shut up that is a solid joke

As most people who follow me know, Harry stayed at the hotel my dad works at last weekend, and I haven’t really shared anything about it ‘cause I was asked by my dad, who was NOT asked by any security, to keep it a secret because he wanted Harry to have a completely peaceful weekend in a secluded hotel with no one bothering him. Which he had. And was truly grateful for. 

BUT anyway, I went for lunch with my dad yesterday and he did NOT SHUT UP about Harry bloody Styles. It’s just bromance central. Anyway, he told me a few wee stories, including them exchanging shitty dad jokes and just having a laugh etc. And my dad’s favourite one was when Harry’s driver had to go out for some shopping and politely asked my dad if he wanted anything, and Harry was just “jogging” back up to his room before he got to the top of the stairs and yelled “VIAGRA,” which caused my dad and Harry to giggle like fuckin schoolgirls for a solid 5 minutes.

Luke gave Maz the lightsaber himself before going into exile because he knew Kylo wanted it so he decided to be petty and hide it from him before leaving. Like oh u gonna burn down my church and kill my students and now u have the GALL to demand I give you my dad’s sword well good luck finding it fuck you you lil fake goth bitch.


I should be working on “The Vapor Variant” but I came across this ficlet in my writing folder and had to finish it. After a wonderful thread on Sherlock’s hair started by @jbaillier, I (of the same hair type as Sherlock), felt a connection to the subject and couldn’t resist. So, without further ado:

“I can’t believe you’re taking this case. It’s not even a two.” John watched as Sherlock flitted about the flat, doing up the last buttons on his shirt with one hand as he tilted his head back and quickly drained the last of his tea. Sherlock had practically leapt from his desk chair upon receiving the e-mail from “Rowan Davis,” and his quick summary of the problem to be solved left John puzzled.

A family heirloom that went missing after a distant cousin came to visit, and who now refused to answer their phone? That was the kind of basic, boring thing Sherlock never gave a second thought. Hell, he barely even gave it a solid first thought. These were the types of e-mails he deleted before he even finished reading them. He often refused to leave the flat for anything less than an eight, but he was rushing around like his arse was on fire for this?

“The police can handle this blindfolded, Sherlock. What am I missing?” John said, crossing his arms and taking a step to the side to place himself in Sherlock’s path and block his way to the stairs.

Sherlock stopped short and rolled his eyes impatiently at John, shoving his wallet and keys in his pocket. “Rowan is an … important professional acquaintance of mine. I owe him.”

“I’ve never once heard you mention this ‘Rowan’ in my life.” John tried to pretend he didn’t hear the tinge of jealousy in his own voice. “And you owe him? Since when have you ever owed anyone anything? If I’m giving up my quiet Sunday morning to go off and help track down his sticky-fingered family member the least I could ask is a little backstory.”

“All right. Fine,” Sherlock huffed, putting a hand on his hip and gesturing to his head with the other. “Rowan is responsible for THIS. All of it. He saw potential where others saw only problems. Even my parents were frustrated and had no clue where to begin. Mycroft tried to pretend I didn’t have it at all, better to deny the problem than admit he was out of his league, I guess. Rowan taught me what to do … how to harness what nature had given me. What so many dismissed as hopeless and crazy and out of control, he turned into something manageable. Through him, I was able to stop being ashamed of the gift I had and start appreciating it.”

John realized his mouth was hanging open and closed it. “He … taught you to do deductions? How to … use your mind?” John asked, even though it didn’t seem right. How could someone so pivotal to Sherlock’s brilliance have never come up before? John suddenly had a vision of a young Sherlock studying alongside a wise but faceless elder, learning to channel his raging thoughts into the power to piece together puzzles others were boggled by. The whole thing was very Karate Kid, but knowing Sherlock and his bizarre family, it somehow didn’t seem farfetched.

Although if this Rowan was a mentor to Sherlock, why couldn’t he solve his own outrageously basic mystery on his own?

John might as well have told Sherlock he had quit the surgery and bought an ice cream van. Sherlock narrowed his eyes, and he opened his mouth as if to speak but stopped and took a quick breath. He regarded John as if he were an adorable alien.

“Not my mind, John. My hair. Rowan is my stylist.”

“Your… what? You mean your barber?”

Sherlock sneered in disgust. “No, not my barber,” his mouth formed around the word as if it physically disgusted him to speak it. “Barbers run two bit chop shops for hair. For the average man, I’m sure their talents suffice, but move beyond a 2b on the Andrew Walker hair typing scale and they’re lost, John.”

“I’m sorry, a two…what?”

“A 2b, John. Hair is ranked on a scale, taking into account the tightness of the coil and the overall texture. Your hair is straight, which is considered a solid 1. Personally I think my hair is a 3A, but Rowan insists it’s a 3B. One of the only things we ever argue about,” a small smile at the thought of the inside joke tugged at his mouth before he caught the disbelieving look on John’s face and snapped his head up in annoyance. “Oh, for heaven’s sake, close your mouth, you’re going to catch flies gaping like that.”

John’s jaw snapped shut and he shook his head and rubbed at his right eye, trying to make sense of all of it. Beyond the fact that he had never seen Sherlock’s poncey brand of shampoo and conditioner on the shelf at any chemists he’d ever been to, John hadn’t given it much thought. Sherlock liked nicer things, and it was no secret that his daily outfit probably cost more than John’s entire wardrobe. It was just one of those things that John associated with Sherlock’s finer tastes and public school upbringing.

In the bathroom, alongside his expensive shaving kit and silver tube of French hand lotion, the bottles and jars of Sherlock’s other grooming products hadn’t earned a second glance from John. It’s not as if they shared a bathroom space while they got ready, like a couple might … though now that John thought about it, he’d love to be a fly on the wall and observe Sherlock in his normal grooming routine.

John tried to push aside the odd feelings that the idea of watching Sherlock half-dressed after a shower had summoned, and luckily Sherlock spoke up in time to pull him from his musings.

“My point is,” Sherlock continued, before John could form a coherent thought, “barbers never knew what to do with all of this,” he ran his hands through his hair quickly, fluffing it to emphasize the wild curls. “A lifetime of bad hair cuts and a childhood of… nicknames…” he swallowed, looking repulsed, and shook his head. “My parents never knew what to do with it, and when I was young, quite frankly I didn’t care. It was wretched. In the English rain, it often turned to what my classmates referred to as an “afro.” Barbers cut it as if it were straight, and it dried unevenly. The results were horrid. They thought I could just comb it like every other boy. I’ll never go to a barber again.” 

