shut up this is accurate

  • taehyung: hi jungkook
  • jungkook: hi
  • jimin: hi jungkook
  • jungkook: what the actual fuck how dare you come to me with that tone you piece of shit how dare you even say my name shut the fuck up you gorgeous fuck what the fuck.
  • jimin:

“Hey Mark, you need to leave to get pick up Ethan from the airport!” Tyler called out to his roommate. Mark’s new editor, Ethan, was flying into town today to move in with the two boys. Tyler knew Ethan a bit, but hadn’t seen him in quite a while. In fact, he really hadn’t heard or talked to Ethan since the last time they were together recording a whisper challenge with some friends. Ty realized it was pretty ridiculous that he didn’t even follow the guy on social media, despite them knowing each other, but he brushed it off. No big deal.

Mark finally came to the front door of the house, ready to go. “Sorry man, lost track of time. Do you mind driving? I’ve got a nasty headache” Mark apologized.

“You can just stay here if you want. I’ll pick Ethan up,” Ty offered.

“You sure? I can go, if you want.” Mark replied.

“Yeah, of course. Get some rest, I’ll be back soon,” Ty said before heading out the door and driving off to LAX.

Once he arrived, Ty parked and headed inside. He checked the text and made his way towards the baggage claim Ethan said he would be at. He stood for a few minutes while people around him grabbed their luggage. He didn’t see Ethan anywhere, and started worrying that he got the baggage claim wrong. He took out his phone to check the text, but right after unlocking it he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw only one thing. Blue. His eyes were assaulted by Ethan’s extremely bright hair. The last time Tyler had seen Ethan, he still had natural brown hair. This was very different, but definitely in a good way. Tyler had always thought of Ethan as fairly attractive, but now he was just fucking hot. Tyler couldn’t help but gawk for a second before Ethan spoke up.

“Hey Tyler! Long time no see,” Ethan greeted, hugging the much taller man.

“Uh..yeah, it’s been a while. That’s um…that’s different,” Tyler said, pointing to Ethan’s hair.

“Oh yeah, I dyed it a while back,” Ethan said, running his hands through his hair. “Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ty answered a bit too quickly. “I mean, yeah, I do. It looks great,” Ty said casually to remedy the situation.

“Thanks,” Ethan said with a bit of a soft smile. “Did Mark not come?” Ethan asked, changing the subject. Tyler explained he had a headache and was home resting. He couldn’t tell if Ethan was happy or disappointed when he mentioned that, but it didn’t really matter.

“So, are you hungry? We can stop and grab some food before heading home,” Ty offered, and Ethan accepting, claiming he was starving.

The whole time at dinner, Tyler could not stop staring at Ethan’s hair. It was just sooo blue. Ethan finally spoke up towards the end of dinner. “Do you not like it?” he asked suddenly, which slightly started Ty.

“What? No!” Tyler defended quickly.

“Oh, cause it’s just you keep looking at it as if you’re unsure about it.”

“No, trust me, I really like it. A lot. You look amazing…er…it looks amazing.” Ty complimented.

“Well thanks, you’re not so bad yourself,” Eth replied with a slight smirk.

“Nah, I’m just same old Tyler. Not like I dramatically changed my hair color or anything. But really, you do look great.”

“Oh please, you grew up a lot. Longer hair, sturdier face…nicer muscles,” Ethan said as he looked over Tyler’s arms specifically. “You’re pretty damn hot now,” Ethan said, almost making Ty choke on the water he was drinking.

“Alrighty then. You ready to go? Mark will be wondering where we are.” Ty said, slightly desperate to escape the situation before he could make a fool out of himself.

“Yeah sure, just come here really quick.” Ethan said, waving his hand towards himself.

“What, why?” Tyler asked, confused.

“Just come here!” Ethan persisted. Tyler leaned across the table towards the other side of the booth to satisfy him, when Ethan place the smallest of kisses on his lips. He instantly pulled back, confused.

“Uh…what?” Tyler asked stupidly.

“Just wanted to try it out. Ready?” Ethan answered with a smile. He got out of the booth and started walking out the front door. Tyler took a few seconds but finally followed. He caught up to the small blue boy right outside the exit door, and instantly placed his arms around his waist and picked him up to give him a proper kiss. After a bit, they broke the kiss and Tyler put Ethan down, but continued to hold his hand as they walked to the car to go home.

“I’ve been in L.A. for 3 hours and you already kissed me,” Ethan teased.

“Oh shut up, bluebird,” Tyler teased right back.


