shut up rosy

Do not think about Sherlock teaching Rosie how to dance. Do not think about Sherlock allowing Rosie to stand on his feet as he glides her around the living room of 221B. Do not think about John walking in on them and just watching from the doorway. Do not think about John being filled with warmth and happiness at the sight of the two people he loves most in the world together. Do not think about Sherlock and Rosie realizing John is there and Rosie running into John’s arms giggling and happy because “Papa was teaching me to dance!” Do not think about Sherlock and John sharing a smile and look of love and pure contentment. Do not think about the family they’ve finally become.

Do not.

I just have difficulty believing that just because John is an accomplished surgeon that means he could do Rosie’s hair flawlessly if he really wanted to. Like…hair and hairstyling is just a whole other beast okay, and if she’s got crazy curls, which I suspect she does from what we’ve seen, then I’m pretty sure he’d be at a loss, sorry friends, my mind will not be changed.

  • rosie, wearing a ridiculous hat (use your imagination): dads, i have something to ask
  • john: *shares a concerned look with sherlock* is everything ok? what is it?
  • sherlock muttering: it is what it is
  • john and rosie: what?
  • sherlock: never mind, what is it rosie?
  • rosie, looking just a little bit done with sherlock and rolling her eyes: how would you feel about me getting my hair cut really short?
  • john: well, have you thought it through? that's a pretty big decision that can't really be undone.
  • sherlock: she already did it.
  • john: oh shit. rosie take off the hat
  • rosie, taking off the hat: i think i need to get it fixed, my teddy bear did a shitty job
  • sherlock: it looks like a vacuum and a knife took turns on your head.
  • john, somewhat exasperated: shut up sherlock.

i haven’t really had an emo outburst about hansol but like…where is he….i know kun was supposed to have graduated but at least he’s in smrookies content and being actively promoted…but hansol isn’t?? how is he supposed to drum up a fanbase like the rest of the members if he isnt being given activities. and now that its nct 127 coming back hes either not debuting or debuting with 9 other established members and we all know that some people were so salty about doyoung and johnny being added (which was stupid unfair to do to them but its okay now) and he really does not need that. he did not train for years like other idols just to be shunted aside.

anyway stan ji hansol and dont let sm get your hopes up cause it never works

After a case Sherlock and John pick up Rosie from Mrs.Hudson’s flat and Rosie always runs to them yelling “DADDY!!!” and John assumes it’s for him so he kneels down and opens his arms but she quickly goes to Sherlock’s leg. Before John can process what just happened Sherlock lifts her and holds her up like an airplane and starts twirling around while addressing her welcome “There’s our little honeybee!” and John just looks up so quickly because Sherlock said “our” so Sherlock just smiles shyly while still playing with Rosie and john just gives him the most loving smile he’s ever seen in his Life

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hey 💖 i wondering if i could request a headcannon about how the hamilsquad would react to Rosie experiencing her period for the first time and going through all the stuff (eating a lot, mood swings etc.). If you're not comfortable with that, it's fineeee. Love you and your works 💖💕

okay i wrote these, thought i posted them, but i didn’t so when i refreshed the page i lost everything :(

take two!


  • when rosie first tells him, he freezes
    • rosie: “…papi? did you hear me?” 
    • alex: “did it…uh, um…i can -” 
    • it’ll take him a minute to get moving
  • he has to ask the others or you for help
    • “(y/n) uses motrin when she’s not feeling well, right?” 
    • “um,, are the pads down here?” 
  • once he gets the hang of it though, he’s not as nervous!
    • alex: “i’m sorry, kiddo. i got ibuprofen and your heating pad here for you, okay?” 
  • his biggest thing is that he doesn’t want rosie to feel embarrassed about her period
    • it’s just something that happens to her each month and it’s okay!
    • if she bleeds through her sheets, he’ll clean it up 
    • rosie’s super embarrassed but he insists that it’s okay
    • rosie: “i’ll clean it up, papi. i-i’m sorry” 
    • alex: “no, no no. i got it, sweetheart. don’t worry.” 
  • he’ll buy tampons/pads if rosie needs some
    • he’s not ashamed at all
    • the stares don’t bother him


  • he’s a little nervous
    • not because he’s disgusted 
    • it’s just that he’s not entirely sure what to do,,
    • he’s always expected rosie to go to you for help so he’s taken aback
  • he calls you to make sure he’s doing everything right
    • if you’re at home, you help rosie and laf
    • you: “i always keep my pads here and i keep my heating pads here…laf, are you listening?” 
    • laf, probably: *nodding, taking notes*
    • if you’re at work though, you just talk him through it over the phone
  • the hardest part for him is seeing rosie in pain
    • laf: “rosie, mon fleur, are you okay?” 
    • rosie, sniffling: “n-no, everything hurts”
    • laf: “i know…it will be over soon?” 
    • rosie: “not soon enough”
  • he tries to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible
  • makes her tea for her cramps
    • rosie appreciates it. 
    • chamomile tea is her favorite since it helps the most


