shut up vickie


So I went to party city with the fam because my aunt’s baby shower is next weekend and we’re in crunch time in decorating and packing because we’re also in the process of moving lol. Lo and behold, g/t things were among the place and I wanted it all.

I’m guilty of buying the bacon pool float because the new house has a pool, I love bacon, and other GIANT reasons haha…

  • me: "i don't rly like top-down games"
  • me: *plays the shit out of link b/t worlds*
  • me: "i don't enjoy FPS that much"
  • me: *adores L4D2, mods the shit out of it*
  • me: "those 'rugged space warrior w superpowers' games just aren't my cup of tea"
  • me: *thoroughly enjoys borderlands 2*
  • me: "i hate strategy games"
  • me: *has been playing Civ 4 BTS since it came out*
  • me: "i don't really like those 'choose ur own adventure' things. multiple endings are too much work for me"
  • me: *tries to get all of the monster loves you endings, tries to die in every possible way in long live the queen*
  • me: "i'm not good with fantasy games"
  • me: *makes an OC specifically for skyrim, tries to do every quest, can't decide b/t imperial and stormcloak, in love w serana*