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quick post about feminism!

definition of a feminist: 
- a person who supports feminism (noun)
- of, relating to, or supporting feminism (adjective)

definition of feminism:
- the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men

NOT a feminist:
- someone who hates men
- someone who believes women are better than men/men are worse than women

NOT feminism:
- putting men down
- putting women over men

common MISCONCEPTIONS about feminists (aka things people say that aren’t true):

- they’re all lesbians (note: some of them are, some of them aren’t! really not a hard concept!)
- they have no sense of humor (note: if your entire shtick is being offensive you’re not actually funny, you’re an asshole. trust me, there’s plenty of ways to joke around and have fun without being an offensive asshole. it’s actually possible. incredible.)
- they’re mean (note: if they’re being mean to you there is a high chance that there’s a fuckING REASON FOR THAT. if, incredibly, you have stepped back and looked at the situation logically and figured out that you weren’t being offensive or rude at all and they were overreacting, that person is being mean because they’re a mean person, and not because they’re a feminist)
- they get offended by everything (note: if someone is offended by everything you say, maybe you should first think about the things you’ve been saying before assuming they’re in the wrong)
- they hate all men (note: some feminists are men) (another note: thinking women should be equal to men does not equal hating men where the fuck are you people getting your information)

reminders about feminism:

- not being a feminist is a BAD THING. if you say you’re not a feminist, you’re either a misogynistic asshole or you don’t understand what feminism is
- if you’re a girl and you say you’re not a feminist please keep in mind that you do not look quirky and cute and self-internalized misogyny is a thing. if guys think you’re quirky and cute for saying you’re not a feminist, you do not want to be around these men. they will objectify you. don’t do that thing
- if you think feminism is just a movement to put women above men, please educate yourself, because you have no clue what feminism actually is

more to come if i remember anything else

“tbh i am not fond of tumblr’s attitude toward the education system” to be honest i’m not comfortable with what the fucking education system is doing to kids like forcing them to care more about their grades than their mental health and in most places doing basically nothing in regards to bullying and having a sexist dress code and forcing people with social anxiety into extremely uncomfortable situations and telling kids to “be yourself!!!” after giving them an entire book of rules basically stripping them of almost every form of self expression they can have and giving them hours of work every day AFTER school so they basically have around 60 hours a week (168 hours) to themselves (not including sleeping [provided you sleep the normal 7-8 hours], time spent on homework over the weekend, or homework that took all night) and a lot of other things that i really don’t approve of and don’t tell me none of this exists because i have literally experienced all of it so i’m sorry if you don’t like my fucking attitude but don’t you dare tell me it’s not warranted