  • he’s got sisters so he understands
    • rosie: “um, papi? i think i started my period…” 
    • john: “oh, okay. well, do you have pads? i know you might feel sick but have you eaten anything today?”
  • he’ll take rosie out of school if she’s not feeling that good
    • rosie: “do you think mom will be mad? i’m not missing anything…”
    • john: “i’ll talk to mama. you just take it easy, okay?” 
  • he tries to get rosie to nap/relax
    • she tends to still try to do everything even when she’s not feeling good
    • john will pop in a movie and sit with her if she doesn’t want to sleep
  • he read somewhere that baths help with cramps so he buys rosie lots of bath bombs
    • the more colorful they are, the better
    • she really likes them
    • usually, she feels better after her bath and feels sleepy enough to nap


  • he’s not as nervous as laf and alex, but he’s not as prepared as john
    • but he recovers pretty quick
  • he’s noticed what you do while you’re on your period so he tries to do the same for rosie
    • herc: “your mom usually takes two of these. here’s some water, love” 
    • he remembers how you huff and grumble when you head the the cupboards or the bathroom so that’s how he knows where you keep most of your things
    • if he can’t find it, he calls you or just buys some more for rosie
  • he totally indulges when it comes to rosie’s cravings
    • herc: “i usually get your mom whatever she wants. are you craving anything? do you want anything?”
    • rosie: “a-anything?”
    • rosie’s so excited
    • herc is too–they both love to eat but this is like an excuse to eat more than usual
    • chinese? okay. pizza? sure! chinese and pizza? why not.
  • it makes rosie feel a little better


mood swings

  • rosie’s all over the place so you never know which rosie you’re going to get
    • your advice: “just do whatever she says. if you’re not sure what to do, just ask.”
  • she cries a lot on the first day–it’s the hardest day for her
    • alex and laf freak out (”but…you were fine a minute ago??”) but john and herc are just trying to figure out what’s wrong (”did i do something wrong? do you need me?”)
    • sometimes she cries because of the pain, but the boys have found her crying over dogs at least once
  • she’s grumpy
    • you/your husbands: “hey, rosie. you feeling okay?”
    • rosie, sarcastically as she glares at you: “just dandy.” 
    • you/your husbands: “…okay, well, do you need anything?”
    • rosie, sighing dramatically: “no...can you just go now?”
  • she rants a ton too
    • rosie: “like he just breathes and i’m like oh my gosh can you shut up”
    • alex likes this rosie the most
  • she can be really self critical
    • “i’m breaking out oh my gosh i’m so ugly” 
    • “i feel so bloated i’m not going out today”
    • the boys are supportive (”no, honey, you’re beautiful/lovely”) but rosie responds sarcastically (”I don’t have time for these lies”)
    • which leaves them confused
    • your husbands: “but…i complimented her?”
    • you, shrugging: “only so much you can do”
  • they’ve learned to be patient with her
  • rosie apologizes for whatever she’s said during her period
    • it’s a small price to pay. 
    • they love her + just want to make sure she’s okay.

Pairing: Jared Padalecki  x Reader
Word Count:
Warnings: Language, angst-ish, arguing - OC Rosie, Ron
He was the day, she was the night. He lived for misty mornings, she lived for crazy midnights. He was the sun, she was the moon. They were opposite souls, yet both waited impatiently for the rare days when they might coexist peacefully.
“A morning person and a night person are assigned as roommates au” & “We’re moving in together… Now what are we going to do with all of these duplicate copies of books, movies, etc. that we have AU “ - #JuJu’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge – by the lovely @jared-padaloveme. I’m sooooo so sorry for this being so damn late, and I sincerely appreciate you even letting me do this past the due date but here it is. I hope I did it some justice, thank you so much.
I wanted to take the time out and thank Andi, Miami and Manda for all the time, love, care and all the amazingly, wonderful brainstorming ya’ll did! Like holy shit, I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for you and credit goes to each of you for being such a great team! Thank you thank you thank you. I will forever be grateful. Ya’ll should check them out :D @ellen-reincarnated1967, @moonlitskinwalker, @pinknerdpanda

This series wouldn’t be here without ya’ll, or without anyone else who has shown an interest in it so thank ya’ll very much and I hope you enjoy!

