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the world is incredible. there are girls in this world, and there are also dogs. you can put melted cheese on any type of potato.  sometimes flowers grow even when nobody is there to water them. right now on this same planet where we live there are people who are in love with each other kissing each other on the nose. emotions and colours are both things that exist. everything is so great


I wanted to share this preview of my custom washi tapes that I just picked up!! I’m so excited to be holding them, omg. I’ll have them at SMASH and animaga and they’ll be online in mid-september! >:3

recent iwaoi tweetfic, curated
  • so much of iwaizumi and oikawa’s relationship is them being rude as fuck to each other because their respect & admiration are so woven into their dynamic it needn’t be spoken
  • iwaizumi says “you’re obnoxious” by dragging oikawa off the court & “i care about your well-being” by tucking him into bed with an ice-pack
  • oikawa tells iwaizumi that his hair looks terrible today, like every day, & later in the evening cards his fingers through the strands, quiet
  • “fuck that guy,” says iwaizumi, because oikawa spent an hour on his hair; “fuck that guy,” because oikawa spent two extra hours in the gym / and iwaizumi is getting sick of picking him up when he’s exhausted and worn-out, all his awful, obnoxious radiance dulled by self-loathing
  • oikawa gives him a headache, but so does looking into a bright light for too long. when oikawa is meek, quiet and manageable with exhaustion / when he obeys instructions and puts himself to bed, mild as a star eclipsed, it hurts to look at him for a completely different reason.

please stop using that time oikawa almost slapped kageyama when they were 14 and 12 as proof that he’s evil or abusive or deserving of hate. even putting aside the fact that he was an exhausted boy literally on the brink of a physical & emotional breakdown, let us observe what actually happened

oikawa’s face immediately after almost hitting kageyama:

kageyama’s face after almost being hit:

yeah… you can tell it really messed kageyama up… oikawa is truly trash…

saltylibra  asked:

Free! boyband au where they all write pretty serious songs and they do okay, but then Haruka and Nagisa throw in hit singles like "But You Can't Eat A Pool" without telling the others and they skyrocket to global fame much to Rei's frustration

haru starts every concert with “it’s not freedom. it’s freestyle” and then nagisa starts shredding on a ukulele

really luv how despite jaune/weiss/neptune being ostensibly centered around weiss, we never actually saw her opinion on it, and instead it was used to give jaune and neptune a long heartfelt conversation and repair their relationship and rid neptune’s sudden onset never-before-hinted-at-as-being-an-issue insecurities…

luv that…

wolf’s rain romcom au: kiba, a misanthropic religious evangelist, falls in love with a blind florist named cheza but then she moves across the country with her weird uncle, so he enlists his best only friend, a gregarious culinary student, to road trip in pursuit of her over his summer break; hige, however, is obliged to bring along his second-cousin-thrice-removed-or-something, a fidgety 17yo named toboe who had been living with his grandma since his parents died but then his grandma died and he’d been crashing with hige until he could find a better alternative or at worst stick it out til his 18th birthday and then move into his own apartment, right, so hige didn’t want to ditch the kid in his apartment for a summer so they had to bring him along, and anyway look at him, he’s probably skinny enough to fit in the boot if money gets tight; so off they go, but they barely make it out of the city when they run into this guy that kiba kinda knew from bible camp like ages ago except now he’s got like piercings and is that a tattoo on his chest or just a really huge scar? kiba doesn’t really trust him but he doesn’t really have anywhere to go and toboe takes a liking to him and there’s sort of room in the van for four people, so they all head off together, and along the way toboe almost gets mugged but they manage to rescue him, and they go through some weird ass towns, and at one point they stop at a lake and toboe dives into the water and emerges CLUTCHING A HUGE FISH IN HIS BARE HANDS and literally nobody, not even toboe, understands how the fuck he did that, but tsume knows how to build a fire and hige is top of his class at culinary school, okay, it’s his sensitive olfactory system, so they have a pretty decent meal that night; later they run into this girl who used to give kiba and hige so much bigoted shit when they saw each other at uni (not that kiba bothered to go to uni, but sometimes he swung by to see hige) and it turns out that she’d been adopted by this incredibly racist man who lost his shit when he found out that she’s half black and, like, kicked her out of the house, which everyone agrees is just downright barbaric, so anyway, they take her along too, and she and hige have this horrible nerdy courtship, because blue’s studying biochemistry and hige picked up some of that from his baking and pastry classes and it’s literally horrifying to watch so everyone fucks off as frequently as possible and kiba spends a lot of nights gazing up at the full moon, thinking about cheza and wondering how and when he became such a fifth wheel, and how old is tsume and is it even legal for him to be doing whatever he’s doing to toboe? (what tsume is actually doing to toboe: occasionally, like, making eye contact with him and then immediately turning away and being consumed with guilt, fantasizing about holding his hand and being utterly mortified at how scandalous his own thoughts are, and one time they went over a pothole and toboe fell against his shoulder and tsume literally made them stop the car so he could get out and walk the next three miles as penance, and so he could having some time to reflect on how gay he was.)

