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2007!Michelangelo x Reader/SFW

~Michelangelo is that boyfriend.
Knows everything about his lady, always compliments her, goes out of his way to make her happy.
He has his flaws of course, no on is perfect, but he always makes up for it.

~Meeting Mikey at your little cousin’s birthday party. You feel sorry for the guy in the costume…a really realistic costume you notice but, you have your own job to do.
Through all the commotion, you realize that you only paid him half.
Poor Cowabunga Carl, you think.

~Quickly, you rush out to stop him before he leaves. Only to see him take off the turtle head revealing another turtle head beneath it.
“Hey, wait a minute-!”

~You freeze. So does he.

~Michelangelo is freaking out because he’s only been doing this birthday party thing for a few months and already he gets caught.
Leonardo would kick his butt.

~But in the middle of the inner freak out, he manages to grab you and yank you into the van, slamming the door shut. Admittedly, not his best idea.
“Please don’t freak out!!”

~You look up at the turtle and ask,
“Are you an alien?” in a quietly, shocked tone. And it just calms him down. He realizes how weird this must be to you and starts to explain everything.
“Uh, no, actually. Born and raised Earthling here!”

~Maybe it’s the fact that Leonardo is gone, maybe it’s the fact that things are so weird at home. Maybe he’s just lonely.
But Mikey ends up talking to you longer then he meant to. You’re actually really funny (and, okay, cute he thinks. But he’s just dreaming here) and you think that turtle is a bit of a sweetheart.

~But then he suddenly realizes that he’s late for his next party and has to rush off. Like, yesterday. Before he leaves, you ask him,
“Will I see you again?”

~Michelangelo smiles brightly (you know the one I’m talking about, that sunny Mikey smile) and replies,
“I sure hope so.”
And as he’s driving away, he keeps thinking about that. Because he really does hope so.

~He drives off into the sunset, but comes back a couple days later. Many, many times.
“Hey, Mikey Man!!”

~You hang out in the van mostly, talking whenever you can and eating pizza. You tell each other about your families (“It’s so weird at home right now, you know?”) and your hobbies (“I actually don’t mind the party gig but kids are evil sometimes!”) and everything.
Just talking about everything for hours.

~You’re the first and only person to ever be told that, after Leo left, he cried every night for a week.
“That’s why I decided to do Cowabunga Carl. I wanted to do something happy…and the money helps.”

~He’s telling you things he never told anyone before. Why is he doing that?

~You keep coming because, damn it, this turtle needs someone to actually listen to him. Someone who takes his feelings seriously and doesn’t just write him off as goofball Mikey.

~But you talk a little too, about things you’ve only written or thought about. You never thought you would actually tell anyone.
Why are you telling Michelangelo?

~And then you both know.
You both realize your little crushes and, oh, there are so many feelings. So many thoughts. The next few visits are a little awkward, both of you watching the other for a sign of something.
Something more then friendship…
“I wonder if she likes me…”

~Mikey makes the first move.
You climb into the van one day and see him holding some flowers (your favorite of course). He smiles at you (hr’s so nervous right now omg) and asks,
“So, do you…do you want to go one a date? With me??”

~And you smile at that sweet turtle and accept. His hearts is soaring over the moon and he promises to do something romantic.
“You’ll see, Y/N, this is gonna be the best date ever!”

~And it totally is.
He parks the van near your place and gets ready. Blankets and pillows stacked around, turning the old thing into the comfy fort of your dreams. Fairy lights strung throughout it, blinking slowly.
He gets take out from your favorite place and takes a deep breath. You open the door and he smiles at you.
“Hey, Y/N!”

~The turtle doesn’t have much but he makes the most of what he does have. He always has…

~You end up talking for hours and, when Mikey finally goes home, he goes with the knowledge that he nailed his very first date (yes you did, baby!! Love you).

~His first thought is to tell someone, one of his brothers, he doesn’t want to keep anything from them. He wants to tell them all about you and the date and how you kissed his cheek when he left.
He wants to know what they think, what Splinter might think. He’s so excited!!

~But Raph just gruffly pushes past him and, when he asks Donnie to talk, he says his busy. And Michelangelo’s heart just…breaks a little.

