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You’re A Virgin? -Tyler Seguin

Holy shit you guys it’s been a while and I’m so sorry. I hope there won’t ever be that big of a gap ever again.

Anonymous: -Tyler Seguin smut pls!! Could it be about it being your first time?

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 5928 

Warnings: smut, swearing, quick mention of blood, virginity


When I moved to Dallas three years ago, the last thing that I had expected was to run into the apparent resident fuckboy and hockey superstar, Tyler Seguin. If you would tell me that I’d be losing my virginity to him, and he’d be my boyfriend, well, I’d laugh in your face.

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Andre Burakovsky #1 - Meet the Team

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A/N- hiya! sorry its been a lot longer wait between imagines but I’m trying my best. I am currently only able to do some writing while watching hockey games or on my commute home from school so its not the best writing conditions… Anyways…

for the anon request: Love ur writing! Can you write a Andre burakovsky one where you meet his team and you’re kinda shy? Thanks! Lots of love<3

(thanks for the love! these little messages make my day)


You were not going to freak out. You were determined to keep your cool. They were just people, probably feeling some kind of awkwardness like you were feeling. Except they were more mature, adult hockey players who spend half of their lives talking to media and people they don’t know. So yeah, maybe you were freaking out.

Look, you love your boyfriend, Andre Burakovsky, with your whole heart. Even though you have been dating for just under six months you know that he’s it for you. It’s just that you are naturally a very shy and introverted person. Sometimes you experience mild social anxiety and large crowds with loud people really don’t make you feel good. In fact, you met Andre at a house party that your best friend had dragged you to. Instead of spending the night downstairs playing drinking games with the rest of the party-goers, Andre found you sitting in the living room, sipping your solo cup of beer and cuddling with the house cat. He immediately sat down next to you and started stroking the cat as well. After sitting there in silence for over five minutes he finally looked up at you, smiled warmly, and said, “He’s cute, but I still like dogs better.” you giggled and 2 hours later you were still sitting in that couch with a purring cat half in both of your laps when your friend came stumbling up the stairs meaning that you had to take her home.

Since then Andre has been the best thing in your life. But now your breathing is getting all out of whack and you are trying to reason with your stress-riddled brain to no avail. After six months you still haven’t met Burky’s team and tonight is the night. The Caps were playing at home and, like usual you were going to be in your usual seat in front of the glass. The exception however comes after the game where instead of texting him a congrats and meeting him at his apartment after the game, you were going to go down to the locker room and meet him and all his friends. So yeah, you were freaking out.

You steeled yourself and gave yourself a pep talk driving into the arena but once you stepped inside and saw some of the familiar faces of the arena staff, you relaxed right away. By the time you were sitting down in your seat the alarm bells going off in your head about meeting the team were significantly quieter. When the Caps took the ice for warm up Andre did his customary two laps around before circling to you, blowing a kiss, then jumping against the boards in a fake shoulder bump that always made you giggle and you focused on watching the boys warm up. Shortly after that, the game started and you were whisked away to your happy-place which is being totally immersed in the game you love so much.


The final horn sounded and you got up with the rest of the Verizon Center to give your team a resounding cheer for their 5-2 victory. Andre had scored twice and you were grinning ear to ear despite the growing panic in your chest. You decided that you were just going to have to suck it up and you really didn’t want let Andre down because you knew how much this meant to him. You flashed your pass at the man who Andre had told you about and turned left down the hallways that you were instructed to follow and sure enough you found yourself leaning against the wall facing two very large doors with the huge logo painted on. You nervously fiddled through your phone and got a text from Burky much sooner than you were expecting.

Andre: You here? I’ll try to be out asap so you don’t have to meet the boys all by yourself

You smiled at his consideration and texted him back a single thumbs up before continuing to fiddle around on your phone. 15 minutes later a very dishevelled and slightly wet Andre comes bursting through the doors and sweeps you off your feet. You giggled loudly as he spun you around and peppered kisses all over your face and neck.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” he beamed at you when he set you down.

