shut up with the spoilers!

Attack On Titan season 2: Conspiracy mode on

(that scene in the carriage in S02 Ep02, where everyone freaks out about what the hell is going on with the walls and why is no one talking about those titans, what is this priest hiding, but Levi keeps his cool as always. Levi knows; the truth is out there DUN DUN DUuNNnn)


the aftermath

Marisha: That was a three hour battle.

Matt: Yeah.

Marisha: We did nothing but fight.

Matt: And honestly? Kinda mucking it up with archers kinda helped too, because they were all about to just start focus firing on whoever was visible.

Laura: Yeah. So I’m glad we split them up. Getting Grog out… 

Matt: Getting Grog out was key. 

Matt to Laura: If you hadn’t have pulled him out and taken all those attacks of opportunity-

Travis: That was it.

Matt to Travis: -you would be gone.

Travis: I was at 20 and then- I was like “that’s it.”

Matt: They weren’t gonna stop when you hit zero.

Travis: Yea-no that would’ve been it.

Matt: They were going to cut you up until you were dead.

Matt’s face immediately following that statement:

Liam to Laura: Look at that guy, look at that guy-


Travis, to Liam: You saw it too didn’t you!?

Liam, laughing: I saw it

Travis: The shadow of a man that wished he could have butchered someone and didn’t quite get to.

Taliesin: That is the face of the fucking devil.

Travis: The shadow of Craven Edge lives behind those eyes!

so i was watching kindergarten kid and this guy came up

and i thought their gem looked very familiar and after a little thought i realised

she appears to have a gem just like a zircon but there’s a little M shaped bit missing on the corrupted gem which got me thinking.

i always thought that corruption was like some sort of disease that spread from gem to gem but wouldn’t that mean the crystal gems would already be infected? Looking at this it could be something entirely different. 

a corrupted gem could be a chipped gem, the gem isn’t fully itself anymore but it’s not broken enough to loose its form. this could also explain why there are so many corrupted gems running around instead of hiding and why they can’t be healed, they need to find their missing piece.

I also had a little look at this video and found some other corrupted gems missing some pieces. 

when i first watched jasper become corrupted (the only gem onscreen to be corrupted so far) i thought it was because she had fused with another corrupted gem but i watched the episode again and she’s flung into the air before falling and being crushed by the gem she’d just unfused with

and she lands right onto her gem

just moments later she starts showing signs of corruption. 

if it was a disease that spread this quickly and efficiently every gem that visited earth would be corrupted and Jasper would have begun her corruption whilst still in the air but she didn’t

she became corrupted after hitting the ground

Spider-Man Homecoming makes you realize how much Tony Stark truly loves this 15-year-old smart kid who feels happy when he gets a free churro from doing something good. Tony built a suit for Peter that had everything he needed including a parachute, just in case something happened. And you can tell how much Tony loves making suits for this boy. Peter Parker is so loved and I hope he realizes it.