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A cool, damp cloth placed on Dazai’s forehead caused his eyes to flutter open from the sudden contact as Chuuya reached over him to grab his wallet.

“Oh you’re awake.”

“Mmm only cause Chuuya put this wet cloth on my forehead.”

“Tch,” the executive responded while grabbing a coat from the closet. “That’s only cause your fever still hasn’t gone down.”

Dazai continued to tease in a light hearted voice.

“Aww, Chuuya is so cute when he worries~”

His comment earned him a ice cold glare.

“Shut up before I sent you to to the afterlife myself.”

Quiet laughter filled the room in response. Grabbing his hat, Chuuya turned back around to the bedridden figure. 

“I’m going out to get something to eat. Anything specific you want?”

Chocolate eyes crinkled as Dazai smiled back at him.

“Ah it’s so nice to have a wife~”


Struggling to control his growing irritation, Chuuya let out a deep sigh. No matter how much Dazai infuriated him, it would be shitty move to punch the living daylights out of him given his current physical state.

“Whatever shitty Dazai. I’ll be back soon,” said Chuuya while closing the apartment door behind him.

‘What. How. Why did this happen.’

Bags of groceries dropped out from Chuuya’s hands and fell onto the floor, their contents spilling everywhere. 

Horrified, the executive stared at the snow covered form fallen just outside of the apartment door.

Rushing over, Chuuya shouted out the brunet’s name.


Dazai didn’t stir.

Slightly panicking, Chuuya brought the other’s face up to his, slightly shaking at how cold the detective’s skin was.

“Dazai? Dazai?! Oi Dazai!”

Dazai finally cracked open his eyes and greeted him in a weak face. 

“Ah Chuuya…”

Knitting his brows in concern, the redhead gingerly pulled his partner close to him.

“Why the hell are you outside?! You’re supposed to be in bed.”

“Well Chuuya was taking so long…..” The brunet’s voice trailed of. “….I thought… I thought something had happened.”

Shaking his head in shock, Chuuya shut his eyes. “I can’t believe this. What were you thinking Dazai…”

A weak chuckle greeted him.

“Who knows….”

He struggled to stand but quickly gave up and slummed against Chuuya’s chest, breathing heavily. 


Chuuya’s concern only grew with each passing moment as the brunet’s breathing grew weaker and weaker.


Biting down on his lip, the redhead threw his coat over the trembling figure and hauled the detective onto his back.

“We’re going to the hospital.” he said in a sharp tone, but suddenly dropped it into a softer one. “Don’t you dare die on me shitty Dazai.”

Despite the flakes of snow falling from the sky, the two made decent progress. Chuuya’s footsteps imprinted in the soft white blanket that covered the streets.

Their height difference made it slightly difficult to keep the brunet’s legs from dragging against the snow, but it was the least of his worries given how Dazai hadn’t said a single word their whole journey.

Chuuya felt a slight poke against his cheek.


“What is it,” he panted, continuing to walk down the street.

“Put me down.”

“Hah? What are you talking about.”

Dazai gently tugged one of Chuuya’s soft curls.

“I can walk by myself. Don’t overdo it.”

Chuuya scoffed. “As if carrying you would cause me any strain at all considering you’re as thin as a mackerel.”

The gentle tugging continued.

“Chuuya, please.”

The barely noticeable plea in the brunet’s voice caused Chuuya to pause for a moment.

The executive let out a deep sigh.

“Fine. But the minute you stagger, I’m carrying you again.”

“Fine with me.” Dazai replied in a warm voice.

He let the bandaged man down from his back and closely monitored his walking. Despite swaying for a couple steps, Dazai managed to maintain his balance and continued by Chuuya’s side.

‘Maybe he’s not doing so badly after all-‘ Chuuya thought

Suddenly, without warning, Dazai tipped over, making no motion to stop himself.

Dropping to his knees, Chuuya caught the other in a swift motion, keeping him from falling down face first into the snow.

Half-lidded eyes greeted his concerned face.

“Sorry Chuuya…”

Wrapping his arm’s around the brunet’s waist, Chuuya brought Dazai’s head up towards his face and draped the coat over his body.

“Don’t apologize. Don’t say anything,” he pleaded, fighting back tears as he held onto the trembling form struggling to breathe. “You’ll be fine….”

A cold hand gently caressed Chuuya’s cheek as fingers slowly brushed aside stray tears.

A quiet voice met his ears.

“Chuuya, I love you.”

Grabbing onto the brunet’s hand with his own, Chuuya blinked back tears that threatened to spill over and spoke in a shaky voice.

“…I love you too…Dazai…”

Hazelnut eyes lit up with joy.