~Maybe you sensed something was up because you send him a little text message.

~“Hey, Mikey. Had a great time tonight, maybe we can do it again?”

~And he forgets about his brothers for a moment. Running off to his room, Michelangelo immediately texts you back a reply.
“Definitely! Maybe Chang’s and a marvel movie??”

~The van becomes your safe space.
You can’t go to his place (his brothers) and he can’t go to yours (your roommates) so you hang out in the van.
Everything important to your relationship will happen in that thing.

~Don’t treat Mikey like he’s just a joke, he hates that. He’s passionate and sensitive and his brothers don’t always get that.
Take care of this precious sunshine sweetie, and he’ll do the same for you.

~Your first kiss happens when you go to kiss the turtle on the cheek and he turns just at that very moment, leading your lips to meet.
You both pull away but Mikey, he’s got hearts in his eyes. He wants to kiss you again.
“Can we…do that over? For real?”

~You do. And you do it again many more times, Mikey is super affectionate.

~~All the petnames.
Baby, honey, sweetie, anglecakes, babe, cutie, everything. You are everything to this turtle.

~Your first I love happens when Mikey tells you about everything at home.
Like how Leo hasn’t written in forever and Splinter is worried and everyone is scared.
Like how Donnie has thrown himself into work and a job he hates because it takes his mind off of the family.
Like how Raph keeps sneaking out and Mikey almost followed him but changed his mind.
Like how everyone thinks Mikey doesn’t notice these things but he does, he always has.

~And he’s upset and you’re comforting him when I love you slips from your lips. He stops.

~“I’m sorry, that just came out, I-”

~“I love you too.” he replies.
And then you just cuddle and kiss for the longest time.

~Mix Tapes. Mikey is going to make you mix tapes of your favorite songs/bands and if love songs. They will be blasted as you drive the van, singing along loudly.

~Heart shaped pizza! Mikey is going to order a heart shaped pizza and, when he gives you an extra-cheesy, extra-tomatoe sauce-y slice, he says:
“A pizza my heart for you, baby!”

~BTW be prepared for puns. Lots and lots of puns.

~Michelangelo teaching you (if you don’t already know how) to skateboard. You make a comment about how good his his at it and, finally, another dream to check off his list.
“I could teach you if you want, baby.”

~Leo is home.
Leo is actually home and Mikey is so happy. He texts you that night, apologizing if he gets busy and telling you why. You end you talking for hours and Mikey tells you that when things get back to normal, he wants to bring you home.

~“Just tired of us being a secret, baby, I wanna tell them. I just have to wait a little longer…”

~A little longer is after Leo gets captured and Mikey doesn’t want to leave you out there. But he doesn’t bring you home just yet, he brings you to April and Casey. He asks if you can stay at their place.
“Guys, this is Y/N…my girlfriend.”

~He loves calling you that by the way.

~“Oh my god…Mikey!!”
April is hugging you both, already armed with a million questions to ask you both when this is over. When Mikey kisses you before he leaves, she is almost squealing.

~April ships it. She becomes the biggest supporter and your best friend.

~Mikey finally bringing you home after the battle, you meet Splinter first.
Turns out, the rat knew there was a woman in Mikey’s life (he’s been writing love poems, singing love songs, and drawing hearts all over. Seriously Mikey.) and is happy to finally meet you.
“It’s about time you brought her home, Michelangelo…”

~His older brothers try to get at him for it but Mikey is having none of that. He snaps at Raph when he makes a comment about keeping secrets.
“You’re right, bro, sneaking behind your family’s backs and possible endangering them is a dick move. I should never had kept my lady a secret…Nightwatcher.

~Raph shuts up. Leo shuts up. Everyone shuts up. And when you come into the kitchen and wave a shy hello, they quietly say hi back.

~“You’re brothers are acting sort of strange, sweetie…is it me?”
“Nah, they’re just jealous that I got such a babe. Come one, let’s go watch some Gravity Falls.”