“I noticed.” you giggled, “great game.”

Andre continued to smile at you like an idiot, “the boys are so excited to meet you. They say that it’s because that means that I will finally shut up about how awesome you are, but secretly it’s because they’ve seen you at games and really want to meet you.”

You gulped slightly and Andre immediately recognized your shyness creeping back in so he wrapped you up in a hug again. “I promise this dinner is super low key and all the boys are really nice.” you exhaled shakily and nuzzled into Andre’s chest for support.

“Aw, baby Burky and his girlfriend are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.” you turned around and spotted Holtby, Ovi, and Backstrom all clean and changed from their showers emerge from the dressing room and make their way over to you with warm smiles on their face.

“You must be (Y/N).” Niklas grinned at you, “happy to finally meet you.”

“We hearing so much from Burky, it feels like we already met.” Ovi said with a matching expression.

“Oh shut up, I do not gush about my girlfriend every second of every day.” Andre protested

“Ahh puppy love.” Ovi pretended to sigh wistfully

Niklas bent down to whisper to you as Andre started to pick a bit of a fight with Alex making you laugh nervously, “Don’t worry. He loves you very much. I’ll try to contain Ovi at dinner. He doesn’t understand volume control.” he winked at you helping untangle the mess of knots in your stomach before grabbing Ovi by the shoulders and pushing him towards the exit with Braden trailing behind.

“We’ll see you at dinner!” he called behind him before disappearing down the hall


“No really! Every part of that story is true!” Andre assured the group of Caps laughing at the dinner table.

“You forgot the best part though,” you corrected, “ in Andre’s haste to put his number in my phone before my friend started puking everywhere, he mistyped and I thought he had given me a wrong number. It took two weeks of apparently him moping around before my friend managed to connect the dots and gave us the right numbers. Ever since then it’s been history.” you smiled at Andre who kissed you on the forehead which made you blush a startling shade of red.

Now that dinner has been served and you have spent the past hour and a half with Andre and almost half of his team you feel significantly better. You had a brief episode at the beginning of dinner when you sat down where you felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb and was wishing that a manhole would open up from under you and suck you sway from all these people. But then Tom Wilson sat down on your other side and proceeded to tell you embarassing stories of Andre that you had never heard before. Before you knew it you were giggling while all of the boys were trading locker room stories about everyone and then you took a risk and started to tell stories of ANdre from home. All the boys turned to you and were listening almost enraptured as you recounted the tales of Andre failing as an adult with your signature sarcastic humour. Within seconds you had the team hollering with laughter and you felt all of your nerves completely dissipate. When you finished your story as the meal had arrived you looked over at Andre who had a conflicted look of happiness that you were blending with his best friends and embarrassed that all of his not-so-finest moments were being shared.

You leaned back into Burky’s shoulder as the conversation moved to something about Ovi and Russia that you had stopped paying attention to awhile ago, “I love you.” you murmured up at him.

“I love you too.” he smiled, “but maybe next time we just stay in by ourselves?”

“Oh yeah? What caused this sudden change of heart” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“I discovered that I don’t like to share”


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flaredragonessreshi  asked:

Not even going on anon for this one. I'm sick to death of the toxic shipping community for Fire Emblem. And I haven't seen it so much for the older games as I have for Awakening and Fates. Does it really freaking matter who ships who with who? Gods, just shut up already. Ryoma and Corrin? Cool beans, it's adorbs. Xander and Laslow? Awesome, glad you love it. Fucking Chrobin? Hey, me too! But don't be rude to anyone who dares to ship Chrom with someone else!

Props to you for not being on anon, truly.