Realizing he was sneering, Sherlock reset his expression to calm and collected again. “Rowan’s technique is advanced. He studies each coil and wave with expert scrutiny, then cuts each curl individually until the appropriate length and style is achieved. He understands my hair, John, and what’s more—he appreciates it.”

John shook his head, trying to wrap his mind around this new, random information. He’d never really considered what it might be like to live with Sherlock’s curls before. “I … had no idea,” he finally managed, shaking his head a little in dumb fascination.

“No, I don’t suppose you would,” Sherlock muttered, eyes narrowing with thinly disguised jealousy as he took in John’s calm, orderly, easy-to-maintain haircut. “In any event,” he continued, turning again toward the door, “I can’t afford to risk my relationship with Rowan. He has called, so I will answer, no matter how boring or easy the case may be. If he asked me to find his misplaced spectacles I’d have no choice but to acquiesce. Now, are you coming or not?”

He twirled around John, grabbed his coat and scarf off the hook by the door, and bounded down the stairs.

John frowned, self-consciously smoothed his hand over his head, then snatched his own jacket and followed.

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Being Ben’s twin sister and falling for Gil

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  • You and Ben are opposites.
  • Unlike him you prefer to remain outside of the spotlight and you rather hate dealing with royal matters.
  • You’re the rebellious one.
  • With the exception of Maeve, Merida’s daughter, none of your friends are royalty technically.
  • You say technically because Kai, who is Moana’s son, firmly stands by the fact he is not a prince.
  • Your group is made up of 
    • Maeve, daughter of Merida
    • Kai, son of Moana
    • Madison, daughter of the Mad Hatter
    • North, son of Jack Frost.
    • and Tilly, daughter of Tinkerbell. 
  • You know your seen as the ringleader of the group but it’s really Maeve, who is pretty much the ‘mom friend’ of the group.
  • When Ben comes back and sends he plans to bring more VK’s over you agree but tell him to do it in waves, slowly at first so he can work out the kinks in the program.
  • You end up doing that cause he gets too busy.
  • again.
  • You choose Gil, Harry, Dizzy and Ruby, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts.
  • You talked with Mal, who agreed not to bring Uma right off the bat after what happened. You’re bringing her over in the next wave.
  • You end up greeting them with Evie instead of Ben because he is busy with King stuff. Evie takes Dizzy and Ruby since they’re the same age and you get Gil and Harry.
  • After showing them their dorm and telling them where everything is you go to class, not seeing them till lunch.
  • “So those are the new VK’s?” Maeve asks, pointing a french fry at Gil and Harry who awkwardly look for a place to sit.  “Yup, Son of Gaston and the Son of Captain Hook.  Tilly gives Harry a curious look while Maddy gets a Cheshire grin on her face. “Let’s invite them over!” 
  • Maddy shouted and waved them over, causing them to awkwardly sit with you all and a large picnic table.  Maddy of course introduced everyone, including who their parents are, in a excited tone.
  • She liked making friends and got excited easily.
  • Maeve doesn’t give her sugar very often.
  • “You’re King Ben’s sister?”
  • “His twin”
  • Dammit Maddy
  • You had only introduced yourself by your name this morning.
  • “So your the princess”
  • “Sadly”
  • You bring them to class after that. Harry ends up having gym with Kai and North while Gil has history with you.
  • He rambles on about stories about his dad and all that. You admit he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box but he is sweet.
  • You find out he has three classes with you so you end up spending a good amount of time together.
  • He talks about the Isle and you tell him about stuff that happened when you were a kid.
  • People start to notice that wherever you are, Gil isn’t far behind and vice versa. 
  • You end up tutoring him after classes so really you two are always together and people just start to assume you are dating.
  • Neither of you really notice that you two are pretty much dating at this point till Maeve eventually can’t take it anymore.
  • You turn as red as her hair but Gil just smiles and kisses your cheek.
  • You officially start dating.
  • No one really says anything to Ben.
  • He is busy with King stuff and you don’t think it really matters but he catches you two kissing during lunch one day.
  • He corners you in your room after and has a small fit.
  • “He is the son of Gaston! Why didn’t you tell me!”
  • Que your pissed off look.
  • You didn’t tell me about Mal! I found out at a tourney game!” 
  • “He’s dad tried to kill our dad!
  • “Mal came here with a plan to free all the villains and gave you a love potion cookie so she could steal the wand!”
  • Ben shuts up.
  • You just stare at each other for a solid few minutes before he relents.
  • Ben apologizes.
  • “So when are you gonna tell mom and dad?”
  •  Shit I didn’t think about that
  • “Parent’s day is coming up.”
  • You both laugh but you are inwardly dreading having to talk to your parents.
  • It does go better than you thought, Ben dating Mal helps the situation but your dad is slightly miffed.
  • Your his little princess.
  • Belle actually likes Gil.
  • She thinks he is sweet, especially in the way he looks at you like your everything.
  • Adam admits that he likes Gil.
  • Ben jokes that Gil is your fairy-tale prince.
  • You just smile as you catch Gil playing with the little kids who are getting him to give them piggy back rides.
  • It’s that night you tell him you love him.
  • Gil tells you the same.
  • You can’t help but think this is your own happily ever after  

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request: @lost-in-my-arms​ : Helloo, can I ask one where the reader, who’s a new Avenger, has the same powers (and name, and costume, maybe) as Daredevil, being blind and all, knows when someone is lying; is great fighting (everyone) Pietro, since she can pinpoint where he is even when running. Cracks jokes about being blind all the time. This sort of stuff. Maybe something romantic with Bucky, or Pietro? Anyone, really. Thank you! <3

A/N: oh my god, this is SOOO late. I am so sorry. I just couldn’t think anything about it so I wrote this little drabble. sorry!

Warning(s): swearing.

Word Count: 253 ish

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‘congratulations, dumbass. You lost from a blind person.’ You got up from the mat and ‘looked’ in pietro’s direction.

‘hey,’ he got up rubbing his shoulder. ‘not my mistake that you are so good, daredevil.’ He teased.

‘well, that I am.’ You gave him a smug smile.

‘that and you are not that good, boy.’ Bucky walked in and you quickly ran into his arms.

‘hey babe.’ You buried your face in his chest.

‘hey, doll.’ He wrapped his arms around you. ‘looking gorgeous even though you’re covered in sweat.’

‘I really wouldn’t know.’ You said and he rolled his eyes playfully.