~Michelangelo being an incredible boyfriend.
He’s loyal and loving and the sweetest thing. He will constantly try to make you happy, no matter what it takes.

some of the hcs for my tmnt human au

leo: black/japanese
raph: filipino/ idk he doesn’t know much abt his parents (it’s part of his arc shh)
donnie: eastern asian
mikey: afro latinx
april: black
casey: latina
karai: japanese
shini: japanese

leo: gay or aro/ace
raph: demisexual gay mmmmaybe
donnie: pansexual
mikey: panromantic asexual
april: bi ace or aro/ace
casey: pansexual
karai: lesbian or bi
shini: lesbian (when i wrote this on paper i underlined lesbian)

leo: he/him or they/them
donnie: trans guy he/him
mikey: genderfluid he/she/they
april: trans girl she/her
casey: he/him demi guy
karai: she/her
shini: she/her (maybe demi girl ajsjdkfkh)

ill post some fanart that ive drawn of it soon! tell me what you think and any ideas or question things you have!! yooooooo i love opinons on this stuff!!!


Michelangelo x Reader


You almost throw your cup of tea in the air. Most of it splashed down and onto your lap and the Hamatos’ counter. You gasp and stand up, spinning around to face the still-giggling turtle. “Jesus Christ, Mikey, that hurt!”

“Oh, (y/n), you were soooo scared!” He continues to laugh, leaning back and clutching his plastron as he does. At this point, you’re practically seething. The tea has cooled at this point, but it’s less than comfortable.

“Hey, Raph?” you yell, watching as Mikey’s exited expression drops. “Can you come here for a second?”

“(y/n), no-” Mikey starts, but he shuts up when Raph walks through the doorway.

The red-clad turtle looks you up and down and frowns at the stain on your pants. “Damn, (y/n), what happened to you?”

You point at Mikey. “Smash.”

Normally Raph would protest you referencing the Hulk, but instead, he grins and cracks his knuckles. “Gladly.” You laugh as he vaults over the kitchen counter and after Mikey, who had already taken off screaming.“

“No, Raph, no!” Mikey screams. You laugh as you listen to the chase. “Please don’t make me pay for my mistakes!”

You burst out laughing and walk over to the doorway to observe the two brothers. Raph catches Mikey just as you do, pulling the smallest turtle into a playful headlock. “No!” Mikey scrabbled at his brother’s arms and makes eye contact with you. “You traitor!”

You simply laugh and wiggle your fingers at him playfully. “Sorry not sorry, Mike.”

First Request!

“Sure, could you write something where the turtles react to walking in on their s.o in the shower by accident? Thanks.” - @weirdgirlwohoo

I’m so happy to be writing my first request, especially for such a sweet person :) Okay, let’s do this guys!


Leo would immediately leave if he walked in on his S/O taking a shower. He respects them and their privacy too much to do anything other than rush out and pretend he didn’t see anything. He’d apologise of course, once his S/O was out and dressed, but after that he’d remain silent about the whole thing, wanting to spare his and their embracement. However, once he was alone, he wouldn’t hesitate to relive the scenario in his head, with a few changes here and there ;)

“Uh, H-Hey (Y/N)… Um… Look, I’m sorry about earlier, I promise I’ll knock from now on… For the record though-OKAY NEVER MIND ILL SHUT UP!”


Raph, on the other hand, would be surprised at first, before immediately getting cocky about it and teasing his S/O. Even if they continuously demanded, even begged for him to leave, he’d simply give them a smirk in response and would only leave after deciding they’d had enough of his torment, but even then he’d never let them live it down. And he certainly wouldn’t let himself forget it either ;)

“Awww, you want me to leave? But the view’s so perfect in here Babe, why would I just go? You ain’t gotta be shy around me, you know that… Okay, okay, if you insist! But if you change your mind- OWCH! What the… What that a shampoo bottle?!”


Donnie, being the timid but observant turtle he is, would freeze before taking any action, wanting to know his S/O’s reaction. Once he heard their familiar voice screaming at him to leave, he’d immediately take his leave, apologising over and over again until he knew he was forgiven. However, that doesn’t mean he never got a chance to see anything, and he made a point to keep the image locked away in his head for safe keeping. You never know when a guy might need some inspiration ;)

“I-I’m so sorry (Y/N), I never meant to- I mean- I just froze! Oh gosh, you must think I’m such a perv… (I’m not saying that I’m not, but still)”


Mikey, like Raph, wouldn’t be too eager to leave once he realised the situation he walked into, although he would try his best to avert his gaze. He’d also make an effort to try and flirt with his S/O, not to tease them, but to reassure them that he was fine with being with them like this, and it was okay if they were too. However, if they showed any sign of discomfort after this, he would leave them be, apologising through the door once he’d closed it.