“That’s the first time you’ve said it back to me, Chuuya,” he whispered.

Smiling, he leaned the side of head against Chuuya’s chest.

“…Thank you.”

The hand touching Chuuya’s cheek gradually grew limp and fell down against the brunet’s now still chest.

Sapphire eyes welled up with tears at the sight of his partner’s pale face. No longer caring, Chuuya let them fall as he brought Dazai’s body closer to him and cried towards the heavens.

Chuuya glanced down at the lifeless face as tears continued to trickle down.  

A shattered voice left his lips. 

“How could you leave before me.”


I was tagged by @eatkookiie to do the bias selfie tag/selfie tag, nd also by @jiminslipgloss to post 2 selfies & 10 things (thank you so much ily 💗💖💕💓)

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Rules: you must post two selfies & write ten things you have learnt/are learning to love about yourself, tag mutuals and blogs that you like

1. I like my eyes, i really like their color

2. my lips are cute

3. I also kinda like my smile ??

4. I’m learning to love my skin

5. and my hair

6. I’m trying to love my voice

7. I like my height (i used to hate it sm)

8. my sense of humor

9. I love my eyelashes

10. I’m learning to love myself

I’m tagging: @taechy @jellyfishes @poutypjm @je0n @jeonnings @silkjimin @peachesjimin

The most gorgeous girl

Jerome saw your bag why you went to take a shower. There wasn’t much to do at Galavan’s place so he found whatever he could to stay entertained. Plus he had an interest in you even though the others were rude. Especially Greenwood. Greenwood constantly had something to say about your weight. When Jerome was around he’d tell him to shut the hell up, but when Jerome wasn’t around… no one was there for you. So here was Jerome dumping your purse out.
“Tissues, boring. Wallet, awww such a cute license picture. Bottle? Ooh what do we have here? A pill popper perhaps?” It read “E Z Weight Loss Pills” Jerome’s heart snapped in two. Weight loss? Was she listening to Greenwood? Wh-why? He was an idiot. And she well she was stunning.
Y/n came out of the bathroom with a towel around her. “Jerome? What the heck? Why are you in my purse?”
“I uh um. Y/n?” He couldn’t hide the pills in his hand so he had the broken look on his face. What was supposed to entertain him, broke his heart. He didn’t want to find these. And you? You couldn’t even look at him. You turned away with your hair still dripping on the floor. He came up behind you. “Y/n? Answer me.” You stayed silent a moment longer then broke down. “I’m so tired of it. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I’m tired of people pointing it out. I’m so tired of it.” You said some more things through tears but Jerome couldn’t make it out. “Hey, hey, hey. No. You are the most gorgeous girl.”
“No really. I’m not.” Jerome hugged you with a tear running down his face that he couldn’t let you see. It was a bear hug and he didn’t let go until he knew you couldn’t tell that he had been tearing up. “Y/n I want you to get dressed. Then we are going to go kill Greenwood first off because I know he put this in your head. Then we are going to buy you the cutest clothes where we can show off your body because it is absolutely amazing. And if anyone says otherwise? We’ll kill them.”

I feel so pretty at the moment!! That seems so weird to say but idk I just feel so pretty! I’m so happy! I’m really feeling myself at the moment I feel like a whole new person. It’s like that post I reblogged yesterday about girls flourishing after a break up, that’s me right now. I am truly flourishing. I also got my hair cut yesterday and she blow dried it so nicely it looks so cute! I feel so light and full of energy it’s incredible. Ok I feel like I sound crazy so I’m gonna shut up now 😂😂

also it’s a week until I’m going to America!!! I’m so excited, it’s like 30 degrees in Vegas right now I just can’t wait to relax and get some sun and also hit up Sephora let’s be honest

100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 4 

Just two boyfriends having a little watercooler talk before killing Ohm and Brycey. Yep.

When I saw that Prop Hunt video with Delirious, Vanoss, Ohm and Bryce (the one with the wheelchairs business, lol XD),I really wanted to do some of the scenes, but now with the view of Delirious I NEEDED THAT WATERCOOLER SCENE. So here’s Delirious and Vanoss as a guest for this project :D

Excuse my fangirling thinking about an AU of these two in a company, because SUITS and COLORS. AND YES, *//A//*

(watches an old periscope from shelby rabara that was uploaded in july 2016)

(hears shelby rabara sing the SU theme song)

(skin is clear, crops are watered, grades are improved, soul is cleansed)

my cute lil stardew valley farmer named marigold (mary for short)!! her farm is named dogwood farm, she loves plants, video games, and i have no idea who she’s gonna marry,, , 

i need Adrien to have a Tikki plushie