‘always with the blind jokes.’ He cupped your face.

  ‘then you will absolutely love my poem,’ before he could say anything you started reciting your poem and all the eyes in the gym landed on you. ‘the nights, my heart and my love is dark, and it’s all it’ll ever be.’ You said with an intense emotion and you knew everyone was listening carefully. ‘I am not being poetic dumbass, I can’t fucking see.’ You made a bitchface in the end. almost everyone laughed or shook their heads and grinned.

‘dammit (y/n)!’ clint laughed and you grinned.

‘doll,’ bucky shook his head at you.

‘what?’ you asked.

‘nothin.’ He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed and hit him lightly. ‘just enough with the blind jokes, I wanna spend some time with my girl.’

‘okay.’ You poked his side and he carried you out of the gym. ‘ you know, I cant see but I can walk.’

‘oh shut up. or I will drop you’ he bent back a little and you held on to him tightly. he chuckled and carried on. ‘i’ll never drop you, idiot.’

‘I know.’ you smiled and somehow managed to ruffle his hair.

Allergy Season

(A/N): I needed Bucky… 

Parings: Bucky x Reader

Request: You’re making an exception for me I feel special. Well since I’m really sick and I’ll be probably the whole spring (it’s that time of the year here),  how about Bucky freaking out because male!reader have really bad allergies, like me,  I’m dying lol,  I have like really high fibers and I can’t stop sneezing,  I would love to have that super soldier by my side. Whatever you write I’ll be really happy to read it and I’m pretty sure I’ll love it,  I love your work so so much! :3

Warnings: Just pure fluff and a confused Bucky

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @little-magic-matt

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You were dying. Well, it felt like you were dying at least. It was that time of year where your allergies were acting up again. Your eyes were constantly red, watery and swollen, you felt you had to blow your nose every second of the day, your limbs were covered in splotches of hives and you thought you were going to blow your brain out from sneezing so much. It was almost like being sick for an entire season. It sucked but you always survived. 

You of course didn’t think anything of it but what you weren’t expecting was a certain super soldier to take notice. Bucky noticed your constant sneezing, sniffling and congested talk as you wandered through the compound for almost a week and automatically assumed you were sick. So, of course being the good boyfriend he was, he was trying to get you to stay home. 

“(Y/N), go home and get some rest. You don’t sound good.” Bucky begs, following you around the compound as you carry a stack of paperwork you had to do.

You give a small snort as you continue to walk to your office. “I know I don’t sound great but it doesn’t mean I can just take the day off.” You return nasally as you walk into your office and set down the files, Bucky following close behind with his arms crossed. 

“But maybe you’d feel better if you just took the day off.” Bucky persists as he sends a worried glance your way just as a sneeze surprises you. 

You give a small groan, rubbing your already red nose before sending an amused smile. “I’ll be fine, I’ve survived this plenty of times.” You assure not taking into account Bucky hasn’t seen you with deal with your allergies. “Now go save the world, you hunk of muscle.”

Bucky gives a defeated sigh but none the less gives a lopsided smile at the name. He presses a kiss to your cheek, walking out of your office before hearing another one of your sneezes and he is already making a list of how to make you feel better. 

Bucky asks Steve and Natasha for some advice before driving to the nearest convenient store. He grabs a variety of things such as cold medicine, tissues, your favorite snack foods, a couple of movies, items to make some soup and of course he bought you a cute stuffed animal. He checks out his items and quickly scrambles home to surprise you. 

It was late, your eyes were burning and watering from the multiple files you had read along with the blinding light of your computer. You rub your swollen eyes and you need to blow your nose but groan in protest at how raw your nose feels, knowing your due for your allergy medicine. You hear your phone ding as the screen lights up to see your boyfriend’s name pop up.

Come home… I miss you :(” You smile at the text before grabbing your stuff and heading home, more than gladly obeying Bucky’s plea.

It doesn’t take you long to get home and even with your congested nose, you can’t ignore the delicious smell that fills the air as you open the door. You look over, noticing Bucky maneuvering effortlessly through the kitchen before he looks up and smiles at you. 

“Thought I might have had to drag you home.” You chuckle lightly as you set down your stuff and kick off your shoes at the door before padding quietly towards the super soldier. “I made soup.” Bucky announces proudly as he holds out a bowl of the steaming liquid.

You gladly take the bowl, taking a sip and closing your eyes as the warm liquid soothes your throat. “This is wonderful.” You moan out and Bucky gives a victory smile.

“I also have your favorite snack foods and favorite movie ready to play in the living room.” Bucky states as he gently guides you towards the couch. 

You happily comply as he guides you and you can’t help but smile at the variety of snack foods, blankets and tissues waiting for you. “Buck, you didn’t have to do this for me.”

Bucky shrugs, smile still in place. “Thought it would make you feel better.”

You sink into the couch with Bucky following close behind and he plays the movie as you both sip on your soup. 

As the movie continues, you snack on the variety of foods before snuggling into Bucky’s side, blanket wrapped around you. He has his muscular arm around you, keeping you close and you sigh in contentment before an abrupt sneeze shakes your body, startling you both. 

“Ow…” You utter out as your temple slightly throbs and Bucky retracts his arm, making you softly whimper at the loss of contact. 

“Oh! I got medicine, I’ll be right back.” Bucky declares as he stands, walking swiftly to the kitchen. 

You sit up, promptly blowing your nose when Bucky returns handing you something that isn’t your medicine and you scrunch your eyebrows in confusion. You read the label before looking up at the super soldier. “Buck, this is cold medicine.”

Bucky nods his head before his face twist with confusion. “Aren’t you sick?”

You suddenly realize his mistake causing a small chuckle to escape. “No, no I’m not sick. This is just allergies.”

“This is allergies? What the hell are you allergic to, to make you this miserable?” Bucky questions exasperated as his arms begin to flail around and you can only chuckle harder at his reaction.

“Let’s just say… everything.” You respond and he gives a groan. 

“I feel stupid. I even bought this to make you feel better.” Bucky mumbles out as he hands you a little bear stuffed animal and you don’t think your smile could get any wider. 

“You’re not stupid! I do feel better but you don’t have to do this all the time. I’m going to be like this for a while.” You laugh out and Bucky chuckles himself. 

“I have to deal with your excessive sneezing for a few months?” Bucky jokes and you give him a solid whack to his non-metal arm. 

“Shut up, I can’t control it.” You declare and Bucky’s smile grows before leaning over and pressing a brief kiss to your lip.