anyway they eventually make it to cheza’s city and she’s like, yeah whatever i’ll road trip back with you, my uncle’s weird anyway and this town’s library has shit all in braille, so they do, and cheza buys a hypoallergenic puppy and uses it to get her mum and stepdad back together (sidebar: cher canonically divorced hubb because he’s allergic to dogs), and she and kiba are both ace as fuck so they have a beautiful vanilla romance and once toboe turns 18 tsume doesn’t feel as bad about being three and a half years older than him (although he still listens to stray italian greyhound a lot) and meanwhile hige and blue have sex in hige’s classroom where she, like, attempts to sexily misuse the whipped cream that was meant to be for the cake decorating class tomorrow and hige is legitimately so horrified he can’t look her in the eye for three hours while he scrubs down the fridge and goes and buys another 20 litres of whipped cream while whispering “sacrilege

and at cheza and kiba’s wedding they have lunar flowers in the bouquet, and hige is kiba’s best man and blue is the maid of honour and tsume cries and cires and cries and even toboe is kind of embarrassed to be seen next to him, blue and hige elope while slightly tipsy and kiba congratulates him but secretly is kind of disappointed he didn’t get to be hige’s best man, and tsume refuses to do more than hold hands and sort of close-mouthed kiss with toboe until toboe is 21 and it’s sweet but also toboe almost dies of sexual frustration BUT HE DOESN’T, HE DOESN’T DIE, NOBODY DIES! NOBODY DIES!!! the end

you know how in my superhero AU grantaire’s ability is to negate other superpowers

and it adds an extra layer to his friendship with joly (who has microscopic vision and always gets grossed out by all the germs crawling around in everyday life) and bossuet (who is the pin in the cosmic wheel of fortune and always walks around in a cloud of chaos) because their abilities can get pretty inconvenient

and with eponine, whose power is invisibility, something she gets insecure about on occasion. also she loves making him babysit for gavroche–he’s the only one who has a hope of keeping track of her brother because he can turn off gavroche’s intangibility power

but i changed a couple of things around the other day–musichetta with vocal mimicry and a sonic screech, courf setting stuff on fire with his brain–and enjolras with a siren voice, who is behaviourally mute and never makes eye contact without sunglasses because his voice and gaze are hypnotic and he hasn’t figured out how to turn it off

and grantaire is the only one who can look him in the eye and have a real argument with him??

hazuki nagisa was the only source of positive motivation for a long time in the show

without nagisa,

  • there would be no swim club and no show
  • rei would have remained lonely and uninspired and never joined the swim team
  • haruka and makoto would never have rediscovered their respective sparks & would have remained aimless forever & lived out mediocre lives
  • makoto may have found his passion for teaching elsewhere? but the avenue he found it through was a direct result of nagisa’s machinations
  • without rei to confront him or haru to motivate him, rin would’ve festered in his own jealousy and eventually burned out
  • sousuke would never have seen rin swim with his friends and would have given up quietly without a fight
  • & without sousuke at samezuka nitori would never have received the coaching he needed to really shine
  • & rin wouldn’t have been made swim captain so momo would not have been harangued into joining the swim club
  • even coach goro would still be a pizza deliveryman instead of having an aquatic center
  • & basically everyone would be miserable

but sure, ok, nagisa is just ~the shota~

we’ve been over this so many times. i don’t care if you draw Blake with canon-coloured skin. i’ll still reblog art w/ pale-skinned blake. despite jokes i do respect the creators of RWBY for their choices and i like Blake in all her forms. i (a chinese) just like to draw her with darker skin because 1) i feel like it makes more sense with the context of her story; the faunus are an obvious racism metaphor, so it’s nice to imagine that POC are allowed to tell their own struggles and 2) honestly, i just prefer the way it looks.

most published narratives and fandom spaces are still quite anti-black so it’s really not a problem if a few fanartists want to draw a character who canonically has pale skin with darker skin. they’re fictional characters, so their representations are fluid by nature, and it’s different from whitewashing for obvious reasons. colourism is clearly a factor because even though i always darken ruby and yang’s skin tones as well, i’ve never had a condescending anon try to start a fight with me about that, probably because they can still read them as white-person-with-a-tan if they want to.

i’m very tired and busy and don’t really care to have this discussion yet again, so i’m going to try not to engage with ensuing arguments. if you hate looking at blake, a cartoon catgirl, illustrated with darker skin than she has in canon, that’s fine. don’t reblog my art. don’t try to pick fights with me about it.

“you should draw just for the love of drawing, not for a profit!”

and grocery stores should stock food for the sake of feeding people, not to make a profit

and banks should assign houses for the love of seeing human beings with actual buildings to live in, not to make a profit

so let’s do this

if you dismantle capitalism and usher in a new social system where resources required for basic survival are not held hostage by the industry until you’ve slotted yourself neatly into the machine of everyday life

i will draw you as many requests as you want completely free

tbh im getting kind of sick of the story where the relationship between two men (usually white, almost always cis) is portrayed as being more pure and transcendental than the love between one of the men and his female love interest

stories where a girl is in love with a boy, but he fucks off to bone another boy and the audience is meant to laugh at her misfortune

stories where the female love interest is vilified as tainting the pure masculine affection of the two men the narrative focuses on

stories that are only queer because they’re too misogynistic to respect their female characters

i don’t really want to laugh at jokes where gay white boys are the setup and girls are the eternal punchline anymore

give me more girlfriends kicking their remora fish boys to the curb, boys ardently adoring girls only to be sadly stymied by lesbianism, boys who have to come to the understanding that their wives’ relationship with other women will take precedence over their marriage, girls being the focus of a story, girls, girls, girls and no boys