“You know, if you want I could jump in there with you~… Hehe, don’t worry about it dudette, I’ll see you later. Sorry about that!”


theherocomplex  asked:

28, StS Raph/Casey

28: Teaching the other something new

“Yeah, so why am I here again?” Arms crossed, Raph scowls as he looks around the empty rink.

Casey grins back. If he was gonna let a couple of scowls slow him down, he woulda dumped Raph ages ago. It’s not even an angry scowl; Casey can tell the difference by now. More of a wary scowl. Raph isn’t always big on surprises, unless it’s a surprise that lets him punch something.

“I’m gonna teach you to skate,” Casey announces.

Raph scoffs. “The hell, Case. I don’t need to skate.”

“Who said anything about need?” Casey dumps his duffel bag on the floor. Like it or not, his heart’s pounding. He spent a lot of time on this surprise, and if Raph really doesn’t like it, it’s going to be a real bummer.

“I’m fine on the ice,” Raph insists. “Besides—”

“You can’t get skates to fit you?” Casey grabs his quarry out of the bag and holds them up by the straps, holding his breath and putting on a grin at the same time.

His reward is to watch the scowl melt off Raph’s face. Raph’s eyes go wide and round behind his mask, and his jaw actually hangs slack. Casey would give himself a high-five if he weren’t still holding the homemade skates in his hand.

“You made me skates?”

Casey shrugs. “No big deal, really.” He’d just started with a metal base, which wasn’t that hard to shape to the appropriate size – okay, he owed Donnie a bit for helping with the metalworking – and then added straps and blades. Yeah, it had been a bit of work, but it was totally worth it.

“Um, wow,” Raph says, in an unusually small voice. “Thanks.”

“So what are you waiting for? Try ‘em on.”

They do fit. And it doesn’t take Raph long to go from wobbling around, teeth bared in fierce concentration, to moving with a decent amount of grace and speed.

Casey honestly can’t say he’s surprised. All four of the brothers have amazing reflexes and pick up stuff like nobody’s business. He’d been hoping for a little more coaching, though, for an excuse to hold onto each other.

But chasing each other around the ice works, too. Especially when Casey slows down (on purpose, obviously he’s still faster on skates) so Raph can catch up to him and grab him around the middle, and they both go down laughing.

anonymous asked:

How would the guys react if their s/o was introducing a friend (with permission from everyone) and after introductions she points to her turtlebae and is like "that one's mine" with a big smile on her face



“Aand this one,” you pat Leo’s chest. “This one’s mine~”

His eyes widen and his mouth slacks slightly at your words, registering what you said. Once it seeps in, he gives a bashful smile, hanging his head with his hand on his neck.

Yeah, yeah I am…💙”


“And finally, and I saved the best for last, Mikey don’t give me that look- we have Raphael. This hunk’s allll mine.”

He doesn’t miss a beat and lands a firm hand on your ass with a grin. He hauls you into his arms with a smug expression and one nod of his head.

“Hell yeah I am, an’ don’t ya ferget it.”

MIKEY “And here we have a triple threat; brains, brawn and a dazzling personality, Mikeyyy. Yeah but don’t get too close honey this one has my name on ‘im already.”

He chuckles and wraps a hand around your waist with a cheeky grin. His eyes are sparkling and inside he is absolutely losing his Goddamn mind but he keeps it cool for your friend.

“Oh, babe we can have that tattoo arranged…what? I’m serious!”


“And! Here we have our genius boy Dondon,” he salutes in a goofy fashion. “He’s smart, cute, and absolutely all mine~” He stumbles backwards a bit, eyes wide.

His hand tightens into a fist as he uses all his mental strength not to squeal. His face breaks into a dorky grin and you two end up just grinning at each-other until Raph rolls his eyes and makes a gagging sound.