“I know, it’s sort of cute anyways.” Bucky teases and you playfully roll your eyes before curling back into his side. He wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer and you smile knowing this spring might be more enjoyable than the others.

I hope this is okay and hope you feel better, Matt! Sorry this is gender neutral and not really male!reader! :(

|| change stuff to suit your muse || 

  • ❝i was minding my own business, being a good christian❞ 
  • ❝there is so much evil in the world today, and here you are… gleefully adding
    more too it❞
  • ❝i know you like doing that, you sick fuck❞
  • ❝start dating someone way uglier than your ex, i mean WAY uglier - that will emotionally and psychologically mess with your exes head…. you win!  ❞
  • ❝ you can drink fifths of vodka till the music sounds good ❞
  • ❝ shut up, stop what you’re doing❞ 
  • ❝ 7 months of shit posting… ❞
  • ❝ we did it, reddit! ❞
  • ❝ your body has over 100 sins❞
  • ❝  i really don’t like your eyes, theres something about them i don’t like - i don’t trust  ❞
  • ❝ that really mondays my Garfield ❞
  • ❝ why is she so happy? because she’s a serial arsonist that’s never been caught ❞
  • ❝ don’t you know valentines is one fat lie ❞
  • ❝ do you think you could do me a solid? tell your way hotter sister i said hello❞
  • ❝ what fresh hell is this ❞
  • ❝ the joke is just as strong the 50th time, as it is the first time ❞
  • ❝ i suppose all wonderful things must come to an emotional end ❞
  • ❝ i keep dabbing on my haters, just like you told me..  but sometimes they dab back… what do i do? ❞
  • ❝ please hurry, i’m scared ❞
  • ❝ shrek 5 isn’t coming to cinemas until 2019… dammit i can’t wait that long ❞
  • ❝ arrest all meme stealers ❞
Home Sweet Home - Dash Wilder

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Since Dash got his jaw broken at one of the NXT live shows, he had to get his jaw wired shut and he was coming home for about six to eight weeks. Getting his jaw wired shut, meant he couldn’t eat solid foods so it was going to be like when our daughter was a baby. In a joking way that is.
“Is daddy coming home?” Our three year old daughter, Y|D|N asked, walking up to me in the kitchen. 
I smiled down at her. She was a splitting image of Dash. “He is. He is also going to be home for a while since he is injured.” I told her. Her smile faded and looked at me concerned.
“Daddy’s hurt? Is he alright?” Y|D|N quickly asked. I ran my hand through her curly brown hair.
“He is okay, baby girl.” Just as I said that, I heard a car door close. 

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anonymous asked:

As Simon fell from the tower, he wondered if Baz would finally be happy.

This was the goal after all. As soon as he hits the ground it’ll be the final end of Simon Snow. Doesn’t matter that it’s all an accident and Baz isn’t even here for it.

He always thought he’d die by a direct force, not accidentally tripping himself over a ledge while trying to get a better view of the darkened forest where he thinks Baz is lurking.

Simon shuts his eyes and focuses on the wind rushing past him in his descent. It feels like time has slowed to the nanosecond right before it stops.

There are probably things he should be thinking about. Isn’t your life supposed to flash before your eyes? Shouldn’t he consider Agatha? She’s not his girlfriend anymore, but he should spare her more of a thought than just wondering if he should spare her a thought, right?

He squeezes his eyes shut tighter and let’s his brain go where it really wants to, thoughts landing on the only thing that’s ever really felt like a solid constant in the grand fucked-up life of Simon Snow.


Pity, Simon thinks, that he only just realizes it, here at the end. That he’s probably in love with his greatest enemy. That Baz matters for more than one simple reason. That this obsession Simon has developed lately, might have another layer.

Penny has always made jokes about him being oblivious, even to his own feelings.

Simon wishes he was able to tell her she’s right.

He thinks of Baz’s face. Cold, hard-set and pale, but once, just once Simon saw him blush.

And that’s the image that’s stuck in his memory. The one Simon recalls every night when he wonders where Baz is, but has made himself not think about too deeply.

He’d give anything to see it again, or any expression on Baz other than hatred.

He bets Baz, wherever he is, will smile when he hears the news of Simon’s demise. His thin pink lips stretching into a beautiful sneer, and Simon won’t ever get to see it.

The tear slips down his cheek before he can stop it.

He should be hitting the ground any moment now, not even his erratic magic coming to his rescue. Even though he supposes that might have something to do with the slowing of time. If only he could catch himself.

He tries. Conjures all his will in the last seconds and envisions arms catching him right on time. If he knew a spell he’d say it, but his magic has never really worked like that anyway.

He leaves his eyes shut, doesn’t want to see if this doesn’t work.

He even holds his breath.

He can feel gravity pulling harder.

Any moment now.




Then nothing.

Or it should be nothing. But he feels those magic arms. The ones he pictured.

But they’re thinner than the ones in his mind, and they don’t feel as wispy as he thought they would.

They feel like they’re attached to a body, a thought that startles him into opening his eyes and gasping for breath.

He’s met with the steely gray gaze of Baz. Who’s panting, one arm shaking under Simon’s shoulders and the other dropping his legs. Forcing Simon to stand on his own.

“Bloody hell, Snow. What’re you doing tumbling from the astronomy tower?!” Baz’s voice is hard, edged with a worry Simon’s never heard, but Crowley is he glad to hear it now. “If I hadn’t slowed time you’d be a puddle.”

Simon blinks and tests his weight on his feet. He’s alive. This isn’t a dream.

“Then why’d you’d slow it?” He asks. It’s not a dumb question. Baz shouldn’t be saving him. Baz is meant to do the opposite. “Why didn’t you let me die?”

Baz’s hands are still on his shoulders, and the hard expression on his face waivers for a second.

Simon is expecting a quip, some level of Baz’s usual snark. Something like ‘I don’t want you to die, if I’m not the one killing you.’

But the quip doesn’t come.

“Crowley, Simon.”

Baz whispers softly, leaning forward.

Then, Simon finds himself shocked for the third time tonight as Baz’s lips cover his own.

It’s a hard press. Desperate and full of need.

Simon responds with everything he has.

Pumpkin - 3

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: rain always brought something with it. love wasn’t something you exactly expected.

