation in his eyes but I almost choke and die when he whispers “Kiss me.”

| L.H.| Where Do Broken Hearts Go


“Fuck you. I’m done.”

“Wait babe I was drunk we just kissed I-”

“No! You cheated on me, Luke it’s over! I’m done with your shit. Everybody around me has been telling me for the past couple of months to get rid of you but I didn’t listen because I actually fell in love with you. Nice to know you feel the same.” I scoffed walking away from him.

He catches up to me grabbing my wrist pulling me against his chest. I refused to turn around and squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t start crying in front of everybody at school. The bell had already rang for classes to start a couple minutes ago so most students were already there, but there were a few late ones giving us weird looks as they passed. If I saw bad boy Luke Hemmings and an innocent girl like me fighting in the middle of the hallway, I’d stop and stare too, I couldn’t blame them. There was a party this past weekend and me being ill I didn’t go. Luke had offered to come to my house to spend the weekend with me but I refused, not wanting him to get sick. Also, my parents didn’t know exactly we were together, let’s face it, if they knew straight A innocent girl me was fucking a pot smoking, never goes to class, and parties all the time Luke Hemmings, they’d lose it. One of my friends had gone and snapped a picture of Luke and a girl I had never even seen before, kissing. I was already sick but seeing that picture literally made me dash to the bathroom and throw up. When I got to school this morning Luke had done the usual to kiss me on the cheek quickly so people around us wouldn’t see, but I pushed him against the lockers and told him off instead which shocked him.

“I really care about you, (Y/N),”  he whispered in my ear running his fingertips down my arm. Another problem in our relationship. He refused to say I love you. Maybe it was because he actually didn’t.

"Bullshit. If you cared about me even just a little you wouldn’t have kissed that girl,” I spat turning around to face him, “I fucking hate you.”

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Ever after high is at an end

I’ve been talking to a few different people working at the different Mattel booths while at SDCC, asking why theirs nothing for ever after,
Some said theirs nothing to show but they could’ve at least put out the epic winter dolls but apparently they are done.
They aren’t promoting the line anymore, they’ve shut down. And it makes sense.
Think about how bad they’ve been doing, and what the line is.
First off I want to bring up the SDCC Raven that you can now get, they put that out as a marketing stunt and no one could stop it.
The line has been doing baaddd and we all know it.
And lastly Mattel wants Disney back. They can’t get Disney back if they have a line that is a huge threat to the descendants.
Anyways, buy up the dolls you still want, we’ve got a year or so kids

okay it actually genuinely worries me that there are rumors that tumblr could shut down. like I don’t know if it will actually happen, I don’t think anyone knows, but the possibility of it is enough to freak me out a little. jokes about how crappy it is aside, I’ve been on this site for over 5 years. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people I never would have without tumblr. I’ve seen content that wouldn’t have picked up any headway without tumblr. I’ve learned things through tumblr that you just can’t get from other social media. this website has done a lot for me and for millions of other people. we joke about it being crap and wanting to leave but if tumblr actually did up and disappear one day idk what I’d do. twitter, instagram, and Facebook just don’t have the same feel and connection that tumblr does. I genuinely hope that this website does not shut down.