I know it’s not accurate since Ethan’s hair was blue in the whisper challenge he did with Tyler, but oh well. Use your imagination. Hope you liked it :)

lance hc’s

welcome to my twisted mind

is trans

has a blue binder trust me on this its blue

hunk bought him his first one bc lance didnt have enough money on the visa card he bought

(they both cried)

one time lance and pidge watched ghost adventures until 3 AM space time and when they were doing Important Voltron Things one of them wld say a random zak bagans quote

  • on a nice pretty planet thats harboring galra troops
  • “we’re not here for beauty, we’re here for darkness” “lance please shut up”

keeps a diary so that he can accurately tell his family about space if when he gets back, he wldnt want his sibs to hear the Wrong Space Information hes a good sibling

favorite artist is cascada, listens to evacuate the dancefloor at least one time everyday to Keep Him Pumped

“hunk i don’t want to get up” “if you get up i’ll make space pancakes”

“haha guys remember when i almost died? wild.”

actually a good planner? its canon yall

  • “okay so we need to stick together and we’ll-” “uh yeah no. literally the entire universe knows what we look like? and sure it makes sense to stick together if we all want to get recognized and reported to the galra. remember them?? yah so lets split up and stay on the comms dont get wrekt”

“pidge what the fuck even is the midwest, is it real? i don’t think it’s real.” “lance im from iowa, i’m real.” “okay but are you? has anyone actually seen you in daylight?”

“keith why are your hands so clammy take off the fucking fingerless gloves youre not edgy.”

“coran what would happen if i shoved all of keiths stuff into the airlock” “at the rate we’re going, i’d assume they’d be torn to shreds!” “well uh…. good thing i didn’t do that… haha.”

got stuck in blue for 6 hours bc the seatbelt got stuck and he didnt want to tell anyone so he just stayed in there and tugged on it.

  • “i thought you died” “god i wish i did”

one time his foot fell asleep in the middle of a battle, it was the worst moment of his life

  • shiro: lance get back in alignment
  • lance: i cant, i cant feel my leg
  • shiro: OH MY GOD did something happen?? were you hit??
  • lance: nah my foots asleep. also i got shot? i can’t feel it but it’s definitely there and im definitely in shock right now”

shiro and lance bond over their near death moments, they have a club, sometimes they let allura join. they meet once a week.

  • me: so starkiller base is a small, snow covered planet orbiting tightly to a pretty large star
  • jj: correct
  • me: but it's covered in snow
  • jj: ...yes
  • me: but like the whole planet is covered in snow. and it doesn't have seasons? it doesn't have an equator? does it get hot? when the band around the middle is carved out, does that change the velocity of the planet? the seasons it has? wouldn't the snow melt when starkiller is being charged and fill the carved part with water? there's oxygen on this planet because they fight on the surface, so it has an atmosphere? a magnetic field? how do the trees stay green and alive if there are no seasons? are there animals? rivers? mountains? what about the watershed system on starkiller? when is it spring?
  • jj: you know... the movie is more about-
  • me: if the entire core of the planet is carved out to be filled with energy from the sun, how does it spin? how did the first order carve out the entire core of a planet? with out a metal core, the magnetic field is gone, throwing off the orbit, and exposing the entire base to harmful radiation-
  • jj: uh...
  • bill nye: nice
  • neil degrasse tyson: nice
  • Straight people: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Gay people: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Bisexuals: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Everyone: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Obama: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Aliens: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • God: Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Natasha Negovanlis: Elise Bauman though
Save me Part Four (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by marra-frmz

Word Count: 1053

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one, two and three here

You had been friends with Loki for a few weeks now and it was strange yet the best time of your life. He had showed you his magic and often pulled small pranks on you that caused you to get mad at him for a short period of time before you’d cave in and laugh at the situation. Just yesterday he made all the furniture in your room move to the ceiling causing you to almost faint at the sight, but that mischievous demigod had somehow found a place in your heart.

He’d teleport you both to random beautiful locations to have lunch or dinner. Just last week he teleported you both to Paris and you almost threw up when you realized where you were, not really wanting to think about the details behind your body appearing there. But never the less you’d really been enjoying Loki’s company and didn’t think you’d ever want it to go away.

Currently you were watching star wars with Loki on the couch in your apartment and it was a harder task than you’d originally thought it would be. If he could ever shut up about how the movie wasn’t accurate and that aliens didn’t look like that it would be a blessing. “Loki it’s not real, it’s not meant to be real so just shut the hell up and enjoy the movie.” You grumbled at him annoyed, throwing a piece of popcorn at his face.

He let out a loud groan as he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. Deciding to use this moment to have a good look at his features yet again, you turned your head taking in his silky dark hair and pale-wait. Why was his skin blue?!

“Loki you’re blue.” You muttered out accidentally, hoping you hadn’t upset the boy with your careless words. His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at your statement as he quickly sat up, inspecting his skin to confirm that it was in fact the blue colour you said it was.

“Oh no no no no, this is not happening. Not here…not right now.” Mumbles you couldn’t quite understand rambled from his lips before he abruptly stood up and sprinted to your bathroom, closing and locking the door shut behind him. His actions caused worry to spread through you, standing up and making your way over to the door quickly. You pressed your ear against the door, attempting to hear something but you were met with the same mumbled words he spoke moments before. “I can’t believe this is happening and in front of her.”