Author’s Note: yay! Finally wrote something!! So, it is a little gloomy and sad but it has a cute ending. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, body image issues, self-criticism and self-hatred

Words Count: 2000

PART 1 , 2

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You had arranged all your clothes in your closet. You admired them for a while before heading to the bathroom to change and wash your face. You brushed your teeth and washed your face as usual and then changed into a loose tank top and shorts. You had to wear them in winters for your powers had a tendency to act up. you let your hair down and took in a deep breath. It was this time of the day you could truly unwind.

You walked out of the bathroom and turned up the volume of your speakers ‘great.’ You thought and collapsed on your bed. You cuddled up with your pillows and let the music engulf you. the clouds had covered the sky, and chilly winds blew through the window. it was perfect until the bel rang.

You groaned and sat up. ‘I just took my bra off.’ You muttered and made your way to the door. You opened the door partially and found a visibly dishevelled Bucky standing there.

‘you seem like you had fun tonight.’ You said. he didn’t respond for a while, he was too busy taking in your appearance.

‘who the fuck are you and what did you do to (y/n)?’ he asked in a joking manner and you rolled your eyes.

‘the fuck are you doing here? It’s 1 am.’ You said.

‘can I come in please? I’m cold.’ He rubbed his arm. ‘you too.’ He grinned. you thought for a while before crossing your arms over your chest. you blushed and cussed under your breath before letting him inside. You moved to your bedroom while he plopped on the couch.

‘why are you here?’ you asked from your bedroom. ‘everyone else got shit face drunk.’ He shouted. You walked in the living room with a confused look and sat beside him.

‘so?’ you asked.

‘can’t I stay? I thought you loved me.’ he put a hand on his hard to show fake hurt.

‘nah, anything for you. just, what did they do?’ you asked.

‘well, I wasn’t feeling like getting drunk so I just sat there. Then they all just went crazy! Like batshit shit crazy! Clint shot an arrow at me so I left for the gym…’ He narrated more incidences. ‘you don’t even know the worst part.’

 ‘what’s the worst part?’ you grinned.

‘well, when I was cleaning my knives after punching the heavy bag. Thor came out of nowhere and tried to “banish” me because he thought I was Loki. I had to jump from a fucking window to get here.’ He said and you busted into a fit of laughter.

  ‘yay! It’s a sleepover.’ You stopped laughing. ‘I don’t think I can sleep for at least an hour now, you wanna watch a movie?’

‘sure. Hey, one question.’ He laid comfortably on the couch. ‘why are you wearing that? Don’t you get cold?’ he grinned.

‘will you let that go?’ you shot him a glare. ‘I have to, my powers go crazy sometimes and my body temperature gets very high.’ you said looking for the remote.

  ‘you look nice. Your hair looks good that way.’ He looked at you from the couch.

‘scoot.’ You said. ‘nope.’ He sprawled on the couch and tucked an arm under his head.

‘do you want to go flying, again?’ you smiled and he sat up properly. ‘I really love being an elemental sometimes.’ You turned the TV on. You changed channels trying to find a good channel, to no avail.

‘guess we’re not watching a movie.’ He said and you nodded.

  ‘it’s the worst sleepover ever.’ You laid back your head and stared at the ceiling.

‘it’s raining.’ Bucky looked out of the window.

‘IT’S RAINING!’ you shot up and ran towards the window. You opened the window and stuck your hand out. ‘let’s go on the roof!’ you wore your flip flops and he gave you a weird look.

‘have you lost your mind? I’ll freeze over there.’ He argued.

‘oh, you won’t. I’ll make the rain drops refract from your path.’ You said but he didn’t respond. ‘please?’ you gave him the puppy eyes.

‘fine.’ He sighed and got up. ‘but if any-‘

‘yeah, done. Let’s go before it stops.’ You grabbed his hand and ran out of your apartment. You reached the roof and looked around. You always loved the rain. You don’t know why but you found it calming, healing.

  ‘rain.’ You both said in varying tone. Yours was filled with joy while his with disgust. ‘come on.’ You offered him your hand but he declined. ‘what kind of an asshole doesn’t like the rain?’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

‘it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m freezing.’ He said with a slight shivering.

‘aww, sorry I forgot. Come here.’ You levelled his face with yours and connected your forehead with his.

‘what are you doing?’ he asked softly.

  ‘shh..’ you closed your eyes. ‘just a little fire magic.’ You said and summoned your energy. Bucky didn’t realize when the cold had stopped bothering him as he was busy taking in the details of your face. ‘I guess that will do.’ you let go of his face and he quickly straightened up.

‘I am still not willing to get drenched.’ He crossed his arms over his chest. you rolled your eyes and stepped in the rain. You looked up and let the rain drops kiss your face. you smiled as the water ran over you and the cold breeze blew through your hair.

 ‘you don’t know what you’re missing!’ You shouted. ‘come on buck!’ you said and he shook his head in a ‘no’. you stomped right by his side and crossed your arms. ‘so, you won’t come?’ you asked.

‘you can bet your ass I won’t.’ he said. you huffed and jerked him forwards. ‘what the-!?! I’m going back.’ He turned away but you grabbed his arm.

‘come on, Jamie! Live a little! Just stay for a while and it will feel great.’ You said and he gave you a bitch face. ‘close your eyes.’ You said softly.

‘why?’ he huffed.

‘just do what I say. Close your eyes and look up.’ You did what you said and waited for him to follow. ‘Bucky.’ You opened one eye and found him looking at you.

‘that’s stupid.’ He said. you glared at him and he sighed before doing what you had said. ‘now what?’ he said with closed eyes.

‘just breath.’ You said softly. He took deep breaths and felt a comfort wash over him. ‘did you know that rain heals everything?’ you asked softly and he looked at you. ‘you see, god, is in the rain. I am not much of a believer but this sentence always lived with me somewhere.’ You talked and he couldn’t look anywhere else but your smiling face. he hadn’t felt this feeling in such a long while, he hadn’t felt serenity. ‘I don’t know why they say that rain is depressing. I always found it relaxing, like it was a medicine, something that healed everything. It washes away your wounds like a mother and yet people call it dark and depressing.’ You shrugged.

‘you hear that?’ he asked as a faint tune entered his ears.

‘hear what?’ you asked and he hushed you.

‘listen. Seems like a song.’ He said. you had to strain your ears a little before hearing it too.

‘I hear it now. It’s a nice song.’ You smiled trying to look in the direction from where the sound was coming from. As you tried to look past the rain, you were suddenly grabbed. Bucky grinned and positioned your hands on his shoulder. ‘oh, hell no. I do not dance’ you tried to retrieve your hands.