This has always been my main issue with the Fire Emblem community. It’s absolutely horrendous when it comes to shipping. Honestly, I have pairings I absolutely despise but I’d never ever hate someone for shipping it. Sending hate mail and harassing someone for a ship that involves fictional characters is just so incredibly scummy. I leave people alone who ship things I don’t like and let them do their thing, like how people leave me alone and let me do my thing. I just wish people would stop taking shipping so personally that they feel like any threat to their ship is warranting bullying. Having a disagreement over ships is fine, but being rude and undermining the other person is so stupid.

I want SPN to become a video game.

Like, you can choose to be Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley, Lucifer, Gabriel, Gadreel, Abaddon, ect and then you choose a place to live (bunker, motel or kansas) and you always live 4 people. For example Dean, Sam, Cas and Charlie in the bunker. And it’s set around the end of season 9 with the whole shebang about MoC and if you choose Dean for example, you’ll have to find ways to fight it, like going out on cases with Sam and Cas or doing research by going to a library and such. 

It should be like the sims. You should be able to play like in the sims when you’re at home maybe and like take care of your characters (4 at a time). and then if you interact with someone you can choose what to say, if you wanna be harsh, friendly or if you wanna romance with who ever. so you can make destiel canon, or wincest or sabriel or whatever you name it. and then you can like drive around in the impala checking for cases or if you could find any demons or angels and like kill them and collect their souls or whatever. 

then if you maybe choose Crowley or Abaddon you can either choose to rule the hell or if you want to abandon it and maybe become human crowley if you choose Crowley as your character. 

or you could make your own character. and you can choose race (human, angel, demon, prophet, someother famous monsters) and you choose your own storyline but it will still cross with team free wills somehow and you can still like romance with everyone you meet, including TFW.

okay, I will just shut up now because this is getting out of hand. this is seriously my dream that someone will actually make this. it’s like 1 in a million but still it would’ve been awesome.

  • Dean: Sam could you come over here and help me?
  • Sam: ... You did it again didn't you?
  • Dean: Shut up. The pretty lady asked me if I'm looking for cute girls in my area and I said yes okay!
  • Sam: *takes laptop from Dean's hand*
  • Sam while typing: Dean. I told you with these adds you need to clo...
  • Sam: Huh.
  • Sam: *click click*
  • Sam: I don't know what's wrong with it, it doesn't wanna close.
  • Dean: Hehehe...
  • Dean: HAH! You know nothing, Sam Winchester.
  • Sam: ...
  • Dean: Okay sorry, but you know Jon Snow's awesome.
Shut Up, Dean.

Summary: You hurt your back on a hunt and Cass isn’t on the bunker to heal you. Meanwhile, Gabriel is still out of enough grace to help you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll leave your side. 
Word counting: 800
Pairing: Gabriel x Short!Reader
Characters: Short!Reader, Dean Winchester, Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel.
Warnings: Gabriel has the biggest crush on your, but you’re not together. Fluff. Cussing. Reader loves displaying affection. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this drabble came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome.

Y/F/C  = Your Favourite Candy

Y/N = You Name

Gabe x Short!Reader series Masterlist  

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Argh” You moaned in pain as Dean helped you out of the Impala.

“Easy, sweetheart.” He looked down at you and passed an arm under your knees. “Let me…”

“You don’t…”

Your protests were interrupted by your friend lifting you in his arms and using his knee to close the door of the Impala.

It was supposed to be a simple hunt, salt n’ burn, but the spirit had pushed you down the stairs of the place, injuring your back during the process.

“Dean…” You protested.  “I can walk.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to, Y/N.” Sam noticed, opening the door so Dean could walk in with you.

Before you could even answer, Gabriel appeared in front of you two with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He inquired.

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Watcher or Player ?- Tommy Mancuso x Reader

Originally posted by bicanaries


Pairing : Tommy Mancuso x Reader

Fandom : Nerve

Warnings : Grammar mistakes 

A/N: Sooo, I think this is the first Tommy Mancuso x Reader fanfic here, and I’m proud to be the first to post something about him, even if it’s crap, oops


“Tommy !” you said, walking towards your best friend. 

