shut up rosy

I just have difficulty believing that just because John is an accomplished surgeon that means he could do Rosie’s hair flawlessly if he really wanted to. Like…hair and hairstyling is just a whole other beast okay, and if she’s got crazy curls, which I suspect she does from what we’ve seen, then I’m pretty sure he’d be at a loss, sorry friends, my mind will not be changed.

Do not think about Sherlock teaching Rosie how to dance. Do not think about Sherlock allowing Rosie to stand on his feet as he glides her around the living room of 221B. Do not think about John walking in on them and just watching from the doorway. Do not think about John being filled with warmth and happiness at the sight of the two people he loves most in the world together. Do not think about Sherlock and Rosie realizing John is there and Rosie running into John’s arms giggling and happy because “Papa was teaching me to dance!” Do not think about Sherlock and John sharing a smile and look of love and pure contentment. Do not think about the family they’ve finally become.

Do not.

so since the hotfeed site is sadly no longer (rip in peace) i don’t think i’m making shirts for cr1tikal however people have asked a couple times in the past about making shirts based off of these edits and i’m wondering if anyone would still be interested in that? i thought i would see if anyone was before i ask him about whether it’d be okay and if so then how to go about it because there’d be no point me in asking if it was a pointless venture haha

if you like the ida/are interested in me making some designs then just like this or something!!


what if like sometime during their wacko journey Jaha dies and the last thing he tells Murphy is that this group and this quest is his responsibility now, and no one’s ever had so much faith or trust in him before and he only came on this damn journey because he couldn’t find anything better to do but he realises he actually cares not just about himself but that they all succeed and he marches those fuckers all the way to the city of light because you know what, he’s the good guy now