‘nuh-uh. My turn to make you try something new.’ He intertwined the fingers of his flesh hand with yours and kept his metal arm on your waist.

‘I already hate- ‘you frowned.

‘shut it. just follow.’ He led you both to the tune. It was amazing and horrible at the same time. You were dancing in the rain with the man you had feelings who didn’t know how you felt. You decided to not think about it and just enjoy the moment while it lasted. Little did you know that he was going through the same plight.

‘(y/n)?’ he said hesitantly and you hummed in response. ‘I need to tell you something. It’s just getting a little too much to carry these days and I just want to get it off my mind.’ he moved back. ‘(y/n) I-I –‘he struggled to find the perfect words but it wasn’t a movie or a book and he for sure wasn’t a writer.

‘just go ahead and don’t worry. There’s nothing you could do to make me hate you. ever.’ You smiled.

‘okay, (y/n), I like you. a lot. I developed a liking for you the first day I met you. you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I just, I just want you to be mine.’ He pursed his lips and looked at you hopefully.

‘I wish it was true.’ You said in voice barely above a whisper. ‘is it some bet or a joke, huh? Because it’s really sick.’ Tears mixed with the water on your face.

‘no, no, no! it’s true I love you dammit!’ he raised his voice and moved closer to you.

‘not it’s not!’ you shot back. ‘look at yourself and then at me! there’s no way in hell someone like you can love someone like me! I am not good enough, Bucky! I never was I never will be! And it hurts! It hurts like hell!’ your voice cracked and he heard a crack sound of something else too; his heart.

‘and you know what hurts more? You, out of all people saying these words of affection to me when there is no way you can love me. you!’ you moved in his direction. ‘you, the one I had started to love.’ You looked in his eyes. ‘I compare myself to every other person, Bucky. Every goddamn person. And I lose, I lose every fucking time.’ You avoided his eyes. ‘so, please, if it was anything like a joke, I will forgive you. and if you did have any feelings for me, forget it. you deserve someone better. Someone who’s beautiful and not like me.’ you looked at him one last time and made your way to the door. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him.

‘let me go.’ You tried to get out of his grip.

‘shh..’ he tightened his grip. ‘just shut up for a second and listen alright.’ He looked in your eyes. ‘I love you. it’s no joke, no bet. Just me pouring my heart out to you. you are fucking amazing, you are the one who made me feel like a human again, the one who made me laugh. If I have to list the reasons why I love you, it will take the whole damn night and still wouldn’t be enough. I love everything about. I love how your hair covers face, how you laugh and smile, how you always give the best hugs, how I can’t look away from your lips, how you talk about things and explain them. I just can’t have enough of you.’ he ran his thumbs on your cheekbones and a faint smile appeared on your lips.

‘do you mean all that?’ you asked.

‘yup, and here’s proof.’ He captured your lips and kissed you slowly and lovingly. You were too surprised at first but moved your lips in sync after a while. He grinned as you pulled back. ‘not too bad for a first timer.’

‘shut the fuck up.’ you buried your face in his chest making him chuckle.

‘ah, finally.’ he hugged you back tightly and kissed the top of your head.

‘I won’t hesitate to kill you if you tell anyone at the facility.’ He heard your muffled voice.

‘I promise. Let’s get back inside first.’ He held your hands and placed a quick peck on your lips.

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My Big Gay Berserk Analysis 2

Visual Chemistry Pre-Promrose

Part One

Okay, onto the Golden Age. This part is going to go up to Promrose Hall, because that’s when Guts’ image of Griffith shifts dramatically. But from their first meeting til then, Guts’ sexual attraction to Griffith is like, painfully clear to me.

This is largely focused on visual chemistry and erotic shots of Griffith specifically from Guts’ point of view, because there’s a lot in these first few chapters - it’s the main lens through which we’re introduced to their relationship and chemistry up close, rather than through the vague implication of their dynamic and how it ended which we saw last arc. I’ve limited myself to contextually relevant moments and really blatant shots that go above and beyond just showing that Griffith is objectively attractive, to showing that Guts feels the attraction. If I took every image of Griffith looking pretty while Guts looks at him I’d be posting half the Golden Age here.

There’s also going to be some step by step analysis of Guts’ giant boner for Griffith and how their relationship screams romance, but (hopefully) less overly detailed than chapter 7 was.

So, Guts kills Basuzo while Griffith watches intently. We know immediately that he’s the god we saw a few chapters ago because of his helmet, so we’re primed to be excited to find out how they’re going to meet and become close. We can already see that Griffith is interested in Guts, so how will Guts feel back?

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“What a Beautiful View” you/Taemin

feat jong/key and girl! minho warnings: rated nc-17 for the last part. you! and taemin being snarky assholes to everyone. based heavily on the View mv. 

wowie wow wow. i got this request like probably months and months ago. i’m super sorry it took so long. for my mysterious~ shawol anon Dana :D hope you like it (pls like it. if you don’t, blame it on being my first non exo fic). 

a road trip is the perfect solution to post-finals stress

“He nabbed me from my dorm room, bag on my head and everything.” His expression falters for a moment, growing darker. “No one even saw anything…”

“They weren’t supposed to,” Key sing songs, the back door of the van opening and a bag you don’t remember packing for home joining the scattered pieces of luggage.

“We’re screwed if he finds out he can do this for ransom money,” you whisper,

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The Little Things

Summary: Castiel gets bored while the Winchesters are sleeping, and finds himself in an interesting place while he kills time.
Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Word Count: 2642
Warnings: So much sweet Cas fluff that it will give you a cavity.
A/N: This is going to be a double fanfic interpretation between me and @queen-of-deans-booty​ (who is also my beta

Originally posted by subcas

Castiel slowly drummed his fingers on the wooden table in the motel room, staring out the window and marveling at the gentle rain falling from the sky. Ever since he came down to Earth, he found that simplest things would draw his attention. Whether it was the wordless conversations that Dean and Sam could have, or the way a honey bee fluttered around a flower garden as if it knew exactly which flower would have the most pollen, Castiel was continuously surprised by his time on Earth.

Cas stood up from his chair and quietly walked over to the foot of Dean’s bed. Dean was sprawled out diagonally on the bed on his stomach, his hand under the pillow that was jammed under his head, snoring quietly. Cas then moved to the foot of Sam’s bed, making sure the younger Winchester was also asleep. Sam was on his side facing away from Dean, bundled up in blankets with small snores escaping from his mouth as well. A small grin tugged at the corner of Cas’ mouth and he was gone from the room in a flutter of wings.