“AND I WON’T, LET YOU, GET ME DOWN I’LL KEEP GETTIN’ UP WHEN I HIT THE GROUND OHHH NEVER GIVE UP NOO, NEVER GIVE UP NO NOO!” You sang as the music blared from the speakers, swinging your hips and dancing around the kitchen. You used the spatula in your left hand as a microphone as you slipped and glided across the tiles with your sock-covered feet.

This was your morning ritual; scream songs while breakfast while you sipped on your black coffee. It was therapeutic, cathartic, it helped you forget.

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Masterlist Pt. 2

Pt. 1Pt. 3

Updated: 7/26/17

  • I.O.I:


Asking you out

They all like the same girl

Their GF having a nightmare about losing them(Nayoung, Yoojung, Somi, Chungha, Jieqiong, Sohye, and Doyeon)

Their crush flirts with another idol(Nayoung, Chungha, Jieqiong, Sohye, Yoojung, Doyeon, and Somi)

Their GF asking them out on a romantic date

Their GF being taller then them

Their main rapper GF hitting the high note

Imagines/One Shots-

Chungha-SongFic -Attention

Dating Profile-








Dating ___ would include-





To date a girl

To be awkward around their crush

To date a girl with a nice butt

  • Cosmic Girls[WJSN]:


They go to a haunted house with their GF

Back hug from the girl they like

Female fan says they like them

Meeting their newborn little sister

Their GF’s handsome male friend confesses to her in front of them

They find you dancing to Rock n Roll

Their GF getting nervous to do PDA

 Their GF saying that she really like one of their Sunbaes


To get cuddly with their GF

To buy their GF flowers

To be protective of their GF

To be the big spoon

To date a younger girl

To be nervous around a girl

To be needy in a relationship

To tease you under the blanket or table 

To be cuddly with their GF in public

To date a chubby girl

Dating ___ would include…-



Exy(includes married life)


Xuan Yi

Cheng Xiao

One Shots/Imagines-

Yeunjung- The Second Maknae 

Xuan Yi- A date in the rain

Yeoreum- Puppy Love

Gif Spam-

Gif spam of girl crush Exy

Cutie Mei Qi


Cheng Xiao

Marriage Profile-


Dating Profile-



  • AOA:


Their s/o spoiling them with love and affection

____with___would include-

Date at the dorm with Seolhyun

Dating Profile-



Marriage Profile-


One Shots/Imagines-

Jimin-We Don’t Talk Anymore(song fic) {Prologue} {Pt.1} {Pt.2} {Pt.3}Discontinued

Chanmi-Why would you be nervous?

Hyejeong- Jealousy NSFW


To play Pokemon Go with you 

To let their GF adopt a stray cat

Gif Spams-


  • GFriend:


They become parents to a kitty with their GF

There GF laughs at them wearing heels on Showtime

You get in a bad car crash

Another idol flirts with their GF

Their GF and her group doing excessive fan service


To play Pokemon Go with you

To read fanfics

To do a TroubleMaker dance with their GF

To be nervous around a girl

One Shots/Imagines-

Sowon- 2nd Eomma

SinB- Sister’s Approval

Dating _____ would include….-



___with___would include-

First date with Yerin

Gif Spam-

SinB for Anon

Dating Profile-





  • BlackPink


Their GF getting them a gift for their debut

They first see you at a fan meet

They get jealous

You pick them up from the airport when you’re supposed to be in a different country

Their GF picks them up and spins them around

How they ask you out

Their s/o giving them kisses everywhere

Their s/o wanting to get intimate

Another idol flirts with their GF

They see you in the front row of one of their concerts

Their s/o is jealous

Their GF gets sick

Their GF being hospitalized

Their younger sibling is hospitalized


To like a girl who’s tall

To date a chubbier girl

To date a black/mixed girl

One Shots/Imagines-

Rose`- Rose` Has A What!!

Jisoo- Hogwarts!AU Now That’s Someone I Would Marry

Jennie- Gang!AU Mission Complicated | Prolouge | 1 | 2 | 3 |


Wedding Dress

What kind of house and where they would live with their family

Wedding Cake

Pick up lines they use

Dating___would include-





Dating Profile-




Friendship Profile-


__with___would include-

Having BLACKPINK as an older sister

  • Admin Talk

C’s cat has issues

C’s cat needs serious help 

R’s a crying mess cause of a Kdrama 

How C & R met 

BLACKPINK & Kdramas 


C got revenge

The crying maknae

C’s Long Lost Twin

Goals Just Goals

C’s “funeral”

So this happened…