shut up whitey

hey yall, @genji-against-shimadacest​ kicked my (black) friends from his “”anti”” group chat for saying “shut up whitey” and being “too aggressive” when it came to calling out antiblackness from him and his friends. i expected better from a  goddamn adult in this hell fandom but what can you expect from nonblack poc when it comes to admitting their own antiblackness.

the gc was originally for antis but quickly turned into a echo chamber for white people to spout racist bs without having to face consequences 

throughout the whole night, suel continued to spout antiblack rhetoric, and dismissed the claims against it as us being “too agressive”

a friend whos been in the gc for a while noted that this kind of thing has been going on for days and weeks, and nobody was willing to reflect on their actions and have the goddamn sense to think “maybe calling black people aggressive for being angry about being stereotyped and being disrespected is bad. gee whiz”

screenshots and such under the cut

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The asian student association photoshoot where we talk about microagressions got shared on facebook by like 5k people and there are so many mean/ ignorant comments. Telling us to calm down/ get a life/ stop being oversensitive…im waiting til im back with my laptop to start fighting people but damn im hella mad