For Castiel, not having to sleep was both a blessing and a curse. He could work all day, every day when his brothers and sisters needed assistance, but when he was working with the Winchesters, he found that he was extremely bored while they slept. He found himself flying to different places every night, but made sure he returned to the motel room before Sam awoke for his morning run.

However, this night, something changed. Castiel found himself in a beautiful park that was only a short distance from the motel room where the Winchesters were staying. It had stopped raining, but the grass and various foliage was still covered in small droplets of water that reflected the moonlight. Cas stopped walking near a large tree and marveled at the beauty of how each droplet sparkled like it was its own star against the darkness of the night.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Seungchul

Request: A fluffy situation where you read angsty fanfiction about him, making you cry, and he find you crying and he completely freaks out.
Requested by: seongchols
Word Count: 1,743
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

Heyy I finally got something written! It’s been forever since I wrote so I hope I’m not too rusty. Admin wonwooed helped out a lot for this drabble, thank you! 
-admin jihoonic

Featuring a little sneak peek at one of our upcoming works! Thank you so much for requesting, feel free to request for another :D
-admin wonwooed

Originally posted by satanteen17

“No, no, no… Seungchul, oh my god,” she breathes out at the man lying next to her. “Seungchul, please open your eyes.”

It takes exactly three nerve-wracking seconds before his eyelids twitch and crack open, and his faded brown eyes register the female cradling his head in her lap. Even when he’s bleeding to death before her, he manages to let out a huff of laughter. “Is it bad?”

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Pining Keith! (Klance)

(Yoooo sorry for the formatting of the last post tumblr is being an ass and had messed it up and now…it will take too long to change anyway back to the Klance!)

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The Last Time.

A Bucky Barnes one shot!
Here, have all my angst!
And request more!


The first time Bucky met you, you were smirking up at him from where you stood. Straight-backed and all business, you soon tackled Clint to the floor. Tony whistled and Steve nodded, training was going well. That smirk was a promise.

“Whose next?” You called, holding purposeful eye contact with the metal armed man. Everybody could sense the rising tension between the two of you and soon catcalls and whistles erupted, before Bucky launched himself over the barrier and positioned himself defensively in front of you. Teeth bared and fists raised.

You won. Bucky ended up on his ass and that smirk appeared again, strong and defined, your rouged lips upturned against your pale skin. Bucky swiped at your ankles and you fell into his lap, him laughing all the way.

“Not fair!” You cried, throwing your head back in laughter.

“Not fair..” Bucky murmured, twirling a strand of your red hair between his fingers and talking as if you were the only people in the room, “Not fair is you wearing those tight pants and making me watch.”


The first time Bucky kissed you there was significantly less people present.

“You dragged me all the way to this fair only to tell me that this is where you brought a girl for a date in the nineties, are you for real? Talk about a romance killer.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “She’s dead now, no need to get jealous over a corpse, doll.”

“You’ve been checking up on her?” You raised your eyebrows and pretended to be concerned, Bucky chortling at your expression. You soon cracked and offered him a wink, the two of you linking arms as he walked you down the pathway, fairy lights accompanying your every step.

“That date went awfully anyway.” Bucky confessed sheepishly, rubbing at the nape of his neck.

That piqued your interest, “Oh really?” You drawled, cocking an eyebrow. “How come?”

Bucky laughed, throwing his head back and crinkling his face. His eyes twinkled as they recalled the memory. “I couldn’t win her the stuffed animal she wanted and she took that as a "sign” that we weren’t meant to be.“ You joined in on the laughter, imagining a young Bucky, struggling to win the affections of a pretty girl through ten pin knockout.

"Of course,” he hummed, “I didn’t have this bad boy back then.” Bucky flexed his metal arm as he spoke, presenting it arrogantly as the light hit it and fragmented against the dirty floor of the fairground. Even the loud sounds of fairground life couldn’t drown out Bucky’s arrogance in that moment. Though you weren’t entirely sure you wanted it to.

“Well I don’t need you to win me a toy.” You declared, swapping your linked arms for hand holding instead and swinging it as you went. The sweet glow of the fairground creating an almost tranquil setting that rained down on your skin and saturated your desire for happiness.

“Well that’s too bad.” Bucky croaked, making out a nearby stall. Your face split into a grin once you spotted it and you could feel your competitiveness surfacing.

“First one to get the stuffed bear wins.”

You both bolted.

This time Bucky won, declaring his prize be a kiss on the cheek. You pretended to be begrudging at first but soon ditched your cotton candy on the floor alongside your hesitance and closed your eyes, puckering up and kissing something that most definitely wasn’t a cheek.

You pulled back and gasped once you realised what Bucky had done. You slapped his arm and he burst out laughing, a cheeky grin splayed across his features as he called out his victory. He had turned his head as you aimed for his cheek and had landed on his lips instead.

Seeking vengeance, you grabbed his face in your hands and pulled him close. Accepting second place, the strong arms that wrapped around your waist made for a comforting consolation prize.

Though Bucky had won this time, you were both still secretly counting the score.


The first time Bucky told you he loved you was over dinner. And not the posh kind. You were shovelling Chinese food into your mouth like it was your last day on earth, Bucky wondered whether you were ever going to come up for breath. But his heart swelled with affection nonetheless, there was a stray piece of food camping on your chin and he swiped at it quickly with his thumb, catching your attention. You looked up at him with big eyes then smiled widely, your mouth closed and lips pressed together to contain all the food that threatened to spill out, eyes squeezed tight. You were a picture of happiness and Bucky felt overwhelmed by your entire self.

“I love you.” He said, ever so simply. He watched as your eyes shot wide open and laughed as you began choking on your food, caught entirely off guard. Your goofy smile had been wiped off your face and you were now laughing so hard tears were streaming down your face, the sight having Bucky in stitches.

“I love you too, you dumb ass.” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close.

Snuggling into his chest as you both lay naked on the floor, you tilted your chin up and Bucky hummed.

“Couldn’t you have picked a better moment to tell me?” You whined, recalling the Chinese food that had dripped from your chin and you cringed.

Bucky laughed and pressed a kiss to your head. “No, I couldn’t have waited a moment longer.”

You sighed, but nodded happily. “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too.” He responded, all warmth and smiles.


The last time Bucky saw you, you were crying out in pain. Tears stained your cheeks and your eyes were swollen from excessive crying. Bucky was hysterical, Steve had to calm him down as Bucky screamed your name, begging you to stay, cursing the heavens.