 "Hey Y/N, what’s up ?“

"Have you heard of that game called Nerve ? Here, look.” he furrowed his eyebrows as you handed him your phone.

“Yeah, but barely. The only thing I know is that it’s starting to be quite popular. What is it about ?” he said, his eyes following the words across the screen.

“It’s a game where you can either play or watch. If you’re a player, you have to take on a series of dares to earn both money and fame. And if you’re a watcher, well, you have to pay to watch people doing their dares. Vee joined the game yesterday night and chose to be a player because Sydney encouraged her, but those dare are dangerous, Tommy. This thing knows everything about you once you’ve registered.”

“Vee is a player?!” he said, his eyes widening. “No, that’s impossible. I mean, I don’t think she would do that, she’s one of the shyest girl I know.”

“I know, but I swear, i’m not lying! Nobody else should be involved in this game anymore, it’s too dangerous and someone has to do something. Vee is becoming popular, she won a lot of money and her dares are getting really dangerous.” you bite your lips and crossed your arms. You knew how unsafe this game was and you were worried sick for Vee, and the rest of the world.

“ …Y/N, I know you might hate me for saying this but if Vee is in danger, we have to play.”

“Wait, what ?!” now it was your turn to have your eyes wide open

"The watcher can see everything the player does, right ? Then we have to keep an eye on Vee. We are going to do something, because I highly doubt someone else will !”

“Okay, no, Tom, just listen. This game is EVIL. Once you’re logged in, there’s no coming back ! They know everything about your life, they control everything !”

“Y/N, do you even know what I can do with a laptop?” he said smiling, his eyes staring into yours. “I do know how evil the whole internet is. We only know and use ten percent of it. Trust me, I know what i’m doing.”

“Oh my god. Please at least use your own phone if you want to play this goddamn game. I hate you. You know that, right ?” you said as you rub your hands over your face, feeling more and more anxious

“Of course I know.” he smiled as he handed you back your phone before taking his own out of his pocket.

“Let’s do this.” he glanced at you and noticed your worried expression. “Hey. Please, you have to trust me.”

“Shut up, I need a hug.” Your best friend laughed and engulfed you in a tight hug, which you gladly returned, hugging him tighter.

“Just don’t do anything dumb, Mancuso.” He rolled his eyes and kissed your forehead before pulling away. “I promise-”

You jumped as the Game Voiceover interrupted him.


“Wow, that’s creepy.” he said, staring at the screen

“You still have the opportunity to give up! You know that some kid in Seattle died playing that, right ?”

“Y/N, we’re not playing ! We’ll watch, AND end this game ! But PLEASE, you have to shut your pretty little mouth and trust me.”

You stayed silent and sighed, because you knew you could'nt change his mind. Tommy was very good with our technology, and he knew a lot of things that he probably shouldn’t.

“Okay Y/N, we’re watchers now.”

“Yeah, awesome” you said sarcastically. “Are you going to find Vee or are you just being a dumb watcher just like everyone else ?”

“Jeez Y/L/N, chill.” his eyes were still on the screen, as he scrolled throught the player’s profiles.

“Okay, I think I found her. Her user is Vee_99 and- wait…she’s not playing alone. She has a partner, _IAN_, which means that they have to do their dares together. Shit, what do our naïve friend get herself into now ?” he shook his head and bites his lips. “Get in the car, we’re going to find her.” he ran his hand through his hair and grabbed his keys and laptop.

“Where are we going ?” you said, as he started driving

“I don’t know, it’s some kind of arena.”

“What ?!”

He rolled his eyes “The dare. They have to do it there.” He seemed pissed off, and honestly, you could understand. Sometimes you were being a jerk for no reason, and you hated yourself for that, but you could'nt help yourself. There was an awkward silence and you decided to broke it.

“Tommy…” you said, almost whispering. “I’m sorry if I pissed you off. We both know I can be a pain in the ass, and I’m always nervous for anything, but I never doubted you. I trust you, and I know you can do it.”

