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I’m not too big a fan of the whole citadel concept and all these permutations of the same characters because it’s just too much (and could lead fans to make excuses to do some pretty disgusting stuff), but dear god that twist ending. I feel bad I didn’t see it coming. :’D

I think I finally figured it out. Or how to say it, rather.
(Note; this is a theory created from channeling, he is quite secretive and I may never know for certain. So consider it a scientific ‘hypothesis’: an educated guess.)

Now the question is: if Dr. Channing is someone who spends his entire life studying the benefits of imagination, why would he shut down JII to create JIYI? Why is he so adamant that “imagination has to be captured and controlled”?

The answer lies in a quote from the intro to Fantasmic, which (thankfully) explains pretty much exactly what I wanted to say myself: “Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination—for in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy or an exciting adventure! But beware… nothing is more powerful than the imagination—for it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare.”

What has Dr. Channing been shown to be obsessed with in every single one of his existing appearances in canon?


*He’s trying to protect everyone from the dangers that imagination can cause.*

Look at JII. Sure, a tour through the Dreamport sounds like a swell idea. You see some absolutely incredible things: but you also see HORRIFIC things. Manifestations of nightmares and fears; hatred and despair. The very epicenter of Doubt itself. The darkest parts of the mind that we can all succumb to.

Things Dr. Channing, in his constant state of anxiety, knows all too well.

He doesn’t want anyone else to have to face those things.
He wants to protect people.

Which is why he sealed public access to the Dreamport to take people on a safe tour instead. To show them the power of imagination in a controlled environment.

Figment, as a personification of imagination itself, sometimes does not realize the danger it presents until it’s too late. He is radical, ever-changing, and extreme, sometimes with no sense of tact at all. But his freedom opens doors to incredible places and things: dreams.

Dr. Channing is the opposite: like an overprotective parent, he shields us from the darker parts of the mind for the greater good, because he is afraid, and doesn’t want anyone else to be. He wants his Institute to be a sanctuary for thinkers and dreamers: but things go wrong all around him almost constantly, and he wants more than anything to prevent that, even if it means shutting people out for their own good.

Combine them together, and you get the perfect harmony.
The freedom to dream, while fighting the thoughts that threaten to destroy you by using the power of those dreams.
I think they both need to remind each other of these things.

I love you both so much.

I had a dream about Rick Sanchez falling in love with (or maybe she fell in love with him? It was never clear) a demonic dog creature (I don’t know if she was actually a dog at all, but her name was Borzoi, like the dog breed… ._.) from another universe that was sealed in a sort of statue type form (with giant wings with eyes on them, and the eyes still moved). He used a mecha to fight a bunch of spaceships and there was an explosion that would have killed him but she like…jumped in front of him and they were both thrust into a glowing white void.
Inside the void she embraced him and said “I love you, Rick Sanchez” and he just said “Don’t mention it”. I have no idea why I remember this so clearly. It was super dramatic.

Then at the end there was like a museum talking about it that had her in her statue form, and some kids spreading rumors that “they say that she has a human form, but only he (Rick) has seen it! I heard they love each other!”

TL;DR, I think I had a dream about some kind of universe where everything is like a bad anime fanfiction, or something. 😂 *Because I swear my brain came up with a terrible Mary Sue OC without my consent.*

So the plot of Zootopia is about some of the animals losing their sentience and turning savage?! And the main characters trying to figure out why and stop it?

I was not expecting that but I LOVE that angle.

Also, I wonder if the climax will be it affecting Nick and him becoming hostile towards Judy because he’s a fox and she’s a rabbit