“W-we have to get her back to the jet.” Bucky shouted over the sounds of war. Steve looked at him with a somber expression, Tony landed next to him and they both exchanged looks. The desperation and the tragic wild eyed stare Bucky gave them broke Steve’s heart, he fought the need to join his friend crying on the floor. Tony’s words pouring from his mouth.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. ran a scan, Buck.” Steve said, clasping his best friends shoulder tightly. From the tone of his voice Bucky already knew what he was going to say and he moaned out, flinging himself back by your side. His right hand frantically cusping the blood that pulsated from you side, the other pushing hair back from your ghostly pale face. You could hear him whispering, “No, no, no. Don’t do this. Don’t do this to me.” But you were fading in and out and you couldn’t tell if he’d said it once or a thousand times.

“She’s lost too much blood, I’m sorry James.” Tony’s voice said, landing dull on his ears like a blow the head.

“Shut the fuck up!” Bucky roared, launching something hard and solid at the metal man before he turned back to you. Whispering frantically, hands shaking more than they had ever done before.

“No wonder you didn’t win her that toy, Buck.” You sputtered out, forcing down a wince. You noticed how weak your voice sounded and it wasn’t lost on Bucky, but he clinged to the sound like it was the only thing keeping him alive.

“With those shaky hands you couldn’t win a dime.” You joked weakly, trailing your fingertips across his lips. Relearning his features all over again, one last time. “I won you.” Bucky whispered, a small smile breaking through his features. You both laughed and cried, Bucky bringing his forehead down against yours as he rocked you back and forth.

“I’ll beat you next time.” You whispered, Bucky bringing your lips right against his ear in order to hear you. Not willing to miss a single word, knowing that it would be the last time he ever heard that sweet voice again, that voice that had told him he was worthy, that he was loved, that he meant something. That voice that had made him whole, that would now tear him to pieces by not being there.

“We’ll go back there.” Bucky promised, tears gliding down his cheeks and smattering against your heated face. You smiled then, eyes growing glassy.

“We can stay there..” You mumbled, using the last of your strength to pull the love of your life towards you, your lips meeting for the last time in a heartbreaking dance of love and tragic loss. Bucky’s tears mixed with your own and the last thing you ever felt was his breath on your face and his love in your heart.

“We can stay there forever.”


The last time Bucky Barnes told you he loved you was screamed. His fingers clenched at your cold, dead body and your blood seeped into his clothes. Staining him forever.

It took them hours to get him to leave your side, Steve spoke to Bucky relentlessly, coaxing him into speaking.

He never did get to tell you again, not whilst you were six feet under. But he did whisper it against your tombstone and cry tears in your memory, wishing that you could have stayed in that fairground forever, together.

things the signs have probably heard at least once

Aries: “it’s ok she just got your order wrong you dont have to beat her to a pulp no no nononononono-” “honestly you work so hard where do you get all this energy how are you not dead” “ooooooooooo ok let me guess………… it’s a penis joke”

Taurus: “i hate to break it to you but you’ve been in that spot for a solid half hour are you gonna move or” “you’re literally the only one who’s able to call me on my bullshit when you catch it. no i’m serious, THANK YOU” “…………………can i feel ur sweater”

Gemini: “ewwwwww you’re a gemini?” “i can’t believe you let me ramble about toast for the past two hours without telling me to shut up” “idk you go from social butterfly/flirt of the century to antisocial troll under the bridge in .000002 seconds, u ok?”

Cancer: “……….THAT’S why you’re upset?” “are you kidding me, you do so much for everyone you love, anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. they’re entitled to their wrong opinion, meanwhile the rest of us get to keep our amazing friend.” “bu t mooOOOOOOM”

Leo: “Uh actually no that was kinda definitely your fault” “but that’s what people see. it doesn’t matter if you don’t FEEL confident, you radiate we-can-do-it-we-got-this energy that could honestly bring someone back from the dead” “so are you gonna audition?”

Virgo: “yes i’m painfully aware that there’s no logical reason for me to be sad thank you” “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- you know what, you’re right. again. no i hate that, stop it.” “you’re a virgo? wait so aren’t you supposed to be obsessed with like books and cleaning and stuff?”

Libra: “you’re such a shady palm tree like for someone who hates conflict you sure talk a lot of shit” “i don’t know anyone who could out-diplomat you. you could convince someone a corpse isn’t dead.” “shhhhhh you two JUST broke up i promise you you don’t have to ‘find your soul mate’ within the week”

Scorpio: “you were with me every waking moment until i said that yesterday, can you please just TALK to me?” “you’ve had it rough, and you shouldn’t be labeled as cold or distant just because you don’t immediately open up. you’re one of the most caring people i know.” “i’m really, REALLY sorry”

Sagittarius: “ok….. not sure why you decided not filtering out some of that statement was a good idea but ok” “take a break. no, you’re going to take a break. you’ve been running around doing everything for everyone. you deserve a nap.” “bruh did i leave that at your house last week”

Capricorn: “have you considered that you CAN do it, you’re just being cynical… again” “i dunno, i just don’t know who else to come to. you’ve always been there even if i didn’t know it or you didn’t flaunt it. i’m sorry i haven’t been more attentive to you.” “hey can i ask you a question?”

Aquarius: “yes great your freedom is important. can you please try to show some variant of consistency” “i seriously have no idea why nobody thought of this before. i wasn’t sure it’d work when you woke me up at 3am to tell me about it but this is actually genius” “JUST PICK A RESTAURANT OH MY GOD”

Pisces: “ok but i can’t apologize if i have literally no clue what got you so upset in the first place???” “you always manage to like…. magically sense when someone’s not ok, and then magically make them feel like they’re wearing a blanket on their heart how do you” “please explain what you meant wtf”

"I'm p-pregnant"-BB (part 2)

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

Part 1:

Imagines: As part of the avengers you have to take care of your own missions, but as a mission goes wrong and you get captured by HYDRA. A secret is exposed that changes yours and Bucky’s relationship which causes your father Tony red in the face

Warnings: family fluff

Word Count: 1702

Pairing: Stark!Reader x Bucky

The dull beeps of a hospital machine arose you from your unconscious state. With a groan escaping your lips and pain erupting throughout your body you manage to peel open your eyes. However a blinding light caused you to immediately close them again, but after a few tries you were able to adjust to the bright light and look around the room. It became apparent to you that you were currently in the hospital section of the avenger compound. 

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