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trans man aph ukraine who feels really dysphoric due to his chest size. He brings this issue up with Ivan who begins to frantically search everywhere for a good binder that’ll work for his older brother. Eventually he does and surprises Dmitry, who is completely overjoyed to the point of tears when he sees the binder works.

okay okay so i was just thinking like rochu human au where ivan is like the odd one out at school and yao sees him sitting alone at lunch so he tries to befriend him and they end up talking and getting really close and they kind of start crushing on each other. so like one day ivan is really down and yao takes him to an amusement park to cheer him up and they get on this really crazy rollercoaster and ivan is like terrified and he covers his eyes and when they get off the ride he’s kind of tearing up but then yao pulls him down slightly by his scarf and kisses his tears away and then he holds his hand and takes him to a chiller ride