He smiled but stayed silent, his eyes focused on what was in front of him. “We’re here.”

As you were about to step off the car, you saw a familiar face running towards the both of you.

"Tommy, Y/N! Guys, please, you have to stay out of this.” It was Vee, she seemed terrified and anxious.

“Vee, we know what kind of game this is !”

“No, Y/N you don't ! That’s the point ! I broke the rules, I’m a prisoner now. The watchers, they stole our identities and my only way out is to win. Please, this is dangerous, stay away from this. I can take care of myself.” She put her hand on your cheek then kissed your forehead “Thank you though guys…really. I have one more dare to win. It’ll be over soon.” you could see she was holding back tears, and her voice was slightly cracking. Then, she turned away and disappeared in the crowd.

“Y/N, I need your help. Here, take this” Tommy handed you his laptop and you already knew what he was going to do.

“Is it safe ?” you whispered

“Yeah, don’t worry. Anything is safer than this game anyway. The only thing I have to do is to hack the very first player, the one who created the game, so I can have an access to every code. Then, I’ll be able to change them in order to desactivate every account. I’ll need 5 minutes, maybe less, can you please check if the dare started ?”

You took his phone and went through Vee’s profile. “Not yet, but the viewers are making a countdown. Tommy, you have to be quick.” you bite your lips, holding back tears.

“It’s almost done…I’ve got the codes, now I have to desactivate the game”


“10 seconds !”

“The countdown is at 5 ! Tommy you have to do something !” you said, as tears were streaming down your cheeks.

"I can’t Y/N ! I can’t do anything ! Everything froze!”

Suddenly, you heard a gunshot, and you put your hands on your mouth. You were unable to move, and everything around you seemed to have vanished.

“Now!” Tommy shout, and you felt his phone vibrating.




Your eyes widened as a small smile appeared on your face “You..”

“We did it, Y/N” you jumped into his arms and cried on his shoulder. “But w-what about Vee ?” you said as you pulled away, remembering your friend just got shot.

“She’s fine. The bullets were blanks. Sydney told me they were trying to help us shut down Nerve, so we planned it together before we got here”

“Why didn’t you tell me ?” you said as he wiped your tears away.

“Because you’re a pain in the ass.” he laughed and kissed your nose, hugging you tighter.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I just read your Mc looking after deaged Rfa members + Saeran, I was wondering if you could do one where Mc was the little kid, and Mc is very hyperactive and doesn't listen to adults, someone could tell her "stay here" they come back and Mc's gone because she want's to explore the magical world~ Maybe at some point with even all of the members watching she gets lost?,sorry if I already sent this, amazing blog and love your writing <3 I hope this ask was okay!

Beautiful scenario! Thank you so much for sending this, and please don’t worry about inconvenience or anything, recieving your asks makes me really happy!
(I couldn’t decide how to do V for this one since he’s blind and all :’) Maybe I’ll edit him in later as a bonus. Not sure if this is what you wanted, anon, but I had lots of fun. Thanks!)

Aight, let’s get this thing done;


• Jumin would probably be the most terrible at it to be very frank

• He can’t do this shit- he can barely understand how adults work, let alone kids

• Since his mansion is kind of gigantic, he just sort of lets you roam around in case he has work; or something that doesn’t allow him to personally look after you because he doesn’t actually think you’d be able to get out of it

• Surpise surprise! Get out is what you do. In precisely 3.5 minutes of being left alone.

• Jumin panics really bad? Like wtf? Where did you go? How the heck did you get past the stupid security guards (lmao they probably didn’t notice you crawling around their feet to be fair, you’re very sneaky and hella tiny even for your age)

• But then he just finds you in the garden poking a lizard or something, just in general touching any animal or plant you can get your hands on

• He just lets out a sigh of relief, scoops you into his arms

• He takes you inside and tries to punish you but he doesn’t know how? What do you do to punish a kid? He doesn’t think he should touch you at all and doesn’t believe in physical discipline and really, what was he supposed to do?