You caught the last bit of his sentence causing your stomach to drop at his words, you didn’t realize he cared for you so much. Gently knocking on the door your voice came out in a gentle tone. “Loki…what’s going on? Please talk to me, let me in. I’m not afraid I just…I wasn’t aware that you, you know, turned blue and all that.”

It was silent for a moment before you heard the sound of the lock clicking, the door swinging open to reveal a very much blue Loki. His eyes were red and puffy showing that he’d let tears fall and you noticed his eye colour had now changed to red. Maybe you should have been afraid but you couldn’t be, this was just Loki. The demigod you’d grown to love and trust over the past month, he was now one of your closest friends.

He couldn’t keep eye contact with you as he stared at the ground in what appeared to be shame and disgust for himself. You were about to open your mouth but were cut off by his own voice. “This is what I really look like Y/N. Long story short i’m a frost giant that was raised by the king of Asgard. I will never truly belong anywhere and I will forever be an outcast. I don’t expect you to stick around now and I won’t blame you, I get it. I mean look at me, i’m horrific. Everything I touch freezes, I could literally kill someone with my touch. I’m-i’m a monster.”

You took a few steps closer to the boy, yet cautious not to step too close after hearing his warning of being able to kill people with his skin and all that. “You’re not a monster Loki, far from it. You’re one of my closest friends and I have so much trust in you. And what are you talking about you’re not ugly. You kind of remind me of that movie avatar or a smurf but i’ll explain that to you another time. But you’re not a monster.”

“Please don’t pity me, I don’t want yours or anyone’s pity.”

“Gosh Loki could you just stop for one moment alright. I don’t pity you I lo-” You cut your sentence short before you almost blurted out those three words so stupidly. Sure you had learned to love the prince quickly, he spent almost every day with you ever since you went on that date. But you didn’t think he’d be ready for such…commitment so early into whatever you called the relationship you both shared.

His skin started to go back to it’s pale colour as warmness spread through his body at the words you almost spoke. He was fairly certain you were about to confess your love for him. “What were you about to say?”

You didn’t even get to respond before you felt a pair of lips press against your own. Loki placed his hands gently against your waist as he pulled you into his chest as you melted into the kiss, reaching up and tugging on the ends of his hair. You felt a spark as you kissed, unlike something you’d ever felt before. You knew that this was right, that this was meant to be, this was fate.

You both pulled apart, Loki looking deeply into your eyes before brushing a small strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you too Y/N.” You smiled up at him and he suddenly let out a chuckle. “I can’t believe I fell in love with a mortal, and I used to pick on my brother for that.” You laughed at his words before pressing your lips against his once more.

call out post for aries

some of you don’t know when to stop - you guys are the type of people to hit on anyone that catches your eye and you don’t really care much for commitment. you guys will cheat, have multiple bitches, and so on.. or you won’t do relationships period. you also really don’t care about anyone but yourself half the time. oh and why do all of you act like you’re right? not everything you say is fucking accurate so maybe you should shut up and consider listening to others for a minute. we’re all tired of hearing your strong ass opinions like we stopped caring three weeks ago. no one ever tries to bring up anything with you because the minute they do, you start shoving your opinion down their throat until they choke. and you guys really do have anger issues. all of you blow up and get angry so fast but then you calm down two minutes later like nothing ever happened. it’s frustrating because if the other person is still mad then you get even more pissed off like jesus christ, did you ever consider that not everyone moves on from situations that fast? also, stop acting so fake all the time. you all love to pretend that you’re a detached and cool bitch but the minutes the doors close, you start crying because you can’t hold in or deal with your emotions. you’re also the biggest baby like you genuinely think the world revolves around you and if you don’t get what you want then you get pissed off. it’s sad.

+ other signs.

Another (Part I)- Levi x Titanshifter!Reader

Attack On Titan canon verse; multi-chapter Levi x Reader in second-person POV. A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Gianna for help with writing Jean, couldn’t have done it without you!

Warnings: Some swearing.

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of its characters.
I do not own you.
I own this story.


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the thing that mcu is missing the most is the way the avengers became a family. how all these terribly broken people come together and find a home together. how they support and care for one another, and annoy the shit out of one another.

ik it’s movie format and not like a 30 minute show, but that’s the reason avengers assemble is better in my eyes.

What I want to see

I want to see accurate representation of autistic people. People need to understand and accept that autism is a spectrum. People should not fight over or have to guess whether or not a character is autistic. Implying or leaving it up to interpretation isn’t good enough either. Autistic people need to be included when an allistic person writes about us or makes a movie or show about us. By not including actually autistic people, and assuming that you are an expert even though you aren’t autistic yourself…you more often than not, are spreading lies, misinformation, stereotypes, fear and ableism with your books, movies and TV shows.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