shut up zwei


blackwatch members surprise posing for selfies w/ sleepy and grumpy leaders and colorful sunglasses, Back Then and revived!overwatch blackwatch editions (guest-starring roughs for blackwatch Junk ‘n’ Hog and Not Actually Blackwatch He Just Insists On Pretending He Is Because Genji’s One of Them Zenyatta, not pictured: Gabe standing offscreen w/ a camera in case Sombra’s selfie stick doesn’t work out because what comes around goes around)

idk good night


doodles&headcanons time : zwei only calls gideon by his name when he’s extra serious, the rest of the time he gives him pet names to piss him off or he calls him stuff like Mr Gleeful / master / etc. Ironically. To piss him off. And Gideon is constantly pissed of.

also gideon is tiny as fuck so zwei carries him around sometimes.

humanized journals by Elentori

do you ever have one of those ideas where over halfway through working on it you stop and go “wait why the hell am I working on this” but you don’t dislike the idea or the work you’ve put in and you’re over halfway through so you finish it? yeah

I’ve been thinking about drawing my ten most-played characters (so far) together because I thought it’d be fun, and last night I was looking at the blizzard gear store and realized that w/ the Tracer leggings and the socks they’ve added for blizzcon you could now make near a whole overwatch-themed outfit so I drew my ten most-played characters (not in order) (+Snowball) in official overwatch merch (w/ everyone in Tracer leggings ‘cause they’re the only official overwatch pants/etc. so far afaik? :V) because I make wise use of my time.



used my built-up coins to buy Genji’s new highlight yesterday (because I make wise use of my fake video game money) and the very next game I got a potg with him \o/ it wasn’t much of one (and it glitched out a bit because apparently the potg system doesn’t like the new halloween stuff rn, haha) but idk I was still sort of proud, haha. anyway a distant sequel of sorts I guess to the doodle from yesterday, w/ modern Genji having fucked up his pumpkin highlight intro somehow (guest-starring Jesse, because (missing Jesse’s hat because it hid his face))

also Mei! (and Snowball!) because I’ve been wanting to draw her, and because I wound up playing her a lot last night and I think I did pretty well? \o/ and I got her cute spray achievement! :D



more rid2015/whatever doodles

+current favorite ‘bot and ‘con of the show
+humanformer take on Strong and Bee’s initial talk in Filch’s ep kinda (should’ve rewatched as ref but ehh)
+rough humanformer design for Thunderhoof w/ bonus antlerstache sidedoodle

idk *rolls back away*


rid2015/whatever episode 10 humanformer doodles

+how many other members of Team Bee will Grimlock have bridal carried by the end of this show? legitimate question
+and Grim and Strong playing games while waiting to get out of the hole idk

idk anyway

meanwhile on the f/f front, I started this earlier in the month then set it aside because I was like “I’m going to have to explain this pairing ain’t I” but today I decided “fuck it” and finished it so here we go,

(imagine, though, an episode where they could’ve gotten stranded from the others and were forced to work together and became friends and sort of kept being friends after that who’d sneak off to snark about the others and check on each other and Airazor wasn’t half-assedly jettisoned from the show and and and. and then they smooched? yes.