• He ends up just lecturing you on the dangers of going outside into the garden without guidance (which, hey; its a big garden and a small MC. We all know they’d have wandered outside if this big ass piece of land which happened to be Han property wasn’t there)

• You just sort of,

• Start apologising tearfully

• He feels uncomfortable now. He can’t stay mad for long, so he fixes his tie and tells you it’s OK before proceeding to spoil you with anything your child mind asks for

• Of course, the minute his back is turned, you’re glancing at the door already. Poor Jumeme


• Much like Jumin, he’s never done anything with kids, so I bet at first he’d be pretty confused about what to do

• But then he’d be really pumped up and excited because he discovers that baby MC is really cute??? Also, he’s always had a soft spot for kids anyways tbh.

• Tiny MC will be really sweet and easy to deal with. Right?

• Hahahahah

• No

• Yoosung wants to shut MC in with him and possibly put them on his lap while he plays LOLOL

• He tries to pay attention to her AND the game while tutoring her on How To Be A Pro Gamer 101

• “MC! Look, this is my guild. Haha. Pretty awesome, yeah? These little things we’re slaughtering are goblins ~”

• He’s totally oblivious about the fact that six year olds are probably too young for LOLOL

• Yoosung barely notices when you climb out of his lap and walk outside his room

• By the time you’re outside though, he realises there’s no one for him to point his LOLOL loot out to and he’s freakinG out

• Unlike Jumin, he has no security cameras or some shit so he’s legit terrified and has no idea where you went

• He finds that you’d navigated your way out of the building complex

• You’re just kind of standing at the side of the pavement and staring at all those real fast cars whooshing by and all those adults with their long feet and purses and wallets wander

• When he finds you, he immediately picks you up and just starts chiding you right there.

• At which point he starts tearing up because what if something had happened to you? What if you’d gotten hit by a car or something? It would have all been his fault if that happened!

• You wrap your tiny arms around his neck and say sorry over and over before promising not to go out like that again.

• He starts paying far more attention to you afterwards and even takes you outside to the park and to get ice cream!! Really if that’s what you want, you could have asked. He’d do anything to make you happy and make sure you’re safe

• He ends up falling asleep with you in his lap after you refurn home. You steal the half melted ice cream come from his hand and start nomming on it as you settle down on his lap and start yawning too. It’s not long before you close your eyes and think of the next possible adventure tomorrow -

Bo i

Seven though

• He hasn’t grown up with the best guardian obviously so he doesn’t know HOW to treat kids

• He just can’t tell what you’re supposed to do tbh

• But he’s pretty sure kids shouldn’t be allowed to walk out in the middle of the city all by themselves-

• Which by the way, after managing to sneak out of his apartment, you do

• He’s kind of freaking out because first of all, how did you get out and second of all hOW DID YOU GET OUT? His security system’s supposed to be fool proof??

• He’s paranoid for the rest of your stay and just kind of always hold you.

• Once he discovers you like PhD. Pepper and Honey Buddah Chips too, though, it’s all cool

• He lets you drown (metaphorically) in both these things

• But unlike him, you can’t live off of that stuff, and once you’re bored with it you just wanna get out again

• Unfortunately, he never forgot lock the door again and contrary to his belief you don’t actually, magically know Arabic

• So you end up exploring Seven’s place

• And you’re the clumsiest six year old ever so riP SEVEN

• Vanderwood’s probably rage quitting this shit when they come back because everything is a pure MESS.

• Seven.exe has crashed.

• Of course once he’s over the thing he’s really not mad or anything because it’s not like you destroyed his CARS (and let’s be honest those are the only things that matter). Speaking of the cars, he just takes you out in one of his for a ride in the countryside. Was it that easy? Was going out all that you wanted?