“Shut up Raph, Y/N’s introducing her boyfriend.”

Thunderstorms (TMNT x Reader)

Request: Do you think, if you have the time threw out all your request… You could make a fic about the reader being terrified about thunderstorms and lighting? I just thought it would be a cute story to read about the turtle(s) trying to comfort the reader.

A/N: Yay another fic! :D I hope you like this one, it’s with all the turtles! Pretty platonic too, like you’re their little sibling and they’re like your older bros c:

The loud clap of thunder and flash of lightening made you scream and jump about three feet from the ground. You hated being home alone during storms. Your uncle was working through the night at his mechanic shop, and wouldn’t be home until the morning.

You thought about calling up the turtles, but you didn’t want them to come out in this weather.

You remembered your friends very fondly. You and your uncle met them about four years ago when a group of thugs tried to rob your uncle’s shop. They swooped in and kicked butt. They were only very young teenagers at the time, and were a little reckless. They probably would have gotten away without being seen by you and your uncle if one of the thugs hadn’t grabbed you and threatened to shoot your brains out if the turtles didn’t back down. You didn’t remember who it was you saved you, because you were freaking out. But after the thugs had been knocked out, Mikey and Donnie had gotten you guys out of the shop while Leo and Raph tied up the thugs. Your uncle called the cops, and you managed to make the turtles promise to visit you again.

Ever since then, you all have been great friends. They knew almost everything about you, especially your fear of thunderstorms.

A loud tap on the dining room glass door made you jump. You grabbed a knife and spun around, facing the door. You sighed in relief as you spotted the four dorks stood there, smiling and waving at you. However, they were soaking wet. You wasted no time in running over to the door and opening it for them.

“What are you guys doing out in this weather?!” you ran to the bathroom and grabbed four towels for them.

“We remembered you saying you were all alone tonight, so we decided to come visit!” Mikey grinned at you and wrapped you up in a tight hug after he dried himself off.

“Aww, how sweet of you boys!” you giggled as you returned the hug. Another clap of thunder sounded, and you shrieked, hiding your face in Mikey’s shoulder.

“And plus we remembered how terrified of thunder storms you are. We figured it would it help you feel better if you weren’t alone,” Leo patted your shoulder.

“Thanks,” you blushed in embarrassment. You were always ashamed of admitting your fear of storms.

“So what do you want to do? Let’s do something fun!” Mikey pulled away from you and made his way to the living room.

“I don’t recommend playing video games or turning on the tv!” Donnie shouted after Mikey.

“Awww, come on, dude!” Mikey groaned. You giggled and Leo and Raph rolled their eyes.

“I have some old board games if anyone’s interested. I mean, we don’t have to play any of them,” you shrugged your shoulders.

“Sounds boring,” Mikey pouted.

“It can’t be that bad. We gotta find sometime to pass the time until the storm blows over,” Raph smirked at you. You smiled back at him before walking over to the gaming closet. Another clap of thunder made you jump. At least you didn’t scream this time. The turtles all let out a chuckle, laughing slightly as you did this.

“Don’t laugh at me you jerks!” you grabbed a pillow off of the couch and threw it at the general direction of th brothers. You didn’t mean to hit anyone, but you ended up hitting Raph in the face.

You froze when the pillow fell down, and Raph gave you a nasty glare. That glare slowly turned into a smirk as he reached down and threw the pillow back at you.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” Mikey cheered. Suddenly, all five of you had grabbed pillows from off the couches and chairs and began throwing them like crazy at each other. You and Mikey were more into it than the other three turtles, but you all didn’t hold back

You and the turtles ran around the house, grabbing more pillows and throwing them or hitting each other. You didn’t know how long you five were at it, but it had to be a while as the time was much later than when the turtles had first arrived.

“Hey, Leo, heads up!” Donnie tackled the fearless leader from behind and Mikey threw two pillows on top of his brother’s head. You laughed as this happened. Donnie got up and also threw his pillow on top of Leo.

“Hey! Get these off of me!” Leo shouted, but was laughing through it all. You and Raph looked to each other and shrugged, also throwing any other pillows you may have had on top of the turtle in blue.

