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8 and 11!

8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Atm, it’s soundtracks. I’ve been listening to the Portal 2 Soundtrack and Bioshock Infinite.

11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

I wore my new KPP concert jacket (thanks to Nicki!!)

also does a 3ds count as a fashion accessory if I’ve been playing acnl for 9+ hours. I think it does, so it is. (thumbs up cause i look fresh to death in my swanky jacket)


It’s that time of year again, when I shamefully post my Fanime submission here, since I still haven’t gotten around to a proper portfolio site. You can judge me. I’m judging me.

I’m working on a few more prints for online sale!  (and probably for sale at Fanime with something special). I’m gonna scoot on out of here and finish some postcard designs. byyyyeeeeeeee


Fanime was AMAZING this year, I had such a blast!! I’m so sorry to anyone I may have yelled at accidentally or croaked at, I lost part of my voice this weekend. (I’ve been fighting of a cold and now it has me in it’s grip. The next 5 days of work are gonna be interesting, haha!! Wish me luck as I direct groups of children around my work place).

It was such an honour to talk to all of the people and amazing artists this year. I cannot properly express what an experience this year at Fanime has been. I’m so happy to see some faces from last year, and all the new faces this year. You were all adorable and it was such a treat to talk with you guys. You all made this year so amazing for me, since I wasn’t sure I was actually going to come back this year. Everyone I met, talked to, was commissioned by, who I print traded with seriously made my convention.

It was such an honour and a pleasure. I really hope I can try to swing next year, it would be amazing.

Also just some heads ups, I do finally have the issues with my paypal sorted out so I will be opening up commissions in the next week. I’ll also be doing some research into opening a store envy online, for anyone interested in buying more of my work.

I’m so sleepy and I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so I’ll stop sleep babbling at you all. But thank you so much and I hope you all had a great convention!!

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1) HAS A GIANT OBVIOUS OBSESSION, 2) SERIOUSLY ONE OF HIS MAIN OUTFITS IS LIKE ~INSPIRED~ BY THIS OBSESSION AND HE HAS A CUSTOM MADE JET IN THE FORM OF THIS OBSESSION, 3) like, the biggest nerd baby in all of existence oh my god how does so much nerd fit into such a giant baby, 4) that fucking dork ass mullet, 5) why the fuck is he so tall hE'S LIKE 14 6) lissu's waifu

It’s taken me since the wee age of 9 to realize that seto kaiba does not have overgrown helmet hair, but in fact, sports a mullet.


It’s that time of year again folks where I have to post my print work for my Fanime portfolio. Sorry for the awful watermarks!! Hopefully, one day, I’ll make a better watermark. Today is not that day. Mostly because it is like ten o'clock at night and is not day time. But who’s checking, eh?? Eh??

Thanks for all your patience and support!! I’ll take these down once I find out if I was accepted, so it won’t clog anything up for anyone!

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if you're still doing this: 1.) Cute and Sporty 2.) Genius Nerd Baby 3.) Sprayed her S.O in the face with a can of bug spray and aerosol 4.) Leeches just can't get enough of her 5.) Secretly Married to a condemned Criminal With A Heart of Gold

I fucking thought it was her at number 1 and i knew it at nuber 2 and then i screamed happily for the remaining three


i need to go draw billy and rebecca fan art now thanks for absolutely nothing mocha

mochachino replied to your post “Some Announcements!!”


TTTTTHANK YOOOOUUUUUUUU I’m not super confident but I mean that’s why I brought my supply of instant coffee to drown the pain in caffeine.

btw, when I get back we should hang bc I have things and stuff to throw at you. [lays coquettishly on prints]

“erikarikari Some Announcements!!!!! WAIT YOURE GONNA BE THERE?! IM…”

AA61!!! QVQ OH MY GOSH YOU REMEMBER ME YAYYYY!!!! ( ~ Q▽ Q)~ I’m gonna be there early but I’ll come say hi!!!!!

AWWW YEA When I find out when set up is I’ll run by when I’m done and say hi WINK