• Seven lectures you about the dangers of NOT obnoxiously demanding what you want when you want it, because it’s just easier to know what you need then

• He’s really chill and lets you do what you want. He tries his best because he thinks you deserve a good memory as a child (technically a temporary child but eh) and he’ll go out of his way to do what he thinks works with you

• He’s very affectionate if you get sleepy because then he can loosen his guard and concentrate on cuddling you instead of making sure you can’t get out of his line of vision.

Saeran ma boi

• Do NOT ever think you can get away from this guy

• He’s just confused af tbh

• Why would anyone leave a pure, innocent child with someone like him?

• He KILLED a man and you’re just the embodiment of everything innocent and childish and he just feels like crap compared to you. Why is he even trusted with this?

• Regardless, he tries his very best. His babysitting methods includes staring at you. Just. Staring at you and following you around.

• He doesn’t even say anything he just stares and follows

• It’s kind of creepy if you’re anyone else, but you’re MC for 707’s sake!

• He just won’t let you out of his sight. No way around this one. It’s like he can legit stare at you for hours.

• In the end you give up trying to get out on your own and just start whining

• He picks you up (hesitantly. Is a demon allowed to pick up angels?) because you ask him to.

• You cling to his neck all cute and childish and then whisper in his ear how you don’t like being in such a closed in place

• So naturally, he gives in after some thought and lets you out with him; conveniently, there’s a (very crowded) carnival nearby.

• Ha. Ha.

• Ha

• Good luck finding MC there, Saeran.


• He’s really hyped at the idea of having a kid with him tbh? Especially a really cute and adorable one such as yourself?

• He tries to be a cool babysitter that you can talk to about anything and just gives you general freedom

• Bad choice


• One second he could have SWORN he saw you sitting there, innocently on his couch and the next you’re gone?

• He starts panicking and freaking out before he catches you out in the living room, dangerously close to the open window, standing on a couch for support with your arms stretched out

• Caught red handed, you just pull your cute card and tell him (tearfully-) how you just wanted to go out and look at the pretty blue sky because being inside makes you feel suffocated or something

• Really MC? You could have just asked.

• He opens the door for you. Poor bab. Just as he starts going over some safety rules, you legit sprint out of the door and he has to run after you

• One word. Famous actor running in public with no disguise after a child.

• Fangirls and faboys everywhere

• You pretty much accidentally start a parade of ZEN fans in the middle of the street.


• She’s a total momma. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s already learnt her lesson from when she left you in her apartment’s living room and found you outside in the elevator (already having pressed all the buttons you could reach)

• She had to climb four different floors before she eventually caught you

• Boi, she was not happy. But she tries to be calm and understanding about it. After all, you are a child.

• She scolds you properly, but halfway through she goes to fix her glasses and finds that you’re gone again

• Goddamnit- wait, is that you in pantry? Nononononono not the coffee bean jars nOT THE COFFE BEAN J-

• Whoops. Broken. Good job, MC.


1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “If I turn around and see you staring at my girlfriend’s ass one more time…“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @its-my-perky-nipples

“Well, look at you Dr. Winchester…” You purr walking up to your boyfriend.

“Nurse L/N…don’t you look sexy as fuck.”

“Sam…I know that look. We have plans!” You lightly smack his cheek trying to snap him out of his sex crazed gaze. 

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I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but anyways, this is my presentation on why you should get into Folklore if you haven’t done so already. This game is very near and dear to my heart, and the fact that Cryaotic is playing it makes me want to explain exactly why this game is so great. (Psst: here’s a youtube playlist with the awesome Folklore OST if you want to have a listen.)

A note about tagging stuff related to Folklore - you can use folklore (game) or folkssoul / folksoul (which is the Japanese name). The fandom has been small for a while, so we always love more fans!

Gabriel x Short!Reader Masterlist

All the stories exist in the same universe.

The idea to this series came from a post from a game with @supernatural-squadd. I kind of fell in love with the small descriptions and decided to write a bit (or more than a bit) about it. Go check her blog, she’s awesome. 

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