“Wow, Leo, you sure make a great pillow!” You chuckled as you flopped on top of him.

“Okay now you get off,” Leo pushed himself off the floor and you rolled off onto the floor.

The turtles laughed as you sat up and gave Leo a pouty face.

“Aww, is someone upset?” Leo mimicked your facial expression.

“Shut up, Leonardo,” you growled and picked up another pillow, but another clap of thunder sounded, a much louder one, and the power suddenly went out.

You let out a scream of bloody murder and lunged forward and clung onto someone. You didn’t know exactly who, but you were terrified and quite frankly didn’t care.

“(Y/N), hey, calm down! We’re right here,” Donnie’s voice sounded from right above you, and you could feel his chest move as he talked. You hid your face and jumped slightly as the thunder boomed outside.

“I hate thunder storms,” you whined. Donnie patted your head as the two of you sat down on the floor.

Someone else sat down on the other side of you, “They really aren’t that bad. Ya know, all the dead people could be bowling in the sky!”

“Mikey, shut up,” Raph sat down beside Mikey and slapped him upside the head.

“Well, that’s what could be happening,” Mikey mumbled in a rather childish voice.

“Raphael, Michelangelo, grow up. (Y/N) is obviously freaked out and you’re probably making it worse,” Leo scolded the two.

You giggled, “You guys are fine.”

For the next hour or so, the five of you all laid on the floor, all huddled together and listening to the rain fall on the roof, ground, and windows. During that time, you found yourself falling asleep with your head against Mikey’s shoulder.

The turtles most certainly helped calm you down during thunderstorms.

anonymous asked:

Raph/Casey or Apritello: 3. Drunk/sloppy kiss

“Lookit,” Casey slurs, for the third time. “Raph, lookit. Lookit those nerds.” 

Raph peels his eyes away from the TV long enough to stare at Donnie and April, who have somehow wedged themselves into the tire swing, and are giggling at each other in between kisses. 

Giggling. They’re giggling. 

Raph groans and rolls onto his plastron. “Y’know,” he says, pointing in Casey’s general direction. “It’s like, we get it. You guys are in love.” He sighs, too disgusted and too drunk for mere words, and reaches for another beer. “Nobody cares, beanstalk. Take your…take your straight faces somewhere else, I don’t wanna see it.” 

“We heard that!” Donnie yells, to a fresh burst of giggles from April. “I’m sorry my heterosexuality offends you, Raph!” 

“I’m not!” April says. 

“Shut up!” Raph roars around the neck of his bottle. “You’re so…so gross, so…” 

“This room is too straight!” Casey hollers, heaving himself to his feet. “Raph, c’mon, we gotta gay this place up. Lemme – hold still, Raph! Lemme love you, booster seat.” 

He bellyflops on top of Raph, just as Raph tries to roll away, and then his tongue is in Raph’s mouth, and on Raph’s chin, Raph’s neck, and in between yelling about how lame Casey is, and how stupid Donnie and April are, Raph realizes he doesn’t mind any of it. 

Well, he doesn’t mind what Casey’s doing. Donnie and April are still stupid.

  • Raph: Shut up, man! Be cool.
  • Donnie: Be cool? (aliens arrive) Whoa! I mean – what’s the 411, daddy-os? Me and my homie were just hangin’ all up here in deserts... ville. It’s all good! You know what I’m sayin’, scrillas?
  • Raph: What the fuck are you doing?
  • Donnie: You told me to be cool!
  • Raph: Right. So what the fuck are you doing?
She's Human

Raph thinks about April.

(For the differences to the show’s canon, please look here.)

Secrets of the Woods - Masterpost


She’s Human

She is a girl, Donnie, you are a mutant. It is never going to happen!

These words follow Raph everywhere. They are always there, in his head, echoing, sometimes silent as the whisper of the wind, sometimes loud as a thunderstorm, but for years now, they’ve never disappeared completely. This voice in his head, it just won’t shut up.

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Supervising (TMNT 2016)

Summary: Sure, the turtles are shitballs — but they’re Casey’s shitballs now. 

Rating: G. 

Notes: Another quick character study that ate my brain. Casey Jones is the worst (and best) in any universe.


In the past week, Casey Jones has been arrested, shot at, exploded, knocked unconscious, crashed his car, held at gunpoint by New York’s finest, and helped stop an actual alien invasion. And that doesn’t include “fighting ninjas in an alley”, or “I nearly got my ass beat by a talking rhino and warthog”.

Correction! says Donnie’s voice brightly, in the back of his head. You did get your ass beat by a talking rhino and warthog. Come on, Jones, be accurate.

Casey sighs and sinks a little lower in his chair. Once he’s comfortable, he gives Donnie a mental finger — then adds the second for good measure. Donnie likes to play up the whole Who, me? I’m just a nerd thing, but he is clearly the biggest little shit out of all the turtles.

Which, considering who Casey’s keeping company tonight, is really saying something.

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Finding the Pattern (TMNT 2012, Apritello)

Summary: It’s a mark of how truly weird Leo’s life has become that April saying “So, apparently Donnie and I are married now” over dinner doesn’t even make anyone but Fugitoid look up from the table.

Rating: G.

Notes: I’m a day late for Apritello Day 2016, but here’s my contribution! So many hugs and thanks to @kleptotello for hosting and inspiring this day, to @hotmilkytea for being the best beta-reader, cheerleader, and tea, and to everyone who contributed yesterday. 

This takes place during Season 4, but contains only general spoilers for the season, and features me trying my hand at that most venerable of tropes: fake marriage! 

Title from this song.


It’s a mark of how truly weird Leo’s life has become that April saying “So, apparently Donnie and I are married now” over dinner doesn’t even make anyone but Fugitoid look up from the table. Casey pauses before he turns the next page in his magazine — and quite frankly, Leo’s more amazed that Casey knows how to read than by what just came out of April’s mouth — but that’s it.

Obviously it’s a joke, just something to get a rise out of everyone, but April’s never been cruel to Donnie, and if this is a joke, it’s coming right up to the edge, if not falling over it. So Leo waits, chewing his mouthful slowly, listening for Donnie’s laugh or for April to say just kidding!

Donnie laughs, a quiet little huff of air, but no just kidding! comes out of April’s mouth. Instead, she holds up one slender wrist and shakes a thin braided bracelet out of her sleeve. Leo stares; he’d seen Donnie come back wearing one, but he’d chalked it up to Donnie’s usual acquisitive instincts, and just hoped Donnie’s kleptomaniac urges had been left on the ship.

“See?” says April. “Married.” She frowns at the bracelet, then tugs her sleeve back down to hide it.

“Congratulations,” Mikey mumbles through a mouthful, after the silence has stretched on just a touch too long. Raph grunts, and Casey picks his teeth. Leo finally takes a glance at April, and finds her pushing her meat substitute around her plate, her chin in her hand.

Leo sets his own fork down and leans back, just casual enough not to draw attention. She’s not happy about something, but it’s not the level of pissed-off that Leo would expect from her if Donnie had gotten her into this mess. April looks more…thoughtful, than mad, and Leo’s not quite sure what to do about that.

He chances a look at Donnie, who’s looking anywhere but at April, with a forced kind of nonchalance.

So: apparently whatever united his brother with the girl of his dreams isn’t worth smiling over. Leo stifles a sigh, and makes himself smile. On the other side of the table, Fugitoid flutters his hands, his eyes flipping between hearts and question marks, but April and Donnie doesn’t even glance his way. Raph catches Leo’s eye, and shrugs before turning back to his food.

Which means, as usual, it’s up to Leo.

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donniexgrace  asked:

Could you please draw a picture of April's water breaking and donnie freaking out

Okay so this one needs some explanations… I tried to find the best way for Naeta to finaly decide to show herself aaaand of course it’s in the middle of the biggest Kraang fight ever.

Dialog :

Donnie : Leo ?! We have a problem here !

April : The baby’s coming, Donnie’s freaking out.

Donnie : I am NOT freaking out !!!

April : Yes you are !

Leo : Yes he is…


Raph : Shut up Mikey !

Again sorry for the wait !

EDIT : Changed April a bit, she was freaking me out.